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MLM Training Tips- 4 MLM Secrets to Building Superstars in Your Downline

mlm downline team building leadership

mlm downline team building


Are you looking to build a network marketing mlm team that STICKS and does not go away?

Would you be open to learning how to build a downline online or offline that GROWS and does not GO away?

Many people today in the home business network marketing arena do not build teams correctly. They build downlines that are shaky and not solid. And a shaky downline is at risk to going somewhere else if you are not careful.

I believe that building a team online still must have some offline time. I have watched mlm teams that are built soley online that never really lasted. The goal of building an mlm downline is to BUILD IT ONCE and not over and over as so many home business professionals seem to do.

But it will require looking for the right people on your team.

The reasons that distributors build their downline over and over are many. But the biggest reason is that most network marketing distributors are too focused on “the next recruit” versus BUILDING the NEXT SUPERSTAR.

Did you get what I just wrote?

You need to decide this:

If you are looking for the next recruit or looking for the NEXT SUPERSTAR in your team and working with them.

Yes, you must always be bringing in new personal recruits, but you must balance that with the power of “Superstar Building.”

Here is a Billion Dollar Tip:

What you focus on Building IN your team- ends up being ON your team.

How do you locate the future superstars in your home based business?

You must look for 4 things in your team:

1. New recruits that are VISIBLE and VOCAL.

Many future superstars are Visible and Vocal and want you to know that they are now a part of the team. I am not saying they have to run their mouth. I am saying they are on every webinar and conference call with a guest, and letting you know they are on. They want you to know you can count on them for guests and building.

2. New recruits that are CALLING YOU.

Future superstars do not wait on much. They just pull the trigger and GO. They call you and ask questions as well as ask for your help. They call you to let you know of the success they are having. They call you to let you know that they are available to help if you need them. And they call you to talk to prospects they have already talked with. In your mlm downline, this is GOLD.

3. New recruits that are sponsoring more than the average number monthly.

These are your workhorses. They sponsor more than the average, and do it every month. Your job is to work with those they have sponsored and get them in the training system quickly. Do not let their new recruits go untrained. Your new recruit may be training them. Make sure they are and working with them online and offline.

4. New recruits whose Success is being talked about by others on the team.

This is always a great indicator of the next future superstar- people talking about what they are doing in your downline. If you hear about someone – give them a call and congratulate them for their success and thank them for their efforts. Or you can text them, facebook them, twitter them, or whatever means of communication you see as right. Pay attention to them and call them “Superstar” to let them know they are headed that way.

Call out what you want to see in your group and let your people hear it. They will respond accordingly.

These are 4 powerful mlm downline building tips that will help increase and accelerate your building of your home business mlm downline.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all right reserved

Mobile Recruiting- recruit 5 people a day from your phone! READ THIS.

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Home Business Training- 5 MLM Marketing Tips from a 5 Year Old

mlm network marketing training

mlm home business training


How would you like to learn some genius marketing and recruiting tips from a  5 year old little genius?

Would it help your mlm home business  to learn from a mind of a kid that “GETS IT?”

I have a friend named Chris who has a 5 year old son named Hayden. He is an amazing kid and smart as a whip as we say down south.

Chris has been in Network Marketing for 17 years, and has loved every minute of it. When he got married, he and his wife had 3 daughters, and all 3 were and are gorgeous. They are 14, 12, and 10 years old respectively.

But Chris wanted a son, and God blessed them with a little boy in 2006.

But not just a little boy. This kid is already a marketing genius of sorts.

Chris has been working at home since his son was born. And Hayden has known nothing but his father being home during the day. Hayden has watched his father for years work his home based business, and learned quite a bit.

One day, Hayden was playing in his dad’s office, and Chris overheard his son playing, and  pretending to be doing a training. Chris had taken Hayden to a lot of mlm trainings he had done, but this was a first for little Hayden to be pretending he was doing a training.

Chris actually got his camera out and recorded parts of the training and this post is about the 5 things that Hayden was teaching his stuffed animal collection.

When Chris called me and told me about the training, I asked if I could share it and he said sure. And wow! What a blessing it is to learn from the minds of those who are not jaded by the world yet.

Here are the 5 things that Harden taught that day and he called it his “Netbird” training. They actually are quite applicable to network marketing and home businesses. I would encourage you to apply these simple but profound marketing principles in your home based business.

Here is “The Netbird Training – Hayden’s 5 Network Marketing Tips:”

1. Find out where they hurt and give them a band aid.

“This is what Mommy does and we do too. If your friend has a hurt then find a band aid and let them use it. It will make them feel better, fix their boo boo,  and also make them like you.”

Here, little Hayden was offering a SOLUTION and an ANSWER to a challenge that someone may have in life. That is exactly what we do. Our home business is a “band aid” for the hurts in life and to help people fix their “boo boos” in life. Everyone has a problem they want solved. Find out what it is, and then show them you have the answer for their issues.

2. Always play fair and let them play with your toys. They will play a long time with you.”

“If you let your friends play with your toys, they will stay longer and maybe even for supper if Mommy says yes. They will want to come back over and play tomorrow too.”

Here, little Hayden talks about letting your friends engage their life with what you are doing. That is called “magnetism.” If you allow your friends to sample or try or view something without a cost, they will probably stay around longer. That is why you always let a prospect ENGAGE what you are marketing first- to try it out. THEN you will find that most will hang around longer- to stay in the recruiting process.

3. Never let their kool aid be spilled. Always place it where they can get to it, but not spill it.

“Kool aid is wonderful. Always make sure your tiger cup and your friends cup  is on the table. That way you will not let it be spilled. That would make your friend sad.”

Always take care of your prospect’s Hope and Possibilities as if they were your own. Everyone has some kind of hope that they want to enjoy in life. They hope for a better and bigger future. Make sure that you TAKE CARE of their dream and hope and assure them if they work with you, they will ACHIEVE their dream, not just have a dream and it lay dormant. Keep the Hopes up for your prospect and let them KNOW you are helping them get to where that hope leads.

4. Always take a nap when you are supposed to. If you take it too late then you will mess up mommy.

“We all need to take a nap when Mommy says to. If we mind her, then we get to have cookies when we get up. Everybody likes cookies!”

There are certain TIMES you need to DO THINGS– and other times you need to let the prospect have some time to review. Either way, these timings are critical for your business. Our Business is a business of TIMING. If you come across too strong you may lose them. If you come across too weak, you may lose them. There are certain times you can “feel” that you must MOVE or slow down. Follow those instincts and sensings. There is a certain path to any process. If it requires to do something a certain day- like follow up- then DO IT for your network marketing business.

5. Never yell. Never scream. Never bark. People who bark are weird.

“If we start yelling then Mommy will come in and make us stop playing. So we must never yell. And never scream as Mommy hates that. And lets not bark either. My Mommy says that when I bark it sounds weird. I like to bark, but not with Mommy.”

Always be relaxed and no pressure with a prospect. And never argue with the prospect. They are ALWAYS right even when they are wrong. And make sure you always come across professional in your online and offline marketing and recruiting. Always be aware of YOUR BRAND and what your brand is saying and messaging. With social media today, you can destroy a brand overnight with the wrong move. People do not do business with people they think are “off” and “weird.”

And also little Hayden said, “And love everybody. People loved to be loved!”

Make the prospect FEEL SPECIAL and loved. It works in recruiting in mlm.

These are 5 MLM Marketing tips from a 5 Year Old and how they can apply to your network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

Mobile Marketing and Recruiting Secrets Revealed for MLM!

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MLM Prospecting Tips- 4 Little Known Cardinal Rules of MLM Prospecting

mlm prospecting tips

mlm prospecting


What does it cost you if you do not know TO DO something in your mlm home business?

Can you put an amount on what is is worth if you lose a great mlm prospect to someone else in another company?

OHHH…that one hurts.

What is THAT going to cost you if that person ends up a superstar in network marketing?

Many people in MLM lose prospects because they are not aware of certain rules that MUST be adhered to- whether you are recruiting online, social media or offline. The rules are the same for anywhere you prospect for your mlm business.

I have seen great people go to other companies because the rules were followed by one person but not by another. And the cost I have seen by friends that have lost really strong potential leaders to other companies, have been in the millions of dollars in revenues.

Has this happened to you?

Do you want to INSURE it DOES NOT?

MLM prospecting is easy- but yet must be played by the rules.

And there are powerful consequences to breaking the mlm prospecting rules. In your network marketing home business, you may have found that some prospects more friendly than others.

There is a reason.

You may have found other potential candidates more connected to you then others. That is normal, but also much of that will depend on the rules of mlm prospecting that you have engaged.

If you follow these 4 Prospecting Rules 3 things will happen:

1. Your MLM prospecting will me much more successful.

2. You will prospect quicker and more powerfully.

3. You will lose far less prospects to other possibilities in the marketplace.

I have been there.

I remember I lost one guy to another company in 1990 that ended up a million dollar earner with another company. Years later, he attended and we reconnected  at one of my training seminars. We went to lunch, and during that time,  I asked him out of curiosity what it was that compelled him to join the other company. When he told me, we both laughed, but then I realized out of my lack of knowledge back then, I had broken a cardinal rule to mlm prospecting.

So, what are the 4 Cardinal Rules to MLM Prospecting?

1. Realize you recruit through the PROSPECT’S EYES and start in THEIR WORLD – before ANYTHING. THEN lead them to your world.

Every mlm prospect-online or offline– sees things a little differently then you. They have different filters they view life through and see life as. You must take the time discover their VIEW of life and then ENLARGE that view to match YOUR view of what is possible. Ask, “Tell me how you see your future going the next 5 years…” and then LISTEN.

2. You MUST Follow – but NOT CHASE, Chasing is a sign of weakness and desperation.

You are NOT a dog. So quit running behind prospects and barking. You must from the very beginning say, ‘Let’s see if this is a fit for you and us, and then we will take it from there. Fair enough?” You NEVER chase a prospect. This was the rule that I broke with that million dollar earner. He told me that I was “too needy, ” “wanted him to desperately,” and came across as an amateur, not a professional. OUCH. Do NOT chase prospects. Give them the information and STAY CONNECTED- but not chasing.

3. Make your prospecting Aggressive- but not high pressure. Pressure is a sure way to lose every prospect you have.

The last word in “pressure” is SURE. You surely will lose your mlm prospects with high pressure tactics. Give them some room to breathe, and time to look at what you have offered. NEVER push them to enroll. You will have to PUSH them to do anything in their business if you do. Give them “homework.” An if they do not watch the video, or listen to a webinar, then are they really a Leader and who you are looking for? hello.

4. Always Always Always let the prospect know that you are looking for the RIGHT Leader- not just any leader.

If a prospect knows that they have to “qualify” to be considered for the leadership role in their city, they will take you more seriously. Whether offline or online. Here is how you say it: “We are looking for a leader that GETS THIS and will be a fit on a powerful team and will help us  build a huge business in your state. Tell me about how you view leadership…” This will give them the clue that you are LOOKING for the RIGHT leader- not for just someone who SAYS they are a leader. Recruiting online you will find a LOT of folks that call themselves leaders, but actually are followers. Keep them honest and make then KNOW that you are not going to accept just anyone to open up their city. and take the leadership role. yes, recruit them. But sponsor them, and put them under the leader that you choose for that city or region.

Many mlm prospects have been lost because of breaking these 4 cardinal rules of prospecting. I would suggest that you take a look at how YOU are looking for leads and then see if you are making these mistakes.

Correct them if you are making them, and you will find a whole lot more success in your home business mlm prospecting.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

Recruit 5 people a day from your mobile phone! here is HOW!

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MLM Prospecting Scripts- 5 Powerful Script Phrases that NO ONE Teaches

mlm proepecting scripts

mlm prosecting scripts funnel


Have you ever been for a loss of words when you are prospecting in your network marketing business?

Are you wondering what to say when someone says something negative to you?

Are you tired of people not taking you seriously in your home business?

Been there! Got many t shirts and that is why I am writing this article.

I have been so frustrated before by not knowing what to say. In the company I was in for 14 year, we had little if any mlm prospecting script training. We had some but not much training  period. That is why that I believe that MLM scripts and phrases can be important to the overall business success and prospecting you do.

Network marketing scripts can help you in three ways:

1. Increase your confidence.

2. Focus your activity.

3. Motivate you to increase your activity in talking to people.

It seems that when people know WHAT TO SAY,  they say it MORE OFTEN.

When people do NOT know what to say and have no mlm prospecting scripts-they say it LESS often. And I have seen this through the years over and over and over. People will talk MORE if they KNOW what to say. People will talk LESS if they feel that they are less than prepared with their prospecting language.

And that can be online or offline.

Online mlm prospecting scripts are powerful as they focus you in moving the prospect into a funnel. Offline mlm prospecting scripts do the same, but maybe engage the recruiting process a little slower. Knowing what to say at the right time can be a HUGE difference maker in the success you have in your home business.

When someone is new they often go through the fear of rejection. But in reality, the base of that fears lies in not the rejection but the fear of SAYING THE WRONG THING to the prospect.

 If a new person does not feel they are trained enough or comfortable with what they are planning on saying, they know the chance of hearing a NO increases, as their rejection fear. Your goal as a leader is to make sure that they KNOW what to say and then ROLE PLAY with your new recruit until they go it done.

If it is in social media then practice online with them as they approach you with their comments and words. If it is offline, same thing. Make sure that they are coming across like a professional and not a scared newbie that will get a NO for sure.

What are 5 MLM Prospecting Script Phrases that WORK online or offline?

1. Maybe you can help me…

This prospecting script phrase truly works wonders. This one phrase alone has recruited tens of thousands of prospects easily and powerfully. It really PULLS the prospect into your conversation.

2. Looking for some talent…

This mlm script has a very professional feel to it. It will help you put into words what you are doing that will get the attention of your prospect and keep it. Talent is a powerful word that corporate recruiters use- you should too.

3. Not sure this would be a fit…

This is what I call an “Exit Strategy” mlm prospecting phrase. It gives them an out. It allows them to walk away if they want to and takes any pressure off of the prospect.

4. Is this a good time in your life to consider more income…

This script is a very powerful one for people who are employed but maybe are tired of the rat race. It also works on prospects that have been in the work force a while and are looking for something bigger and better.

5. Has it ever crossed your mind to own your own business…

This mlm prospecting script is a phrase that gets down to the bottom line. It focuses the prospect on ONE THING and allows the prospect to even dream a little about what owning their own business would be like.

These mlm scripts have proven to work powerfully and are very MAGNETIC in PULLING the prospect towards you almost effortlessly. It creates a powerful recruiting conversation and can open up doors that maybe you thought were closed.

Use these mlm prospecting scripts and see if they do not increase dramatically your home business success and mlm prospecting!

Recruit 3 people a day from your phone- How? READ THIS.

blessings…doug firebaugh

LinkedIn Recruiting- the Secrets to Recruiting Professionals DAILY

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MLM Prospecting Tips-5 Powerful Questions You Ask a Prospect but Few Do


mlm prospecting training

mlm prospecting home business


How would you like to learn 5 questions that would PULL mlm prospects towards your home business like a MAGNET on steroids?

Would you like discover the Power of what questions can do for your mlm prospecting in your home business?

Would tripling your prospecting success be of interest?


Then read on.

 Because I want to share with you some  mlm prospecting tips that have made a huge difference in my business as well as a lot of other Private Clients.

There are often thoughts that a prospect has that can lead them down the prospecting path quickly. You must remember that an mlm prospect is looking for something. They are not just willing to talk to you  but they are LOOKING FOR SOMETHING.

Another truth is that the network marketing prospect is GOING THROUGH SOMETHING. You may not know what and they may not share it with you, but most home business prospects are. They may be going through something emotional, financial, oe even psychological, but most are going through something they want to change.

Another truth that I have found valuable along the way is that most mlm prospects are WANTING TO DO SOMETHING. There is something that the prospect wants to DO in their life, or with their life. If you take the time, online or offline, to find out what that one thing is they want to do, you will find that prospecting them is a lot more easier.

So, an mlm prospect is LOOKING for something, GOING THROUGH something, and wanting to DO something in their life. With being armed with that information, you can recruit almost anyone. That information is critical to a person moving their life forward, and beyond where they are now.

What will this do for the prospect and your mlm business if you help them with these three issues? It will elevate the prospect’s life as well as your business. It will create a solution for them that maybe they did not know existed. And it will paint you as THE SOLUTION to their problem that may be eluding them.

Imagine this scenario:

You are talking with your network marketing prospect, and you simply use a transition strategy and then ask 5 powerful questions that PULL THE PROSPECT towards you, and then into your business. Would that make a difference in your Success in your home business? Would that help the prospect that may be struggling to get past some issues?

Of course it would.

And you need to learn and master these “5 Magnet Questions” that I have found are very powerful to ask in social media and social networking as well.

What are these 5 magnet Questions?

First you use a transition question:

“I want to ask you an off the wall question if you don’t mind…” This will open up and transition the conversation to a place where you can ask these 3 questions.

Then you simply ask:

1. “What is the ONE THING that you would like to change for the better in your life if you could?”

2. “What would it mean to your life and family if that actually happened?”

3. “Would you be open to me assisting you not only to change that but put you in a position that you would never have to worry about that challenge again?  I ran across an idea that has totally worked for me and I know it can help you.”

4. ‘How would you honestly like to take back your  life and start living life on YOUR TERMS and not someone else’s?”

5. “Do you think we would make a great business team?”

These 5 questions have proven to be GOLD in mlm prospecting as they have been tested and refined over the years to where they are deadly powerful in recruiting. If you are on social media sites, or recruiting online, you will find these 5 questions will PULL people into your business- literally.

Most people LOVE being part of a team, as well as getting rid of an issue that they have been struggling with.

These 5 Magnet Questions address that powerfully.

Use the 5 questions on your prospects and see if that does not explode your success in your home business as well as mlm prospecting.

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blessings….doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

Recruit 5 people a Day using your phone and Mobile Recruiting- READ THIS

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MLM Training- 4 Powerful Closing Questions that Always Work

mlm closing the home business

mlm closing for home business


Are you looking to increase your mlm recruiting ratio in your mlm home business?

How would you like to explode your sign ups with just a simple addition?

There are 3 powerful network marketing “closing questions” that have always worked.

It does not matter if you are online recruiting, offline, or in social media. The power of these three powerful but simple questions work no matter what you are working.

We have been teaching these mlm closing questions for quite some time. For your home based business, they can accelerate your Success quickly. They are not high pressure as many closing questions are, but very targeted to move the prospect emotionally.

Emotions move the world.

In mlm recruiting, it is no different. We are an emotional creature. And that is why that many folks who try to “close” without using some form of emotion often find that they get a lot of negative responses. That happens more often than not. But with what we have been teaching, it has been amazing how powerful these three questions work.

There is an emotion that truly is a pillar in the marketing world.

It is called FEAR OF LOSS.

it is a powerful motivator, as well as strategy to move people towards something. I am sure that you have felt that before. You have a certain number of hours before a sale goes off, and you hurry to get to the store or online website.

It does work and works everyday. I have seen a lot of powerful “fear of loss” sales this past year, and it does drive people to to place of business. Recently Jodi went through that with a software she was purchasing. It kept going up every minute.

Great strategy.

What are the 4 MLM closing questions that work and will move your home business forward quickly?

1. “What if I am right?”

2. “What if this works?”

3. “What if you MISS IT?”

4. “What could THAT COST YOU?”

Read those again.

Can you see the fear of loss that builds when you say those?

It really does make the prospect stop and think. It also creates an attitude that you are going to the top no matter what.

If you are marketing online, or in social media, these three questions can really be a MAGNET to your business as they make the prospect WONDER and IMAGINE about their future and what this COULD possibly cost them if they do not enroll with your network marketing company.

I would suggest that you practice these and get them to where they are almost an after thought:

“And you know, I have always asked myself these three questions when I am making a decision.”


“This just occurred to me and I want to ask you something…”


“I have been thinking about our discussions. Here are my thoughts….”

These are powerful network marketing closing questions. master them and watch the recruiting success skyrocket for your mlm home based business.

FREE Social Media REcruiting ebook over 50 Recruiting Secrets from a #1 Corporate Recruiter!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- The ONE Secret to Discovering Your WHY No One Teaches


mlm network marketing why

mlm why for home business


What would happen if you were able to pour “Success Kerosene” on your home business?

Are you wondering what many people never hit their goals in network marketing and give up?

Are you aware that in multi level marketing, that there is ONE thing that needs to happen but rarely does?

Do YOU know WHY you are doing network marketing?

Do YOU know WHY you are putting up with the No’s and the negatives?

Sure, many people say they want this or that for their life. But that is NOT what I am talking about. it does not matter if you are using mlm online recruiting, social media recruiting, or traditional offline. If you do not know the WHY of the matter- the HOW will never work like you want it to.

I have been blessed to coach hundred of people. But yet, at the very beginning, they all answer “yes” when I ask them if they know their WHY. But then when we get into the coaching, they realize they have never gone deep enough to truly discover the REAL WHY and how they tap into it.

That is why I am writing this article. To help you discover your REAL WHY and then get you focused on what I call your :


This is what DRIVES YOU past all the negatives and negative people in any home or small  business.

Your Success Driver is the ONE critical thing in your mlm business that will determine much of what you do in the hard time, and yes, there will be some in network marketing. But the WHY is what is BEHIND the Success Driver.

Your WHY is the Force or Power behind what is Driving your Success and You to achieve your dreams. And most people do not reach their goals or achieve what they want in network marketing, because they do not have the WHY Power behind their efforts nor their focus.

Ok, then how do you find your REAL WHY in doing this business?


it is understanding what WHY stands for in simple terms.

WHY = What Has You.

Or.. What Has Your (heart)

There is a certain something that has your heart that DRIVES you to perform. And my WHY was my daughter, “Binky,” as I call her. She was THE Reason I made the calls when I did not want to, I made the appointments when I did not feel like going, and do the presentations when I was bored stiff doing them. I kept her picture for years on my telephone and when I did not feeel like working, I looked at her picture and knew I could not let her down.

She has been the reason I have worked like a dog for the last 20 some years in this great profession – to give her something that she can give for generations to come: Security and wealth. So MY why actually is FAMILY and FAMILY Security for Generations to come. That got me out of bed in the morning and still does. as well as Jodi my beloved bride- LOL. She works as hard as I do and we both work well together.

What Has You?

What do you get EMOTIONAL about?

What are you PASSIONATE about?

What do you DREAM About?

What MOVES YOU when you think about it?

What EXCITES you to think about becoming it?

What do you VALUE more than anything?

What ONE THING do you want your home business to ADD to your life that is not there now?

What is IMPORTANT to you more than anything in your life?

Within these questions, you will find the reason and WHY of why you are doing this business, and KEEP DOING this business, no matter what.

If you know the WHY- the HOW will find a way to Drive Success in your life like a bulldozer and tsunami combined and that alone will explode your mlm home business!

Build a HUGE List – over your PHONE? HOW?

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

FREE ebook- Over 50 Social Media Recruiting Secrets by a # 1 Corporate Recruiter!

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Network Marketing Training- 5 Tips on Getting Started RIGHT in MLM

Getting off to a fast start in mlm network marketing

Getting off to a fast start in network marketing


What would happen if your new team members would suddenly EXPLODE out of the gates with their new network marketing business??

How would THAT change your mlm business?

Have you ever wondered what are the VERY FIRST THINGS you DO?

That is the reason for this article.

I want to give you 5 quick tips on Getting Started in MLM that most will not teach you, and you NEED to know what those things are. If you embrace these actions and philosophy in your home business you will find much better and quicker Success in your efforts than you could dream of.

Getting someone OFF TO A FAST START rarely happens in today’s profession.The sponsor does not take the time to do a few basic and elemental things that should happen. It does not matter whether the new team member is recruited online or offline or in social media. The basics of this business do NOT change in getting s new distributor started right.

Here are 5 mlm tips on getting someone started right in network marketing:

1) “Any and ALL Network Marketing Success starts with a DECISION that is Unalterable.”

Success in Network Marketing MLM all starts and ends with a DECISION that you WILL NOT BE DENIED no matter what the nay sayers may say.. The sad truth is, most never new distributors in mlm do NOT make a decision to succeed.. They instead, make a CHOICE. They make a choice to TRY the business and just see what happens. Choice has little success power. That is how the average in network marketing think and engage their home business. IT ALL STARTS with Making a Decison to Succeed. If you make that Decision, YOU MUST Succeed as your success is already assured.

DECIDE and do NOT listen to those that tell you that you cannot do it. THEY ARE WRONG. Go and CRUSH IT!

2) “Your Mind can SEE the vision you want, but your Heart MUST be Connected to the Vision you have. “

Here is a little secret of success in Network Marketing: Your HEART is and contains the REAL POWER in ALL MLM Home Business Success. Your heart must be connected to the Vision and  Dream that you carry for your home business. You can do anything you desire in network marketing that you set your mind to,as long as it is Powered by the HEART! Here is a Million Dollar Secret: People will hear your words, but they will FEEL your heart. Connect it to the Dream and watch your business SOAR.

3) “No matter what you think or have been told, you MUST understand what Network Marketing online and offline TRULY is.”

Here is the bottom line: All MLM and Network Marketing can ever be and will ever be are CHANGE VEHICLES. They are Powerful and transforming Vehicles for Life Change.  They can bring a powerful Success transformation to people’s lives and incomes. Network Marketing and MLM both are a LIFE CHANGING and Life ENLARGING Agent, that can change lives in many ways that nothing else can! Be a Change Agent and carry the power of change everywhere you go and touch and change people’s lives with your FOCUS of Enlarging lives and lifestyles. People will FEEL that change and be PULLED towards it and  IGNITED by it.

4) “This is a basic tip but critical: You MUST make sure that you have filled out all the proper online or offline documents and placed your order to your company and all information FILLED OUT PROPERLY and ACCURATELY.”

You would be surprised how many companies get incomplete submissions. They get them daily. Make sure that when you fill out  new distributor agreement online or offlein , it is ALL FILLED OUT PROPERLY and ACCURATELY. The truth is, iIf it is not done that way, it could possibly cost you a month or two in getting your paycheck, and create even more problems or delays you were not counting on. Get it right the FIRS TIME and get busy building your wealth vehicle.

5) “The Power of getting Started Right can be ignited in Scheduling a Kick Off Meeting with Your Sponsor IMMEDIATELY after Enrolling..

Here is another powerful getting started CRITICAL tip. :A Kick Off Meeting. This is where you “kick off” your new network marketing business. You do this powerfully by meeting your sponsor- online or offline, does not matter. Then you engage getting an initial business plan done, warm market list to contact done, a daily plan done, and a training scheduled to go over all the details of their new business. etc. This Kick Off Meeting psychologically is a MUST, as it creates for the new distributor an official “Doors Opened for Business” mindset as well as FOCUS , as well as an official START to bulding their network marketing business.

If you use these 5 Getting Started in Network marketing tips, you will find your new people will get off to a FASTER and more SUCCESSFUL start in their new network marketing business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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5 MLM Recruiting Tips- MLM Recruiting Training Secrets

 Are you looking for some little known and little taught recruiting tips?


mlm recruiting

mlm recruiting


MLM Recruiting.

Are you wanting to increase dramatically your recruiting success?

Here are 5 quick mlm recruiting tips that will help accelerate your mlm online recruiting as well as offline:

1) “Manu people make this mistake when they reach out to someone they have talked to…When you do your follow up work, don’t SAY I am following up.”

That is a turn off and says ” I HAVE AN AGENDA.” What you need to say is, “I wan to RECONNECT with you to see if you have any questions , and to see where we need to go from here…” And always LEAD THEM by asking what they liked best about what they have seen or heard: “Tell me what you have liked best about what you have heard so far…”

2) ” When you are holding a second conversation with them, use Connection Questions to keep them solidly and powerfully Connected to you.”

Here are some Connection Questions you can use: “Does this make sense so far?” “Are you with me so far?” “Am I being clear enough for you?” “Have any questions so far?” “This is pretty awesome, isn’t it Mary?” These are powerful MLM Recruiting Questions to keep them focused and connected to what you are saying. These are GOLD when you are following up with the prospect.

3) “One of the biggest challenges is the FOCUS of the MLM Distributor and what they want. When you are recruiting, make sure your focus is NOT- I want something FROM you. Make sure your focus IS- I have something FOR you.”

You need to develop a powerful focus that MAGNETIZES the prospect and draws them towards you. When you are holding a conversation with a prospect, make sure they are feeling from you and sense in your words, a “Gift” focus, not a “Get” focus. This is one of the most powerful secrets in MLM Network Marketing recruiting. This one mlm recruiting tip will revolutionize your network marketing home business.

4) “Prospects want to KNOW you can help them and sense it. It is not about Hype and a ton of useless energy, but about HOPE and Powerful SYNERGY!”

If you have been in home business very long, you will see that many MLM distributors try to HYPE and Pressure people into joining. This business of network marketing is NOT about hype. It is all about HOPE and what that brings to the prospect’s future. Hope for a better future and destiny, hope for more money and income, hope for an ENLARGED lifestyle. People will be PULLED towards and MAGNETIZED to hope, but turned off totally  by hype. Hype comes from nothng the head and a “ME FOCUS”, and hope comes from the HEART in MLM and Network Marketing with a YOU focus. Start Marketing HOPE, and see your recruiting explode beyond what you can imagine.

5) “Many people online as well as offline make this mistake when presenting. When you do any kind of a presentation including webinars, BE IN the presentation, not just AT the presentation.”

When you make a presentation, make sure that you are not just AT the presentation and not FULLY ENGAGED in your actions and words. So many people present their products qnd business and they come across like they are on “automatic pilot.” BE IN the presentation, with power, belief, excitement, Leadership, emotion, conviction, and energy. There is nothing worse in my opinon, than sitting in a home business mlm presentation and not FEELING the presentation from the distributor.

These are 5 MLM recruiting tips that have proven to not only work, but work well for your netwotk marketing home business.

Recruit 5 People a Day from your MOBILE? How?

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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