MLM Blogging Training- 15 Secrets for Creating New Blog Content

mlm netwrok marketing blogging

mlm blogging for home business

MLM Blogging Training.

Are you blogging for your home based business?

What kind of blog power does your blogging have in your network marketing business?

Are you open to new ideas for your blogging for your mlm business?

Here is an article that I LOVE and hope it serves you well in your home business blogging…

Many times it is difficult to come up with new content for your blogs. You feel like you have written about everything you know about already. There is no new news or information related to your blog’s topic that you have not covered. Well, in order for you to keep updating the blog regularly like is needed you will have to get creative. Here are some content topics for your blog you may not have thought of:

1. Money – Did you know that two ounces of gold can cover a billboard? Writing about money is always a sure bet. Whether you cover making money with a home business, or encouraging people to read Breaking Travel News articles about making money with gambling, money will always be a hit. At you will find casino game guides outline all the best places to play your favorite game as well as provide strategy to ensure a fun and successful gaming experience. Everyone is concerned about the bottom line and how much cash they have on hand. You can make almost any blog topic fit into something about money, even if you have to stretch things a bit. Get creative and see what you can come up with that will fit your blog’s topic.

2. Pets – Did you know that tigers can be trained to use a litter box? People love their pets and love to read about other people’s pets. If you want readers to get involved in your blog all you need to do is bring up pets. Maybe you can show a few pictures of your pet doing something cute or a video of your dog chasing his tail. Have readers send in their own pet photos. Pets are almost as popular as children when it comes to wanting to show them off.

3. Fashion – Did you know that pearls can weigh up to six kilograms? The world of fashion is ever changing. From men’s watches Vessi vegan shoes for men and women, you can hardly keep up with new trends. This means you always have fresh content and new things to talk about with this topic. Even baby carriages and phone accessories and be fashion trends, so think about your blog’s topic and see if you can make this fit.

4. Gross – Did you know that the average person swallows a litre of snot every day? The stranger and odder the fact, the more people will take the time to stop and read about it. Strangeness pays off big time. If you can find out something truly weird to post on in your blog’s topic then you will get increased traffic and comments, almost guaranteed. Plus, the weirder a post is the more likely it will be that you will have a one of a kind post on your site, and that can only be a good thing.

5. Crime – Did you know that people see better when they are scared? Crime and criminals are a hot topic. There is always something new happening to warn people about. From identity theft to school shootings to terrorists, crime is something that never goes away. Fear sells and you can use that. Everything is uncertain as the virus outbreak puts the lives of everyone at risk. The effects of the pandemic are nothing but frightening and worrisome. Probably you got furloughed in the last few weeks and now you’re at home with your kids. Trying to think through everything can be both stressful and a source of panic. At Connecticut Bail Bonds Group, we are here to help you get through these difficult times as easily as possible. Our bail bondsman in Hartford are always available to discuss your bail options. You can read this article for tips in Avoid Getting Arrested During Quarantine in Connecticut.

6. Health – Did you know that humans are allergic to mosquito spit? Everyone is concerned about their health. From natural remedies to sleep disorders to Facebook addiction, health is something that can cross over into nearly any blog topic. The more facts you can find and references you have the better, so with a little research health can make for great blog posts.

7. Age – Did you know that sharks can live to be a hundred years old? Everyone ages and everyone wants to stop it. Talking about getting older and staying young makes for interesting and viable blog posts. You can give tips on everything from skin care to doctor’s appointments. Even vacations and brain games can be stuck into this flexible category.

8. Green – Did you know that a beaver can cut down two hundred trees every year? Protecting the environment and going green have been hot topics for a while now. If you can find ways to incorporate that into your blog you will be well off. Taking care of the Earth is almost universally accepted as a good thing, and can really give your blog a boost in the right direction and make you appear to be environmentally conscious.

9. Natural Disasters – Did you know that Japan experiences around 1,500 earthquakes every year? Natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, and tsunami’s are always good for a timely blog post. Even if you blog does not normally cover that sort of thing no one will question a break from the norm to cover something so big. This also gives you an opportunity to grab new readers who would not normally be exposed to your blog.

10. Cleaning and Organization – Did you know that cat urine glows under black light? Keeping things clean is universal. Everyone needs to stay clean and organized at the office and at home. From computer file cleanup to dusting the living room, you can offer helpful advice, tips, and programs to your blog readers. You can even help people to understand the importance of organization in their homes and businesses and how helpful it can be to their productivity.

11. Holidays – Did you know that turkeys can contain gold nuggets? The holidays make for great blog post topics. From Christmas to New Years to Independence Day you always have a holiday that is coming up. Share your traditions, favorite dishes, gift ideas, or decorating tips. Not only is it fun to write about, but it also brings in new readers and is great social media fodder.

12. Jobs – Did you know that diamonds are not all that rare? Though finding a good job seems like uncovering a diamond. Finding a job in this tough economy is something that few people seem to accomplish. You can help. Offer helpful tips on what to look for, how to dress, what to say and more. You can even offer tips on how to find freelance work or work from home. Jobs and employment is a hot topic right now and should get you some new traffic fast.

13. Psychology – Did you know that the two most common fears that people have are clowns and heights? Psychology is part of our lives in ways we do not usually think about. From ads to magazine covers, from television shows to the drinks we buy, we are constantly being exposed to psychology. Your blog posts can cover a variety of topics like: Why do you buy products? What is the most effective type of online advertisement? Why do some pictures make you happy?

14. Writing – Did you know that your body contains enough carbon to fill nine thousand pencils? Writing about writing seems insane at first, but think about it. Who are the majority of your readers? Other bloggers, of course. So if you can offer advice and helpful tips for them to use they will continue to visit your blog. Writers love to read about writing for some reason, probably the same reasons doctors read about medicine; to stay on top of the newest trends and discoveries. Take advantage of this and write about writing.

15. Diet and Exercise –Did you know that you weigh less going down in an elevator than you did coming up? People are obsessed with their weight. They love to read about new fad diets, what works and what does not. They love to read about exercise routines and work out tips. You can grab a huge market if you can integrate exercise and diet into your blog.

These are just a few ideas that could work for you. If you think outside the box you can come up with tons more. Do not keep rehashing the same old boring post topics. Come up with something new and fun to both read and write and get back into the swing of things. You and your readers will enjoy it.

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This guest post is contributed by Debra Johnson, blogger and editor

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MLM Training- How You SEE Yourself Catalyzes Call Reluctance?

home business call reluctance

mlm home business call reluctance

MLM Call Reluctance Secrets.

Do you suffer from Call Reluctance when working your home business?

Does your network marketing business stall sometimes because of fear of the phone?

Doe the fear of making calls ever happen to you in your mlm business?



Call Reluctance is one of the biggest forces of destruction in the home business profession. Many people suffer from it and it hurts their self image and income. I have done several posts already on this subject, but there is so much struggle with it in home business network marketing that i wanted to go over a different “slant” with it.

Many people struggle with call reluctance because of lack of skills, lack of paradigm, wrong expectations, and many other reasons.

But there is one reason that runs rampant in call reluctance, and that often is a “hidden reason” that many folks freeze up or get paralyzed when looking at calling people.

Here is a secret:  YOU do NOT have to suffer with that fear or phobia. it does NOT have to happen. You jabe a choice and that is for it to NOT happen or to happen.

I hope you choose the first

The reason many people have call reluctance is because they SEE THEMSLVES in a way that well, brings on and catalyzes call reluctance. I have been studying this for years and it is the same every year- many people see themselves a certain way and because of that, develop a phobia for the phone. It foes not make any sense, but that is often the case with people who suffer with it.

If YOU do, then listen up! Someone sent me an email with an article, and there was no author, but the email had how people see themselves that catalyze call reluctance. I have added my own thinking about each one.

Secret: How people SEE themselves is 80% of call reluctance.

Call reluctance is an INTERNAL thing.

1. The Professional – worried about image.

Many professionals are worried about their image, and think that calling people about a home business will damage their image.

2. The Intruder- does not want to intrude.

Some folks see themselves as actually intruding with people’s lives to share a message of Success. That is so wrong and it is not intruding at all.

3. The Ashamed- ashamed of being in MLM.

Some folks will not make calls because they have heard from their friends that MLM is a scam or worse. It is Not.

4. The Overwhelmed- overwhelmed by preparation, and worry.

Some folks suffer from just geting ready to make calls. It is called “getting ready to get ready.”

5. The Approver- fears not being approved of.

This is one of the big ones, and many people suffer from this and thus doi not make phone calls.

6. The Uneducated- lack of knowledge

MAny people think they have to STUDY and STUDY to make phone calls and never feel they know enough. Practice Drill Rehearse. The make the calls.

7.The Doubter- doubts that they could ever succeed at anything.

This again often is such an issue as many people cannot see themselves succeeding. This is where you must build their belief.

These are 7 ways how we see ourselves that catalyze call reluctance in the mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Training- How You Can Identify Call Reluctance and How to Get Rid of It


mlm network marketing

MLM Call Reluctance and how to stop it.

Do you know what stops most home business success?

Are you doing it in your network marketing or direct selling business?

What’s the number one killer of home business and marketing businesses?

After doing a lot of research on this topic called Call Reluctance in MLM and Home business, here is a clue:

It’s not price, competition, the economy, other people, media, advertising,  or even unwilling customers and mlm prospects.

It’s simply the unwillingness of the home business network marketing professional to go out and share their products, or even make calls to set appointments up to do that.

Research has shown that “as many as 80 percent of all marketing people who fail within their first year in home business do so because of not enough  prospecting and contacting activity.”

Consider this:

Marketing, online and offline  is at the core, a numbers game – but an EFFECTIVE numbers game at that,. If you contact enough mlm prospects or suspects, you’re bound to get some results and as an added bonus, learn from your mistakes.

A better mousetrap, better idea, or better software itself, doesn’t win recruits. Contacting prospects, asking good and magnetic questions, presenting powerful solutions and asking for the decision do capture many results and applications for your business.. 

Success is more based on how frequently you reach out to people who are willing and able to buy from you then anything else.

NOTE: Referrals have to start somewhere. Top home business and direct sales professionals had to initiate contacts when they first started in their business.  They’ve paid their dues along the way and successful ones do it daily.

Doing the best job at marketing and recruiting doesn’t always get the best rewards; those types of leads tend to go to people who promote themselves, their message on social media, internet recruiting with a message of power, and what they’ve done or what they can do.

But sometimes even the most highly competent home business professionals are afraid to go out and sell themselves as that is innate often after a certain amount of Nos.

The FEAR of Self Promotion.

This fear of self-promotion can cause varying degrees of damage to the home business network marketing  professional’s results.

Here are a few ways it can show up in your work and results:


Sally is a steady but not stellar network marketing performer.  In two days she’ll be presenting a presentation to a group at a luncheon.  She has worked over the presentation multiple times during the last week and is currently checking it again for spelling errors- AGAIN.  Next she’ll review her presentation ONE MORE TIME and write key points and notes on cards for further practice and rehearsal. She has to get it RIGHT!  It must be PERFECT!!  Obviously she’s too busy to go out and make other sales calls.

2. Hyper-professional.

Bill works hard to project the right image to his mlm and home business prospects.  He always looks well groomed and very professional, as do his materials and his automobile.  Today, as he goes out to prospect for new possibilities, he’ll stop and have his car washed inside and out to maintain that image, and since having a shuttered windshield does not look very professional he will also pay for a Windshield Replacement Quote to get it fixed. Then he vacuums it out – again. This, of course, is done at the expense of his prospecting activity.

3. Social self-consciousness:

The nature and pricing of Mary’s product requires that she make her first contact with the the right person with the right profession.  Shw wants to “Recruit Up” and build a team of business owners. She builds rapport with these people easily, yet somehow fails to say or do the right thing to get their attetnion. She then does a you turn and calls people that are broke. Mary’s form of  call reluctance is marked by an unwillingness to contact people in higher socio-economic levels and positions of authority.

4. Stage fright.

John knows his marketing products sell best by educating prospective buyers through free webinars and free seminars.  Although he’s watched the volume of his upline climb as they present webinar after webinar and seminar after seminar, he still continues to present his products via only one one one appointments , and one prospect at a time, and slinking away from group presentations online as well as offline.

What can YOU DO?

Fortunately there are specific steps you can take to identify and address call reluctance in your home business team.

1. Look closely at trends and tendencies. 

It’s fairly simple to see an overall lack of activity, which could indicate several forms of call reluctance.  Check for specifics such as follow-up on people already contacted, and referrals. When home business professionals avoid asking for and following through on referral opportunities, that is known as referral suicide.  Some will try to mask this condition by vigorously defending their position with statements such as, “Referrals don’t work that well for me, or—in my business/with my customers/in this industry.”

2. Observe during the actitons taken by the home business professional. 

What happened when they called someone? What happened when they contacted someone on facebook? what happened when it came time to close and ask for the prospect to ernroll?  Did your mlm professional shy away fro  asking?

Did you their upline or sponsor – or YOU-  have to ask for the enrollment or sale?

This reluctance to ask for the order ore for the enrollment  (more widely known as (yielder tendency) is common in network marketing and home business.

3. Check social media and telephone prospecting activity. 

If  reching out online to prospects or “dialing for dollars” is important to you or your  representatives, check on the frequency and quantity of contacting and calling.  Low levels indicate that call reluctance is probably at work, which can sabotage even the top networking professional with the most proven approach.

 Overcoming the enemy of Delay.

Here are some ways to deal with various forms of sales call reluctance:


A simple way to address this problem is simply by calling the home business professional in question and meeting them after a certain hour of the morning.  This puts an end to the seemingly endless preparation that takes the place of prospecting and contacting. get their computer and go online and start reaching out. Go and cold call businesses. Just GO.
Stage fright:

Make participation in Toastmasters International a requirement for team members who struggle with call reluctance.

Practice in addressing a group whose purpose is to help the person improve has made even the most fearful individual look forward to group presentations whether in home or bigger.


PDR = Practice Drill Rehearse. Role-playing is good practice in learning to ask the prospect or customer to enroll or purchase the products, making it easier to repeat that behavior when real chances to close are at hand.

These are some of the ways that you can address and cure call reluctance in network marketing mlm home business.

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MLM Training- Are You Using these 7 Delay Tactics of Call Reluctance?

mlm training

mlm training

Overcoming Call Reluctance in MLM.

Do you hesitate to make phone calls for your mlm home business?

Do you stare at the phone and wait for you to ‘feel” like call your network marketing prospects?

Do you know what the 7 MLM Call Reluctance Delay Tactics are that most use when they do NOT call their prospects?

Read on….

There are plenty of home business programs designed to assist marketing professionals overcome their issue of sales call anxiety with better sales and marketing approaches and scripts, but few get to the heart of the problem — showing how to get past a little inner critic that continually tricks one into any of the following powerful delay tactics:

1. Waiting for the right time to call your mlm recruiting prospects.

Sales and marketing home business professionals constantly find reasons why now isn’t a good time to call — it’s too early in the morning, it’s too close to lunch, it’s too close to closing time, it’s the day before a holiday, it’s a holiday, it’s the day after a holiday.


They even convince themselves that there’s no use calling prospects, when it’s 20-30 minutes before an event or meeting. They justify that they’ll just get into the swing of things, when it will be time to go.


2. Preparing the perfect MLM Prospecting script.

It’s hard to argue that carefully chosen words don’t stand a better chance than “shooting from the hip.” However, too often sales professionals spend their time crafting and re-crafting and then writing and rewriting, and then again, rescripting a script, instead of using their telephone to connect with and listen to their prospects, as a means to develop the most effective mlm recruiting script.

3. Organizing your Place of Business.

Home business professionals are often found cleaning their desks, devising the perfect calling regimen, and arranging a superb filing system, convincing themselves that they need to be really organized to handle all the new business that prospecting will generate. Instead of using their prime time to make mlm prospecting calls, they spend time getting ready to make prospecting calls.

4. Becoming a “Permanent Student” or known as a training junkie.

“The trained will always do more than the untrained” is a great philosophy to hide behind, when one feels too uncomfortable to make prospecting calls. In lieu of making mlm prospecting calls, home business professionals attend the newest sales seminar or read the latest sales book on prospecting, with the hope of discovering how to end the sales call anxiety they feel.

Then do nothing.

5. Finding more important things to do that FEELS more Comfortable.

Home business professionals almost always justify doing any other task before making those prospecting calls — checking email, brainstorming with coworkers, keeping in touch with current customers, attending networking meetings, etc.

6. Waiting for the prospect to call YOU back…..NOT!

If it only required one call to get prospects calling back to become clients, many companies wouldn’t bother hiring a sales force or recruitng a marketing team. Waiting for an mlmprospect to call back, after leaving a message or two is simply an excuse not to call, which only prevents the recruiting process from advancing.

7. Knowing that everyone hates pushy sales people and YOU will not be one!

Many home business professionals will do anything to avoid being considered just another pushy sales person, even if it means never picking up the telephone to call a prospect. In the attempt to escape being “pushy,” they actually avoid making calls at all.

Making any of the above common Delay tactics simply means that one experiences what most sales and markeeting home business professionals experience. The best way to break free of these costly stalling mistakes is to stop waiting for a magic panacea to end all sales call anxiety.

NOTE: Placing focus on sales call anxiety only increases it.

Almost all sales professionals relate to the little inner critic that nags at them to go get a cup of coffee before making that first prospecting call, or to get better prepared by first attending a sales seminar. They know what it feels like to be busy all day long but never doing what they originally set out to do :

Call their network marketing prospects!

The problem is that mlm distributors are waiting for that perfect time, when they have overcome sales call reluctance. However, the key is to move the focus from call reluctance to call willingness. Instead of mindlessly obeying the inner critic that tells one to wait, sales professionals must learn to counteract it by seizing the phone. Then the process of moving from call reluctance to call willingness becomes far easier than one thinks in your network marketing home business!

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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training – 4 Secrets to Understanding & Conquering Call Reluctance

mlm call reluctance

mlm home business call reluctance

Conquering MLM Phone Call Reluctance.

Do you struggle in making tlephone calls for your mlm prospecting?

Do you find that you hesitate and sometimes DO NOT make the phone calls for your home business?

WHY are you doing that?

The psychology of mlm phone calling is an interesting study and we have found that it is quite common in the network marketing profession. Everyone at one time seems to have struggled with some parts of it. And it often can take someone out of the game and quit.

This is the reason for this post. Conquering MLM Phone Call Reluctance and what it happens and what to do about it.

Everyone in home business marketing faces it at one time or another – reluctance to pick up the phone and make calls. Logically, it makes no sense to feel that way. We believe in our product or service. We have a script that’s either been given to us or one that we’ve carefully written out. We have a list of prospects that are at least somewhat targeted. We know that when someone says “No”, it’s not directed at us. And still… the phone weighs a ton.


You decide that the pain of being broke is greater than the pain of “cold” calling, so you commit to making calls each and every day. Or at least commit to try. Or try at least some days each week. For a while anyway…

We’ve all been through all of this before, and guess what? IT DOESN’T WORK! We’re still reluctant to make the calls we know we need to. So what’s the deal? Are you just “bad” at calling? Is it that calling only works for some but not most of us?

The answer, of course, is that calling can work for any one of us.

It’s a matter of finding the right “key”(s) to open that door of mlm calling success.

 We need to address why the typical “cold” call isn’t effective. We’ll start with the obvious issue. Calling strangers you do not know causes most people some amount of anxiety. Why does it make us feel so anxious and apprehensive?

I’ve found that there are four reasons that cause people to feel anxious about calling. If any one of them exists, anyone would feel anxious about making a call.

Here they are:

1) We feel that we sound like a telemarketer in our home business.

What makes a telemarketer sound like a telemarketer? Think about it for a moment. You know the drill – we’ve all received telemarketing calls both at home and at work. What is it about that call that marks it as a telemarketing call?

There are several factors that make us cringe at these calls.

First off, telemarketers are either overly friendly to start with or they sound completely disinterested. Both make the caller sound insincere.

Secondly, telemarketers talk and rarely ask.  The call is all about their product and service and not about the person who received the call.

Thirdly, they usually plow through their script, not allowing us to get a word in edgewise.

And fourth, it’s always evident that they’re reading a script to you rather than speaking to you as a person. Those four factors generally mark the call as a telemarketing call.

How do you keep people from viewing you as a telemarketer? Simple. Don’t do those things!

a) When you call, don’t be overly enthusiastic and don’t be disinterested or matter-of-fact in your tone. Speak in an appropriate, natural tone and manner.

b) As you get into your conversation, ask questions. LOTS of them. Be consultative. Remember, this is about your prospect, not about you.

c) & d) Practice your mlm phone script so it is as conversational as possible. I always write out my script so it reads as naturally as possible. It’s usually not perfect writing but it is always natural and easy to say.

2) We aren’t sure how to start the call with youe mlm prospect.

The thing that annoys most of us when a telemarketer calls is that they dive right into some sales pitch without even knowing whether we have the time or interest in hearing about what they have to say. The most effective way to be viewed as a professional is to act like one. As an example, here is the way I start my marketing calls:

“Bob? Good Morning. This is Julie Cohn. How are you today? (pause) Bob, I’m an executive consultant/nutrition expert/ skin care consultant) pause – I want to make sure they understood what I just said) and have worked with business professionals for a number of years helping them. Do you have a few minutes to chat?”

As simple as the above exchange is, it serves a number of important purposes:

a) In short order, I’ve told him who I am and what I do.
b) I said his name two times. (People love to hear their own name. Read “How to Win Friends and Influence People”)
c) I began to establish credibility. (“I’ve worked with business and marketing professionals for a number of years.”)
d) I asked permission to take some of his time.

3) We aren’t sure how to steer the conversation.

We ended the start of our phone call with a question: “Do you have a few minutes to chat?” There can only be three answers to that question – “Yes”, “No”, or “What is this about?”

• If the answer is Yes, you’re off and running.
• If the answer is No, you could say you’ll call back or ask when a good time to call back would be, but why not use the opportunity to get more information? Since you’ve already told him who you are and what you do, why not ask:

 “Would you like me to call back?” The answer will either be Yes or No! Either way you should be happy. Either you’ll know not to waste your time trying to reach a disinterested prospect or you’ll have a somewhat pre-qualified prospect on your list!

• If the response is, “What is this about?”, have a short explanation of why you’ve called prepared, something like: “I wanted to share some of what I do, find out what your initiatives and goals for your business are/ (find out if you would like youngert looking skin,/ would like or kn ow someone that would like to slim down 20 pounds in 20 days etc),  and see whether what I do could help you reach your goals faster and easier.”
Pretty straightforward isn’t it? …

If you approach the meat of your conversation in a way to see if you can help your home business prospect with a PROBLEM, rather than sell them something, it’s quite easy to have a stress-free, effective conversation. It is GOLDEN to do that.
No matter what the goal of your call is, at some point the discussion needs to draw to a close with a “trigger” question.

“Can we set up an appointment / telephone appointment/ set up a webinar/ a luncheon meeting to go over this in more detail?” or “Here’s what we should do next…”

4) We aren’t sure how to end the conversation.

How you handle the end of your conversation will determine you well you protect your attitude. We ended the middle of our conversation with a question (see a pattern here?). There can only be three answers to your question – “Yes”, “I need more information”, or “No”

• If the answer is Yes, again you’re off and running.
• If the answer is a request for more information, have a simple process ready to provide prospects with additional information and/or credibility-building materials, get a commitment for a (follow-up call, follow up conversation, follow up webinar, etc)and set it up as an appointment in both your calendar and theirs.

Don’t leave the follow-up as a vague process. In other words get a phone appointment and avoid endless voicemails and phone tag.

• If the answer is No, my preference is to thank them for their time and candor, ask them if they’d know someone that this would help that they care about.


Let me close with a couple of perspectives that have served me and others well over the years.
One perspective is that if you find that any one prospect means a great deal to you, it’s a sure sign that you aren’t finding enough prospects. Put in more effort. Then everything else takes care of itself.

The other perspective that I have found helpful pertains to rejection, and is illustrated in this story:

Imagine you have a recipe for fantastic chocolate chip cookies and bake them to perfection. They’re absolutely delicious! You take a tray of these cookies around to people, asking them whether they would like one. The first person takes one and loves it.

The next person you offer the cookies to declines – they are full, don’t like chocolate, or don’t want sweets. Here is the key question:

“Does the fact that the second person didn’t want your cookies affect the quality of the cookies or the skill of the baker?” Clearly the answer is no. Their decision doesn’t have anything to do with the cookies or the baker. Their decision was about what’s going on in your their life, not yours.

When you create an effective phone process – knowing how to get into and out of conversations – and understand that a “No” truly is not about you at all, calling becomes more comfortable and it becomes easier to make many more calls in your network marketing business.

What is the result of understnading how to conquer call reluctance? Financial Success in your mlm network marketing home business! Click here and learn more.

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MLM Training- 7 Researched Causes of Telephone Call Reluctance


mlm call reluctance

mlm network marketing call reluctance


MLM Telephone Call Reluctance.

Do you have any signs of call reluctance in your home based business?

IS there something that you FEEL when you think of making a telephone call to your mlm prospects?

Would you like to KNOW what is causing these emotions that are stopping or paralyzing you in your network marketing efforts?

WHAT is Call Reluctance?

Call Reluctance is en emotional fire in the gut that makes you delay and even NOT make phone calls to mlm prospects and prospects that you already have talked to.

Call Reluctance is a wall of inaction that can hit you before a call and stop you dead in your tracks.

Call Reluctance is a vivid picture in the mind that shows you the prospect REJECTING YOU and not approving of you. And you play that movie over and over in your mind building up fear in your heart.

This one thing- Call Reluctance has stopped many a talented person in network marketing. It is a powerful force that can destroy your business…

One stopped phone call at a time.

Here is a Million Dollar Question: WHAT IS THAT COSTING YOU?

What is that costing you in DOLLARS?

What is that costing you in EMOTION?

What is that costing you in RESULTS?

What is that costing you for the FUTURE?

Those are tough questions. But MUST be asked in order to develop the context of this mlm recruiting post. And YOU need to answer them honestly to yourself. I think you will be surprised at the answers.

I have studied Call Reluctance for over 20 years, trying to understand it, and help eliminate it for people, including myself. I had it bad. But fortunately GREW past it.

I discovered many things in my Call Reluctance research that helped me conquer it.

You can too. The research that I did,  I have in a private folder and it contains some amazing material. I want to share some of it with you over the next few posts that will help open your eyes to it, and train you how to overcome it easily.

Yes, you read that right.

Overcome Call Reluctance in your home business and explode your mlm network marketing business with powerful consistent phone calls to prospects.

Ok….What causes Call Reluctance?

After 20 years of study, I have come to the conclusion that there ar 7 main reasons that engage Call Reluctance and empower it in people’s lives and home based business.

Here are the 7 Reasons for Call Reluctance in Network Marketing:

1. Fear.

Many people in home businesses have a FEAR of rejection and not being approved of. This has stoked the fire of Call Reluctance in many a case. The network marketer cannot pick up the phone and make a call.

2. Lack of Knowledge.

Many distributors never take the time to learn how to make an effective telephone call, even if they are working online or in social media. You MUST take it offline sometime if you are going to develop an enduring relationship.

You MUST learn the very basics of making phone calls that IMPACT, not just inform.

3. Lack of Experience.

Some folks simply lack the experience and make mistakes that can come only from lack of doing it.

Solution: ROLE PLAY before YOU SAY — anything live to a prospect.

4. Other People’s Opinions.

We all listen to the wrong people and what they say.

“You did WHAT?”   “Are you CRAZY? What do YOU know about business?” “Can you get out of this NOW? Those things are illegal.”

And we all know people that are like that.

Ignore them, and get back to work. Those people cannot get you to where you want to go in life. If they could, they would already be there.

5. Self Image.

Many people struggle with an Identity Crisis.

Who they see themselves as being, is a lie. They are more powerful than they know but their slef image keeps them from making the phone calls.

“Why would they want to talk to a loser like me?”

“Why should I make this call? I am only going to mess it up.”

YIU are NOT a loser.

6. Skill Set Challenges.

Practice. Drill.  Rehearse.  Practice. Drill. Rehearse. Practice. Drill. Rehearse. Learn from the best in your company. Learn the phrases and questions. Learn the answers. Learn how to handle objections. Learn how to move people over the phone.  Learn how to book the appointment.

Then….Practice. Drill.Rehearse.

7. Wrong Perspective.

 Many people have the wrong perception and wrong perspective of this profession. They look at it as calling mlm prospects as:
“Bugging your friends and family.”
“Making me look desperate.”
“Taking advantage of relationships.”
And the list is endless….but understand:  Calling people to let them know that you are in business and you want to share the good news- is NOT bugging your friends.
Not at all.
It is saying, “I care enough about you to let you know what I am doing and really would appreciate any support or encouragement you could give.”
These are the 7 reasons for Call Reluctance. If you can learn these and master these, you will find an explosion starting to happen in your mlm home business.
blessings…doug firebaugh
(c) 2012 all rights reserved
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