MLM Training- The Secret of How Your Perspective Influences Your Phone Calls

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MLM Telephone Training Success.

Have you ever thought about the Power of Perspective when making phone calls for your home based business?

Would understanding this help your network marketing business?

What would you consider your perspective when you make phone calls regarding what you are DOING?

The wrong Perspective in making phone calls for a network marketing business many times creates fear, lack of calling or dialing, an emotional roller coaster, and most importantly, lack of results in your mlm. Emotions can be wrecked with the wrong perspective in making phone calls.
Many times, we have the perspective that calling people is more than just talking to them or holding a conversation about your home business.
Many times we think that when we are making telephone calls to our prospects, we are:
•Bugging them.
•Trying to manipulate them.
•Using them.
•Taking advantage of them.
•Giving them a chance to reject you.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

In reality, when you are making phone calls, you are looking for people to HELP, not just sell them something. Helping people is the MAIN REASON you call them, not just to build a business. Your have a solution for certain people’s issues, and you are only trying to help the RIGHT people with that issue. This is for also your business as well as products.
What can you do to get past this emotional wall or wrong perspective in making telephone calls in your mlm business? 

You need to get the “Power Perspective”:

You have a Power that you want to share with people through conversation, and that you are calling for 1 of 4 reasons:
•1) To HELP them.
•2) To SERVE them, serve their Desires, and their Dreams.
•3) To ENCOURAGE them.
•4) To SHARE with them an idea that may help people they know, and maybe even themselves.

We call this the “Calling Beyond” Principle.

You are calling people to reach beyond them, to people they know that you can help. They simply are a “doorway” to reaching these people.
Most people that experience Call Reluctance has not only the wrong Perspective, but the wrong focus.
Most people are focused on RESULTS – which causes fear, as they fear they will not get the right results.
This fear turns people off — As they can FEEL it.
Mastery requires not a results focus, but a Process focus.
You are NOT in charge of results- only getting better and mastering the phone process so it can work for you-not against.
You CANNOT force people to do anything with you. But you can ask for their help and make them a “partner in the process.”
Results are a fruit of VALUE. And Value is part of the process.
Forget results — as they will eventually come and be successful.

 Focus on Process FIRST-then VALUE second.

Then  you will start seeing great results in your making telephone calls to your home business mlm prospects.
blessings…doug firebaugh
(c) 2012 all rights reserved
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MLM Training- The Power of What Your Time in MLM is REALLY Worth

mlm training

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MLM Worth of Your Time.

What if you could discover what your time is REALLY worth in network marketing?

How would that help you in your home business?

Would you like to know?

A friend of mine of 15 years, Richard Brooke, CEO an President of 2 network marketing companies was recently interviewd on the Home Business Radio Network and he sent me somthing afterwards which blew me away. I want to share that with you. It truly is briliant.

It gives you the actual numbers that your time and presentations are worth and really does a great job in explining it.

Here is it:


What if building your network marketing empire was actually fun and easy?

What if we changed the way you got paid?

And you got paid $200 for everyone you enrolled?

Or $50 for every presentation you made?

Or $5 for everyone you invited just to take a look?

You might see an hourly wage opportunity … invite four people an hour and earn $20 an hour.

Or piecemeal … $50 for every presentation

Or more of a commission opportunity where you would earn $200 for everyone you enrolled.

Which would appeal to you?

If your company paid you $20 an hour to invite and only to invite, could you make it fun? Could you invite a lot of people?

What if you were paid $50 for every presentation you did? Could you make that fun?

What if they paid you $200 for everyone you enrolled as a builder? How many could you enroll? How many would you?

Or maybe you have an investor’s mentality, and you think about doing something once and earning income on it forever.

So how many people would you enroll if you earned $100 a month on each person forever? Think about it. You enroll one person, and you earn $100 a month on them forever.

That makes each of them worth an income producing asset of over $25,000. That’s how much cash you would need to invest with 5% annual interest to earn $1,200 a year. That’s how much real estate equity you would need to earn $1,200 a year in rent.

Now consider the question again: how many people could you enroll as business builders if each added $25,000 to your net worth?

We make this profession hard because of how we think about it. And because we make it hard, it becomes hard and we don’t do much to make the opportunity work.Hard becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. But if we understood the economics and the math so well that we actually understood how fun and easy network marketing can be, how much more would we make of the opportunity?

If you invite two people a day to “just take a look,” that’s more than 500 people a year. Now 500 sounds hard, but only two a day—not so hard.

But still it conjures up the question … “Who am I suppose to talk to?”

And that’s a question that comes from thinking the opportunity is hard.

If I paid you $100 for everyone you invited, who would you talk to? You would talk to anyone and everyone!

Every profession has its batting averages. In baseball, we know that the average professional baseball player gets a hit every fourth or fifth time at the plate. The average MLB player earns $2,000,000 a year on those averages.

Network marketing professionals have been doing this for 50-plus years, and with over 475,000 people a week enrolling in a network marketing company somewhere in the world, we’ve got proven averages, too.

If you will allow your mind to wander with me and believe in the “inevitabilities,” I will show you how …

  • Everyone you invite can be worth $5.
  • Everyone you give a presentation to can be worth $25.
  • Everyone you enroll can be worth $100 now and $100 a month for the rest of your career.
  • And how each person you enroll can add $25,000 to your net worth.

These are the batting averages of the Network Marketing profession:

  • Invite 5 and you’ll get the chance to present to 1
  • Present to 3, and you’ll enroll 1 as a business builder
  • (If you use “leapfrogging” as part of your presentation technique, you can enroll 50-75% vs. 33%!)

So invite 15 to enroll 1.

Here’s what a typical month would look like using these averages:

  • Invite 52 people—less than 2 per day.
  • Give 10 presentations.
  • Enroll 4 business builders.

After 12 months, you’d have 48 business builders in your group.NOTE: Pace of play makes all the difference in the world. If you enroll 48 business builders over a two-year period, you wouldn’t get 50% of the results but more like 10% of the results. The people you recruit will build like you do, and if you move slowly, so will they! Doing all this in a year creates a fire in your business.

I have been a full time Network Marketing professional since 1977. I know very few people who have ever sponsored 100 people in their entire career. Many people I know who earn $50,000 or more a month sponsored 100-200 people, max.

Now 48 people is a lot in one year, but when you make it fun and easy … it really is fun and easy. And most importantly, it will create an organization that explodes. If you recruit 48 business builders in a year, you’re probably going to end up with 12 hard-charging leaders following the same plan you did. Out of the 12 hard-charging leaders, you will have four who do as much or more than you did … meaning they will be on a pace to sponsor 48 themselves.

Why? How do I know this?

Because you led. Not with words and directions but with massive action, and you made it look easy and you had fun. People follow easy and fun. People follow the money trail. They don’t want hard. Because you built a business that was on fire, they came to add wood to the pile.

Each of your four superstars will accomplish something similar to you, so by the end of their first year (the end of your second year) they will each have an on-fire business of their own. They will each have 3, 4, 5 or more superstars. At this point, you will be empire building, and you probably could not stop the growth if you wanted to.

We could say everyone else quits. But the hard-chargers will charge on and duplicate themselves. So let’s say the hard-chargers keep doing what they’re doing. How many people will you have in your group after just three years? 

  • You
  • The 12 you recruited
  • The 144 they recruited
  • And the 1728 they recruited!

 If each hard-charger uses and sells just $200 a month, your business is producing $376,800 a month in sales. If you earned an average of 7% on each sale you would be earning $26,376 a month.

You can start to see how easy it is.

  • Each of the 48 you enrolled: $549 each … every month
  • And the 144 presentations you gave: $183 each … every month
  • And the 500 people you invited to “just take a look”? $52.75 each … every month.

Now I know what you are thinking, Mr. or Ms. Make-it-hard. You’re thinking that you don’t have a prayer of earning $26,000 a month.

And you are right. That is a very long shot. The odds are against you.

But do you know what the aerodynamic odds are of a bumble bee flying given its weight and wing span? Zero. It is actually impossible. Good thing for them they don’t read.

You might ask what the average person earns. The answer is nothing. Average people make it hard and don’t ever get out of the batter’s box.

So let’s say you earn just 10% as much as the example above.

  • What if everyone you invited was worth $5 … but $5 a month forever?
  • What if everyone you presented to was worth $20 … but $20 a month forever?
  • What if everyone you enrolled as a business builder was worth $55 a month forever?

When you give each activity the right price tag—a reward high enough to make it easy and fun and worth it—then easy and fun and worth it become a self-fulfilling prophecy

 There is is! Hope you enjoyed it, and if i were you, i would make a copy of this, and also I encourage you to visit Richards’ website:

Bliss Business.

This will truly help you in your mlm network marketing business!

FREE mp3 download- The 7 Biggest Mitakes made in Network marketing NO ONE will Tell You

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- 7 Researched Causes of Telephone Call Reluctance


mlm call reluctance

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MLM Telephone Call Reluctance.

Do you have any signs of call reluctance in your home based business?

IS there something that you FEEL when you think of making a telephone call to your mlm prospects?

Would you like to KNOW what is causing these emotions that are stopping or paralyzing you in your network marketing efforts?

WHAT is Call Reluctance?

Call Reluctance is en emotional fire in the gut that makes you delay and even NOT make phone calls to mlm prospects and prospects that you already have talked to.

Call Reluctance is a wall of inaction that can hit you before a call and stop you dead in your tracks.

Call Reluctance is a vivid picture in the mind that shows you the prospect REJECTING YOU and not approving of you. And you play that movie over and over in your mind building up fear in your heart.

This one thing- Call Reluctance has stopped many a talented person in network marketing. It is a powerful force that can destroy your business…

One stopped phone call at a time.

Here is a Million Dollar Question: WHAT IS THAT COSTING YOU?

What is that costing you in DOLLARS?

What is that costing you in EMOTION?

What is that costing you in RESULTS?

What is that costing you for the FUTURE?

Those are tough questions. But MUST be asked in order to develop the context of this mlm recruiting post. And YOU need to answer them honestly to yourself. I think you will be surprised at the answers.

I have studied Call Reluctance for over 20 years, trying to understand it, and help eliminate it for people, including myself. I had it bad. But fortunately GREW past it.

I discovered many things in my Call Reluctance research that helped me conquer it.

You can too. The research that I did,  I have in a private folder and it contains some amazing material. I want to share some of it with you over the next few posts that will help open your eyes to it, and train you how to overcome it easily.

Yes, you read that right.

Overcome Call Reluctance in your home business and explode your mlm network marketing business with powerful consistent phone calls to prospects.

Ok….What causes Call Reluctance?

After 20 years of study, I have come to the conclusion that there ar 7 main reasons that engage Call Reluctance and empower it in people’s lives and home based business.

Here are the 7 Reasons for Call Reluctance in Network Marketing:

1. Fear.

Many people in home businesses have a FEAR of rejection and not being approved of. This has stoked the fire of Call Reluctance in many a case. The network marketer cannot pick up the phone and make a call.

2. Lack of Knowledge.

Many distributors never take the time to learn how to make an effective telephone call, even if they are working online or in social media. You MUST take it offline sometime if you are going to develop an enduring relationship.

You MUST learn the very basics of making phone calls that IMPACT, not just inform.

3. Lack of Experience.

Some folks simply lack the experience and make mistakes that can come only from lack of doing it.

Solution: ROLE PLAY before YOU SAY — anything live to a prospect.

4. Other People’s Opinions.

We all listen to the wrong people and what they say.

“You did WHAT?”   “Are you CRAZY? What do YOU know about business?” “Can you get out of this NOW? Those things are illegal.”

And we all know people that are like that.

Ignore them, and get back to work. Those people cannot get you to where you want to go in life. If they could, they would already be there.

5. Self Image.

Many people struggle with an Identity Crisis.

Who they see themselves as being, is a lie. They are more powerful than they know but their slef image keeps them from making the phone calls.

“Why would they want to talk to a loser like me?”

“Why should I make this call? I am only going to mess it up.”

YIU are NOT a loser.

6. Skill Set Challenges.

Practice. Drill.  Rehearse.  Practice. Drill. Rehearse. Practice. Drill. Rehearse. Learn from the best in your company. Learn the phrases and questions. Learn the answers. Learn how to handle objections. Learn how to move people over the phone.  Learn how to book the appointment.

Then….Practice. Drill.Rehearse.

7. Wrong Perspective.

 Many people have the wrong perception and wrong perspective of this profession. They look at it as calling mlm prospects as:
“Bugging your friends and family.”
“Making me look desperate.”
“Taking advantage of relationships.”
And the list is endless….but understand:  Calling people to let them know that you are in business and you want to share the good news- is NOT bugging your friends.
Not at all.
It is saying, “I care enough about you to let you know what I am doing and really would appreciate any support or encouragement you could give.”
These are the 7 reasons for Call Reluctance. If you can learn these and master these, you will find an explosion starting to happen in your mlm home business.
blessings…doug firebaugh
(c) 2012 all rights reserved
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MLM Recruiting – The Secret of “Recruiting MagneTechs” that PULLS People IN

mlm recruiting home business

mlm recruiting network marketing


MLM Recruiting Secrets.

Have you ever wondered how network marketers seem to recruit people almost effortlessly in their home business?

Did you ever wonder how they do it?

Would you like to discover a secret that is a MAGNET that PULLS people towards you?

Here is an MLM Recruiting Secret for Network Marketing:

The Decision for Success in Recruiting creates an Incision – of the heart – that releases the Power within that Decision that draws others towards you like a Magnet.

 It is called “Recruiting MagneTechs.”

 It is the power and process of developing relationships that are moving towards you– not you moving towards them.

It is a Recruiting Technology we developed over 15 years ago that works- online as well as offline, and works AMAZINGLY in social recruiting as well as mobile recruiting.

It totally ROCKS.

The CHALLENGE of Recruiting.

 But here is the challenge- most folks that come into Network Marketing never DECIDE to engage the business. They CHOOSE to TRY the business.

And that is a formula for failure.

 It is the same online. People do not get serious about their marketing and recruiting  efforts for their home based business. They play with it.

And they end up getting “play checks” not paychecks.

Has that happened to you? Have you made a choice to try this business and just “see what happens?”

 Understand this next Billion Dollar secret:

 A DECISION is felt– not just heard.

But so is choice.

Decision carries a certainty and power within it. Choice carries a weakness and often felt timidity and hesitancy within it.

 Has this happened to you? Has this been what people are feeling from you?

 In any relationship, you must understand that it is part of what they are

1)   Hearing.

2)   Seeing.

3)   Feeling

4)   And all that combined make up the EXPERIENCE of being in a budding new friendship with you.

 Online today, it is even more important of what they are FEELING. Your messages and intentions can be felt simply by how you communicate with them. And they will know if you are a person of Incision because of a Decision.

Billion Dollar Secret: People that have made a Decision communicate differently than those who have not.

Their communication is stronger, more clear, more succinct, and more powerful in how they experience the communication.

 Here is a secret that I had with my mentor, who has done 9 BILLION in this profession- with ONE team:

 “Those that have made a heart powered decision in this industry are going to be obtaining bigger results faster and more consistently. They are going to be pleasantly surprised at how the communication they send out is received. Decision carries with it a Presence that you are going places, and taking people with you. It carries with it a Force that people actually are drawn towards during communication. And it carries with it a Magnetism that seems to attract the right people in your business that a choice could never do.

 “People that have made a Decision are the ones that are serious about this business and do not care what others think. They simply have a focus and dream that they are going to go after- driven by the power and passion of a Decision. People seem to respond to people that have made a Decision differently. They seem to be more positive about the possibilities of a new relationship and doing business with you. They like the EXPERIENCE they are feeling with you and they like themselves when they are around you.

 “That is THE secret to becoming a MagneTech Recruiter. Make the person FEEL better about themselves from the very beginning. That one secret that  has worked and help produce over 9 billion dollars in volume.

Here is what you say if you are going to practice Recruiting MagneTechs:

“You know, I am not sure if anyone has ever told you this, but you have a powerful and infectious personality. And it potentially could be worth a fortune with your own business. Would you agree with that?”

 That brings us to the Platinum Rule of Decisive Communication:

 FIRST people FEEL- then they HEAR.

 “It is all about the EXPERIENCE that is between you and the new prospect. And if you have made a Decision that creates an IMPACT- you are light years ahead of anyone else in this industry.”

Read this post again and again and start practicing Recruiting MagneTechs for your Home business mlm.

FREE mp3 download: “The 7 Biggest Mistakes Made in Network Marketing NO ONe WILL Tell YOU”

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blessings….doug firebaugh

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Social Media MLM – 5 Ways to Avoid Overexposure in Social Media

mlm social media

social media overexposure


Social Media MLM Training.

What is one of the worst things that you can have in social media and a home business?

Are you aware that it can destroy your brand and even your business over time in network marketing?

What is this devastating poison called that harms your social media home business?

It is called  “Over Exposure without Value.”

Ok- fair enough…but what is that?

“OEWA”  is when someone is constantly being seen trying to sell or recruit in the social media zone and is NOT bringing any Value to the social conversation and people in social networking circles start getting tired of their selfish messages.


It creates something that I call “Social Visibility Fatigue.”

Much like with President Bush or President Clinton, and now somewhat with President Obama, the US got TIRED of the nonstop talk, images in the media, and chatter about them and people just wanted these guys to just go away. And true, as always, politics may have played some into it, but even staunch Republicans got tired of Bush and diehard Democrats got tired of Clinton.

That what happens as well in sociao media,  with an Overexposed message with seemingly No Value.

There are some folks that you see everywhere on social media,  but people do not ever seem to get tired of them. You read their posts daily, watch their videos constantly, and talk about their current message powerfully.

Why in the world does this happen?

There are certain social media folks thay bring Extreme Value to everything they say and do and contribute to the social media word. They do it without a selfish motive and YOU CAN FEEL IT, as well as sense it.

There are a LOT of social networking folks that bring great VALUE to EVERYTHING they do, and people on facebook, twitter, pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, and other social sites look forward to hearing from them- again and again and again.

And they keep coming back for more!

What makes these folks special, is they do not “pitch” you on their products or trainings every time they hold a conversation online, text, broadcast a message or say something in a video. They constantly bring a more powerful conversation into the community with powerful ideas and concepts that ADDS– not tries to take from the whole.

Their message in social media BRINGS VALUE– not tries to be SEEN as VALUE. People are savvy enough to tell the difference today in social media.

And folks, that ONE THING  is the difference between powerful and enduring Successful Social Media professionals- and the ones that are not so successful.

It appears that Successful professionals in social media seem to focus more on being Valuable and BRINGING Value to people’s lives daily, – while it comes across that less than successful folks seem to focus more on being Visible.


Valuable vs. Visible.

Your ONLY goal in social media as a network marketing professional should be to provide Jaw Dropping Value FIRST and be Visible SECOND!

Extreme Value FOR Social media will ALWAYS bring HIGH VISIBILITY IN social media!

You must understand that there is the critical distinction between people looking Forward to your Message, and people being Tired of your Message.

 Over Exposure  Remedy.

So here is the Million Dollar Question: What can you do to powerfully market your home business message and NOT become a Victim of Overexposure?

Here are 5 things:

1) One secret is to give away something for FREE regularly and make it WORTH something and Usable

Do NOT make the mistake that a lot of people make…they save their best content for their CDs and webinars. If you want to gain High Visibilty, then give something away that has TRUE VALUE and can be used.

2) Another secret is to Solve problems for people.

Find out what challenges that your prospects have. Ask them.   Give them multiple solutions and ideas and resources that will help solve that problem, and then connect with them in your own webinar.

3) Start to Reveal Little Known and Little Taught Information.

What you need to start doing is research and find GREAT information that most people do not know exists and then help them discover it through a free download.  That process of helping people and showing them the way is called “Social Media Leadership” –guiding,  directing, and leading folks to new possibilities for their life.

4) Become a Powerful Resource…Suggest other people’s webinars, PDFs, ebooks, CDs, blogs, downloads, and content.

Why in the world do you think I am always pointing  folks to other people’s content on EVERY blog post? ?   Social Media Leadership. And it HELPS folks discover new messages, products, content, soultions, ideas and personalities in MLM they did not know exists that has made a HUGE difference in my life.

5) This is a MUST in all you do: Ask a very powerful but simple question- “Where’s the Beef?”

You may remember Clara Peller in that famous Wendy’s commercial. It became a national slogan for even a presidential election. It should be YOUR slogan in your social media marketing efforts. Yes, you can hold powerful conversations and keep it personal, and Value is within the CONNECTION . But in your marketing broadcasts, “where’s the beef?” Make sure that the Value is:

Constant VALUE.

VALUE that Makes a Difference.

VALUE that is USABLE and Teachable. (Much of what is out there is NOT.)

Are you making this HUGE Mistake in your network marketing home business of Exposure without Value?

I would highly suggest that you check your tweets, posts, notes, texts, mobile communicaiton, Direct Messages, IMs, and marketing efforts and BEEF UP the Value in your social media marketing for your netwpork marketing home business.

FREE mp3 download: “the 7 Biggest Mistakes made in Network Marketing NO ONE will tell you”

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook: Social Recruiting Power-over 50 recruiting secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- The 4 “MUSTS” for Massive Acceleration in Your Business

mlm home business success

mlm network marketing


The “4 MUSTS” for MLM Success.

How fast are you building your network marketing business?

What would help you create a faster pace in your home business marketing?

Would knowing something that has helped produce 9 BILLION in one downline be of VALUE to you?

I had the great honor of working with someone that was amazing and he was quite the mentor. He taught us a lot of things, but one training that i remember that opened my eyes was one called “The 4 MUSTS of Massive Success.”

A “need to” is important and a “GOT TO” is imperative.


That is why I wanted to share these 4 things with you. They truly have helped every aspect of my life, and business. I believe they will help you as well. There are many mistakes that are made in the home business profession, and I have made them all I believe. BUT we need to take a look at how to avoid them and overcome their negative results.

I was in Dallas Texas when I heard the “4 Musts” and it really helped me in three ways:

It showed me that I was playing with my business- NOT working it.

It showed me that my thinking was shrinking and I needed to GAME UP and get in the game of Success, and not sit in the bleachers.

It showed me that I was falling behind in the Success path, and I needed to get my act together!

Does THAT sound familiar?

Many folks that I have talked to, understand that they are NOT going at the pace they want nor makiing the money they want.  I know many folks that wish that they could change things…


They don’t want to change.


Here is a Rule of thumb:

If you don’t want to change…then things around you are not going to change.

That is WHY that you need the “4 MUSTS.”

Here are what is called “the 4 MUSTS of Massive Success.”

1)   You MUST be open to thinking larger than you ever have, as well as in new directions that have proven to produce billions in this industry.

if you are not open to thinking bigger, then your paycheck and business will match that.

2)   You MUST be willing to reconsider your methods and perspective of this business, and what you think works vs. what The Mentor KNOWS works.

if what you are doing is NOT working, then either you are doing things wrong, or doing the wrong things.  You must adapt to the marketplace and to what the market demands

3)   You MUST challenge yourself to learn new pathways, new directions, new strategies, new possibilities, and new ideas that you may have never heard of before.

If YOU are not GROWING…then your business is stagnating. No exceptions.

4)   You MUST be willing to work in a manner and at a pace that you may not have been shown before- but is truly necessary to do to create Wealth in this powerful industry.

get YOUR GAME ON!  Speed the pace UP if you need to. Maybe you need to change the way you are working. Maybe you need to change the way you are approaching this business!

If YOU adapt these “4 MUSTS” to your business, your business MUST increase and MUST become a powerful mlm network marketing home business!

FREE mp3 download- “The 7 Biggest Mistakes made in Network Marketing No One will tell You.”

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 recruiting secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Recruiting- How to Recruit the 4 Positions in Life No One Will Teach You

mlm recruiting training

mlm home business recruiting


The 4 Positions in Life People Occupy.

Are you familiar with the 4 Positions (NOT personality types) that people occupy in the network marketing profession?

Are you aware that EVERYONE fits within one of these positions?

If you could discover you are in the WRONG position, how would that help you in your home business?

You MUST understand the 4 Positions that People occupy.

 There is a secret to success in any home business effort, as well as life, and it is the secret that is rarely taught, if ever.

 It is the Secret of the Positioning Factor.

 People throughout life have a tendency to accept a position that either is a place to create Success or a place to create mediocrity.

  You must get in a position that can move you forward, and move you to a place that can create the circumstances and contain the ideas and processes that can catalyze Success. That position is determined much from what a person has learned from his or her family and associates.

Most people today are in a position that imprisons them where they are, because they have decided that is where they feel most comfortable. It is familiar.

Wealth creation is catalyzed by being in the right position – often with the UNFAMILIAR. That position is both internal and external. That means being in the right mind set — as well as action set that produces the results desired in life.

 Positioning is a major part of marketing – as well as moving things forward. That is why that you must understand the 4 Positions that people Occupy. I want to cover these and I have never heard anyone else teach theses and i hope they help you in your network marketing mlm business.

The 4 Positions of a Home Business owner.

 A)  The Fall Behind Position.

 This is where many people are today. They do not keep up with the changing progress, and stay locked in a lifestyle that continues to keep them falling behind even further. These folks do not do well at all in the home business arena as they are too focused on what worked yesterday and clinging to traditions that may be working against them. Nothing wrong with that, but there are better ways to live life in my opinion.

 The Fall Behind person resists change for the most part, and does not like to see anything that would upset their understanding and living of life.

Their philosophy is “If it is not broke- why improve it?”

These folks also are the negative people that tend to try and slow progress every step of the way, not realizing that progress has it’s own momentum.

These folks can make good customers, but even that can be questionable sometimes.

 They make up about 50% of the population.

  B)  The Stagnation Position.

 This position is where the person will adapt to change- eventually. And stay there until forced to move to another position because of change that demands it. They like the idea of improving things- and will readily accept it- but on their time and their terms. That is why cell phones took a while to catch on. These folks were eventually forced to embrace the cell phone, but only when they were ready.

 The motto of the Stagnation Nation is: “On my terms, my time, and my track.”

 But they DO eventually get to the progressive ideas- but the bad thing about it is that by the time they do- the ideas are news of yesterday, and newer ideas and products are on the way.

 These folks can make good retailers of products and good distributors if worked with. But they still have a tendency to stick with the old ideas of doing business and creating results. If you are going to earn a huge revenue stream today, you must have a fine tuned “Dual Track” process of working Network Marketing that includes the old traditions as well as the new ones including social media, mobile marketing, and online marketing. This includes NOT being stagnant and in a rut- but being open to new ideas that can move your business further ahead quickly, like embracing the New Social Media sites and technology.

 Recruiting these folks is easy. Simply use what they are comfortable with, with the old methods and language that feels comfortable. You can recruit them, but they will stay where they are for the most part income wise.

 They make up about 30% of the population.

 C)  The Growth Position.

 These folks are the ones that you really want to look for and draw into your sphere of influence. These folks like new ideas, and progress. They are always open to learning about new ideas, and then embracing them to better their life, and their lifestyle.

 These folks LOVE the idea of new ideas that can grow their life and their income. They read a lot, and listen to CDs and listen to mp3s on the internet. Many have Iphones, Droids, as well as Blackberries. They love the web and all the new sites on it. They do gravitate towards the social media communities and most are on twitter, youtube, LinkedIn, and facebook. And they do not mind having to learn new things and instructions on how to operate and use new methods of communication and doing business.

 People that are in the growth position are very open to home businesses and more income. They want MORE out of life, and MORE for their lifestyle. They are open to new ideas when they appear and often embrace them readily.

 It is a myth that you can succeed at life if still in the wrong position. It simply will not work. The growth position is like a magnet for Success. They seem to draw towards them the people and ideas that are current and new, and then take action on them once they have the operations and processes down to move into that Success zone.

 Recruiting them is easy and fun. They are open to new products and new ways of doing business. And they are open to moving into a business arena that is non-traditional as they understand that is where most of the future is headed.

 These are about 17% of the population.

 D)  The Accelerator Position.

 This position is where YOU need to be if you own a home business. The Accelerator Position is exactly what it is- it is a position that thrives on accelerating life and income, and lifestyle. These folks live life in overdrive, and refuse anything except what their dreams call for. And these folks are always on the pursuit of how to live life on a higher level and a more powerful pace.

 Unlike the Growth Position, the Accelerator Position DEMANDS change– and not just accepts change. They were involved in the new Web 2.0 and the Social Media from the very start. They were the first on myspace way back in 2003, and the first to have Iphones and ipads. They were the first to have laptops, and the first to have email. And they are the first now to be on all the social sites and constantly reading about the new owns that are on the way.

 These folks demand much out of life, as well as themselves. They for the most part are Leaders, and they tend to have a lot of followers. They are unbelievable recruiters- not just from who they are- but also the processes they use to do that. They recruit using all the new social tactics, and when all the rest of the industry is catching up, they are light years ahead in business, volume, and income.

They make up about 3% of the population.

 They are the future millionaires of this powerful industry.

They are the NEW wealth acceleration creators in Network Marketing. And YOU can be one of these powerful people- refusing NOTHING but what your heart cries out for concerning your life and lifestyle.

You can put yourself on a Wealth Acceleration Track that cannot be stopped if you decide that is the position that YOU want for your mlm home business!

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blessings…doug firrebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- One of the Greatest Recruiting Words You can Use

mlm home business secrets

mlm training home business

MLM Recruiting Secrets.

Are you open to seeing your home business accelerate dramatically?

What is there is a phrase or a word you can use that many people can relate to and even know many that can as well for your work at home business??

What if you could use it online, in social media, skype, mobile recruiting, as well as offline networking?

In the marketplace today, unemployment is at nearly 9% and some say by may 2012 it could be at 10%.

What can we do about it that will HELP people survive a layoff? Is there a way that people can move past it and rise above it?

There is a RULE that we have been teaching for quite sometime that has made a huge difference in people’s mlm businesses. it has opened up possibilities in prospect’s minds that were not quite sure of the message being shared.

What is a Word that you can use that everyone can realte to somehow?


And the Rule of Layoffs for MLM recruiting is:

There are NO LAY OFFS when you own your own business from home.

There are only PAY OFFS.
Many people do not realize just how many layoffs have occurred from September 2009 to December 2011. According to the US Government- there were nearly 7 million layoffs during that period,  more than any other period -and the last 3 decades combined.

 There is an estimate that there will be  more jobs lost coming in summer 2012. Possible Layoffs still are over the news and all over the internet.

Lets say you are on facebook or twiter and talking to someone or you may be on a conversation on LinkedIn.

Here is a question that you can ask your prospect:

“Just curious…in your circle of friends and family- do you know anyone that has been laid off?”

This question gets to the VERY CORE of much of the economic challenges that people have today, and you can help them in a way that a job never could.

Yes, a new job would TEMPORARILY take care of their issue…but..

They are putting themselves in the same position that got them there to begin with!

Here is a little mlm recruiting secret that you can use:

Do not talk just layoffs.

Talk Payoffs.

Your own business will never let you be laid off. It will let you be paid off- over and over and over- in PROFITS that Multiply.
With over 7 more million jobs being lost the last 3 years, layoffs will still be a hot topic for all of 2012 and probably longer. Yes there is an election coming, and something positive actually may happen in 2012, but don’t count on it according to most economists. Just focus on PRVENTING the prospect from going through a layoff.

When someone gets laid off, most panic. They have no “safety net.” You can give them a safety net with your home business.

Tell them you can help them prepare economically for ANYTHING that would possibly happen in their career- or lack of one. Focus on the LOSS OF REVENUES and INCOME does NOT have to happen if they get laid off.

They can still pay their bills and enjoy life even during a layoff with their OWN HOME BUSINESS.
Talk about it. Focus on it. Look at it. But then- have a solution for it.
Talk Layoffs. Talk about their own work at home business.
But focus on PAYOFFS with a network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Recruiting – How to Recruit the 2 Types of People in Tough Economic Times

mlm training home business

mlm network marketing home business training

MLM Recruiting Choices.

Are there any people that you know that are struggling economically and you could help with your home business mlm?

Are YOU struggling with your business because of the tough economy?

Do you know anyone that has been laid off? Fired? Looking for a job?

If you do, then you need to know how to recruit and sponsor them into your mlm network marketing business. There are things that you must understand about who are affected by these tough times.

Let’s start by understanding that there are many factors that can impact a person’s income and job status. But that is why we need to understand that people can CHANGE their financial conditions and circumstances.

But they need to some things differently then they are doing now. “If you keep doing what you are doing, you will keep getting what you been getting!’ my mentor once said. And that is TRUTH in them thare words! (smile)

There is a “Rule” that you must understand about Tough economic Times, and if you do, you can see an amazing shift in your mlm recruiting.

Here is the “Rule of TET:”

There are 2 Types of People in Tough Economic Times – people that are Controlled – and people that are IN CONTROL.


There are 2 Types of People in Tough Economic Times – people that ARE Controlled – and people that are IN CONTROL.

Looking at that Rule, which one makes more sense to you concerning your future and your prospect’s future?

This one Rule is an incredible “Recruiting Tool” that you can use when talking to your prospects in social media, skype, online, or offline. It is a powerful Recruiting Magnet that you can PULL people towards you simply by using it.

When you start talking to your prospects about the 2 types of people during tough times, it really gets their attention and holds it. It makes them think. It makes them decide which one they want to be.

NOTE: Most people do not even look at the possibility of having Personal Control over their life and finances.

They have been taught that you get a job and work for 40 years, and then retire at the age of 65. They live life believing they have no control, and others will always have control over their life and financial world. And many times, it takes an economic earthquake to get their attention that SOMETHING ELSE must be done in order to live life more securely.

What can YOU DO when you are talking to your mlm prospects?

You must tell them that they can TAKE CONTROL if they really desire to do that,  and you will help lead the way on how to do that. REASSURE them and show them how others have started living their life since enrolling into your company. Show them how others TOOK CONTROL and now live a life most only dream of.

Point out the advantages of being in control:

  1. More Flexibility.
  2. More Freedom.
  3. More Time.
  4. More Options.
  5. More Choices.
  6. More Focus.
  7. More Fun.
  8. More Security.

People that are controlled by only ONE PAYCHECK – and that paycheck is controlled by someone else, is in a dangerous situation during tough times.

They have what I call a “One Paycheck Mindset” and a “One Deposit Destiny.” You MUST change that and let them know those will NEVER produce wealth or enduring Success.

You need to point that out and start talking “layoffs” as a reality and possibility to people that live in that “OPM” world.

Talk to them about a Multiple Paycheck Mindset with their own business and still maintain what they are currently doing for a living. “You do not have to quit your job or change what you are doing. All you need to do is hold conversations with people and share an idea that can help them. Does that sound like something you could see yourself doing?”


Paint a picture of what that would look like and ask them if they would like to be part of those IN control. If you do that in 2012, you will find your team exploding with your mlm recruiting.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- The Most Powerful Word Today in Recruiting You MUST USE!

mlm network marketing

mlm home business income


MLM Recruiting Tips.

What word right now is all over the news and needs to be used in your home business?

Would you like to discover a word that can REVOLUTIONIZE your mlm recruiting over the holidays?

What would that do for your mlm home based business?

There is one word that is about as powerful as a word you can use in holiday recruiting as well as recruiting in 2012. It is a word that will PULL people towards you like a magnet.

What word is that?

Use the Word “Economy” to point to the Change that needs to occur in a person’s life and financial life.
One of the most viewed words, talked about words, discussed word and hear words today in the media is ‘economy.” You must connect your business with the concept of the economy, because your home business is an alternative to what the economy is offering the average person.
There is a HUGE CONCERN over the economy today in every aspect. People are concerned today over the economy because of what that does to their income and pocketbooks.

That works in your favor, as what most people are focused on as a challenge- are looking for an answer. You must be connected to that focus- and have an answer for focus. Refocus the prospect to the conversation you want to hold. Today, people are working in fear of losing their job and even losing their pensions.

YOU can be like a knight in shining armor and show them a better way. You cna show them a more secure way. You can show them a more powerful way to live life and to earn an income THEY CONTROL- not someone else.

Here is what you can say to a potential prospect:
‘We all are concerned about the economy. But there are 2 types of people- ones that accept it and think they can do nothing about it, -and ones that want to change it in their life and look for ways to do that. Which one are you?”


“Most people are concerned over the economy would you not agree? I am not. I have taken steps to insure that I have more control over my own economy and can increase my income anytime I want. How does that sound to be able to do that in your life?”
When you start talking about what everyone seemingly is focused on-you will be:

Focused on.

THAT is where you want to be in your mlm home business network marketing business.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 recruiting secrets!

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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