MLM Training- How You SEE Yourself Catalyzes Call Reluctance?

home business call reluctance

mlm home business call reluctance

MLM Call Reluctance Secrets.

Do you suffer from Call Reluctance when working your home business?

Does your network marketing business stall sometimes because of fear of the phone?

Doe the fear of making calls ever happen to you in your mlm business?



Call Reluctance is one of the biggest forces of destruction in the home business profession. Many people suffer from it and it hurts their self image and income. I have done several posts already on this subject, but there is so much struggle with it in home business network marketing that i wanted to go over a different “slant” with it.

Many people struggle with call reluctance because of lack of skills, lack of paradigm, wrong expectations, and many other reasons.

But there is one reason that runs rampant in call reluctance, and that often is a “hidden reason” that many folks freeze up or get paralyzed when looking at calling people.

Here is a secret:  YOU do NOT have to suffer with that fear or phobia. it does NOT have to happen. You jabe a choice and that is for it to NOT happen or to happen.

I hope you choose the first

The reason many people have call reluctance is because they SEE THEMSLVES in a way that well, brings on and catalyzes call reluctance. I have been studying this for years and it is the same every year- many people see themselves a certain way and because of that, develop a phobia for the phone. It foes not make any sense, but that is often the case with people who suffer with it.

If YOU do, then listen up! Someone sent me an email with an article, and there was no author, but the email had how people see themselves that catalyze call reluctance. I have added my own thinking about each one.

Secret: How people SEE themselves is 80% of call reluctance.

Call reluctance is an INTERNAL thing.

1. The Professional – worried about image.

Many professionals are worried about their image, and think that calling people about a home business will damage their image.

2. The Intruder- does not want to intrude.

Some folks see themselves as actually intruding with people’s lives to share a message of Success. That is so wrong and it is not intruding at all.

3. The Ashamed- ashamed of being in MLM.

Some folks will not make calls because they have heard from their friends that MLM is a scam or worse. It is Not.

4. The Overwhelmed- overwhelmed by preparation, and worry.

Some folks suffer from just geting ready to make calls. It is called “getting ready to get ready.”

5. The Approver- fears not being approved of.

This is one of the big ones, and many people suffer from this and thus doi not make phone calls.

6. The Uneducated- lack of knowledge

MAny people think they have to STUDY and STUDY to make phone calls and never feel they know enough. Practice Drill Rehearse. The make the calls.

7.The Doubter- doubts that they could ever succeed at anything.

This again often is such an issue as many people cannot see themselves succeeding. This is where you must build their belief.

These are 7 ways how we see ourselves that catalyze call reluctance in the mlm network marketing home business.

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