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Network Marketing MLM- What IS Network Marketing MLM?

network marketing mlm
network marketing mlm

Network Marketing MLM

has many people asking questions.


Especially today as the economy is still struggling and appears to be headed nowhere. Network Marketing MLM is one of the more popular options for bringing in additional income to the household.

Network Marketing MLM actually is a type of distribution of products that allows a network of inindependent distributors to sell and market products. They are entrepreneurs and own their own business. They purchase product s wholesale and sell them retail to the masses. This is known as Direct Sales or Consumer Direct sales.

But Network Marketing MLM is different as it has a twist to it beyond just selling and marketing product. Just like a Real Estate broker, who goes out and recruits real estate agents and gets an override off of their agent’s real estate sales, so goes MLM. The distributor, like the Real Estate broker, can go out, recruit a team of “distribution agents” and then get overrides off of the volume of sales that their team produces.

That is why it is called Network Marketing MLM.

It is a Network of Marketers that are recruited and built that eventually have multiple levels that the distributor leader can override and earn commissions on their product volume. It is a hybrid between Real Estate and traditional corporate America.

You get the opportunity to recruit a team of “agents” but yet you can build a hierarchy of reps that can go 5 to 500 levels deep much like a traditional corporation with sales people.

Network Marketing MLM also is a great way to move product to the masses inexpensively. It cuts out the middle man as well as requires not advertising . The form of advertising used for Network Marketing MLM is “word of mouth” advertising.

People telling people telling people telling people about you and your products. And through this network of conversations about your products, Network Marketing MLM thrives as a distribution channel for the market.

There is some controversy with MLM as some people just like any other type of entrepreneurial venture, can attract the wrong people. Although the number of bad apples in the profession is microscopic, they still show up on occasion and can create some negative vibes and results.

But today, most Network Marketing MLM companies are getting rid of these types of rogue distributors and tightening up their policies and procedures to disallow that type of unacceptable business practice. Most Network Marketing companies today will terminate anyone who violates their rules willingly with no questions asked.

The power of owning a home business in network marketing today is incredible. You can start your own business for less than 500.00 usually, and most compnaies have some form of guarantee. Most home business owners who choose Network Marketing MLM focus on selling of the products. That is smart at the beginnign as it will create some immediate income as the new distributor learns the ropes of the business.

Most Network Marketing MLM companies consist of 4 Things:

1. A Corporate Leadership Team with Experience.

2. In Demand Products that will sell.

3. A Compensation Plan that allows commissions to be earned by everyone.

4. Training and Education that will equip and empower the new represenative.

These 4 things are critical for any successful company. If you are looking at an MLM company, I would suggest checking for these 4 things to make sure it is a legiitimate  home based business company.

There are many different types of Network Marketing companies:

Skin Care.


Weight Loss.


Make up.

Internet Sales.

Fitness focused.


Niche companies.

Children’s Toys.

Green  Products.

Plsu MUCH MORE in product availability.

And most of the Network Marketing profession, according to most estimates, consists of 70% women and 30% men. Women do very well with Network Marketing MLM as they are natural networkers and nuture people. Many women today, as well as men,  have become millionaires because of the potential this profession offers.

In summary, Network Marketing MLM is a business that is run by a network of independent contractors who market products for companies, and also can build teams of “agents” who go out and do the same thing. The leader who recruited the team is allowed to override the team volume and get a commission on every sale made. The potential for wealth in the Network Marketing profession can be staggering if done correctly.

After 25 years in this great Home Business MLM profession, if you are considering a  home business I would recommend you do your due diligence and consider strongly a business in Network Marketing MLM.

For a powerful Step by Step Resource on MLM that will explode your Success:   A HOT Start:The First 14 Days in MLM

blessings…doug firebaugh

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Home Business Training- The 7 Things Home Business Training Needs?


home business training
home business training

Home business training

is something that is very popular.


There are a lot of great trainers that are part of companies as well as generic home business trainers. Home party plan companies are part of the home  business profession,  but require different methods than say, direct sales or network marketing.

I have been training and speaking full time for 13 years. But the profession chnages so rapidly that I sometimes just shake my head. I can get a little frustrated sometimes at the pace it changes. Do You?

Home Business training continues to evolve and change. But there are 7 fundamental elements it needs no matter how it evolves.

Regardless of the styles of doing business, there are 7 things that ALL home business training should have and if they do not, they are operating at a weaker training power than they should be.

Here are the 7 Home Business Training Needs ALL Home based business training needs:

1. A Duplicable Process.

This is common sense, and we have all heard it before. You need to have a step by step process that is easy to follow, and is a PATTERN that new folks can follow, and learn. We live in a sequenced based world, and we follow a sequence in everything we do. That is why that the process needs to be sequenced, so it can be duplicable. If you cannot duplicate what you are doing, then you will have a hard time building any kind of a long term home business.

A step by step system should include prospecting, recruiting, presneting, following up, closing, and building teams. These are critical to have step by step.

2. Social Media Presence.

In today’s Home Business world, you MUST have a social media presence and training on how to work facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, youtube, Google+, Orkut, and a host of other social media site. This will keep the training up to date with what is happening in the home business profession and keep you on track with your training,

I suggest that you not only train your folks on how to set up accounts, but also step by step on recruiting as well as team building in social media. If you give your oflsk what they need to go out and be social, your home business training will rock.

3. Training done on videos.

This is critical. Many home business companies have training manuals and CDs, and events. But you MUST HAVE videos online in order to really be keeping up with the home business trends. many home based business owners are demanding that they get video based training and if you do not have it, they will either do it themselves, or move on.

It does not take a lot of time to record a training video. But the impact it has is far more than just text training.

4. Tools to Teach.

Every GREAT Home Business Training has Tools that the new person can use and master. These include cds, dvds, brochures, training manuals, online training, video trainings, conference calls training, Saturday Training events, and one on one teachings.

There is a saying that I love — “It’s not just about Talent, but TOOLS.”Home business Training Tools are necessary to bridge the gap between inexperience, and experience with the new distributor. And one of the most powerful tools you can have at the start is a CD that you can listen to while in the car or a video you can watch on your G4 phone.. This is a great way to learn the business, and get the information inside your soul.

5.  A Sure Success Path.

Every home business distributor needs a Success path. This is a Path that they travel, to hit the first goal or promotion in the Compensation plan. It has daily goals, daily activities, time lines, how many calls a day, how many sales a week, how many recruits a month, and how much volume a month. This Success Path will be a day by day, call by call, action by action plan that will actually steer the new person to Success over a period of time. It also includes a day by day Personal Development Program that develops the new distributor on the inside.

A Success Path is only a Path, and not a magic bullet. It is up to the new person to walk it. Most new home business distributors and consultants will, if given the opportunity, and the road to travel.

6. Complete Content.

Many home business companies I have been blessed to work with lacked COMPLETE HOME BUSINESS training in their programs. They had some format of training, but not covering ALL aspects of what a new distributor needs. This should include training even on what to do on a daily basis, product training, corporate training, compensation training, and even the start of Leadership training.

The question all training should answer is “What do I do next?” If that question is answered, then you can pretty much bet that the home business training program is close to complete if not totally complete.

7. Role Playing that is done LIVE and in Front of Peers.

There is NOTHING as powerful as Role Playing with the new distributor. It gives them “Artificial Experience” that psychologically will prepare them for the real thing. It will help develop a “feeling” or “Pattern” of what to do and say, and handle any situations that come up. There is no feeling like when a new person “gets it” and understands what they are supposed to do, and how to do it, THEN doing it. It is imperative to Role Play with your new person. It gets them ready for the real thing, in a quick and powerful fashion.

Have them role play in front of their peers in meetings and events. Why? If they can do it in front of their peers with PRESSURE, they will be able to do the tasks easy when it  time is time.
These are the 7 Home Business Training Needs and what great home business training should contain. make sure that your company has these 7 BASICS of home business training, These are the foundational pieces needed to create home business success.

For a powerful Home Business Training for Explosive Prospecting: Sponsoring Tsunami Prospecting Course

blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM – The Hidden Power of An MLM Home Business?


mlm home business

mlm home business

Home business

in MLM has a hidden power that most are unaware of to help people.

It can be a Change Agent for your life if you let it. Many people think that the MLM or Home Business or Network Marketing profession are for those people that cannot find jobs.


That is such a myth.

 Many professionals from other professions are coming into network marketing because of this hidden power that many home based business professionals use but use unknowingly.

Gravity is such a power. You are influenced by Gravity everyday, but yet you never really are that much aware of it. You really do not spend that much time thinking about it.

It just happens and keeps you from floating away.

It is the same with the Hidden Power of an MLM Home Business.

The other day I was on a three way coaching call and saw this in action and it was really rocking hot to see. I quietly listened taking notes and then when the hidden power was unleashed- wow. It was a game changer.

There are many different “powers” to owning a home business but this one is the one that really helps you along to recruit and to sponsor a lot of folks.

Ok…enough of the babble. What hidden power am I talking about that influences people to enroll in your business?


Many people are disgusted with what is going on in their life. They are disgusted with their income. They are disgusted with their job. They are disgusted with their recent raise or lack of one. They are disgusted with who they work with. They are disgusted with the lack of power and options they have to change it.

They are disgusted because they think they are POWERLESS to do anything.

That is where you come in.

You are the knight (or princess) in shining armor that is going to do 3 things:

1. Expose the pain.

2. Enlarge the pain.

3. Relieve the pain,


Create a conversation that finds out and Exposes what they are really not happy about in their life.

“What is the one thing you would give anything to change in your life?”

Then Enlarge the pain by observing that the way their life is going, it probably will only get worse.

“Wow. I am so sorry. Do you see much change happening there or maybe it getting worse?”

Then Relieve the pain by offering them a solution to their disgust with options with your business and products.

“I have an idea that I am not sure that it would be for you, but would like to run it past you. It has helped a lot of people move out of  the position you seem to be in. Let me explain…”

You have with a Home Business the hidden power of what I call “Disgust Busters!”You can help people get past the disgust with where they are in life with simply a little conversation and bringing in that DB power in 3 simple steps.

If you do that, you will help a lot of people with your MLM Home Business.

If you are looking for a POWERFUL Training that will speed up your MLM results overnight, check out this training  resource:

MLM Basics Training Course 10 CDs

blessings…doug firebaugh

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Network Marketing Social Media-The Ten Commandments of Social Media?



home business social media

home business social media

Network Marketing  Home business social media is getting popular.


And with the number of people onfacebook and twitter, there seems to be no end to the amazing growth of participants to the socialmedia arena in MLM I have seen amazing things happen with people’s downlines and have dropped my jaw at some of their recruiting results online througb network marketing social media.

If you are going to work social media and social networking sites in your home based business, I believe you need to understand some foundational principles about social media and the thrust of it. There are many trainers in social media, and we all can learn from each other.

I suggest that you look at these “Ten Commandments of Social Media” as principles of Success in social networking and how to approach social media in your home business.

There are ten foundational understandings that you BEGIN WITH before engaging social media in your home business. There are a LOT of mistakes made in the online arena, and my goal id to help you reduce many of those possible hindrances.

NOTE: Social Media is NOT limited to the following 10 Concepts. But these are the 10 things that after researching, showed up stronger and more often in our data than any other concepts , ideas, or “Commandments” we found. These are what were talked about the most, focused on the most, and agreed on the most as critical for social media success for the average person.

Here they are:

1) Thou Shalt know that Social Media is not just about CONNECTION – but the Connection Network.

In Home Business Social Media, it is said to be all about CONNECTION– but in Social Media Marketing, it is more about what is CONNECTED to that Connection. It is called the Social Network. And that Network has proven to be Golden with many respects. This Social Network can open up doors and introductions for marketers, bloggers, and social participants to a vast group of people that were never available to them before. But of course, the quality of the Network is a factor as well.

It IS about CONNECTION- but more also about the MLM Social Network the person you are connecting to has behind them. Consider every Social Connection a potential doorway. It’s what lies behind the door that makes Social Media work. The True Value for Marketing is what lies behind that door.

That is what drives the enormous numbers behind Social Media- the Second Layer of Connection that exists with people.

2) Thou shalt know that Conversation is the platform that all social media rests upon.

Whether it is called “Cafe Conversations,” or “Capsule Conversations,” Conversations are critical in Social Media. And that includes Talking AND Listening. You talk to folks in many ways, including blogging, tweets, writing on walls, personal videos, direct messages, joining in a conversation on a micro blog like tumblr, as well as social email and social classified ads.

But you LISTEN as well. You do this with tools that are available with many Social sites. You can listen to twitter with “twitter search.” You can search what people are talking about with many applications, including Twhirl andTweetdeck. You can also use social search engines as well to Listen to what is being said. And you can also hire great companies that do that for you, like Radian6. But Conversation is about BOTH Talking and Listening. You MUST know what is being said out in the social sphere.

And here is a tip: Make the person GLAD THEY TALKED WITH YOU. Make them the star of your conversation- not your ego. There are way too many one sided conversations out in Social Media. Keep the conversation focused on who you are ‘talking” to and encourage them, as well as guide them to larger possibilities.

Change the Size of their Conversations and you will change their life.

3) Thou Shalt know that VALUE is the Magnet in Social media, and reigns supremely.

Value is King in Social Media. But not just average Value or expected Value. I am talking about Unexpected Surprising Value.Value that is so much that people talk about it and virally market it like crazy. This is how a new “buzz” starts. By creating a Huge Value with a blog post, free giveaways, new ideas, new software applications, discovery of little known information , news stories, and “how to’s” and the list is almost endless of the Value you can bring.

The amount of Value you bring to Home business Social Media will always equal the amount of Impact you have with people. And that Impact either moves people TOWARDS you, or keeps them where they are. Either they become your friend and “follow you,” or they do not see any reason to. That is up to the Value they perceive in what you send out as your message and intentions.

4) Thou Shalt Know the Three R’s of Social Media.

Social Media is pretty simple. It is mainly about 3 things:

Reaching Out.   This is critical to Reach Out  to people and let them know you want to Connect and befriend them.

Relationships.   Once you have Reached Out, you start building a Relationship of Trust and Value.

Respect.   Respect in Social Media is earned, not just given. And you earn that Respect with consistent and powerful content with Value, great conversations that move folks, Integrity and ethics above all, encouraging others, offering solutions, and helping people to larger and more powerful possibilities in their life and business.

 5) Thou Shalt BRAND Your Message, Product, and Yourself Consistently, Visibly, and Uniquely.

Everyone talks Branding as that is a must to do in Social Media. But here is where it can get tricky. You brand multiple things all at once. YOU are the brand- sort of. The first thing you need to brand is your Image and who you are, and you do this with a picture or avatar of yourself that shows who you are on your profile. This can also include a corporate logo for a company as well. Chris Brogan has branded a picture of who he is on his blog. The second thing you need to brand is your Message.

This is what you want to become known for, and people think about when they think of you. Scott Monty has branded Ford Motors as part of his brand effectively and powerfully. The third thing you want to brand is your product and what Value it has that makes it UNIQUE and One of a kind. The product can be information that you market, actual products that are shipped out, services like consulting or accounting, or any other type of product that you have to market that people will see a need for.

All a Brand is, is Image + Message + Impact + Consistent Visibility = Perception.

Your Image is what people SEE in their minds, Message is what people HEAR in their memory, Impact is what people FEEL in their hearts, and Visibility is what reminds people that you are there. Perception then becomes your Brand.

And here is what we have taught for nearly 20 years:

Branding is not about just being remembered, or becoming known. It is about becoming totally UNFORGETTABLE. ™ THAT is a powerful brand.

6) Thou shalt Expand your Experience Through Social Site Applications.

Applications are developed software and are what Social Sites have available that make your experience more fun, useful, and productive. The most applications are generally found on the most active sites and usually are free. Twtter has over 150 applications, facebook has hundreds of applications, as well as many other Social sites out there. Many applications are very useful and written by outside people for the Social sites.

Learn what applications are available on each site that you are a part of, and choose the ones that you believe will work for you the best and increase your exposure, conversations, and productivity.

7) Thou Shalt GIVE freely, and be willing to Lose Control of your Information.

Giving is what Social Media is all about. Many folks are talking about ‘Influence” and what it takes to create it in Social Media. That one is simple: GIVE.

GIVE stands for “Gain Influence Very Easily.” And when you give, and then give some more, the power of Influence that develops is amazing.

And losing control of your information is part of it as well. Most folks want to CONTROL their information, their marketing strategies, as well as their results. That is part of traditional marketing. But what if you could blend traditional with the non- traditional? Let some of your information go. Give it away freely and let it be virally marketed by others.

Give a free ebook away. Give a free mp3 away. Give a free product away. Give a free download away. Give some of your best content away free.  Control the rest. See what happens with both sides of the equation- controlled and Social Media. You will like what you find in the Social Media side.

The New Marketing Stars of tomorrow in Home Business Social Media will not come from those who are great marketers, but from those who have a LOT of people marketing FOR THEM- without asking them to. Would that be called Marketing Nirvana? That would be close to it. Be willing to Lose Control, and Gain a Massive Advantage.

8) Thou Shalt Build Relationships that are based on a Platform of TRUST.

 Relationships are the building blocks of Social Media. Trust is the Concrete. You must build powerful relationships with people to market to them. But a wall that is built with bricks and no concrete will fall with the first strong wind.

Build TRUST and do it everyday. Be honest. Be a person of integrity. Be a person that people can feel good about and know you are there to help enlarge their life. Be a Leader that people are willing to follow. And build Trust in your message, actions, conversations, branding, videos, blog posts, and any other form of exposure that you take in Social Media.

The Rule of TRUST: Relationships are the tiles for the platform of Social Media. Trust is the glue.

9) Thou Shalt become Tribal, and enroll in groups, attend events, and empower the Community.

There is a reason it is called SOCIAL Media. being part of what is called a “tribe” or community is what Social Media is about. This is one of the CORE powers of web 2.0

Connecting, Relating, Reaching, and Conversations are ALL a part of building a Community in Social Media, as well as “Niche sites’ that can be that much more tribal. What you have in common with people helps build the Community.

What you bring to the table to grow that community is GOLD.

10) Thou Shalt Have a Host Mentality with a Permission Focus.

In Social Media, it is much like a party you hold in your living room. I did a post recently called “Social Media is your Living Room.” If you were in your living room, you would be playing HOST and inviting people in, talking with them, being social, making recommendations and giving advice, showing photographs off or watching videos, and introducing the crowd to each other. That is much what Social Media is about- HOSTING.

With a small twist. You need to ASK PERMISSION to give them advice and make recommendations, as well as introduce them to the others in your living room. That is not hard to do. And if you have permission to do this, it is much easier to get them Comfortable with you, Connected with you, holding a Conversation with you, if it feels like your Living Room.

Play the Host, and ask Permission. That is being Powerful and Polite at the same time.

These are the 10 Commandments for Social Media Marketing. Yes, there are more than these, but these are what came up with the hard data we had, and formed the basis of this post, to help you improve and understand more Home Business Social Media and Network Marketing Social Media.

For an incredible Network Marketing Social Media Training Resource that will INCREASE your Business Overnight:                        Social Network Marketing Course

blessings…doug firebaugh

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Home Business Training- The 2 Kinds of People in A Recession?

home business recession proof

home business recession proof

Home business owner–Which One are You?

 There is much talk today about a “recession” and all that goes along with it. Just listen to the radio and watch TV, read the newspaper, and look on the internet.But then, I do not really pay that much attention to any of those, as I know where I stand with this so called “recession.” That is the reason for this home business training.

 How about you?

Where do you stand?

How do you feel about it?

What are your plans for it?

If you think about it, there are certain people in the world that will thrive in the midst of all this economic “woe is me the sky is falling” talk.

 How about you?

  Are you buying into this lockstep economic fear talk?

 I know.

 You may think that I am crazy, and am not living in “reality.”

 But I am. Very much so.

 And I am hoping that you will join me after reading this. As you will see, there are options in the world that you may not realize.

 I was on the computer this morning, and ran across a screaming new headline, ‘Recession deepens and the world economy is impacted.” Ok. tell me something POSITIVE that will move my life forward, and move my business upward. But alas, as the story went on, the world is coming to a financial crisis that I believe much of it is being manufactured and enlarged by the media.


 Powerful, Super Negative  news sell newspapers and broadcast airtime 100 to 1. You read that right. 100 to 1.  Ultimately, the media is in BUSINESS to make a profit. And with the lack of profit today with newspapers and TV and radio,  there seems to be a major move to SUPER NEGATIVE NEWS so that they can sell more papers and air time to hopefully create more profits.

You may think I am crazy?

 Nope- that is the Truth.

 So being that as it is, here is my question:

 Are you falling for all this “the sky is falling” news? Yes, I known there is a challenge with the economy. I have not stuck my head in the sand. But I know something that may change your thinking about this whole thing – especially in Home Based Business Social Media.

 In mlm marketing and home business training, it is called “Strategic Positioning.”

 Let me explain.

 There are only 2 types of people that are in the world concerning this so called ‘recession:”

 1) Those who decide to PARTICIPATE in this “recession.”

2) Those who decide NOT TO PARTICIPATE in this “recession.”

 Yes, we all have that choice or decision. But the real secret lies within the word “participate.”

 One of the Greek root word definitions for “participate” means “to Position.”  This means that you must choose a position – to either Join something- or NOT Join something. To Embrace something-or NOT Embrace something.

 To Connect to something- or NOT to Connect to something. ALL those words- “join,” “embrace,”and “connect,” are part of the root word “participate.” All require personal CHOICE or DECISION.

 YOU can refuse to participate in this “recession,” and move forward in social media, with a focus that will take your business and life to new heights.

 How does that work?


 Here is an ancient  truism; “What your mind focuses on intensely, has a tendency to move your life towards.” 

No, this is not some new age psycho-babble. This is an ancient Success Rule- “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he…” Your mind has a tendency to move your life towards people, circumstances, and things that will help create that focus in your life. We do not know how it works, only God does.

  But it works.

 When you make a decision, it “shifts” something on the inside. People FEEL that shift and respond to it. They FEEL a direction that is more appealing to them than what they have been traveling many times.

 Yes, there are the “victims” of the world and like complaining and moaning,  but you do NOT have to be a victim. You are not CALLED to be. You are called in Home business Social Media to be on the cutting edge of thinking, and a higher level of belief. So that is where you need to step up to if you have not.

 Are you aware there were more Millionaires created during the Great Depression than any other 7 year period in our nations’ history?  READ THAT AGAIN.

And this recession will create, birth, spawn a LOT of new wealth – but only to those that SEE IT, RESPOND TO IT, and “GET IT.” It all depends on what you are focused on.

 So…with that in mind, if you FOCUS ON this so called recession, your mind somehow will move you towards that focus to create that situation in your life.

If you REFUSE to participate in the recession , your mind will move your life towards something totally different, and lead you to that reality in your life.

How about YOU?

 Are you going to participate in this recession?

You do NOT have to. Social Media I believe will develop a different response to this misery, a higher calling above the fray, and a more powerful approach to taking CONTROL of your life, and not BEING CONTROLLED but the media and other people’s opinions.

 What are your plans for this recession in this social media world?

 I am NOT going to participate in this recession. My goal is to help others create New Wealth during this time and it will be accelerated in the Social Media Zone and in Home business and MLM.

To help create a literal RECESSION PROOF Home Business, check this out:  Billion Dollar Prospecting Course.

blessings… doug firebaugh

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Home Business Training- The ONE Word You NEVER Say

home business silence

home business silence

Home business

has come a long way.

Especially in social media and social networking.

A Home based business is truly a business of communication and interaction. I have seen and experienced much interaction on may of the popular social sites and some not so popular.

I have been observing over the last couple of years words in social media and offline that PULL people into the conversation and others that seem to push them away.

I was on facebook today and saw a thread that one of the people was really pushing her skin care line and the other person was pushing to get away for  her.

Cannot blame a girl for trying to market, but there is a huge difference between a Conversation and a Presentation. She was doing the latter unknowingly.

In a home business conversation you must watch your words that you say in order not to turn the prospect off.

There is ONE word that seems to be conversation poison for some reason. If you own a home business, I would suggest that you learn what it is, and use it rarely. There are many words out there that are used for MLM but this one seems to slow down any forward movement in a lot of the social conversations I have observed as well as the traditional conversations.

What would that word be?

One used quite often by network marketing professionals.

But not SAVVY network marketing professionals.

What is that word?


That is ONE word that turns people off silently…and can be deadly in a conversation. I have seen conversations shut down totally from the use of that word. Did not matter if it was social media or in a home meeting.

It can be a KILLER of a word when it comes to a recruit or sale.

Ok…what word should you use? Fair enough.


I used this word for years and still do when talking to people about training or doing live events. It may not make sense to you, but let me explain.

“You asked me how much the fee is to bring me in? The Value would be <amount> per person.”

“You asked what the Value is to be able to be able to get this weight loss product? It would be 97.00”

“This really will end up costing you nothing. The Value of the product is 147.00 but the way that your skin will appear and feel after a couple of days, you will see that the Value is so much more than that.”

Get them focused ON VALUE.

Not cost.

if you do, you will find that many people that would have turned away, will continue to show interest in your MLM and Home Based business.

blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM – The 5 Most Powerful Parts of Home Business Recruiting

home business recruiting

home business recruiting

Home business

owners for the most part, are very happy people. I have found that over the years, most people that I meet that own a home based business are a lot happier than those that are just in a job.

Nothing wrong with a job at all.

Thank God that jobs exist as they put food on the table and do pay bills.

But Home business owners seem to have a whole different attitude about life and energy for the future. I have had one for 25 years, and think that there is no better way to create a lifestyle. Others may argue, but you cannot dispute the results. And those attitudes and “parts” of a home business are powerful recruiting magnets.

There are 5 powerful “Parts” to a Home business, or I call them parts. They actually are 5 HUGE “Recruiting Tools” that people that own a home business can use in recruiting, and use them to become magnetic. 

What are the 5 parts?

1. Anticipation.

Most home business owners have a more powerful anticipation for their life and future. They seem to have a much stronger expectation that life is going to be better and more fun. And often times, that is exactly what happens. The anticipation “part” is one of the most magnetic parts in recruiting.

“Can you imagine anticipating every day being the best day of your life and tomorrow is going to be better?”

2. Education.

Most people quit learning after their schooling and their personal development has stopped or slowed down dramatically. Home business owners in MLM are on an education path that trains and teaches them to STRETCH themselves. It teaches them newskill sets. It teaches them new ideas. It teaches them new paradigms. And it teaches them new possibilities and hope. Those are very magnetic things for recruiting in network marketing.

What I have learned since I have started my home business is beyond words. I am not the same person and am so much more confident about life.”

3. Restoration.

Many home business owners have had their DREAMS RESTORED. They started dreaming again, and looking forward to life. Home business owners have had their FOCUS restored. They have had their BELIEF restored. They have had their CONFIDENCE restored. And they have had their GREATNESS restored to full power. These are powerful magnets to recruiting in MLM.

“I have got my dreams back and am more excited about helping people then I have ever been. Wow. It feels so good to be excited again.”

4.  Inspiration.

Home business owners have their inspiration restored as they are inspired again to go out and conquer the world. Many people talk motivation motivation motivation. But True Success comes from Inspiration and not just motivation. Motivation can fade. Inspiration is in it for the long haul.

“I am so inspired by the people I have met and really has helped me to see what life really is and can be!”

5. Termination.

Home business owners seems to terminate in their life what is not working. They terminate negative beliefs. They terminate negative thinking. They terminate negative actions. They terminate small focus. They terminate limiting opinions. They terminate restrictive input. And ….they terminate lack and less in their life. Truly a home business can be a terminating experience – in a powerful and profound way.

“I just don’t think the same anymore. I think so much bigger and more powerful and it keeps life exciting and imagine thinking that way all the time! How would that change your life?”

These are the 5 “parts” to a Home business and Success in MLM. Study them and include them in conversations that you hold with people for reasons to engage an MLM network marketing home business!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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Home Business Training- Facts about Home Based Business Industry

hmoe business happy

home business happy


Home Business

 is growing and growing rapidly.

With the economy the way that it is, many people are looking to other streams of income in order to pay their bills and to keep their lifestyle intact. Their jobs are being cut or their income is being reduced, leaving the family in a predicament that they had no control over.

Sound familiar?

That is why many new people are looking to get into their own home business and have more control over their destiny.

But the question is- what are some of the facts that you need to know about the Home Based Business industry and the MLM Network marketing arena?

Let’s take a quick look at some Home business facts:

  1. In 2000 there were about 9 million home businesses in the USA.
  2. IN 2005 there were a little over 11 million home businesses- impressive growth for the industry.
  3. In 2010 it EXPLODED with over 18 million home businesses being run out of the home. THAT is a result of the economy and people wanting more say and control over their future.
  4. Number of homes with a Home business with ongoing ACTIVE offices:  About 35 Million
  5. 10% of the homes in the US now run a home business out of their domicile.
  6. 51% of all small businesses run out of the home as a home business.
  7. There is 40% LESS failure with a home business then a regular franchise or brick and mortar business.
  8. Every 11 seconds, there is a new home based business that is launched out of a home.
  9. The products sold by a home business today can compete in all aspects with any other available products on the market.
  10. The number of home businesses that operate and market daily in social media are 82%.
  11. 2012 expects to have over 20 million home businesses in the USA.
  12. Almost 7 out of 10 home businesses are still in business after 3 years.
  13. Of the 18 million home businesses, nearly 7 million produce 50% of the owners income yearly.
  14. 10 % produce over 400,000.00  a year in revenues- 1 out of 10!
  15. 40% produce over 100,000.oo a year in revenues.
  16. Home Business employees average: 1.8 per home business.
  17. Number of home businesses in marketing: 67%
  18. Annual revenues worldwide  for home businesses:  427 BILLION Dollars
  19. Number of home businesses worldwide:  estimated 109 million.
  20. Projected Home business  US revenues this year:  108 Billion

If you are looking to start a home business then these facts may open your eyes to the amazing possibilties of an MLM Network Marketing team and Home business.

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2011 all rights reserved

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