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MLM Recruiting Opening Lines.

Have you ever wanted to know some great ways to open up a conversation with someone in your home business mlm?

What do you say to your network marketing mlm prospects?

Do you have the words that PULL people towards you when you open up a conversation?

Here are some powerful opening phrases for your mlm prospects that will rock your network marketing business:

“Connect with You.”

“Mary….I also wanted to connect with you about something that I have run across…do you have a second?”
“Ever Heard of…?”
“Have you ever heard of a company called ABC? I was just curious- neither had I. I am checking it out as a possible secondary revenue stream and just being careful. Just curious, what’s your thoughts on a secondary income?”
“Have you ever heard of a company/product called ABC? I was just curious-what have you heard? Where did you hear it? Tell me more. Hmmm…that is not what I found to be true, but I will check that out. Thanks for sharing that.”
“I have Run Across…” 

“I have run across the most amazing product.” Have you ever heard of ABC product? Neither had I. I researched it, and it is amazing. I got these results_____________.  Do you know anyone that is looking for those kind of results with their life? Tell me about them…”
“What am I Doing Now?”
“What am I doing now?  I market a product that helps people _________________. Do you know anyone that suffers from that? I would love to be able to help them.”
“Do You Have a Second?”
“Karen, do you have a second? I need you to try something for me. I really need your help..” 

“I Appreciate Your Interest.”
“Why am I calling? I appreciate your interest in the reason for the call. I actually could use some help in finding someone you might know to help me get a success message out.”
“Share an idea.”
“I would like to share an idea that I believe could help some folks you might know. It sure has helped me in many ways.
“Glad I found You.”
“I am so glad I found you in! Do you have one second? I need your help on something.”
 These are more great opening lines in mlm recruiting and mlm home business prospecting.
blessings…doug firebaugh
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