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MLM Call Reluctance and how to stop it.

Do you know what stops most home business success?

Are you doing it in your network marketing or direct selling business?

What’s the number one killer of home business and marketing businesses?

After doing a lot of research on this topic called Call Reluctance in MLM and Home business, here is a clue:

It’s not price, competition, the economy, other people, media, advertising,  or even unwilling customers and mlm prospects.

It’s simply the unwillingness of the home business network marketing professional to go out and share their products, or even make calls to set appointments up to do that.

Research has shown that “as many as 80 percent of all marketing people who fail within their first year in home business do so because of not enough  prospecting and contacting activity.”

Consider this:

Marketing, online and offline  is at the core, a numbers game – but an EFFECTIVE numbers game at that,. If you contact enough mlm prospects or suspects, you’re bound to get some results and as an added bonus, learn from your mistakes.

A better mousetrap, better idea, or better software itself, doesn’t win recruits. Contacting prospects, asking good and magnetic questions, presenting powerful solutions and asking for the decision do capture many results and applications for your business.. 

Success is more based on how frequently you reach out to people who are willing and able to buy from you then anything else.

NOTE: Referrals have to start somewhere. Top home business and direct sales professionals had to initiate contacts when they first started in their business.  They’ve paid their dues along the way and successful ones do it daily.

Doing the best job at marketing and recruiting doesn’t always get the best rewards; those types of leads tend to go to people who promote themselves, their message on social media, internet recruiting with a message of power, and what they’ve done or what they can do.

But sometimes even the most highly competent home business professionals are afraid to go out and sell themselves as that is innate often after a certain amount of Nos.

The FEAR of Self Promotion.

This fear of self-promotion can cause varying degrees of damage to the home business network marketing  professional’s results.

Here are a few ways it can show up in your work and results:


Sally is a steady but not stellar network marketing performer.  In two days she’ll be presenting a presentation to a group at a luncheon.  She has worked over the presentation multiple times during the last week and is currently checking it again for spelling errors- AGAIN.  Next she’ll review her presentation ONE MORE TIME and write key points and notes on cards for further practice and rehearsal. She has to get it RIGHT!  It must be PERFECT!!  Obviously she’s too busy to go out and make other sales calls.

2. Hyper-professional.

Bill works hard to project the right image to his mlm and home business prospects.  He always looks well groomed and very professional, as do his materials and his automobile.  Today, as he goes out to prospect for new possibilities, he’ll stop and have his car washed inside and out to maintain that image.  and then run it through AGAIN to make sure. Then he vacuums it out – again This, of course, is done at the expense of his prospecting activity.

3. Social self-consciousness:

The nature and pricing of Mary’s product requires that she make her first contact with the the right person with the right profession.  Shw wants to “Recruit Up” and build a team of business owners. She builds rapport with these people easily, yet somehow fails to say or do the right thing to get their attetnion. She then does a you turn and calls people that are broke. Mary’s form of  call reluctance is marked by an unwillingness to contact people in higher socio-economic levels and positions of authority.

4. Stage fright.

John knows his marketing products sell best by educating prospective buyers through free webinars and free seminars.  Although he’s watched the volume of his upline climb as they present webinar after webinar and seminar after seminar, he still continues to present his products via only one one one appointments , and one prospect at a time, and slinking away from group presentations online as well as offline.

What can YOU DO?

Fortunately there are specific steps you can take to identify and address call reluctance in your home business team.

1. Look closely at trends and tendencies. 

It’s fairly simple to see an overall lack of activity, which could indicate several forms of call reluctance.  Check for specifics such as follow-up on people already contacted, and referrals. When home business professionals avoid asking for and following through on referral opportunities, that is known as referral suicide.  Some will try to mask this condition by vigorously defending their position with statements such as, “Referrals don’t work that well for me, or—in my business/with my customers/in this industry.”

2. Observe during the actitons taken by the home business professional. 

What happened when they called someone? What happened when they contacted someone on facebook? what happened when it came time to close and ask for the prospect to ernroll?  Did your mlm professional shy away fro  asking?

Did you their upline or sponsor – or YOU-  have to ask for the enrollment or sale?

This reluctance to ask for the order ore for the enrollment  (more widely known as (yielder tendency) is common in network marketing and home business.

3. Check social media and telephone prospecting activity. 

If  reching out online to prospects or “dialing for dollars” is important to you or your  representatives, check on the frequency and quantity of contacting and calling.  Low levels indicate that call reluctance is probably at work, which can sabotage even the top networking professional with the most proven approach.

 Overcoming the enemy of Delay.

Here are some ways to deal with various forms of sales call reluctance:


A simple way to address this problem is simply by calling the home business professional in question and meeting them after a certain hour of the morning.  This puts an end to the seemingly endless preparation that takes the place of prospecting and contacting. get their computer and go online and start reaching out. Go and cold call businesses. Just GO.
Stage fright:

Make participation in Toastmasters International a requirement for team members who struggle with call reluctance.

Practice in addressing a group whose purpose is to help the person improve has made even the most fearful individual look forward to group presentations whether in home or bigger.


PDR = Practice Drill Rehearse. Role-playing is good practice in learning to ask the prospect or customer to enroll or purchase the products, making it easier to repeat that behavior when real chances to close are at hand.

These are some of the ways that you can address and cure call reluctance in network marketing mlm home business.

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  1. Tim Johnson says:

    Something very profound came to mind as I read this article that Doug has been teaching for years…
    Doug has been Teaching and Preaching “Your Personal Brand.”

    Your Brand and what it says about you, is very powerful to raise YOUR belief in YOU. How?

    When you create a prospecting conversation, many times we all have been reluctant to speak about our NWM Company and /or products… There are many reasons for this… too many for this post.

    Imagine for a minute, that you raise yourself and belief in YOU, when you create that prospecting conversation.
    You are representing YOU, Your BRAND, what YOU have to offer, YOUR greatest strengths, YOUR strongest assets. How do you feel?
    You feel very confident and empowered, because you are representing YOU, your most Potent Business Building asset.

    You are offering You and what you CAN DO to help people your in conversation with solve the challenges, issues etc they want solved. How…?

    Because you have No Doubt in Yourself and your Willingness to help other people. It all is about YOU and what you can DO for Them.

    This takes the pressure off of you seeking approval from the people you are in conversation with, about the company and/or products YOU have chosen to work with in YOUR Business, YOUR Brand.

    In a instant, you have given your endorsement, your Brands credibility over to the NWM Company YOU chose to associate with your Business Enterprise, because it is THE Company and Product Line YOUR Personal Brand represents!

    On final thing…
    A secret to raising your Ownership in You and Your brand, is found in the name of Your Company.

    Try this, and see if it feels Strong. Confident.
    Take your first and last name, followed by International.

    I.E. I would be:

    Tim Johnson International.

    Let your name with International, roll around in your head a few days, see how it feels…

    It’s all a matter of a little Perspective….

  2. Andrew Magee says:


  3. Doug,

    This is one of the biggest obstacles I face in growing my business!

    I got shut down hard a couple of weeks ago and have been reluctant to make any more calls.

    I KNOW all the training, but the only way to get over it is to just do it. Taking ACTION, is the best way to overcome reluctance.

    Thanks for the training!


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