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How would you like to learn some genius marketing and recruiting tips from a  5 year old little genius?

Would it help your mlm home business  to learn from a mind of a kid that “GETS IT?”

I have a friend named Chris who has a 5 year old son named Hayden. He is an amazing kid and smart as a whip as we say down south.

Chris has been in Network Marketing for 17 years, and has loved every minute of it. When he got married, he and his wife had 3 daughters, and all 3 were and are gorgeous. They are 14, 12, and 10 years old respectively.

But Chris wanted a son, and God blessed them with a little boy in 2006.

But not just a little boy. This kid is already a marketing genius of sorts.

Chris has been working at home since his son was born. And Hayden has known nothing but his father being home during the day. Hayden has watched his father for years work his home based business, and learned quite a bit.

One day, Hayden was playing in his dad’s office, and Chris overheard his son playing, and  pretending to be doing a training. Chris had taken Hayden to a lot of mlm trainings he had done, but this was a first for little Hayden to be pretending he was doing a training.

Chris actually got his camera out and recorded parts of the training and this post is about the 5 things that Hayden was teaching his stuffed animal collection.

When Chris called me and told me about the training, I asked if I could share it and he said sure. And wow! What a blessing it is to learn from the minds of those who are not jaded by the world yet.

Here are the 5 things that Harden taught that day and he called it his “Netbird” training. They actually are quite applicable to network marketing and home businesses. I would encourage you to apply these simple but profound marketing principles in your home based business.

Here is “The Netbird Training – Hayden’s 5 Network Marketing Tips:”

1. Find out where they hurt and give them a band aid.

“This is what Mommy does and we do too. If your friend has a hurt then find a band aid and let them use it. It will make them feel better, fix their boo boo,  and also make them like you.”

Here, little Hayden was offering a SOLUTION and an ANSWER to a challenge that someone may have in life. That is exactly what we do. Our home business is a “band aid” for the hurts in life and to help people fix their “boo boos” in life. Everyone has a problem they want solved. Find out what it is, and then show them you have the answer for their issues.

2. Always play fair and let them play with your toys. They will play a long time with you.”

“If you let your friends play with your toys, they will stay longer and maybe even for supper if Mommy says yes. They will want to come back over and play tomorrow too.”

Here, little Hayden talks about letting your friends engage their life with what you are doing. That is called “magnetism.” If you allow your friends to sample or try or view something without a cost, they will probably stay around longer. That is why you always let a prospect ENGAGE what you are marketing first- to try it out. THEN you will find that most will hang around longer- to stay in the recruiting process.

3. Never let their kool aid be spilled. Always place it where they can get to it, but not spill it.

“Kool aid is wonderful. Always make sure your tiger cup and your friends cup  is on the table. That way you will not let it be spilled. That would make your friend sad.”

Always take care of your prospect’s Hope and Possibilities as if they were your own. Everyone has some kind of hope that they want to enjoy in life. They hope for a better and bigger future. Make sure that you TAKE CARE of their dream and hope and assure them if they work with you, they will ACHIEVE their dream, not just have a dream and it lay dormant. Keep the Hopes up for your prospect and let them KNOW you are helping them get to where that hope leads.

4. Always take a nap when you are supposed to. If you take it too late then you will mess up mommy.

“We all need to take a nap when Mommy says to. If we mind her, then we get to have cookies when we get up. Everybody likes cookies!”

There are certain TIMES you need to DO THINGS– and other times you need to let the prospect have some time to review. Either way, these timings are critical for your business. Our Business is a business of TIMING. If you come across too strong you may lose them. If you come across too weak, you may lose them. There are certain times you can “feel” that you must MOVE or slow down. Follow those instincts and sensings. There is a certain path to any process. If it requires to do something a certain day- like follow up- then DO IT for your network marketing business.

5. Never yell. Never scream. Never bark. People who bark are weird.

“If we start yelling then Mommy will come in and make us stop playing. So we must never yell. And never scream as Mommy hates that. And lets not bark either. My Mommy says that when I bark it sounds weird. I like to bark, but not with Mommy.”

Always be relaxed and no pressure with a prospect. And never argue with the prospect. They are ALWAYS right even when they are wrong. And make sure you always come across professional in your online and offline marketing and recruiting. Always be aware of YOUR BRAND and what your brand is saying and messaging. With social media today, you can destroy a brand overnight with the wrong move. People do not do business with people they think are “off” and “weird.”

And also little Hayden said, “And love everybody. People loved to be loved!”

Make the prospect FEEL SPECIAL and loved. It works in recruiting in mlm.

These are 5 MLM Marketing tips from a 5 Year Old and how they can apply to your network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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