MLM Recruiting- The 5 H.A.P.P.Y. New Year Recruiting Secrets

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MLM Recruiting 2012.

Happy New Year!

Are you wondering what you are going to do in 2012 as far as recruiting for your home business mlm?

What are you planning on changing with your network marketing recruiting in 2012?

Will you have a Happy recruiting year or a hopeless recruiting year in 2012?

This may help your mlm recruiting.

There are 5 “HAPPY” MLM recruiting secrets that many do not know about. These mlm recruiting secrets are MAGNETS that will PULL people towards you and they will recruit themselves in 2012.

WHAT???  Are you out of your mind Doug?


They work and work well.

And I wanted to share them with you for the New year so you can have a HAPPY New Recruiting year and increase your sponsoring results this year. And I do mean IMPROVE your results in 2012.

We took the word HAPPY and came up with 5 mlm recruiting secrets that you can use in 2012 to explode your recruiting results.

1. H stands for HOPE.

With all that is going on with the economy, people today are looking for some kind of hope for their life and future. YOU can offer that hope to your prospects with a new hope of a better life in 2012.

A HOPE of Better Life.

A HOPE of larger Income.

A HOPE of a Greater Destiny.

Show them HOPE and you will PULL them towards you- effortlessly.

2. A stands for ANTICIPATION.

People today are missing one of the most powerful things in life- something to look forward to. Something to expect. Something to ANTICIPATE that will impact their life for the better.

You must create an Anticipation in your prospect that expects greater things in 2012 with all aspects of their life. You must create an emotion that gets the person excited about what is coming soon in their future.

What people Anticipate for their life, they Elevate in their life.

3. P stands for PICTURE.

One of the most powerful recruiting secrets for 2012 is PAINT PICTURES with your words and phrases. Use phrases like:

“What If this happened…”

“Can you see yourself doing…”

“Imagine the feeling of owning your own successful business…”

“Imagine this in your mind happening to you…”

4. P stands for PERSONALIZE.

You MUST personalize to the prospect that THEY are your focus, and THEY are your only concern.

They listen to the radio KIA-AM. “Keep It All About Me!”

“Mary, let’s imagine you and your family spending 2 weeks on the beach in Cabo, and it is paid for by the company because you qualified for it. How would that feel? How would that impact YOUR family? Would your daughter Ashley like that?”

Keep the conversation PERSONAL. Keep the conversation about THEIR WORLD– not yours or anyone else’s. Their world is ALL that matters to them when it comes to their income and lifestyle. keep in ON and IN their world and for their future.

5. Y stands for YES.

People are looking for a YES life, but most are getting a NO life because of friends and family.

People are asking a question: “Can I REALLY do this? Does it REALLY work? Can I REALLY live a great life?”

That is where the word and mind set YES comes in. Talk to your prospect about everyday folks who said “YES” and show them how THEY can say YES and start chaning their life,

Get your upline on a call who said YES.

Get your upline on a webinar with some testimonials who said YES.

Provide PROOF that network marketing works – IF you say YES to Success and Achievement.

If you use the H.A.P.P.Y. New Recruiting Year Formula here, you will find your business and mlm recruiting exploding in 2012.

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blessings..doug firebaugh

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  1. Love your tips, I have to come back to them periodically, like once a week, to pick up the pointers I missed from the last reading. I learn one thing, implement it, and then realize I am ready for the next thing, funny how that happens. I’ve never done MLM before, but now I truly believe with your training, this is doable!!


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