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MLM List Building Tips.

Are you marketing and prospecting online to build a business for your home business?

Do you compile a list daily and ad to it for your home based business?

What are YOUR secrets to your list building or do you even have any for our mlm network marketing business?

List building is critical if you are going to recruit and prospect online. No matter WHERE online.

But what about EMAIL? Have you considered building a list for your home business from your EMAIL contacts?

Yes…email contacts. And there is no better way to do this for your mlm business then actually putting together an email newsletter or brief. We have one which we mail out several times a week and we have built a large list.

YOU can too- and we wanted to give you 5 ways to do this. I ran across this article and LOVED it.

This was written by Diana Hough.

Here are 5 ways to build a list with email:

Finding new ways to grow an email newsletter list is always a hot topic for email marketers. After all, the bigger your list, the higher the impact on your business.

Chances are, you are already using most of the basic list building techniques, but how about a few “out of the box” tactics from Dianna Huff, marketing communications expert and author of the e-book, 25 Ways to Grow Your E-Newsletter Subscriber List. Here, Dianna shares five techniques, but you can find dozens more in the e- book.

The number one priority of any newsletter publisher is growing the subscriber list.


The more people who subscribe, the more people you have who are potential customers. However, quality is equally as important as quantity. By “high-quality,” I mean a list of readers who will remain with you for years, people who will eagerly look forward to your newsletter. Below are five tips for growing such a list:

5 Tips for Building a High-quality List That Leads to Sales

  1. When you network, ask people you meet if you can sign them up for your newsletter. The number one cardinal sin in networking is trying to close the sale right after meeting someone new. Rather than push your services, push your newsletter. It’s a great way to have people get to know you on a “trial-basis.”
  2. Contact your professional trade organization for their member list. A few trade organizations provide their chapter lists to members for free while others charge a modest fee for the national list. Once you get the list, send your colleagues a direct mail letter, with your free newsletter being the offer.
  3. Recommend other good newsletters in your newsletter. I’m a firm believer in “sharing the wealth.” If you think your readers would enjoy another newsletter, by all means, recommend it. Usually people are so surprised at being positively noticed, they’ll give you a reciprocal recommendation, resulting in many new subscribers.
  4. For presentations, include your newsletter info on the last PowerPoint slide. That last slide on PowerPoint presentations is valuable real estate. Don’t use it to list only your name and company name. Put your newsletter URL there instead.
  5. Develop a no-cost guide people can download at your site. Offering high-value content on your site is always a good thing. Write a press release about your no-cost guide or report and send it to trade publications. Give people the option of subscribing to your newsletter at the same time they download the guide.

These are 5 powerful ways to build a great prospect list with email for your mlm network marketing home business.

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