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The FEAR of Rejection in MLM.

Does fear create a barrier between you and your success in your mlm home business?

Does fear hold you back from calling people and asking for their help?

it does many people in network marketing and if you do not understand certain aspects of FEAR.

FEAR is nothing more than a paralyzing emotion that creates a stoppage in what you are doing and shifts your focus from what you want to happen, to what fear is stopping from happening.

In 2012, you need to make a DECISION that you are going to conquer FEAR or Rejection once and for all and move past it.

If you do not, you will never see the Success that you deserve and desire. Most people struggle with some form of it.

You do not need to.

You can overcome it and conquer it.

You can  rise above it.

You can become a fearless person if you so choose to. It is UP TO YOU.

What do we need to understand about FEAR concerning your home based business?

What is the number one cause of failure in marketing and home based businesses?

The struggle with, and the lack of ability to overcome the fear of rejection.

Why do network marketers let this fear influence their behavior in a negative and paralyzing fashion??

Here are some thoughts that may help explain some things…

1. Not everyone you talk to will want to do business with you.

Timing would be bad or they are just not interested. You have done  NOTHIN wrong. It is just not for them NOW.

2. Expecting everyone you meet to like or accept you is to completely out of reality.

There are some people too focused on what they are doing to ever care about what you are doing. Just the way it is.

3. If you don’t ask for what you want,  it is highly unlikely you will ever get it.

Most people do not ASK. They play around with it, and some even avoid asking. The Power of asking- online or offline- for the business is a MUST.

4. The fear of rejection prevents you from asking questions, asking for an appointment, asking for someone to join you.  HELLO?

If you do not ask questions for an appointment, or people to join you you will never have a business. Only a lot of frustration.

5. The fear of rejection is one of the biggest causes of failure in every area of life, not just network marketing and mlm.

This is something that you must understand. it is NOT just in home business. It is in LIFE and you must overcome it.

6. The fear of rejection is a mind set and heart set issue and can only be overcome by strengthening other thought and attitudes – such as confidence, self-belief, patience, trust, and self-image.

Developing confidence alone is one of the most powerful ways to overcome fear of rejection. All fear is, is the lack of overcoming confidence.

7. The fear of rejection is a symptom of a need for acceptance, approval or validation.

Many people today are “approval-aholics.” I was for years. But understanding WHY you are like that can help you overcome that and massively increase your business online and offline.

8. The fear of rejection sends a powerful non-verbal message to your prospect that you lack not only confidence or belief in yourself, but also your product and your ability to help him or solve their issues and challenges in life.

There is a powerful 4 step formula in overcoming FEAR and I will cover this for conquering FEAR of Rejection in 2012 later this week in a post.

You need to DECIDE that you will CONQUER FEAR of Rejection  in 2012 and explode your home business mlm!

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blessings..doug firebaugh

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