MLM Training- 7 Ways that Fear of Rejection Stops You and What to Do

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mlm nwtwork marketing fear of rejection


MLM Fear Of Rejection.

Do you ever suffer from the fear of rejection in your home based business?

Has the fear of rejection ever made you STOP and think about talking to someone, skyping someone, texting someone, or even striking up a social conversation?

What has that cost you in your network marketing business?

Would you like to know HOW this happens and what to do about it?

Iit all starts on the INSIDE of YOU and your mind. I do not have time to get into the ROOT causes of fear of rejection, but I will say that it is developed overtime from your family culture and your friends that you hang out with and can be devastating to your mlm business.

I believe that you cannot change what you are not aware of.


If you are aware of something, then you can start the change process and let it start increasing your productivity and activity in your home business. That alone is worth the journey to get past the fear of rejection.

One of the things that I also know  is that a person needs to be made aware that something is harming their business.

The fear of rejection can be a silent killer that you have gotten used to and do not even know it has  ahold of you.

How does the fear of rejection impact you and your network marketing business?

Here are 7 quick ways that you can tell you are influenced by it, and how it shapes your thinking, influences your perspective,  and directs your actions:

1. Fear Of Rejection (FOR) can get you to start believing that FEAR stands for Forget Everything And Run.

Most of the network marketing distributors that get rejected once, get all down in the mouth, and give up.

Face what you fear and watch the fear grow smaller. A great book I recommend for facing your fear is “Feel  the  Fear and Do It Anyway.”

2.” FOR” can get your believing that the emotion of rejection reflects the sum total of your worth as a person.

Result? After being rejected, never take a risk again.

The words RISK and RISE contain the same first 3 letters. That is NO accident. Risk will always carry consequences, but you must RISE above the fear and create the POWERFUL consequences and results that will accelerate everything in your home business.

3. “FOR” can force you to play the rejection over and over again in your mind. This helps keep it fresh, alive, and a great excuse for not starting.

Fear of rejection in mlm can catalyze you having a large and ongoing pity party. Even though you’re the only invited guest, unless you hang around the same kind of fearful people.

Get rid of the party.

WIMP stand for “Woe Is Me Party.” That is exactly what FOR can turn you into. A wimp.

4. Take a tip from Rabbit in Winnie the Pooh and think: “Why does this always happen to me?

“Why, oh why, oh why?”

FOR can make you really good at it, as you practice being afraid to ask people for some help, or their time, or just a connection in social media.

Get rid of the pity party,. No one is going to care anyway. BUT- they will surely care if you help THEM get out of their own pity party by showing them how to take a hold of their destiny with YOUR home business.

5. FOR can get you believing that everyone knows you were rejected and made to look like a fool,  and all are looking at you and talking about you.

Well, that may seem to be happening, but it is not.

Pull yourself up out of the emotional pit you have dug, and realize that YOU are in control of your emotions, not others. Go out and ACT like a Leader you are, and not the putz that your emotions are trying to GET YOU TO BELIEVE.

Release the Greatness in you. Become who you REALLY ARE in network marketing. Dont’ believe the B.S. your emotions are telling you.

6. FOR can fill you up with B.S.

Yes, you rad that right.

B.S. That stands for Belief Systems. FOR can temporarily alter the belief systems you have about yourself and can stop you cold in your tracks…with fear.

Get rid of the B.S. and start KNOWING you are GREAT and a GENIUS at this business and life.

7. FOR can help you get stuck. A good way to do that is to stay focused on the rejection and never worry about moving forward.

Being stuck is a choice, not  destiny. get UN-STUCK.  Start moving. Take ONE small action. Then take another SMALL action. Then another. Then another. Then another. Until you have crawled out of that “place of stuck” and started moving again.

There is no “stuck” – strong enough, that a few small actions taken cannot get you out of.

These are 7 ways that the Fear of Rejection can influence you and stop your business, and 7 ways to break you out of it. I would suggest you look for these in YOU and in your group, and start breaking the fear of rejection off of people and your network marketing home business.

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MLM Training- Overcoming the Fear of Rejection that is Stopping YOU

mlm training

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The FEAR of Rejection in MLM.

Does fear create a barrier between you and your success in your mlm home business?

Does fear hold you back from calling people and asking for their help?

it does many people in network marketing and if you do not understand certain aspects of FEAR.

FEAR is nothing more than a paralyzing emotion that creates a stoppage in what you are doing and shifts your focus from what you want to happen, to what fear is stopping from happening.

In 2012, you need to make a DECISION that you are going to conquer FEAR or Rejection once and for all and move past it.

If you do not, you will never see the Success that you deserve and desire. Most people struggle with some form of it.

You do not need to.

You can overcome it and conquer it.

You can  rise above it.

You can become a fearless person if you so choose to. It is UP TO YOU.

What do we need to understand about FEAR concerning your home based business?

What is the number one cause of failure in marketing and home based businesses?

The struggle with, and the lack of ability to overcome the fear of rejection.

Why do network marketers let this fear influence their behavior in a negative and paralyzing fashion??

Here are some thoughts that may help explain some things…

1. Not everyone you talk to will want to do business with you.

Timing would be bad or they are just not interested. You have done  NOTHIN wrong. It is just not for them NOW.

2. Expecting everyone you meet to like or accept you is to completely out of reality.

There are some people too focused on what they are doing to ever care about what you are doing. Just the way it is.

3. If you don’t ask for what you want,  it is highly unlikely you will ever get it.

Most people do not ASK. They play around with it, and some even avoid asking. The Power of asking- online or offline- for the business is a MUST.

4. The fear of rejection prevents you from asking questions, asking for an appointment, asking for someone to join you.  HELLO?

If you do not ask questions for an appointment, or people to join you you will never have a business. Only a lot of frustration.

5. The fear of rejection is one of the biggest causes of failure in every area of life, not just network marketing and mlm.

This is something that you must understand. it is NOT just in home business. It is in LIFE and you must overcome it.

6. The fear of rejection is a mind set and heart set issue and can only be overcome by strengthening other thought and attitudes – such as confidence, self-belief, patience, trust, and self-image.

Developing confidence alone is one of the most powerful ways to overcome fear of rejection. All fear is, is the lack of overcoming confidence.

7. The fear of rejection is a symptom of a need for acceptance, approval or validation.

Many people today are “approval-aholics.” I was for years. But understanding WHY you are like that can help you overcome that and massively increase your business online and offline.

8. The fear of rejection sends a powerful non-verbal message to your prospect that you lack not only confidence or belief in yourself, but also your product and your ability to help him or solve their issues and challenges in life.

There is a powerful 4 step formula in overcoming FEAR and I will cover this for conquering FEAR of Rejection in 2012 later this week in a post.

You need to DECIDE that you will CONQUER FEAR of Rejection  in 2012 and explode your home business mlm!

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MLM Training- What Causes The Fear of REJECTION?

mlm fear of rejection

mlm fear of rejection

Home business

training has plenty of fear-if you allow that to be a part of your business.

Fear of Rejection is one of the most powerful in MLM and even in social media and social networking. I have seen this for the last 25 years as well as the last 6 in social media.

There are many causes to the Fear of Rejection, but I have found that you really cannot conquer it until you know the SOURCE or REASON for the fear.

I am sure that you have felt that knot in your stomach when thinking about calling someone. I have felt it before and it is a VERY uncool feeling. I remember that feeling when one person in particular I called. I thought I was going to toss some cookies I was so nervous.

The Cause of the Fear of Rejection I have studied over time and have found through research that there are 7 main causes:

1 Not Being Approved of

This is the biggie. Many people in MLM and Home business want people to approve of what they are doing, and approve of them. This one is one that must be dealt with as “approval-itis” kills many a home business.

2) Feeling of Being Abandoned Again

Feeling of abandonment is another issue. Without getting into a psychological discussion, this cause can be crippling to someone calling people as they do not want to feel like the person is going to leave their business.

3) Doing something wrong – self conscious

Many distributors/consultants have what Icall the “No No” syndrome. many people ina home business think that they are doing something wrong. What happens when we are babies, we hear the word NO 80 times more than the word YES. We are programmed for that word, and mindset.

“NO NO! You will get burned if you touch that!”

“No NO you will fall down the stairs if you get too close!”

“NO NO you will get shocked if you put your fingers in that!”

NO = You are doing something WRONG.

And many people in network marketing still struggle with that syndrome.

4) Feeling inadequate Again

The feeling of inadequacy seems to be another big problem with folks. They feel they are “not enough” to succeed in a home business. So they never call anyone because if they do, then their “lacking” will be discovered. This is quite a strong issue with people who have done MLM before.

5) Reinforcement of Self Doubts

We live in a Doubt Focused world. That is just the way it is. But if you are going to succeed you must live in your own FAITH focused world. We doubt because of what has been spoken into us and over us by others. This makes us doubt ourselves when we call people, and thus, we do not.

6) Previous life experiences of rejection

Rejection through life is a biggie as well. I experienced this in life growing up, but was blessed to get beyond it my freshman year in college. What has happened in your life as far as rejection cannot be changed- but you CAN change how you respond to those memories. You can either control them, or let them control you.

7) The emotions and mental pictures you have to deal with.

We all have mental picture and emotions we deal with on a daily basis in a hone business. They are either pictures of Success or struggle. Your life always moves towards what you have pictured in your mind. If you see your business struggling, it will. If you see your business succeeding, you will. That is up to the movies that you play daily in your mental theater.

Fear of Rejection can be conquered, and easily, if you identify what is the ROOT CAUSE of it. This fear can stop you working social media. It can stop you working the phones.  It can stop you working this business.

Define YOUR cause of fear of rejection if you struggle with that and in another post, I will give you some powerful ways to overcome that in your MLM and home business.

Powerful Training Resource to move you ahead of your fears and your Doubts- Getting ready for W.A.R. (Between Your Ears)

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