MLM Training- How to Recruit Using the “3 Levels of Economy” in 2012

mlm training network marketing 2012

mlm network marketing 2012

MLM Training 2012

Are YOU ready for 2012 and Success for your home business?

Are YOU ready to tackle a new year with fervor and passion in your network marketing business?

How would that look like in 2012?

If you are going to recruit successfully in 2012 in your network marketing business, you need to understand that the word for the year will most likely be:


This word will be a RECRUITING MAGNET for your efforts. It will PULL people into your conversation and into your world almost effortlessly.


The economy  seems to be what is everyone’s mind moving into the new year. The economy is something that has worried a lot of folks in 2012, and will continue to do so. The economy impacts and affects just about every part of our life. I think you would agree that there is no escaping the impact of the economy on your mlm home business.


What If there was a way that you could understand the economy in a NEW WAY in the NEW YEAR that would create a different perspective and focus for your recruiting in 2012?

What if you could have more control over your prospect’s economy?


How would THAT happen?

Well, it is not that big of a deal if you know the secrets of creating a “Power Economy” in your network marketing business amd in your recruiting.

Ok…what is THAT?

It is simply an understanding of how the economy really works if you are an entrepreneur, and what you can do to “power it up” and move past all the worry and anxiety that everyone seems to have today.


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YOU can have more control and more power in your economic situation if YOU simply decide where you are going to FOCUS in the economy.

A NEW Recruiting Conversation.

If YOU are going to recruit in 2012, you need to hold a NEW conversation with your mlm prospects for your home business. This would be showing your prospect the options that are available today for economic success.

Here is what you need to do in your mlm recruiting conversations:

Talk about the Three Levels of Economy- but focus the mlm prospect on their PERSONAL ECONOMY.

There are three levels of economy. You must understand this of you are going to recruit in 2012.

All three are important and must be discussed with your prospect if you are going to use this powerful recruiting tactc.


There is  only one truly you have CONTROL OVER.

1. The Top level is the NATIONAL ECONOMY..

That is the federal economy that we all are a part of and can be subject to.

2. The Middle Level is the STATE ECONOMY.

This is the state where you are living and can be subject to.

3.  The First Level is your PERSONAL ECONOMY.

This is the economy that you have control over, and can change anytime you want for the better.

If you are focused on the National and State economy, you are under their control and decisions. That is just the way it is. The National economy is pretty much controlled by the government and the business sector and the State economy is controlled by the State and the business sector as well. You have little if any control over that.

If you are focused on your Personal economy, you are IN CONTROL. And that is what YOU as a distributor should be focused on- Personal Economy.

And get your prospect focused on THEIR personal economy with your help and support.

“How would it feel if you could change your economic status anytime you wanted to- for the better? Would that make a difference in your lifestyle?”

Get the prospect focused on the RIGHT economy-the one they control and grow-with their OWN mlm home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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