MLM Prospecting- The Psychology of Prospecting Emotions in 2012?

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MLM Prospecting 2012.

Are you aware that MLM Prospecting for your home business has a Psychology behind it?

Would you like to know one of the most powerful Psychological principles behind MLM Prospecting?

How would that help you increase the effectiveness of your network marketing prospecting?

Prospecting is what most home business professionals do daily. They want to FIND the right prospect for their business, and often do.

But more often then not- they do not.


There are many reasons. But one is simply not understanding the Psychology of Prospecting and what that can do for your business and mlm prospecting results.

Emotions do play heavy into the prospecting cycle, and those emotions can power your mlm prospecting, or poison it. That is up to you. That is why moving into 2012, you need to have a good understanding that the Psychology of Prospecting is an integral part in both finding porospect, but recruiting home business prospects.

Feelings in mlm prospecting has always been one of the most powerful determining factors in the prospecting actions.

MLM Reality.

NOTE: People join you because of what they are feeling FROM YOU.

But there is another powerful MLM prospecting rule as well:

How you FEEL about prospecting will determine much of what the prospect is FEELING FROM YOU.

 Many people operate out of hesitancy and timidity when it comes to finding mlm leads and talking with them.

Do you FEEL that way?

 We have found that you need to SHIFT your focus on what prospecting IS in your mind, to a focus of what it can DO for other people.

What are YOU Focused on?

 MLM Prospecting Secret: You are either focused on what YOU get from the mlm prospecting lead, or what the lead gets from you.

 NOTE: 80% of the initial response from the prospect will come from what they are sensing FROM YOUR INTENTIONS.

 If you are internally focused on what YOU can get FROM THEM for your business, they will sense that and for the most part, be turned off.

That is why so many good people walk away from MLM. They sense that someone is out to GET SOMETHING from them, not give.

 Here is a secret:

 GIVING is the MAGNET in prospecting. You GETTING from the prospect is the repellant. You need to develop a focus that you are looking for leads to GIVE them something of Value that can change their life.

A New Future.

A New Hope.

A New Direction in life.

A New Destiny for 2012!

 A NEW Solution for 2012!

 We call it “Solution Based Prospecting.”

 GIVE solutions to the prospect for their finances and other benefits that your products offer. For example, if your client wants to dabble in stock investing, knowing the price for RDSB shares, one of the largest companies in the world, is a good (and most likely guaranteed) place to start.

 ALL a benefit is is a SOLUTION to a problem.

 Solve a problem- don’t just sell a product.

If you do that one thing- you will sending out a powerful emotion that works FOR the prospect and PULLS them towards you in your mlm prospecting!

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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  1. This is a serious mindset change, and I like it!! You vocalize so much that I need to hear. Thank you, Doug, for your leadership and mentorship!!

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