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MLM Training- The Power of Pinterest Traffic for your Home Business!

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Is Pinterest Traffic Worthless?


How would you like to discover the Power of Pinterest for your mlm home business?
Would having an understandinf of what kind of traffic you can build with Pinterest be of worth for your network marketing home business?
Here is a powerful post by copyblogger on Pinterest Traffic which I DEARLY loved for network marketing and home based  business.
And I am a big fan of the copyblogger site and newsletter, so I highly recommend that you check it out as I have learned a lot the last 4 years from Brian and his team.
Here is the post for your work at home business and Pinterest:
You’ve seen tons of articles raving about it.

How it’s driving more traffic than anything in the known universe. How you need to be “pinning” and have “pinnable stuff” or you’re going to fail at this magical new social network. How it’s the greatest thing since, well, the last greatest thing.

And you want someone to be straight with you. So here’s the truth …

Pinterest traffic is worthless.

But so is all traffic — unless you do something with it.

Seeing patterns that aren’t there

The problem with most of what’s being written about Pinterest traffic is that it’s pointing out the wrong things. What passes for “reporting” is someone opening Google Analytics, seeing a spike in referrals from Pinterest, and writing an “OMG! Lots of Traffic” post.

Very few are taking the time to do any due diligence on the larger picture.

Are people clicking through, or is the “traffic” just a remote call to the pinned image? Where are your visitors going? What are they doing?

You have to ask real questions, and look for real answers, not patterns based on what others think they’re seeing.

And the wonderful thing about running a business online is that almost everything is testable, trackable, and adjustable.

What’s really going on with Pinterest traffic?

Data doesn’t lie (at least when you’re using it correctly).

Understanding your data — traffic, patterns, and conversions — is critical to your content marketing strategy.  Especially when it comes to a new traffic source.

At Copyblogger Media, much of what we do is guided by data — traffic patterns, market analysis, feedback, customer input, and conversion scenarios.

And the increased Pinterest traffic we receive is treated no differently.

We watch, track, analyze, and correlate to figure out how best to capitalize on this new traffic source. Here are a few things we’ve discovered …


  • In the last three months (Jan 1-Mar 28), Pinterest helped traffic grow on each of our sites.
  • For Copyblogger, Pinterest was the #3 referring website, bested only by Facebook and Twitter.
  • Between January 1st and March 5th, when the 15 Grammar Goofs That Make You Look Silly infographic was posted, Pinterest sent close to 15,000 visits. Based on the number of times it was pinned, this told us that fewer than half of the people who pinned the image actually clicked through.
  • In the week following that infographic, Pinterest sent 2.7 times as much traffic as the three months before.
  • Individual post activity seems to hold a long shelf life when it’s popular on Pinterest. Often, a tweet is lifeless within a day, where a pin can continue pulling traffic for weeks after being published.
  • During this same three-month period, Pinterest was the #29 referring site for StudioPress.
  • While the amount of raw Pinterest traffic — the number of visits — is smaller for StudioPress than for Copyblogger, visitors to StudioPress stay much longer and visit more pages on average. For example, the average visit duration for a Pinterest-referred visitor on Copyblogger is 0:00:32, compared to an average of 0:05:28 on StudioPress.
  • Pinterest visitors check out 1.16 pages on average after clicking through to Copyblogger, compared to 6.34 pages on StudioPress.
  • The bounce rate for Pinterest visitors on Copyblogger averages out to 91.7%, StudioPress is 49.9% on average. This is much higher than our site averages, and higher than most other traffic sources.

Visitor Flow:

  • Infographic pins have exceptionally high bounce rates and very short visits, usually less than a minute. However, other pins (such as the 56 Ways to Market Your Business on Pinterest post) that led to straight copy had much longer visits and lower bounce rates.
  • On that Pinterest marketing post, the majority went on to the main page, followed by the Internet Marketing for Smart People, Genesis, and SEO site quality pages.
    Check Out Your URL
  • On days when Pinterest activity was particularly high, traffic increased to each of our product sites from Copyblogger.
  • 89.6% of Pinterest-referred visitors to Copyblogger were new to the site. Only 44.4% of Pinterest referrals on StudioPress brought new visitors.
  • The StudioPress top Pinterest-pulling post included an infographic about How Developers are Driving the Business Adoption of WordPress.
  • The vast majority of other StudioPress popular pins were all themes or showcase websites. These pins, on average, showed very low bounce and exit rates, with most continuing on to the themes page, the showcase, the blog, or the features page.
  • On average, they also showed fewer new visitors, which historically correlates with low bounce rates on our properties.

OK, so what does all of this mean for you?

In short, it means:

  1. You need to have specific goals for using the traffic from Pinterest.
  2. Work with the traffic as you would from any source — driving it to landing pages and through a conversion path.

For example, we’ve optimized certain pages on Copyblogger to drive visitors to our list and product pages. We’ve found that the traffic from Pinterest can be also driven to those sources, if a clear call to action is present.

On StudioPress, optimizing showcase pages to drive traffic to the related themes has shown an increase of on-page time and conversions — especially for repeat visitors.

So, even though the traffic from Pinterest for StudioPress was much lower than for Copyblogger, the overall bounce rate was also lower, on-page time was higher, and conversions were better because the path was more predictable.

Armed with that data, we can better utilize the traffic on all of our sites through tracking and testing.

And so can you.

Our analysis shows us a number of best practices for converting Pinterest traffic:

  • Infographics and smaller images command more click-throughs because they’re unreadable from the Pinterest site.
  • Infographic headlines are key to getting people to click through.
  • Compelling subjects covered with too-small-for-Pinterest font choices are ideal.
  • People who do move around your site upon arrival will likely follow a predictable path (for example: a showcase theme pin leads to a page path that is more likely to start with the themes gallery than the blog).
  • You can control how traffic responds by making a specific call to action on your pin’s landing page.
  • Longer visits on pins that bring repeat traffic is an important metric, since on commerce-driven sites you may need to get someone to your page a few times before they buy.
  • Pinterest doesn’t sell stuff — you do. By funneling the traffic properly, you can convert visitors into customers.

Traffic from any source is only worthwhile if you have specific goals for it. You can use Pinterest for customer engagement, personal branding,  or as an entry point to your conversion funnel.

This is a great post on Pinterest and I found it fascinating. I would encourage you to check out how to recruit on Pinterest with Pinterest Recruiting! This is only one of many posts that will be coming for your Pinterest Recruiting education for your mlm home based business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- Why You MUST Embrace Personal Branding NOW


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MLM Personal Branding.

Are you doing anything to help you in Personal Branding for your mlm home business?

Would you like to discover some Personal Branding Secrets for your work at home business?

Would that help your mlm network marketing business?

You MUST understand the Power of “Connection Marketing” and the Power of Personal Branding today.

 This is so important.

 Used to be that you could set yourself apart just from your product you were selling.

 You know- ding-dong-Avoncalling.

 But those days are gone. Today you must be so much more sophisticated in your approach to your marketing. And you must be aware that you are marketing 2 products:

 1)   WHAT you market to the consumer.

2)   WHO you market to the consumer.

 And there was a time that used to be that the product was more important than the marketer.

THAT has changed.


 Even mlm recruiting and mlm prospecting have changed as it has become more technology driven, and software driven in many instances. But the secret to powerful recruiting and prospecting still lies within the perception and initial emotion that folks are getting about you and feeling from you.

 Your personality weighs heavily in the mix. Over time, things in direct marketing seemed to have moved from the message – to the messenger. Yes, the message is THE reason you are in business, but the messenger is becoming more and more of what determines the actual business success. Network Marketing is becoming a messenger driven model of Leadership, with the brand of the messenger being the dominant factor.

Today, the marketer is as important if not MORE important than the product.


 Good question. With the advent of technology, there now is so much more importance on WHO YOU ARE and WHAT YOU ARE KNOWN FOR than used to be. Products used to be enough.

Not now.

The concept of Personal Branding has taken a hold and the social media has helped in bringing that to the forefront.

 Your reputation, your image in people’s mind, your emotions that you catalyze when people think of you, and how they perceive you in the marketplace before you get there is your Personal Brand.

 Let’s listen to what my mentor says:

 “There was a time that the product was everything in Network Marketing and that was all you needed. A good, solid product that would do what you said it would do. But then things changed, evolved, and transformed. More and more information became easier to get to – and get to quicker– concerning the products and what they REALLY do. It became available via technology like the fax, voice mail, and then came internet.

 “And because of that, checking people out became easier as well. WHO the person was became valuable information for the consumer if they had any questions. And the old adage consumers buy the person first – THEN the item, is so true. Reputation became ultra important. It was later transformed into what is now called Branding. Branding is a nice word for the reputation and image that you want have in the marketplace. And that has become one of the single biggest marketing factors to hit the scene in years. And there is even an industry birthed from it with ‘branding coaches.’ Things have changed. And that is why the future millionaires in our industry are going to be great at branding themselves and products into the marketplace.

 “When people think of you, there are three things that they will be paying attention to:

 1) What they are FEELING then they think of you.

2) What picture they SEE when they think of you.

3) What past EXERIENCES they have had concerning you- either in person or from a third party source.

 “From these three things, they must FEEL good about who you are and your product, they must SEE you in a very powerful light. Whatever information they have EXPERIENCED about you, heard about you, or read about you, it must impress them to want to know more.

 “In social media, you must brand yourself as an expert, and as someone who has the answers, and knows the questions. Branding yourself on the internet is finding your niche to separate you from the crowd, and then driving that niche deep into the online community through new strategies and tactics.

 “And if you do not know HOW to create a million dollar brand like that, then you need to get the training so you are not left behind. It is so much easier to market and recruit when you are perceived as an expert in your field or niche, then if you are simply seen as a distributor. Developing that brand out in the marketplace makes your prospecting and recruiting so much more powerful and magnetic in nature.”

 If you practice Connection Marketing- you will be surprised at the success you will find in your network marketing home business.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 secrets

FREE mp3 download- “The 7 Biggest Mistakes Made in Network Marketing NO ONE will tell You”

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One of the Greatest Opening Lines for MLM Recruiting


MLM Training- 8 SCORCHING Ice Breakers for MLM Recruiting

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MLM Recruiting Opening Lines.

Have you ever wanted to know some great ways to open up a conversation with someone in your home business mlm?

What do you say to your network marketing mlm prospects?

Do you have the words that PULL people towards you when you open up a conversation?

Here are some powerful opening phrases for your mlm prospects that will rock your network marketing business:

“Connect with You.”

“Mary….I also wanted to connect with you about something that I have run across…do you have a second?”
“Ever Heard of…?”
“Have you ever heard of a company called ABC? I was just curious- neither had I. I am checking it out as a possible secondary revenue stream and just being careful. Just curious, what’s your thoughts on a secondary income?”
“Have you ever heard of a company/product called ABC? I was just curious-what have you heard? Where did you hear it? Tell me more. Hmmm…that is not what I found to be true, but I will check that out. Thanks for sharing that.”
“I have Run Across…” 

“I have run across the most amazing product.” Have you ever heard of ABC product? Neither had I. I researched it, and it is amazing. I got these results_____________.  Do you know anyone that is looking for those kind of results with their life? Tell me about them…”
“What am I Doing Now?”
“What am I doing now?  I market a product that helps people _________________. Do you know anyone that suffers from that? I would love to be able to help them.”
“Do You Have a Second?”
“Karen, do you have a second? I need you to try something for me. I really need your help..” 

“I Appreciate Your Interest.”
“Why am I calling? I appreciate your interest in the reason for the call. I actually could use some help in finding someone you might know to help me get a success message out.”
“Share an idea.”
“I would like to share an idea that I believe could help some folks you might know. It sure has helped me in many ways.
“Glad I found You.”
“I am so glad I found you in! Do you have one second? I need your help on something.”
 These are more great opening lines in mlm recruiting and mlm home business prospecting.
blessings…doug firebaugh
(c) 2012 all rights reserved
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mlm network marketing scripts


MLM Prospecting Scripts.

MLM Prospecting and Recruiting Scripts are powerful- do YOU use them for your mlm home business?

Are mlm prospecting scripts something that is part of your training in your network marketing business?

Would you like 11 of some of the most powerful MLM prospecting scripts that you can find anywhere?

Some folks say that mlm recruiting scripts do not work, but I have found that if you have a “template” to start, it can make mlm prospecting so much easier.

I used scripts for years- but I actually made them into “Talking Points.”

We have a product that PowerTalk Scripts” and both PowerTalk 1 and PowerTalk 2 are script books that can rock your world with over 500 scripts to use in ANY situation you face in your home business.

Are MLM prospecting scripts easy to learn? Absolutely and you will find that they are very effective once you become relaxed with them and have practiced.

Here are 11 of some of the most powerful Network Marketing prospecting scripts you will find:

There are 4 words that totally open up possibilities with your prospects- especially the warm market.

1.“I Need your Help.”
These words are “psychological triggers” that trigger our need to help someone.
2. “Maybe You Can Help Me.”
3. “I sure could use a little help with something.”
4. “I Need A Favor From you-do you have a second?
Asking someone for their help almost guarantees a positive response:
5. “I need your help. I have done something I have always wanted to do- start my own business, and I wanted to share with you how you can help…”
6. “I need your help. I have run across something that I believe would be a good partnership for you and me. Do you have a second?”
7. “I need your help. I have partnered with a company and the company has asked me to do 3 presentations this week, but I need some practice first. If I am going to mess up, I would rather it be in front of you….when do you have 15 minutes I can come by..?”
Asking someone’s insight or opinion can be a great magnet for recruiting and prospecting: 

9 “I need your insight on something. Do you have a second?”
10. “I wanted to chat with you for a minute about something. Do you know anyone that is suffering from_________? I have run       across something that may be able to help them. It has helped many others .”
11. “I wanted to run something past you, as I believe that you may know some folks that it could possibly help-it has others…
12. “By the way…can I share something with you real quick that may help someone you might know?
These mlm prospecting scripts for opening up conversations not only work, but will ROCK your mlm network marketing home business.

 blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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