MLM Home Business Training- My Four Words for 2012

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MLM Training 4 Words.

Did you have a great new years eve in your mlm home business?

Are you excited about 2012 and all it holds for your mlm home business?

Are you ready to explode your 2012 network marketing business?

I have been doing some thinking the last week, and looking at 2012, and all it holds for our companies in 2012. We are planning many things in 2012, and some I believe could impact dramatically the professional image of our great profession. Our team took a look at 2011 and what worked, what did not work, and what we should consider for 2012.

In network marketing, there are many avenues you can train and coach on, but we have covered that for years. What I was looking at was a question:

What words most suit the transformation I am looking for in 2012?

You may have that same question. What words fit and really connect to what you want to happen in 2012?

I came up with 4 words that I believe for Jodi and myself, fits well for our business. Now these are not personal goals or income, spiritual, or family goals. Those are set and written down, but I am talking BUSINESS here- our mlm network marketing training firm.

These 4 words are our Success Blueprint for 2012 and I wanted to put them in writing and share them with you, and I hope you share yours with me.

Here are the 4 words:


In 2012, I am going to make some Decisions I have never made before, and some will be very difficult to make.  But this is the year for Decision and I am going to make some I have never made before. There is no power in choice- only selection. DECISION carries the Power of Success for your mlm network marketing business.

You need to DECIDE that 2012 is going to be your VERY BEST YEAR and engage what I call the “NOPO Rule.”

What is that?

When you make a TRUE Decision, the NOPO Rule kicks in quietly but powerfully.

NOPO = “No Other Possible Option.”

Enough said.


I am going to disconnect this year with what is not working, and what is not fun anymore. I love what I do for a living- serving the profession worldwide. I thank God everyday that I get to do this for a living. But there are parts of it that I need to jettison and disconnect from, as they really is becoming an anchor and not a power.

I am going to Disconnect from all Negative Thinking in 2012.

I am going to Disconnect from all Lack of Belief in 2012.

I am going to Disconnect with Perpetually Negative people this year. Yes, I will still love them and pray for them- but not let them puke on my parade any longer.

I am going to Disconnect to the Distractions and Detractors in 2012.

I am going to Disconnect to Limitations in 2012- THERE AREN’T ANY.

And I am going to Disconnect to Anything that does not ELEVATE people and their dreams.

3. DARE.

I am going to DARE to do things in 2012 that I have never done and even if they STRETCH me and they are uncomfortable.

Daring is something that most people do not do any more. They would rather live in a “risk free zone” and be comfortable with what other people have decided for their lives. I am not going to let anyone I know settle for that.

I want them to DARE with me.

I am going to DARE to Think bigger in 2012 then I ever have before.

I am going to DARE to Believe bigger in 2012  than I ever have before. “As a man thinketh in his heart- so is he.”

I am going to DARE to Engage NEW Possibilities in 2012, and take them HIGHER.

I am going to DARE to Do New Things I have never done in our business before, and do it over and over again.

I am going to DARE to Love like I have never loved before- and that includes friends and family.

I am going to DARE people more than I ever have in 2012 to lift them out of their self imposed limitation in their home business mlm.


I do not just want to win in 2o12, as anyone can do that. I do not want to just be the first at doing something. I want to totally DOMINATE the niche, the sector, the market, and the industry.

Impossible? I do not accept impossibility as a concept for 2102. I am going to go with the ancient success scripture: “All things are possible for those who believe.”

I believe.  And I believe that we are going to DOMINATE- in all that we do.


I believe that we were put on this earth to NOT survive. That is what many people do with their network marketing businesses.

2012 TRUTH:  Survival is a fruit of people listening to those who have decided that their friends are right. That is all there is for them.

Not this year.

Not this time.

Not this dream.

Not this boy.

I believe that we are going to Dominate in all that we do because we are going to be relentless in learning, growing, getting better, leading, building, and multiplying what we do.

YOU can do that as well.

It is waiting and it is willing to connect with you so 2012 can be the greatest year you have ever had in your entire life.


This is YOUR TIME.  This is YOUR YEAR. This is YOUR DREAM. Take these  4 words and OWN THEM for you and 2012 and watch what happens to what happens to your network marketing business in 2012.

Join me in this great journey and let’s unleash 2012 on the world together.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- The ONE WAY to Revolutionize YOU in 2012

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The MLM 2012 Revolution.

How would you like to have the GREATEST year that you have ever had in your mlm network marketing business?

Would you like to TRIPLE your home business income this year in 2012?

What is the ONE THING that you would like to see happen to your life this year?

You can accomplish ANYTHING you desire if you simply start what I call:

 “The Inner Revolution.”

What is THAT?

That is the ONE THING that you can do to create a Revolution in your life in 2012 and in your home business. But you MUST do it ONE WAY.

If you do it any other way, it will not endure.

That is the reason that 2102 WILL BE THE BEST YEAR you have ever had or ever lived.

Are you in the skin care business? You will revolutionize your business this year.

Are you in the nutrition business? You will revolutionize your business this year.

Are you in the fitness and weight loss business? You will revolutionize your business in 2012.

Evidence-based Training Science explain “BoduFit is your source for full fitness programs to help you build muscle, lose fat, or become more athletic”.

HOW you ask?

By ONE SIMPLE TACTIC that never Fails to work. And if you DO this one thing, your network marketing home business will EXPLODE during the coning year.

You need to get M.A.D.

There are only 2 ways to succeed in a network marketing business- Get excited or get MAD.

And when you get MAD you MUST engage the strategy that has changed millions of businesses during the course of mankind:


The single greatest reason why most people do not succeed in any kind of entrepreneurial venture, is lack of DECISION.

Decision happens  IN AN INSTANT. It happens within a Millisecond. But that one tactic, that one act, that one strategy WILL REVOLUTIONIZE YOU.

I have recommended this tactic to CEOs of Billion Dollar companies, and a brand new disntributoir or consultant in the profession. It ALWAYS works and always WILL.

And it WILL work for YOU and your mlm home business.

It will do three things for you in 2012:

1. It will Change how Prospects respond to YOU.

If you DECIDE that you are going to have the greatest year in 2012 and Quadruple your income, your mlm prospects will start to change how they respond to you. They will start taking you more seriously, and start treating you different.


They are FEELING the Power of Decision FROM YOU that you are now radiating in all that you do in your network marketing business. That alone can create a Revolution in your results.

2. It will FOCUS YOU and make you D.E.A.F.

A Decision will get you LASER focused and create a Power of Vision that will melt every obstacle that is in front of you. And it also will make you DEAF.

DEAF = Don’t Even Acknowledge (their) Fear.

QUIT Listening to those that cannot get you in 2012 where YOU want to go. Quit listening to the inner voice on the inside that says you cannot do it.

YOU HAVE ALEADY DONE IT by making a Decision. Now, it’s just engaging it.

3. It will make you an UNREASONABLE OUTRAGEOUS Success.

The secret to a powerful Decision is is becoming UNREASONABLE. No Success has ever happened without being Unreasonable. Everyone wants you to “believe within reason.”


Believe so HUGE and so BIG that people will think you are unreasonable.

NOTE: “Reasonable” is the enemy of Massive Success in 2012.

And if you become Unreasonable, you will become OUTRAGEOUS in your focus, belief, actions which leads to:


Start an Inner Revolution in 2012 by Making a Decision, becoming Unreasonable, and creating Outrageous Expectations for 2012.

Yes, it will drive your friends and family crazy.

So will the MASSIVE Success that you create in your mlm network marketing home business in 2012!

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blessings..doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- How to Recruit Using the “3 Levels of Economy” in 2012

mlm training network marketing 2012

mlm network marketing 2012

MLM Training 2012

Are YOU ready for 2012 and Success for your home business?

Are YOU ready to tackle a new year with fervor and passion in your network marketing business?

How would that look like in 2012?

If you are going to recruit successfully in 2012 in your network marketing business, you need to understand that the word for the year will most likely be:


This word will be a RECRUITING MAGNET for your efforts. It will PULL people into your conversation and into your world almost effortlessly.


The economy  seems to be what is everyone’s mind moving into the new year. The economy is something that has worried a lot of folks in 2012, and will continue to do so. The economy impacts and affects just about every part of our life. I think you would agree that there is no escaping the impact of the economy on your mlm home business.


What If there was a way that you could understand the economy in a NEW WAY in the NEW YEAR that would create a different perspective and focus for your recruiting in 2012?

What if you could have more control over your prospect’s economy?


How would THAT happen?

Well, it is not that big of a deal if you know the secrets of creating a “Power Economy” in your network marketing business amd in your recruiting.

Ok…what is THAT?

It is simply an understanding of how the economy really works if you are an entrepreneur, and what you can do to “power it up” and move past all the worry and anxiety that everyone seems to have today.


SPECIAL : Recruiting 101:

FREE Webinar-a $97.00 webinar FREE- Recruiting 101- watch it FREE NOW!

YOU can have more control and more power in your economic situation if YOU simply decide where you are going to FOCUS in the economy.

A NEW Recruiting Conversation.

If YOU are going to recruit in 2012, you need to hold a NEW conversation with your mlm prospects for your home business. This would be showing your prospect the options that are available today for economic success.

Here is what you need to do in your mlm recruiting conversations:

Talk about the Three Levels of Economy- but focus the mlm prospect on their PERSONAL ECONOMY.

There are three levels of economy. You must understand this of you are going to recruit in 2012.

All three are important and must be discussed with your prospect if you are going to use this powerful recruiting tactc.


There is  only one truly you have CONTROL OVER.

1. The Top level is the NATIONAL ECONOMY..

That is the federal economy that we all are a part of and can be subject to.

2. The Middle Level is the STATE ECONOMY.

This is the state where you are living and can be subject to.

3.  The First Level is your PERSONAL ECONOMY.

This is the economy that you have control over, and can change anytime you want for the better.

If you are focused on the National and State economy, you are under their control and decisions. That is just the way it is. The National economy is pretty much controlled by the government and the business sector and the State economy is controlled by the State and the business sector as well. You have little if any control over that.

If you are focused on your Personal economy, you are IN CONTROL. And that is what YOU as a distributor should be focused on- Personal Economy.

And get your prospect focused on THEIR personal economy with your help and support.

“How would it feel if you could change your economic status anytime you wanted to- for the better? Would that make a difference in your lifestyle?”

Get the prospect focused on the RIGHT economy-the one they control and grow-with their OWN mlm home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Recruiting- The 5 H.A.P.P.Y. New Year Recruiting Secrets

mlm network marketing 2012 training

mlm home business 2012 training


MLM Recruiting 2012.

Happy New Year!

Are you wondering what you are going to do in 2012 as far as recruiting for your home business mlm?

What are you planning on changing with your network marketing recruiting in 2012?

Will you have a Happy recruiting year or a hopeless recruiting year in 2012?

This may help your mlm recruiting.

There are 5 “HAPPY” MLM recruiting secrets that many do not know about. These mlm recruiting secrets are MAGNETS that will PULL people towards you and they will recruit themselves in 2012.

WHAT???  Are you out of your mind Doug?


They work and work well.

And I wanted to share them with you for the New year so you can have a HAPPY New Recruiting year and increase your sponsoring results this year. And I do mean IMPROVE your results in 2012.

We took the word HAPPY and came up with 5 mlm recruiting secrets that you can use in 2012 to explode your recruiting results.

1. H stands for HOPE.

With all that is going on with the economy, people today are looking for some kind of hope for their life and future. YOU can offer that hope to your prospects with a new hope of a better life in 2012.

A HOPE of Better Life.

A HOPE of larger Income.

A HOPE of a Greater Destiny.

Show them HOPE and you will PULL them towards you- effortlessly.

2. A stands for ANTICIPATION.

People today are missing one of the most powerful things in life- something to look forward to. Something to expect. Something to ANTICIPATE that will impact their life for the better.

You must create an Anticipation in your prospect that expects greater things in 2012 with all aspects of their life. You must create an emotion that gets the person excited about what is coming soon in their future.

What people Anticipate for their life, they Elevate in their life.

3. P stands for PICTURE.

One of the most powerful recruiting secrets for 2012 is PAINT PICTURES with your words and phrases. Use phrases like:

“What If this happened…”

“Can you see yourself doing…”

“Imagine the feeling of owning your own successful business…”

“Imagine this in your mind happening to you…”

4. P stands for PERSONALIZE.

You MUST personalize to the prospect that THEY are your focus, and THEY are your only concern.

They listen to the radio KIA-AM. “Keep It All About Me!”

“Mary, let’s imagine you and your family spending 2 weeks on the beach in Cabo, and it is paid for by the company because you qualified for it. How would that feel? How would that impact YOUR family? Would your daughter Ashley like that?”

Keep the conversation PERSONAL. Keep the conversation about THEIR WORLD– not yours or anyone else’s. Their world is ALL that matters to them when it comes to their income and lifestyle. keep in ON and IN their world and for their future.

5. Y stands for YES.

People are looking for a YES life, but most are getting a NO life because of friends and family.

People are asking a question: “Can I REALLY do this? Does it REALLY work? Can I REALLY live a great life?”

That is where the word and mind set YES comes in. Talk to your prospect about everyday folks who said “YES” and show them how THEY can say YES and start chaning their life,

Get your upline on a call who said YES.

Get your upline on a webinar with some testimonials who said YES.

Provide PROOF that network marketing works – IF you say YES to Success and Achievement.

If you use the H.A.P.P.Y. New Recruiting Year Formula here, you will find your business and mlm recruiting exploding in 2012.

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blessings..doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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MLM Prospecting- The Psychology of Prospecting Emotions in 2012?

mlm home business prospecting

mlm prospecting 2012


MLM Prospecting 2012.

Are you aware that MLM Prospecting for your home business has a Psychology behind it?

Would you like to know one of the most powerful Psychological principles behind MLM Prospecting?

How would that help you increase the effectiveness of your network marketing prospecting?

Prospecting is what most home business professionals do daily. They want to FIND the right prospect for their business, and often do.

But more often then not- they do not.


There are many reasons. But one is simply not understanding the Psychology of Prospecting and what that can do for your business and mlm prospecting results.

Emotions do play heavy into the prospecting cycle, and those emotions can power your mlm prospecting, or poison it. That is up to you. That is why moving into 2012, you need to have a good understanding that the Psychology of Prospecting is an integral part in both finding porospect, but recruiting home business prospects.

Feelings in mlm prospecting has always been one of the most powerful determining factors in the prospecting actions.

MLM Reality.

NOTE: People join you because of what they are feeling FROM YOU.

But there is another powerful MLM prospecting rule as well:

How you FEEL about prospecting will determine much of what the prospect is FEELING FROM YOU.

 Many people operate out of hesitancy and timidity when it comes to finding mlm leads and talking with them.

Do you FEEL that way?

 We have found that you need to SHIFT your focus on what prospecting IS in your mind, to a focus of what it can DO for other people.

What are YOU Focused on?

 MLM Prospecting Secret: You are either focused on what YOU get from the mlm prospecting lead, or what the lead gets from you.

 NOTE: 80% of the initial response from the prospect will come from what they are sensing FROM YOUR INTENTIONS.

 If you are internally focused on what YOU can get FROM THEM for your business, they will sense that and for the most part, be turned off.

That is why so many good people walk away from MLM. They sense that someone is out to GET SOMETHING from them, not give.

 Here is a secret:

 GIVING is the MAGNET in prospecting. You GETTING from the prospect is the repellant. You need to develop a focus that you are looking for leads to GIVE them something of Value that can change their life.

A New Future.

A New Hope.

A New Direction in life.

A New Destiny for 2012!

 A NEW Solution for 2012!

 We call it “Solution Based Prospecting.”

 GIVE solutions to the prospect for their finances and other benefits your products offer.

 ALL a benefit is is a SOLUTION to a problem.

 Solve a problem- don’t just sell a product.

If you do that one thing- you will sending out a powerful emotion that works FOR the prospect and PULLS them towards you in your mlm prospecting!

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power-over 50 recruiting secrets!

FREE Prospecting 101 webinar- a $97.00 VALUE- FREE watch it NOW and learn how to find endless leads!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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