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MLM Social Media- A Powerful Social Media MLM Prospecting Formula

social media mlm prospecting

mlm social media

MLM Social Media Prospecting Tips.

Do your network marketing prospects always seem to be less than you need in numbers?

Are you frustrated that you never have ENOUGH MLM Prospects?

Would you like to learn a little MLM Prospecting Secret that GUARANTEES you will have an overflow of home business prospects?

Here is a little MLM Social Media Prospecting Tip you your network marketing business:

It is all about your prospects “falling through the cracks”- you MUST have so many prospects in the pipeline to follow up on, you cannot keep up and forget to call some of them back.

Simply, most people do not anywhere near the number of folks they need looking at their business. It seems that there is almost a “prospecting mediocrity” that exists and tells
people that if you have 4,5, or 6 people looking at the business, you are doing
this business right.


That is why most people fail in this business, because of all the “Mediocre Myths” out in
the industry. Most people do not understand that the number of people you have
looking at the business plus the quality of people equals the amount of your
ongoing Success. It is that simple. Let’s put it in a different format:

Number of PEOPLE + Quality of PEOPLE = Your ongoing Prospecting Success in Network Marketing.

Yes, belief, personal development, decision, and Leadership are critical elements as
well, but it is the number and the quality of prospects that you have that really tell the story.

And many distributors/consultants have way too few people at any one given time looking at the business.


Setting Prospecting Limits.

They limit themselves to a narrow group of people that eventually they reach the limit to
what they can do with the list. And then they end up leaving saying the business
does not work.

It DOES work, and works well. IF you know how to work it RIGHT and give it time to
work. But most people simply do not believe that because of their lack of

But do NOT let that be you.

There is a new medium that can bring more prospects to you than you can call on- and it is the Social Media and Mobile Marketing phenomenon.

You need to become a part of it to find the number of people you need to create Success.

Donni had a business and was struggling in it. She was not a happy camper because she quit
her job when she had her baby, and this HAD to work. But it was not. She was
starting to get worried, as her husband.

Donni decided to follow some advice, and get into the social media zone. She studied
it, and learned it well, and within 45 days, her whole business had turned
around, because she was getting 5-15 leads a DAY, and all because she followed
a well thought out plan.  Her volume grew dramatically, and so did her income. She went from having 3 to 4 people in the pipeline to over 40 in the pipeline.

Today, she has tripled what she earned at her job, and it continues to grow monthly. Would YOU like to have that kind of Success? You can and will- all you need to do is learn what I am teaching you on this blog, and the PRACTICE it, and then DO IT.

Does it REALLY take a lot of folks to succeed?

Words of Wisdom.

Let’s listen to what my Mentor has to say:

 “Someone asked me one time how do you REALLY know you are doing this business right? I simply answered, ‘When your prospects start falling through the cracks.’ That means that you have so many people in the pipeline looking at the business that literally you forget to call some of them because there are so many people to follow up on. How can you do that today with people being so guarded?

 “Simple. Go Social. Learn all you can about the new Social Media approach to Network Marketing prospecting and recruiting- known as Recruiting MagneTechs. This is magnetic power for your finding leads and recruiting. Finding good leads is the most critical piece of the Success puzzle in Network Marketing.

But most do not find these kind of great leads because they limit themselves to who they know. Can calling people that you know work? Absolutely! It works great and is part of the traditional way to do this business. And everyone who gets into this industry needs to start calling on the people they know. But also- not be limited to that number either.

“If you are going to succeed today long term, you need a blend of the traditional way of doing this business, and the non- traditional. It is called “Co-Traditional Network Marketing.” If you can blend the two in your business, you will find that your business will be in OVERDRIVE and start giving you the results that you are looking for.

 “Does it take some time? Of course. Every new path in any industry has a learning curve. But you can shorten that curve by 80% by finding a good program that will teach you what you need to do to make that happen.  

“Folks that understand and embrace the new Social and Mobile path of Success in home business, will become the new millionaires in this wonderful industry.”

How many do YOU have in the pipeline looking at the business?

And if you are just looking at having a home business, you need to start it off right.
Call your warm market, but also start familiarizing yourself with the social media market. Both combined can make a tremendous one-two punch in your mlm social media prospecting.

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MLM Training- Most Powerful Closing Question You can Ask Your Prospect

mlm network marketing

mlm home business closing

MLM Closing Tips.

Do you struggle with your “closing” as many people call it for their network marketing business?

Do you have a “pat” way that you close your prospect or do you try different things in your home based business?

What would be your closing ratio for your network marketing business when you ask for the order?

Many distributors struggle and do not need to.

First off, I do not call what most call “Closing the Prospect” Closing.

I really shy away from it, as it has a tendency to cast a negative message unknowingly to yourself. When you use the word “Close” it has a tendency to be a win or lose proposition.

You win.


You lose.

Nothing much inbetween. You either CLOSE them or you do not.

I prefer something more…well…GENTLE and something that will not be seen as a “transaction for MY gain” as often it comes across like that. I have seen “closers” that ALL they focus on is what THEY can get out of the prospect, not what the prospect can get to improve their life.

In network marketing, I have found throughout the world in my travels, EVERYONE feels the same way about this- they DO NOT want to FEEL like they have been CLOSED.

I had a leader out of Perth Australia recently say that the biggest complaint he hears from his team’s “closing” is that is was way too MANIPULATIVE and pressured.


That is how many distributors/consultants come across. They are trying to manipulate the prospect into their business and do it quickly.

You are going in a losing proposition that will never build a long term home based business.

Ok, then what can we do to close the mlm home business prospect?

We came up with what we call The “You are Probably Waiting” Navigator.

What is a Navigator?

Great question.

I do not like to call these phrases or questions “Closes” as it is NOT what they are. They are “Navigators” that navigate the prospect to the decision that is right for them.

Closing ENDS things.

Navigating CATALYZES and OPENS things to happen.

So what did we come up with that was so powerful?

A very simple question that lays it out and the mlm prospect appreciates your honesty.

Here it is:

“You are probably waiting for some fancy, well rehearsed, manipulative close….something that is really tricky. That is not who I am. I respect your decision and want only what is best for you and your family. Look, either you see this or you don’t. Question is, do you believe we would make a GREAT TEAM if we started working this together?”

That’s it, ands has worked wonders through the years. Online as well as offline. And I would suggest that you spend some time practicing it, and getting it down in your own words.

If you do, don’t be surprised if you start seeing some amazing results in your mlm network marketing work at home business.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 secrets!

FREE mlm mp3 download- The 7 Biggest Mistakes made in Network Marketing NO ONE will tell You”

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MLM Training- Are YOU One of the 3 Stooges in Your Home Business?

mlm network marketing three stooges

mlm home business

MLM Three Stooges.

Do you know a Home business stooge that you may be prospecting for your network marketing business?

Are you familiar with the Three Stooges?

How would you like to learn how they can possibly play into your home based business?

I love PR and Local Media for a home business. You can get an enormous amount of prospects and exposure for your business. That is here the Three Stooges come in.

Marsha Friedman who is an incredible PR expert, has this really cool post about the Three Stooges and PR,  but is SO applicable to a home business and your prospects, as well as your mlm team.

This is a FUN post, and I know you are going to enjoy it. Here is a home business strategy wrapped around the Three Stooges…

Don’t  be a Stooge When it Comes to Marketing

Article  at a glance:

If you hire a PR firm, let it do its  job.
Go ahead and make waves – get   noticed!
Never believe “no one’s interested in you.”

The guys I know are all looking forward to The Three Stooges remake opening  in theaters this weekend. They think Moe, Larry and Curly’s  harebrained schemes, silly missteps, and thwacks, smacks and blindside attacks are hysterically funny.

Heck, I don’t need to go to the movies for slapstick – I’ve got men in my life!   (Kidding, of course.)

Everyone – yes, women, to – can be a stooge now and then. Lifelong “Stooges” fan Alex  Hinojosa, our senior campaign manager at EMSI, says if you  watch enough of their films, you start seeing their  personalities in the people you meet. And just like on the big screen, the Moes, Larrys and Curlys of the world get  themselves into loads of trouble. It happens all the time with  PR.

The Moe:   

He’s the client who knows everything. (So why on earth did he hire PR professionals?) Moe will bark and bang and bully to get things done his (or her) way even though he’s never coordinated a media campaign, never worked in radio, TV or newspapers and doesn’t know a tweet from a twit.

He’s the client who insists on rewriting his media pitches because he thinks they should be longer and more detailed. (Succinct communications are what catch the attention of busy journalists and show hosts, but he disagrees.) He insists his angle is  much more likely to interest a talk show host, even though  he’s never hosted a talk show. Would you perform surgery on yourself? Moe would! And, with disastrous results!

If you’re going to be a Moe, at least get a better haircut.

The Larry:

Easygoing and passive, he doesn’t want to stir up controversy or offend anyone. No matter what the medium, he  insists on appealing only to audiences and show hosts that already agree with his message, so he misses out on the opportunity to win over new fans – and their friends.

The Larrys are also easily  forgotten. If they won’t do, say or write anything provocative  during their marketing campaign, they won’t engage their audience, which means few will remember them.

The Larrys tend to quietly  go along with everything their PR agency suggests. They don’t  ask questions when they have them and they don’t contribute  their ideas. Their campaigns may be a bit lackluster, because  they’re afraid they’ll bother somebody if they actively participate.

The Curly:

He’s the star of the stooges – and he doesn’t even  know it. The Curlys are the clients with great stories,  powerful messages and a big lack of self-awareness. “Why would  anyone want to interview me?” they ask.

In truth, everyone has a  great story and a pro will find it and use it. Nothing breaks  my heart more than to hear someone tell me, “I was with an agency and I paid them thousands of dollars, but all I got was one mention in a weekly paper in Boondocks, Idaho. No one’s  interested in me.”

What a cruel blow to a  person’s self-esteem! PR companies that tell you “no one’s   interested” are really saying, “We didn’t get results, so we’re blaming you.”

Yes, your message, the  energy and interesting content you bring to the media and the  quality of your book or product will determine whether you ultimately meet all of your goals. But don’t believe for a minute that no one’s interested in you. It’s simply not  true.

From what Alex tells me  the actor who played Curly in the original “Stooges” was painfully insecure in real life. That led to heavy drinking,  overeating and other self-destructive behaviors, which took a  terrible toll on his health. He suffered a stroke in 1946,  never fully recovered and died six years later. Such a sad end for a man who made so many people laugh.

The Three Stooges  makes for great entertainment on the big screen, but if you  want a successful media campaign, don’t be a stooge! When you’ve hired a team of professionals with a strong  track record and plenty of years in the business, trust them.  Let them do their jobs.

Be ready to participate in your campaign by asking questions, sharing ideas and providing  any materials or information that might be useful.

And remember, you do have  a story that others want to hear. You’re no less important   than the next guy.  Don’t make me knock you over the head with a dead fish for you to believe that!

See you at the movies!

Check Marsha’s other posts out!

Marsha Friedman


I LOVE this post and I hope you will too! This is a great comparison of what you may face with your home business and local media as well as PR.

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FREE mp3 download- The 7 biggest Mistakes Made in Network Marketing NO ONE will Tell You

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MLM Social Media- The 7 Power Branding Questions for Creating a Personal Brand

mlm social media

home business social media

The 7 Power Branding Questions for Personal Branding.

There are certain Social Media Trainings that you must have for a network marketing home business-are you aware of that?

Do you know the 7 Power Branding Questions you ask for a Powerful Personal Brand?

Would you like to learn them for your mlm business?

We have taught so many aspects of social media for network marketing and home business the last 6 years, including some exclusive trainings like:


1)   Power Branding on social sites.

2)   Multiple Branding Channels

3)   Partial Branding when needed.

4)   Emotional Branding through Value.

5)   The 5 Anchors of Branding.

6)   Branding your meme.

7)   Connection Marketing.


What is Connection Marketing?

It is a series of powerful marketing strategies that combine the Power of Connecting
with people and the branding of your MARK with them which heavily influences their
perception of you. Developing relationships is what Leadership is all about. It is also the basis for recruiting and building a team. Your Personal Brand comes from first CONNECTING with people. Then from that connection, help them ON PURPOSE, developing a particular opinion or perception (or MARK) about you.

Just as cattle is branded with a MARK that identifies who they are, you need to brand a
MARK in the marketplace that goes before you, stays on people’s minds, and follows you when people think or talk about you. This MARK identifies their perception and your reputation that is in their mind and has “marked” you every time they think of you- good or bad.

 That is why a great Brand is so necessary in today’s market. It will set you apart and in some instances elevate you above all the rest in people’s perception of who you
are and what you have to offer.

Million Dollar Question:

How do you develop a Brand in the social media market as well as your own market? There is
no way that we can cover that here, as it is an 8 hour workshop that we do LIVE
to help people reposition themselves in the marketplace.

But there is something we train on that we call “The 7 Word Branding Plan.”™

Let’s very briefly cover this 8 hour seminar to see what MARK you want to leave into
the marketplace.

Let’s ask some questions that will help you FOCUS on developing a brand that will work.

1)   What ONE WORD do you want people to think when they think of you?

2)   What ONE IMAGE do you want people see when you cross their mind?

3)   What ONE FEELING do you want people to feel when they think of you?

4)   What ONE PERCEPTION do you want out in the marketplace that goes before you?

5)   What ONE THOUGHT do you want in people’s minds about you?

6)   What ONE RESULT do you want people to think of when they think of you?

7)   What ONE EXPECTATION do you want people to be looking for when they think of you?

Now, write your answers down and take a look at the 7 words.

What do they have in common?

What one thing do they all connect to?

That is the start of your Brand that can  elevate you above all the rest in the market place when prospecting and recruiting.

If you followed this exercise, you will have started a UBM- a:

Unique Branding Mark

– that people will start to remember and connect to. That is why it is called “Connection Marketing.” People buy often from you because of their initial perception and connection to you, and how you are making them feel. That is why your UBM must elicit trust and make people feel glad they heard about you, found out about you, or talked with you.

If you take a look at the word BRAND – it simply stands for: – (and THIS should be
your focus and goal for your brand)

Bringing (to) Remembrance A Niche (that) Delights

Every time people think of you, you want them to think of YOU and your NICHE that you have carved out that makes them smile and direct them to a thought, image, or movement.

They are delighted that you exist because of your brand. They are delighted to refer people to you. They are delighted to tell people about you. They are delighted to do business with you. And they are delighted to stick with you, because they love the brand that you have marked out in the marketplace.

If you are having trouble recruiting or prospecting, then it may be the brand that people
are seeing. It may be sending out all the wrong messages.

Here is an interesting discussion: “If you are sending out the wrong message
about yourself unknowingly, you are going to get the consequences of that,
unwittingly. Your brand is who you want people to remember- and in some
instances, forget. Be careful of the silent message you are sending out. It can
destroy your business if you are not careful.

 Many people unknowingly send silent signals out to people and that forms a not so good image in the minds of folks. That is not what you want. Your brand is your calling card and reputation. Keep it clean, powerful, and memorable. Make sure they get an emotional jolt when they think of you that makes them feel good- not a jolt that does the opposite.”

 Work on how you are perceived, and what you are known for– Especially if you
are getting on the social media path. It will make all the difference in the world with your recruiting and prospecting.

Branding is a MUST in all respects in social media. We can teach you how to develop a million dollar brand. All you have to do is learn how to develop YOU as a valuable commodity in the marketplace.

Then unleash your brand into the world for your mlm network marketing home business!

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 secrets!

FREE mp3 download- The 7 Biggest Mistakes Made in Network Marketing NO ONE will tell You

blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Prospecting Tips- 4 Little Known MLM Prospecting Secrets

MLM Prospecting Tips.

Do you prospect for new leads for your home business?

How do you prospect for your leads in your network marketing business?

Would you like to learn 4 little known mlm prospecting tips that will ROCK your home business?

Here are 4 mlm prospecting tips:

MLM Prospecting Tip # 1

In any social conversation, phone conversation, IM conversation, text conversation, skype conversation, webinar conversation, public meeting and prsentation, use the prospect’s or guest’s name. If you are at an in home meeting, hotel meeting, or luncheon meeting, Introduce yourself to them before the meeting starts. Even on a webinar, tell the prospect you are glad that they are there.”

 Sweet sweet music.

It sounds like a symphony of sweet violins and cellos playing in harmony together.

It sounds like 5 part perfect harmony.

It sounds like a baby’s first cry.

It sounds like a summer night’s beautiful orchestra.

It is PURE PERFECTION in communication.

Ok…what is it?


The prospect’s sweetest sound to their ears will always be their name. And that is why you need to USE IT and USE IT OFTEN.

Nothing keeps a prospect or audience focused more than using their names in the Network Marketing conversation or even a presentation.

They will all sit up and take notice and be especially attentive and alert to you.

And on social media, ask the person if they have a great name, where that name came from. Draw them in with the sweetness of their name.


Success in prospecting is nothing more than deciding to become that. YOU are an incredible prospector.

You must simply live into that truth.


 MLM Prospecting Tip # 2.

 “Prospect where people are, not where you feel comfortable going. Prospect BEYOND your comfort level to take your business to a NEW level.”

 It is called a PROSPECTING RUT.

It is a rut that many people get in and never leave.

You continue to go and talk with people that you are comfortable with, but yet…

They never come into the business or buy a product.

You even go to the same comfortable places HOPING someone will talk with you, but yet, you never talked with them.

You go to the same stores.

You go to the same bank branch.

You go the same old places….no variation.

NOTE:  Ahem.

There are more prospects in facebook groups than you could imagine.

There are more great prospects in LinkedIn than you can imagine.

What? You do not feel comfortable with that kind of social online prospecting?


There are more prospects in one Networking meeting at the Chamber of Commerce meeting then 10 movies you want to go see.

There are more prospects in a work at home show in your city than you can imagine.

There are more prospects in a mall working there than you can imagine.

 Fish where the whales are, not the minnows.

Prospecting for minnows is easier and makes great wholesale customers, but whales don’t get tossed and lost with every change of the tide.


Leadership is YOU. Success is YOU. Achievement is YOU. You must allow yourself the reality of that to sink in. YOU are already that. You just have to make it REAL in your life. UNLEASH
YOUR Success!

MLM Prospecting Tip # 3

 When Prospecting, don’t just try and recruit your prospects. There is a much more powerful way to do it. Connect them to the amazing Possibilities of your business and connect that possibility to their DREAMS…and let them recruit themselves.”

 I really do not have anything else to say about this nugget.


It really is that simple.

a. Find the Pain or Problem.

 b. Connect that Pain to your solution- your business.

 c. Then make the pain go away in their imagination – working
with you

End of story.

All prospecting is, and will ever be, is connecting the prospects heart to the Hope and Possibility that they CAN have the life they have always dreamed of, and you will help them get it with your Network Marketing products and company.

It is that simple.

End of pain.

There is MORE inside of YOU.
Reach DOWN and pull the Greatness up and then DO what you have been putting
off. SUCCEED wildly with it. Then Let the nay-sayers know they were WRONG!  UNLEASH your Greatness!

MLM Prospecting Tip # 4

Quit Prospecting. Start Elevating. Lift people up first, and they will be more open and more drawn towards you. Encourage, Lift, and Pour Into the prospect all that your business
offers. Let them FEEL the business…not just hear about it.

There is a saying, “Pour it ON!”

I say, “Pour it OUT!”

 AndPour It IN!”

The greatest secret to prospecting is not about numbers or keep talking to people or even “throw it up against the wall and see what sticks” which I abhor that statement.

It is about POURING INTO the Prospect the Hope and Possibility that their life can be what they have always have DREAMED working with you.

Pour in kind words.

Pour in compliments.

Pour in a solution to their pain.

Pour in your Leadership for them to follow.

Pour in your heart and CARE about what they want.

They will move from prospect to friend.

And it s so much easier to recruit a friend than a stranger.

 YOU are able to do ANY and ALL things. YOU just must believe you can. Life is waiting on you….what are YOU waiting for?

These are 4 Powerful MLM Prospecting Tips that will rock your MLM network marketing direct sales home business.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 secrets!

FREE mlm mp3 download- The 7 Biggest Mistakes Made in Network Marketing NO ONE will Tell You”

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MLM Prospecting – 7 More MLM Prospecting Scripts NO ONE will Tell You

mlm recruiting secrets

mlm prospecting scripts

MLM Prospecting Scripts Training.

How do you approach people in your home business recruiting?

What words do you use when you are prospecting for your mlm or for your direct sales team?

Would you like to learn 7 powerful MLM Prospecting Scripts that have proven to WORK when you use them?

I am a big fan of certain types of mlm prospecting scripts, but I believe they must “FEEL” natural, normal, and non-threatening. many scripts out there come across like they are “prepared” and not off the cuff.

The secret to creating a successful prospecting script is to make it more Talking Points, and not just a long script.

Many mlm prospecting scripts are LONG and laborious. You must use Talking Points that are more “sound bytes” that can be used in ANY conversation.

And the other issue is that many scripts sound like they are READ or “agenda driven” whether online prospecting or social prospecting, or offline prospecting.

Here are 7 Powerful MLM Prospecting Scripts that can be used in ANY conversation that you may hold.

1. “If the Right Thing came Along…”

“Jesse- if the right thing came along, and you knew it was right for you– to increase your income-would you want to know about it?”

2. “Would you Turn it Down?”

“And I have an off the wall question. If someone showed you how to make an extra 8,000 this year helping people, would you turn it down?”

3. “The Economy is Impacting Everybody.”

“And I think you would agree that the economy is hammering everybody. What are you planning on doing about it? Are you keeping your options open?”

4. “Increasing Your Income.”

“I have a question. Does increasing your income this year interest / apply to you at all?”

5. “How Important to increase.”

“How important is it to you to increase significantly your income this year?  Why?  Do you have a sec?

6. “Has Anyone Told You?”

“Has anyone told you yet about the ABCD Company? Do you have a second-you need to know.”

7. “You’ll Appreciate.”

“Larry-you will appreciate me telling you this. Do you have a second? Let me share this with you.””

MLM prospecting scripts are used daily, and many are very effective, and some not so effective. These scripts or “Talking Points” are very powerful and need to be ROLE PLAYED.

You need to practice these scripts with someone and perfect them until you have them sounding absolutely a part of any conversation.

If you get these talking Points to that point, they will explode your mlm network marketing recruiting efforts for your home business.

FREE Social media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 secrets!

FREE mp3 download- The 7 Biggest Mistakes Made in Network Marketing NO ONE will Tell You

blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Recruiting- 5 Reasons Why Recruiting Audios/Videos Rock Your Business

mlm recruiting video and audio

mlm recruiting video home business


MLM Recruiting Audios and Videos.

Do you use audio and videos to recruit for your home based business?

How do you use them or are you even using them correctly in your network marketing efforts?

Would you like to know WHY you MUST use them in your network marketing business?

Audios and Videos for your mlm home business recruiting are critical. They are as important as the words you use yourself.

What kind of audios and videos can you use?

There are many of them available. There are audio podcasts, CDs, and mp3s that can be used for mlm recruiting. The videos that are available are numerous. Your company should have recruiting videos for you to use, and they should also be on DVD for you to carry with you.

The audio and video are nothing more than TOOLS that can be used for recruiting and building your business in direct sales QUICKLY and Powerfully.

There are many tools that are available to use, but there are really nothing better and more powerful than recruiting audios and videos. They can be used online and offline, and offer a way for you to get your message out in a professional way. They are great branding tools for your business as well.

WHY you use mlm recruiting audios and videos are numerous. Here are 5 HUGE reasons why you MUST use audios and videos.

1. MLM recruiting Audios offer a third party credibility.

Your home business company offers a third party credibility for you in your network marketing endeavors. Your company has put together audios and videos that can be used as a “credibility builder” for you if you are still building your credibility as a leader.

Your company has more credibility with the mlm prospect as the recruiting audio/video is usually done with an “unbiased” approach by someone who tells the story of your company.

2. MLM Recruiting Audios/Videos can say it with a different perspective.

Recruiting videos and audios can offer a totally different perspective, as often they can look like mini television shows and can be quite engaging. The audios often have pumped up music and a voice that is engaging and a story that rocks. 
It is a powerful way to let the prospect HEAR and SEE the story of your company from a third party perspective that can be very powerful.

3. MLM Recruiting Audios/Videos can be in 25 places at once.

MLM recruiting audios and videos allow you to be 25 places at one. They allow you to do a presentation in multiple places AT THE SAME TIME. Look at mlm recruiting audios and videos as “little employees” that can go out and tell your story, and do it in a way that can help recruit prospects – 25 at a time.
These recruiting tools really do help you MULTIPLY your presence and results in amazing ways.
And you can have 25 DIFFERENT presentations being done in one night, or one week, depending on how fast you want to move.

4. Audios are a great duplicable activity.

MLM recruiting audios and videos are very easy to duplicate as far as activity. They are easily learned as far as how to approach people, and often it is a “Push-Play” scenario. Push the listen or watch button and listen to it or watch it PLAY.
These are great for the new distributor as it is EASY to do, and very effective in telling the story of the company, products, and business.
Anyone can hand out or send an audio or video. Thus, it can be learned and done by just about anyone, and then taught to be done as well.

5. MLM Recruiting Audios/Videos move the senses and imagination.

One of the most powerful reasons why videos and audios work in recruiting for your home busness is because it ENGAGES THE IMAGINATION. Videos and audios can PAINT a POWERFUL picture, and do it with music, actors, scripts, and imagination. Often, mlm recruiting audios and videos can evoke the emotion of HOPE and POSSIBILITY that can MOVE the prospect to curiosity.
This will move them to ask questions and want more information. This can move the prospect into the Recruiting Funnel and they can then transform into a customer or distributor.
If you are not using recruiting audios or videos, I would suggest you START. Nothing can build your mlm business faster than mlm network marketing recruiting audio and video tools.
blessings…doug firebaugh
(c) 2012 all rights reserved
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MLM Training- 9 Reasons Why Home Business Radio Network Will Explode Your Business

mlm training radio network

home business radio network

MLM Home Business Radio.

How would you like to have literally a million dollars worth of FREE home business training everyday for your network marketing home business?

What would one million dollar earner be worth to tap into their brain for your mlm business?

What would you do to learn how billion dollar producers have DONE IT and continue to do so?

The Home Business Radio Network was launched 7 weeks ago, and from that humble beginning, the network has grown to be listened to in over 40 countries. There are many reasons why you MUST make HBRN one of the staples of your day and business.

The power of the HBRN training alone can revolutionize your business as well as life.

Jim Rohn once said, “In order for things to get better, YOU get better.”

HBRN will allow you not only get better, but to become the BEST at what you do with all the incredible content you can learn- for FREE from the show hosts.

Here is a new HBRN Marketing Video featuring the show hosts.

Here are 9 Powerful Reasons why you MUST listen daily to the Home Business radio network:

1. Leadership Training.

On HBRN, you will find some of the greatest Leadership training for your home based business that exists for some of the greatest thought leaders and producers in the profession, like Ray Higdon, Tracy Moneforte, Todd Falcone, John Fogg,  Diane Hochman, Julie Anne Jones, Nicki Keohohou, Chris and Josephine Gross, Stephen Pierce, Melanie Milletics, Terry Petrovick, Eldon Beard, Kim Rhodes, Rachel Henke, Susan Baker, Tom Chenault, Shelley Wetzel, Tarlese Rideaux, Melissa Haupt, Dr. John Hayes, and even the Living Legend Zig Ziglar, plus more!

Truly HBRN is a Leadership Content Gold Mine.

2. Team Building Secrets.

HBRN offers some of the greatest team Building secrets that can be found in the home business profession. Whether you are in network marketing or affiliate marketing or direct sales, you will learn to build a team that is amazing and will not go away.

Learn how to build a PERMANENT downline on HBRN.

3. Super Star Interviews.

The stars that are interviewed on HBRN are jaw dropping. John Fogg has a show called the “Greatest Networkers Show” and has interviewed super stars form the very beginning. NetworkingTimes Live, the audio show for NetworkingTimes Journal with Chris and Josephine Gross, has interviewed a lot of stars already on their show. Julie Anne Jone, Diane Hochman, Terry Petrovick, and Melanie Milletics all have interviewed some of the greatest thought leaders in the home busines profession.

Some names that have been interviewed are Randy Gage, Art Jonak, Jimmy Smith, Richard Brooke, Sonia Stringer, Bob Burg, Chris Widener, David and Ann Feinstein, Dr Tony Alessandra, and this is ONLY THE BEGINNING as this is only the first 7 weeks.

Scheduled for the next few weeks are HUGE producers and names in the profession that you can learn from daily- FOR FREE.

4. The Success Stories.

On HBRN, you Will hear some of the most powerful Success stories that exists in ANY business. You will hear about normal average people that accomplish EXTRAORDINARY results that allows them to live an incredible life.

Check out these motivating, inspiring life changing stories on HBRN.

5. Multiple Market Niche Trainings.

Rachel Henke, a show host out of the UK, has a show about “Niche Marketing.” That is what HBRN offers. It will give you an eclectic and varied focus on teachings from direct selling to social media marketing to network marketing to internet marketing to motivation marketing to mobile marketing. The varied training content on HBRN is amazing.

And you can get all this for FREE. If you are in a home business and maybe NOT in network marketing or direct sales it is still for you. There is small business marketing training from Top Business Consultant Kim Rhodes and sales training from the legend Zig Ziglar, plus more.

6. Home Business Worldwide News.

Troy Dooly is the New Director for the Home Business Radio Network and he does 6 times a day a newscast from the HBRN newsdesk. He offers some of the most powerful industry news, stories, and jaw dropping information that will build your belief and keep you up to date on the lastest industry news and happenings around the world.

Troy has his finger on the pulse of the industry and what you can learn about our profession from him daily, is well, amazing. Troy also has a show called the “Beachside CEO’ and this is a show for personal and business growth that is well, life changing.

7. Million Dollar Moments.

The show hosts have done a one minute motivation spot that will keep you inspired as well as energized. The spots are driven by a powerful quote and the show host then encourages the listener with music behind the one minute spot.

These have become very popular with the listeners and can really make you THINK.

8. Powerful 80s, 90s, and 2000 to present MUSIC.

The music that is played on the network is something that is positive and powerful. The music is a varied list but empowers the listener with a “can do” focus and inspiration. The songs are switched out weekly and you probably will hear your favorite artist on the network if you listen to it, the great thing is that you can easily get many songs by using a youtube downloader for android. The music as one listener said from Australia, “Keeps me in a great mood all day long.”

9. Recruiting, prospecting, retailing, presenting, following up, closing, and MORE trainings.

Enough said. HBRN offers you EVERY possible topic to learn from and to help explode your home business.

These are 9 Powerful Reasons why you MUST listen to the Home Business Radio Network if you are in mlm network marketing direct sales or just work out of your home.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 secrets

FREE mp3 download- “The 7 Greatest Mistakes Made in Network Marketing NO ONE will tell You”

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- 7 Powerful Team Building Tips NO ONE Will Tell You

mlm network marketing team building

mlm home business team building


MLM Team Building.

Team building in network marketing and home business is a MUST, would you agree?

Would you like to know 7 tips that will help you build a more powerful team?

Have you experienced a lot of attrition on your team?

Would you like to stop it?

Team building requires leadership.

Many people TALK leadership, but few actually DO leadership. Leadership and team building go hand in hand. They are a powerful team, and without them, you will have no enduring business.

Many distributors in their success pursuit, think that the team will bill build itself.

It will not. YOU must be methodical in your team building, step by step.

Here are 7 powerful MLM team building tips:

1. Communicate daily with your team with NEW Ideas.

New ideas on how to succeed in network marketing or direct sales is critical. You just FEED their HOPE of Success with “Hope Food” and that comes with new ideas. New ideas of recruiting, prospecting, social media, mobile recruiting, and much more. One New Idea can EXPLODE your team’s Success.

2. LOVE your Team to Success.

My wife, Jodi Andros, who has been in network marketing for 16 years, says this all the time. She says that you must LOVE your team to Success. Let them know you appreciate their efforts, and their time. Let them know with cards, special emails, and also videos sent to them that are personal and encouraging . Love them to Success.

3. Develop the Team Culture with every Communication.

Team identity is critical. You MUST develop the culture, the “feel,” the image of your team. Teams that have a culture not only produce more, but also endure longer as the culture becomes a part of “who they are.”

4. Praise Great Effort, not just Great Results.

Effort is one of the greatest building tools you can use for your team. Yes, Results will always RULE. But GREAT effort is not far behind, as that is what eventually PRODUCES great results. Recognize the great effort, and you are sowing seeds of great results for your home business direct sales team. Recognize great phone calls, appointments set, meetings done, and conference calls and webinars done great.

5. Take Your team to Events and Make a Statement.

Don’t expect your team to go to Regionals, or even National Conferences. TAKE THEM. Set goals and a plan for going, and then go together. Let your team KNOW that you ARE a team, go as a team, and sit as a team. Our Leaders sat with their leaders EVERY event and built that Team Identity every events.

6. Get Your team REALLY Connected to Corporate.

One of the BEST ways to reduce attrition on your team, is to get them connected to your company’s Corporate Team. Have them get to know some folks in customer service and distributor services. Have your Leaders get to know the folks that can HELP them and solve problems. And also, it lets’ Corporate know who YOUR Leaders are as well. This will help your new people be CONNECTED to the Vision of Corporate as well.

7. Build Leaders, don’t just BE One.

Building Leaders is THE single most important action you can take in this profession. Yes, recruiting is critical as well as retailing the product. But if you do not BUILD LEADERS, you will not multiply your team. Duplication will help get your team get started, but Multiplication will get your team GROWING. You do this by building Leaders. Teach them Leadership. Give them Leadership tasks to perform. Believe in them. That is THE Golden Leadership Secret.

These are 7 Powerful Team Building tips for your mlm home based business.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power-over 50 secrets.

FREE MLM mp3 download- “The 7 Biggest Mistakes made in Network Marketing NO ONE will Tell You

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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Pinterest Recruiting Webinar

Pinterest Recruiting - How to Captivate, Connect and Convert Leads for MLM Network Marketing Home Business Entreprenuers by Doug Firebaugh and Tar'Lese Rideaux