MLM Prospecting – 7 More MLM Prospecting Scripts NO ONE will Tell You

mlm recruiting secrets

mlm prospecting scripts

MLM Prospecting Scripts Training.

How do you approach people in your home business recruiting?

What words do you use when you are prospecting for your mlm or for your direct sales team?

Would you like to learn 7 powerful MLM Prospecting Scripts that have proven to WORK when you use them?

I am a big fan of certain types of mlm prospecting scripts, but I believe they must “FEEL” natural, normal, and non-threatening. many scripts out there come across like they are “prepared” and not off the cuff.

The secret to creating a successful prospecting script is to make it more Talking Points, and not just a long script.

Many mlm prospecting scripts are LONG and laborious. You must use Talking Points that are more “sound bytes” that can be used in ANY conversation.

And the other issue is that many scripts sound like they are READ or “agenda driven” whether online prospecting or social prospecting, or offline prospecting.

Here are 7 Powerful MLM Prospecting Scripts that can be used in ANY conversation that you may hold.

1. “If the Right Thing came Along…”

“Jesse- if the right thing came along, and you knew it was right for you– to increase your income-would you want to know about it?”

2. “Would you Turn it Down?”

“And I have an off the wall question. If someone showed you how to make an extra 8,000 this year helping people, would you turn it down?”

3. “The Economy is Impacting Everybody.”

“And I think you would agree that the economy is hammering everybody. What are you planning on doing about it? Are you keeping your options open?”

4. “Increasing Your Income.”

“I have a question. Does increasing your income this year interest / apply to you at all?”

5. “How Important to increase.”

“How important is it to you to increase significantly your income this year?  Why?  Do you have a sec?

6. “Has Anyone Told You?”

“Has anyone told you yet about the ABCD Company? Do you have a second-you need to know.”

7. “You’ll Appreciate.”

“Larry-you will appreciate me telling you this. Do you have a second? Let me share this with you.””

MLM prospecting scripts are used daily, and many are very effective, and some not so effective. These scripts or “Talking Points” are very powerful and need to be ROLE PLAYED.

You need to practice these scripts with someone and perfect them until you have them sounding absolutely a part of any conversation.

If you get these talking Points to that point, they will explode your mlm network marketing recruiting efforts for your home business.

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MLM Prospecting- 12 MLM Prospecting Scripts that WORK!

mlm network marketing scripts

mlm network marketing scripts


MLM Prospecting Scripts.

MLM Prospecting and Recruiting Scripts are powerful- do YOU use them for your mlm home business?

Are mlm prospecting scripts something that is part of your training in your network marketing business?

Would you like 11 of some of the most powerful MLM prospecting scripts that you can find anywhere?

Some folks say that mlm recruiting scripts do not work, but I have found that if you have a “template” to start, it can make mlm prospecting so much easier.

I used scripts for years- but I actually made them into “Talking Points.”

We have a product that PowerTalk Scripts” and both PowerTalk 1 and PowerTalk 2 are script books that can rock your world with over 500 scripts to use in ANY situation you face in your home business.

Are MLM prospecting scripts easy to learn? Absolutely and you will find that they are very effective once you become relaxed with them and have practiced.

Here are 11 of some of the most powerful Network Marketing prospecting scripts you will find:

There are 4 words that totally open up possibilities with your prospects- especially the warm market.

1.“I Need your Help.”
These words are “psychological triggers” that trigger our need to help someone.
2. “Maybe You Can Help Me.”
3. “I sure could use a little help with something.”
4. “I Need A Favor From you-do you have a second?
Asking someone for their help almost guarantees a positive response:
5. “I need your help. I have done something I have always wanted to do- start my own business, and I wanted to share with you how you can help…”
6. “I need your help. I have run across something that I believe would be a good partnership for you and me. Do you have a second?”
7. “I need your help. I have partnered with a company and the company has asked me to do 3 presentations this week, but I need some practice first. If I am going to mess up, I would rather it be in front of you….when do you have 15 minutes I can come by..?”
Asking someone’s insight or opinion can be a great magnet for recruiting and prospecting: 

9 “I need your insight on something. Do you have a second?”
10. “I wanted to chat with you for a minute about something. Do you know anyone that is suffering from_________? I have run       across something that may be able to help them. It has helped many others .”
11. “I wanted to run something past you, as I believe that you may know some folks that it could possibly help-it has others…
12. “By the way…can I share something with you real quick that may help someone you might know?
These mlm prospecting scripts for opening up conversations not only work, but will ROCK your mlm network marketing home business.

 blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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