MLM Prospecting Tips- 4 Little Known Cardinal Rules of MLM Prospecting

mlm prospecting tips

mlm prospecting


What does it cost you if you do not know TO DO something in your mlm home business?

Can you put an amount on what is is worth if you lose a great mlm prospect to someone else in another company?

OHHH…that one hurts.

What is THAT going to cost you if that person ends up a superstar in network marketing?

Many people in MLM lose prospects because they are not aware of certain rules that MUST be adhered to- whether you are recruiting online, social media or offline. The rules are the same for anywhere you prospect for your mlm business.

I have seen great people go to other companies because the rules were followed by one person but not by another. And the cost I have seen by friends that have lost really strong potential leaders to other companies, have been in the millions of dollars in revenues.

Has this happened to you?

Do you want to INSURE it DOES NOT?

MLM prospecting is easy- but yet must be played by the rules.

And there are powerful consequences to breaking the mlm prospecting rules. In your network marketing home business, you may have found that some prospects more friendly than others.

There is a reason.

You may have found other potential candidates more connected to you then others. That is normal, but also much of that will depend on the rules of mlm prospecting that you have engaged.

If you follow these 4 Prospecting Rules 3 things will happen:

1. Your MLM prospecting will me much more successful.

2. You will prospect quicker and more powerfully.

3. You will lose far less prospects to other possibilities in the marketplace.

I have been there.

I remember I lost one guy to another company in 1990 that ended up a million dollar earner with another company. Years later, he attended and we reconnected  at one of my training seminars. We went to lunch, and during that time,  I asked him out of curiosity what it was that compelled him to join the other company. When he told me, we both laughed, but then I realized out of my lack of knowledge back then, I had broken a cardinal rule to mlm prospecting.

So, what are the 4 Cardinal Rules to MLM Prospecting?

1. Realize you recruit through the PROSPECT’S EYES and start in THEIR WORLD – before ANYTHING. THEN lead them to your world.

Every mlm prospect-online or offline– sees things a little differently then you. They have different filters they view life through and see life as. You must take the time discover their VIEW of life and then ENLARGE that view to match YOUR view of what is possible. Ask, “Tell me how you see your future going the next 5 years…” and then LISTEN.

2. You MUST Follow – but NOT CHASE, Chasing is a sign of weakness and desperation.

You are NOT a dog. So quit running behind prospects and barking. You must from the very beginning say, ‘Let’s see if this is a fit for you and us, and then we will take it from there. Fair enough?” You NEVER chase a prospect. This was the rule that I broke with that million dollar earner. He told me that I was “too needy, ” “wanted him to desperately,” and came across as an amateur, not a professional. OUCH. Do NOT chase prospects. Give them the information and STAY CONNECTED- but not chasing.

3. Make your prospecting Aggressive- but not high pressure. Pressure is a sure way to lose every prospect you have.

The last word in “pressure” is SURE. You surely will lose your mlm prospects with high pressure tactics. Give them some room to breathe, and time to look at what you have offered. NEVER push them to enroll. You will have to PUSH them to do anything in their business if you do. Give them “homework.” An if they do not watch the video, or listen to a webinar, then are they really a Leader and who you are looking for? hello.

4. Always Always Always let the prospect know that you are looking for the RIGHT Leader- not just any leader.

If a prospect knows that they have to “qualify” to be considered for the leadership role in their city, they will take you more seriously. Whether offline or online. Here is how you say it: “We are looking for a leader that GETS THIS and will be a fit on a powerful team and will help us  build a huge business in your state. Tell me about how you view leadership…” This will give them the clue that you are LOOKING for the RIGHT leader- not for just someone who SAYS they are a leader. Recruiting online you will find a LOT of folks that call themselves leaders, but actually are followers. Keep them honest and make then KNOW that you are not going to accept just anyone to open up their city. and take the leadership role. yes, recruit them. But sponsor them, and put them under the leader that you choose for that city or region.

Many mlm prospects have been lost because of breaking these 4 cardinal rules of prospecting. I would suggest that you take a look at how YOU are looking for leads and then see if you are making these mistakes.

Correct them if you are making them, and you will find a whole lot more success in your home business mlm prospecting.

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MLM Prospecting Tips-5 Powerful Questions You Ask a Prospect but Few Do


mlm prospecting training

mlm prospecting home business


How would you like to learn 5 questions that would PULL mlm prospects towards your home business like a MAGNET on steroids?

Would you like discover the Power of what questions can do for your mlm prospecting in your home business?

Would tripling your prospecting success be of interest?


Then read on.

 Because I want to share with you some  mlm prospecting tips that have made a huge difference in my business as well as a lot of other Private Clients.

There are often thoughts that a prospect has that can lead them down the prospecting path quickly. You must remember that an mlm prospect is looking for something. They are not just willing to talk to you  but they are LOOKING FOR SOMETHING.

Another truth is that the network marketing prospect is GOING THROUGH SOMETHING. You may not know what and they may not share it with you, but most home business prospects are. They may be going through something emotional, financial, oe even psychological, but most are going through something they want to change.

Another truth that I have found valuable along the way is that most mlm prospects are WANTING TO DO SOMETHING. There is something that the prospect wants to DO in their life, or with their life. If you take the time, online or offline, to find out what that one thing is they want to do, you will find that prospecting them is a lot more easier.

So, an mlm prospect is LOOKING for something, GOING THROUGH something, and wanting to DO something in their life. With being armed with that information, you can recruit almost anyone. That information is critical to a person moving their life forward, and beyond where they are now.

What will this do for the prospect and your mlm business if you help them with these three issues? It will elevate the prospect’s life as well as your business. It will create a solution for them that maybe they did not know existed. And it will paint you as THE SOLUTION to their problem that may be eluding them.

Imagine this scenario:

You are talking with your network marketing prospect, and you simply use a transition strategy and then ask 5 powerful questions that PULL THE PROSPECT towards you, and then into your business. Would that make a difference in your Success in your home business? Would that help the prospect that may be struggling to get past some issues?

Of course it would.

And you need to learn and master these “5 Magnet Questions” that I have found are very powerful to ask in social media and social networking as well.

What are these 5 magnet Questions?

First you use a transition question:

“I want to ask you an off the wall question if you don’t mind…” This will open up and transition the conversation to a place where you can ask these 3 questions.

Then you simply ask:

1. “What is the ONE THING that you would like to change for the better in your life if you could?”

2. “What would it mean to your life and family if that actually happened?”

3. “Would you be open to me assisting you not only to change that but put you in a position that you would never have to worry about that challenge again?  I ran across an idea that has totally worked for me and I know it can help you.”

4. ‘How would you honestly like to take back your  life and start living life on YOUR TERMS and not someone else’s?”

5. “Do you think we would make a great business team?”

These 5 questions have proven to be GOLD in mlm prospecting as they have been tested and refined over the years to where they are deadly powerful in recruiting. If you are on social media sites, or recruiting online, you will find these 5 questions will PULL people into your business- literally.

Most people LOVE being part of a team, as well as getting rid of an issue that they have been struggling with.

These 5 Magnet Questions address that powerfully.

Use the 5 questions on your prospects and see if that does not explode your success in your home business as well as mlm prospecting.

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MLM Training -The 3 Best Traits for a Powerful Prospect

mlm home business prospecting

mlm prospecting 3 traits


You may agree that MLM is a wonderful profession if you own a home based business. No doubt. And just like any other business model, there must be FRESH MLM business leads coming in everyday.

Most retail stores advertise in the newspaper and radio.


Because they want to get new eyes and dollars to spend in their stores. NEW potential business is critical for a store to survive.

It is the same with MLM and network marketing.

Your home business needs MLM LEADS.

And it needs lots of them. There are numerous ways to generate leads for your home based business. But the problem is- many are NOT the right kind of prospect. The lead lacks the 3 traits that must be there to really be a good prospect.

If you are using an online leads program, or gathering leads the more traditional ways, you must find those leads and prospects that MATCH the 3 critical traits that a good MLM prospect needs.

What are these three traits:


If your prospect is not dissatisfied about something about their life, then the odds are, they are not going to move into your business. Yes, they may be wanting more out of life, and more income, but it is the dissatisfaction  that CATALYZES the actions that compel them to join you in your home business.

Dissatisfaction is connected to their REASON for doing something different. Everyone has their reasons for doing something and they vary. The stronger the reason, the more powerful the dissatisfaction can be.

A good MLM home business prospect needs to have what i call “the itch for change” and be willing to scratch it. They may want to change their income, job, lifestyle, and more. But the dissatisfaction must be STRONG and something that MOVES THE MLM PROSPECT towards you to enroll.


If the timing is wrong for an mlm prospect, then they will not move. They may have the skills, the dissatisfaction, the leadership, and the desire to do something, But if they do not have TIMING on their side, they will not move.

There are many reasons why a person has bad timing in their life. It could be children’s needs, marriage, divorce, psychologically bad timing, emotionally bad timing, or even professionally bad timing. But if timing is not good, then odds are they will not enroll with you.

How can you tell if it is bad timing?

 Ask them.

They will let you know and know quickly. Also, just notice what is happening around and in their life. many times you can see clues to timing.


The home business mlm prospect MUST have a daring to act if they are going to move. There are many prospects in the world that are totally dissatisfied, and timing is good in their life but they lack the DARE to act.

They may be listenting to family and friends, and being influenced by unmotivated people. They may have grown up in a family that taught them the more traditional path of life. They may simply be fearful of failure and that is killing their taking action and daring.

If that is the case, then ask for referrals and move on.

The mlm prospect MUST have these three critical traits to be a GOOD and VALID prospect for your business. If they lack these, then GET THEM AS A CUSTOMER.

Check your mlm prospect on these three traits and that will lead you what to do with your home business mlm prospect.

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Home Business Training-7 Biggest Mistakes in Closing the MLM Prospect

mlm closing the prospect

home business mlm closing

In a home based business, there has to be a time that the MLM prospect is asked to DO SOMETHING.

They have seen a video.

They may have seen a webinar.

They may have tried the product.

They may have been to a LIVE home business meeting.

But you know in your gut that it is TIME to get them to MOVE ON or MOVE OUT.

In network marketing, it is often called CLOSING.

We prefer the word “Navigating” as that is actually what you are doing. You are helping to “navigate” the person to the decision that is RIGHT FOR THEM.

But there are 7 HUGE mistakes that we have found that distributors make that truly push the prospect away or even worse, make them angry.

And if you are making even ONE of these mistakes, you need to throttle it back and stop in your MLM business.

Here are the 7 Biggest Mistakes made in “Closing” the MLM Prospect:

1. Too Much Pressure.

If you pressure the prospect to make a decision, usually it will be NOT to do this business. Yes, you must MOVE the prospect, but not through pressure. That is a HUGE mistake made in this profession. Take off the pressure and see how the prospect responds. I believe you will like how it turns out. I would suggest you to check h-t to know things to avoid and things to do in business.

2. Talking the prospect out of Joining.

WHAT???  Yep. You do that with way too much verbiage and way too much conversation. Too many words= I am CONVINCING YOU. Convincing is NOT Closing. Closing is simply asking questions and reassuring the prospect that all is well and the need for your product and business is real. I would suggest ask a question and then remain quiet. Let them make their mind up with you encouraging them…but not talking them out of it.

3. Lack of Leadership.

“Closing” is leading someone to a decision that is BEST for them-not just you. Prospects are looking for SOLUTIONS and you need to come across like a LEADER and provide the Solutions they are looking for. Lead them with your words and Success stories you tell them, as well as your strength. Leadership Power is 70% of “closing” a home business prospect. Most focus on the other 30% – what to say and do. That is EXTREMELY important- but only 30% of the equation.

4. Being too Timid or Lacking Confidence.

Timidity does NOT pay well in network marketing. Neither does lack of confidence. You must come across like you not only are Confident, but CONVINCED that this profession is the greatest thing that ever happened to your life and finances. This alone will play well.  The prospect is looking for YOU for a CLUE of what to do, and your confidence will tell the prospect ‘I KNOW where I am going and how to get there. Come with me!”

5. Buying into the Prospect’s Excuses and Lameness.

Prospects  often will give you an EXCUSE as to why they cannot do this business. Most of them are not valid. They are simply giving you a knee jerk response they have learned as a child. Do NOT just accept their excuse as a valid truth.  Ask them about it. Get them to really see that is is not a valid excuse as they have gifts and talents yet to be discovered. Encourage-Encourage-Encourage.

6. Playing Defense and NOT Offense.

Ok. Defense is only good for ONE THING- protection. And if you are in a “protection” mode and not a “motion” mode, the prospect will sense it. You must be aggressive- but not pushy. There is a HUGE difference. Playing defense is coming across as “PLEASE!” You do not NEED them. This profession is NOT for the needy. It is for the Strong and Convinced. Quit playing defense afraid the prospect will tell you NO. If you expect that, then you will get that. Be UP and be POWERFUL. Play offense and EXPECT a YES.

7. Being Emotionally Attached to the Prospect’s Answer.

2 very Important Words:  DON’T CARE.

Those are 2 business transforming words regarding the response of the prospect. If you are DETACHED to the prospect’s response, you will be so much more MAGNETIC to the prospect. Be detached to the answer. Be detached to the words of the prospect as they need to know you do NOT need them- THEY NEED YOU to move their life forward and into a bigger and grander lifestyle.

Are YOU making these mistakes?

I would suggest that you change your actions if they are in Closing your MLM and Home business prospect.

Network marketing Leadership Building- How Do You Do That?

blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM prospecting Training- for Endless leads

MLM Prospecting- The HIDDEN Question the Prospect Always Asks?

mlm prospecting

mlm prospecting

Prospecting in MLM is something that MUST happen everyday.

In social media, online, internet, offline, and any other way that it takes to find quality prospect for your home business.

But many do not look at the mlm prospecting process from the PROSPECT’S point of view.

That is a MUST.

ALWAYS consider the prospect’s point of view and what they are thinking.

THAT is critical as it is the PROSPECT that must be motivated to move towards you. And knowing what they are thinking will pay handsomely down the road in your mlm prospecting.

Imagine this…

There you are.

You are right in the middle of this great mlm presentation and then suddenly the network marketing prospect seems to drift off, and you are losing them. They eventually come back to you, but there for a minute you were a little worried about what you were doing wrong.

You were doing nothing wrong.

They were just walking into THE QUESTION.

There you are.

You are in front of 50 people, and rocking the house with a great mlm prospecting presentation and everything seems to be going incredible. And then suddenly, one by one, the mlm prospects seem to be somewhere else, and not with you. HELLO! You look, and one by one, they are returning. You question what just happened.


They were just walking through THE QUESTION.

Every home business network marketing prospect that you have talked to, or ever will talk to, asks this question sometime during the path to the Decision in Network Marketing. We all make it, and we all think it with every thing we look at doing or buying. It is done everyday.

Many times, we ask it quietly, and other times we will drift off and think about it, and feeling what answer we can come up with.

Especially in MLM and Network Marketing and Home business.


“What kind of VALUE do I feel this has for my life, and is it enough Value for me to bring into my life?”

You may not think those exact words, but you will think them in some form.

VALUE RULES in making decisions to change, add, or delete anything in your life.

 It is the same in Home Business Network Marketing and MLM.

The Next time that you are presenting to a prospect, make sure you POUR ON THE VALUE.

These are questions that your mlm prospect will be thinking:

How will this create Value to the prospect’s future and family?

How will this create more Value in their lifestyle?

How will this bring more Value than what they currently have or doing?

How will this bring Value to their Dreams?

How will this bring Value to their life and future that they cannot get anywhere else or from anyone else?

VALUE is the KEY to unlocking the MLM Success Doors.

Are you turning it in your MLM and Network Marketing home business or are you missing it?

The MLM prospect MUST feel that what you are talking to them is of EXTREME Value, and if it is, you will find your business soaring in your MLM and home based business.

How did THESE Prospecting tactics turn into a Billion Dollars worth of Business?

Blessings…Doug Firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

Social Media Training for Home business Success