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What would happen if you were able to pour “Success Kerosene” on your home business?

Are you wondering what many people never hit their goals in network marketing and give up?

Are you aware that in multi level marketing, that there is ONE thing that needs to happen but rarely does?

Do YOU know WHY you are doing network marketing?

Do YOU know WHY you are putting up with the No’s and the negatives?

Sure, many people say they want this or that for their life. But that is NOT what I am talking about. it does not matter if you are using mlm online recruiting, social media recruiting, or traditional offline. If you do not know the WHY of the matter- the HOW will never work like you want it to.

I have been blessed to coach hundred of people. But yet, at the very beginning, they all answer “yes” when I ask them if they know their WHY. But then when we get into the coaching, they realize they have never gone deep enough to truly discover the REAL WHY and how they tap into it.

That is why I am writing this article. To help you discover your REAL WHY and then get you focused on what I call your :


This is what DRIVES YOU past all the negatives and negative people in any home or small  business.

Your Success Driver is the ONE critical thing in your mlm business that will determine much of what you do in the hard time, and yes, there will be some in network marketing. But the WHY is what is BEHIND the Success Driver.

Your WHY is the Force or Power behind what is Driving your Success and You to achieve your dreams. And most people do not reach their goals or achieve what they want in network marketing, because they do not have the WHY Power behind their efforts nor their focus.

Ok, then how do you find your REAL WHY in doing this business?


it is understanding what WHY stands for in simple terms.

WHY = What Has You.

Or.. What Has Your (heart)

There is a certain something that has your heart that DRIVES you to perform. And my WHY was my daughter, “Binky,” as I call her. She was THE Reason I made the calls when I did not want to, I made the appointments when I did not feel like going, and do the presentations when I was bored stiff doing them. I kept her picture for years on my telephone and when I did not feeel like working, I looked at her picture and knew I could not let her down.

She has been the reason I have worked like a dog for the last 20 some years in this great profession – to give her something that she can give for generations to come: Security and wealth. So MY why actually is FAMILY and FAMILY Security for Generations to come. That got me out of bed in the morning and still does. as well as Jodi my beloved bride- LOL. She works as hard as I do and we both work well together.

What Has You?

What do you get EMOTIONAL about?

What are you PASSIONATE about?

What do you DREAM About?

What MOVES YOU when you think about it?

What EXCITES you to think about becoming it?

What do you VALUE more than anything?

What ONE THING do you want your home business to ADD to your life that is not there now?

What is IMPORTANT to you more than anything in your life?

Within these questions, you will find the reason and WHY of why you are doing this business, and KEEP DOING this business, no matter what.

If you know the WHY- the HOW will find a way to Drive Success in your life like a bulldozer and tsunami combined and that alone will explode your mlm home business!

Build a HUGE List – over your PHONE? HOW?

blessings…doug firebaugh

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