Social Media MLM- 7 Biggest Mistakes Made while Recruiting on Facebook

mlm home business facebook

mlm home business facebook

Facebook MLM Recruiting Social Media.

Are you marketing and recruiting on facebook for your home business?

How much time do you spend a week on facebook prospecting for your network marketing business?

Are you looking to improve your success on facebook concerning prospecting or recruiting in mlm?

Facebook is now the size of a country with more than 900 million people. THAT is a LOT of potential prospects for your home based business. Facebook is still the top dog in social media, although Pinterest, Google+, and twitter and LinkedIn are rocking the social space as well.

The power of facebook is awesome when it comes to connecting to new people. There are a lot of GROUPS on facebook as well that you can belong to that can lead to many new connections.

And Connections RULE on facebook!


The RIGHT Connections REIGN.

It is better to get the RIGHT connections- people that are looking for you when recruiting as that makes your job a whole lot easier. With so many people on facebook, you can afford to be somewhat “picky” in your choice of who to connect to.

Are YOU making mistakes with facebook? After being on facebook for nearly 7 years and have done hundreds of trainings on facebook, we have found that there are 7 HUGE mistakes that can kill your facebook recruiting.

I know…you may be unaware that you are making them. But that is ok. That is the reason for this post. We researched this and found there actually are 7 biggest mistakes.

What are the 7 Biggest Mistakes made on facebook?

1) Being TOO Aggressive in getting your message out to people.

Aggression is good in business, but not on facebook. The less aggressive you are, the better in many cases. Yes, you need to be PROACTIVE, but not aggressive. It works against you when re recruiting as well as marketing.

2) Not giving the relationship time to grow before you start the recruiting process.

Pulling the trigger before it is time, is a killer of business. Give your relationships time to grow. You cannot ask someone out for a date, if you have never met them- and get it. 99% of who you ask out would say “I don’t know you.” Same on facebook. Give your new connections time to “bake” in the relationship oven.

3) Inconsistent Visibility.

Being on facebook on occasion will NOT work. You must be visible DAILY for at least 5 minutes. Visibility is part of the “Visible, Viable, Valuable” social media triad. Be visible for credibility sake, as well as marketing sake.

4) Not enough friends being made.

Yep gotta have friends on facebook. What is your Friend Plan? How many friends are you getting DAILY? This blueprint will help you get more and more connected to people on facebook. I always have taught that you send out 10 friend requests a day- at least until you have at least 2000 friends. That is a good start for marketing on facebook and recruiting.

 5) Not establishing yourself as THE EXPERT.

I actually would change that now- and say to position you as THE AUTHORITY. Authority is what activates the experts credentials. Be the “go to person” in your niche and rock people’s worlds with your expertise and AUTHORITY.

6) Not promoting what your friends do. (Like, share, comment)

Be a HUGE Promoter! re-post and like A LOT of things on facebook. Make someone the superstar and feel special by putting the facebook SPOTLIGHT on what they do and create. be a massive “LIKER” and bee seen as someone who PAYS ATTENTION.

7) Not hooking up facebook to LinkedIn, twitter, slideshare, wordpress, youtube,,  and all the other social sites that will send your efforts to facebook.

Simply – AUTOMATE the process and watch your social media following EXPLODE with your mlm network marketing home business.

These are 7 of the biggest mistakes made in recruiting and marketing on facebook. Learn them for your mlm network marketing home business!

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blessings….doug firebaugh

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