MLM Training Video- How to Never Get a NO in MLM – Part 1

MLM Network Marketing Home Business Training by Doug Firebaugh on How to Never Get a NO Part 1

Social Recruiting 101? How would you like to learn the secrets of a # 1 Corporate Recruiter in the Nation?

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Home Business MLM Training-Why Recruit Small Business Prospects?

home business recruiting

home business small business

A home based business GOLD MINE for prospects? 

 Yes. A VERY Powerful One.

Today, you have many types of small business owners in social media and online. There are small business fan pages, professional fan pages, knols, blogs, wikis, and many other different kind of small business places to find prospects.

Many people ignore the small business owner.

I did not.

I recruited personally over 100 of them as they were a gold mine in CONTACTS. They already understood the power of running a business. And they already were doing it every day.

If I would have had social media in the 90s to recruit from, I would have recruited hundreds more as it truly makes it so much easier. But yet, many home business owners do no recruit small business owners.

It is quite puzzling to me. Especially in today’s economy- many of them are looking for alternative revenue sources.

I would suggest that you take a HARD LOOK at small business owners as they are a GOLD MINE in social networking as well as offline networking. And I DO believe we are in NETWORK marketing.

That is why I am going to say this ONE MORE TIME:

There is a virtual Gold Mine out in the marketplace online as well as offline,  for network marketing and home business that is being virtually ignored by most folks.

These small business owners have major Success ASSETS for Home Business Success.

And they are waiting on you to tap into. Small business professionals  have 5 things they bring to a home business and MLM that can prove to be absolutely invaluable:

1) Contacts around the country.
2) Existing clients.
3) Experience in the marketplace.
4) Exposure, credibility, and visibility to a lot of folks.
5) Capital that can purchase products.

Many of these owners today, because of the economy, are looking for other sources of revenue. They are major entrepreneurs, and understand the concept of multiple streams of income and revenue options, which are available in a Network Marketing home business.

Ok, who are these gold mines?

The Small Business Professional in your city and town.

And this Gold mine is endless as far as potential, possibilities, contacts, sales, and profit.

We all need to get into our warm market whether in social media or offline, and rarely is a warm market totally exhausted. Most people never call on a third of their warm market. That is an industry fact.

But we ALL know small business professionals in our warm market, and they are a lot of times very willing to take a look at a “secondary revenue source”.

Let me ask you some questions:

Who do you purchase things from on a regular basis?
Who do you buy your insurance from?
Who did you buy your real estate from?
Who do you purchase your groceries from?                                                                Who do you know that owns a small business?

These are just a few of the folks we do business with that can be a gold mine in network marketing and a home business.

Small business owners are looking today for how to expand, increase, improve, and enlarge their current business and profits, and network marketing has proven to be a great source of income for the right business owner.

Who would be some small business professionals in your town as well as on social media?

1) Print Shop Managers/Owners.
2) Book Store Managers/ Owners
3) Restaurant Manager/ Owner
4) CPA
5) Attorney
6) Stock Broker
7) Jewelry Store Manager/Owner
8) Service Station Owner
9) Local Pharmacy owner
10) Grocery Store Owner/ manager
11) Book keepers
12) Fitness Trainers
13) Health Professionals
14) Medical professionals
15) Consultants

The List is endless.

Everywhere you look is a potential Gold Mine for your MLM business when you drive around or when you are on facebook or twitter.. Even look in the yellow pages, and the Chamber of Commerce.

You will be shocked how large the market really is.  HUGE!

The average city has literally hundreds and even thousands of small business owners, and they all have one thing in common:

Wanting to enlarge and multiply profits.

Try to stay within the range of 10- 25 employees to start off. This is a good number and usually the owner is in a position to make the decisions without a lot of red tape.

Start contacting the small business owners you know, and ask for their help. Ask them to take a look at your Network marketing products and services, and consider making them available to their employees at a discount. Ask if you could do a mini seminar at their place of business after hours.

And then run the idea past them of having a secondary revenue source themselves with your products.

We were blessed to recruit hundreds upon hundreds of small business owners in our group, and it really was easy, once you got your first one.

They brought in the rest into MLM and Network Marketing. And that is why that I believe that the small business owner is one of the most overlooked prospect GOLD MINES in the home business profession.

ENDLESS LEADS? Yes- and most of them cost you NOTHING! Check it OUT!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- How to Get Past Discouragement and Frustration?

home business didcouragement

mlm discouragement

In any home based business, it is easy to get discouraged. It is easy to walk away.

Yes this is a simple business, but maybe not easy at times. Everyone goes through the stages of doubt and not sure this is for you.

Been there and done that.

But the question today needs to be asked:

Feel Like Giving UP?

As a Leader in your home business company, you are going to find there are times that you and your folks can get a little discouraged, or in some instances, a lot discouraged, and that requires what we at DFTI call “Discouragement Management”.

You MUST be able to get your team and people as well as yourself back on track and out of the slack.

How do you do that?

It starts with an understanding of what discouragement really is, and what creates it, and then what to do to get rid of it, and ALL Leaders need to know this.

First off, discouragement is simply an emotion that replaces courage, or the will to continue.

And just like the words displace, distrust, or dislike, this emotion creates the opposite of what once is the Silent, Deadly Thief in a Distributors life, and you must know how to handle it in your home business.

There are basically 5 things that create discouragement in this business, and all else revolves around them:

1) Questioning yourself.

All discouragement starts with questioning yourself, consciously, or subconsciously..those deadly words -”Can I really Do this?” and it echoes in their heart.

2) Lack of Results.

This is a biggie. You can eject yourself from this business with no results. And this starts with questioning you, which sabotages your actions, which cripples your results.

3) Expectations too high.

This is done almost daily in this home business profession.The new person does not yet have the skill set to build a million dollar business, but expects to, and when it does not happen quickly, they think they cannot do this business.

4) Listening to the Wrong People.

This can discourage quickly, as people that the new distributor knows becomes negative and the distributor is not
inoculated to fend off the arrows. (This is a Must!)

5) Loss of a Vision OnFire.

People do this home business professions to Increase, Empower, or Improve something in their life. All Leaders know this. After you have been in a while, you can lose the Fire for your Vision, because slowly, silently, Doubt has crept in, created by distractions, or Lack of Focus, or lack of Empowering Relationships…growing into a Discouragement Tumor, then Cancer.

ok….What can we do to battle this?

1) First off, understand that most Discouragement is caused by Set Backs in the Distributors Heart.

What can create these Set Backs? We have found that most of these in home business are caused by one thing:

Communication Errors.

We get paid to do one thing –Communicate with people! And when Set Backs happen, most can be traced to the communication power (or lack of it) in the new person’s effort.

Sit down with the new person, (or your upline if you are down and out), and walk through the Prospecting with them to see if they have enough folks to talk to.

Go through how they are contacting people and listen live as they do it to see where the breakdown is. Take notes. Listen to their Presentation, and see where the breakdown is, as well as the Getting the Decision, and handling objections.

Somewhere in there, you will find the problem, I promise. Whether it is too weak communication, non-conviction communication, lack of enough communication, too much communication, or too strong communication, you will find the glitch.

And do not forget the “inner communication” within ourselves as we speak to others…If that is negative, so goes the appointment.

2) Have Home Office call the Down Distributor (someone of notoriety) and chat with the distributor to encourage them.

A little ‘Special Attention” has refired many down folks into SuccessInfernos! Also have a Top Earner call them as well and tell the Distributor about their own hard times and challenges..

3) Micro-Event a day.

What is that? Sit down with the new distributor, and make a list of easy, small actions you KNOW will be successful ( 5 phone calls, 5 letters out, 5 new prospects, etc) and celebrate their efforts and small successes. They MUST get back to
expecting Success, no matter how small, through micro-events.

4) Say the 4 Power Words.

Over and Over and Over, say the Most Powerful Words In Downline Building..

I BELIEVE IN YOU! (Do you know how long it has been for most people since they have heard those words? Usually it has been YEARS!

This is what we call home business “Battered Heart First Aid”.

WARNING: Some folks will become discouraged and when you try to help, will become almost co-dependent.

Always say ‘I cannot and will not do this Business For You, for that would cripple you. So I need to find out what is wrong, and correct you can do this in a more Powerful Way..”

So In Summary — Special Attention, Focus on the Process, and Ignite their Hearts with the 4 Power Words.

Discouragement Managementis Imperative in this Business, as all Entrepreneurial Ventures. Take the time to ReEmpower the individual, and to ReFire them for Success with the above Suggestions.

And all you need to say to radically change their paradigm, is say and throw the “Discouragement Grenade: “I believe in you, and I see Great things in you, you dont even know they are there. LEAN ON MY BELIEF while we go through this valley, and I promise you, we WILL get through this, because as a Leader, I believe in the A.D.I.T. Principle..”All Discouragement Is Temporary”…and you and I are in this For PERMANENT Results! Now this is what we are going to do First…”

These words alone will ignite a fire that will burn bright and not go out. And if discouragement comes again you know what you must say and do for Success in your mlm network marketing home business.

Create a Prospecting Hurrucane of leads by doing this!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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Social Media and Network Marketing Together to Ignite your Business?

Home Business Training- What are You RADIATING about YOU to Your Prospect?

home business success

home business success

Many people in a home business do not understand the incredible power of what THEY ARE FEELING FROM YOU.

You may not know it, or even realize it, but you RADIATE something FROM YOU and IN YOU that impacts people in a powerful way.

Good or bad.

Often the “Radiation” that comes from us determines a LOT of what people decide to do.


And it happens more often that you think.

Here is a quote I recently put out:

“What people sense about you is often more important than what they hear from you. Your presence is your silent calling card, either in person or on the phone. What is your presence saying to your prospect?”

People have a sense about things.

They have a sense that guides them and directs them in many ways. Especially when it comes to making decisions to do things or not do things.

And they can tell quickly what you are really up to, and whether they want to talk to you or not about your home business, products, or anything else.

What SHOULD they be sensing about you?

What SHOULD they be perceiving ABOUT YOU?

Simple….they need to sense:

You are there to SOLVE A PROBLEM and HELP THEM move their life forward and upward by Caring, Sharing, and Solving.


No exceptions.

No other alternative.

THAT is the SUCCESS FOCUS of an MLM Network Marketing home business.

You are NOT there for a TRANSACTION.

 You are there for a TRANSFORMATION – whose fruit could LEAD to a transaction.

A Transformation in their weight, health, skin, income, self imae, and lifestyle. YOU are there to take their life to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL by taking their HOPE and POSSIBILITIES to a level that they have only dreamed.

Paint a picture with your words of how great life is going to be working with you.

Paint a picture with your words of their lifestyle being transformed right before their eyes.

Paint a picture with your words of their DESTINY being one of amazing potential.

THAT will be so magnetic that they will listen to anything you have to say about your home business.

Now THAT makes a LOT of sense!

Your presence is powerful. Make sure that it is radiating SUCCESS in your home based business.

Here is a Billion Dollars Worth of Prospecting Training!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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Social Network Marketeing Secrets- for Social Media Success!

MLM Prospecting- The HIDDEN Question the Prospect Always Asks?

mlm prospecting

mlm prospecting

Prospecting in MLM is something that MUST happen everyday.

In social media, online, internet, offline, and any other way that it takes to find quality prospect for your home business.

But many do not look at the mlm prospecting process from the PROSPECT’S point of view.

That is a MUST.

ALWAYS consider the prospect’s point of view and what they are thinking.

THAT is critical as it is the PROSPECT that must be motivated to move towards you. And knowing what they are thinking will pay handsomely down the road in your mlm prospecting.

Imagine this…

There you are.

You are right in the middle of this great mlm presentation and then suddenly the network marketing prospect seems to drift off, and you are losing them. They eventually come back to you, but there for a minute you were a little worried about what you were doing wrong.

You were doing nothing wrong.

They were just walking into THE QUESTION.

There you are.

You are in front of 50 people, and rocking the house with a great mlm prospecting presentation and everything seems to be going incredible. And then suddenly, one by one, the mlm prospects seem to be somewhere else, and not with you. HELLO! You look, and one by one, they are returning. You question what just happened.


They were just walking through THE QUESTION.

Every home business network marketing prospect that you have talked to, or ever will talk to, asks this question sometime during the path to the Decision in Network Marketing. We all make it, and we all think it with every thing we look at doing or buying. It is done everyday.

Many times, we ask it quietly, and other times we will drift off and think about it, and feeling what answer we can come up with.

Especially in MLM and Network Marketing and Home business.


“What kind of VALUE do I feel this has for my life, and is it enough Value for me to bring into my life?”

You may not think those exact words, but you will think them in some form.

VALUE RULES in making decisions to change, add, or delete anything in your life.

 It is the same in Home Business Network Marketing and MLM.

The Next time that you are presenting to a prospect, make sure you POUR ON THE VALUE.

These are questions that your mlm prospect will be thinking:

How will this create Value to the prospect’s future and family?

How will this create more Value in their lifestyle?

How will this bring more Value than what they currently have or doing?

How will this bring Value to their Dreams?

How will this bring Value to their life and future that they cannot get anywhere else or from anyone else?

VALUE is the KEY to unlocking the MLM Success Doors.

Are you turning it in your MLM and Network Marketing home business or are you missing it?

The MLM prospect MUST feel that what you are talking to them is of EXTREME Value, and if it is, you will find your business soaring in your MLM and home based business.

How did THESE Prospecting tactics turn into a Billion Dollars worth of Business?

Blessings…Doug Firebaugh

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Social Media Training for Home business Success

MLM – The 5 Most Powerful Parts of Home Business Recruiting

home business recruiting

home business recruiting

Home business

owners for the most part, are very happy people. I have found that over the years, most people that I meet that own a home based business are a lot happier than those that are just in a job.

Nothing wrong with a job at all.

Thank God that jobs exist as they put food on the table and do pay bills.

But Home business owners seem to have a whole different attitude about life and energy for the future. I have had one for 25 years, and think that there is no better way to create a lifestyle. Others may argue, but you cannot dispute the results. And those attitudes and “parts” of a home business are powerful recruiting magnets.

There are 5 powerful “Parts” to a Home business, or I call them parts. They actually are 5 HUGE “Recruiting Tools” that people that own a home business can use in recruiting, and use them to become magnetic. 

What are the 5 parts?

1. Anticipation.

Most home business owners have a more powerful anticipation for their life and future. They seem to have a much stronger expectation that life is going to be better and more fun. And often times, that is exactly what happens. The anticipation “part” is one of the most magnetic parts in recruiting.

“Can you imagine anticipating every day being the best day of your life and tomorrow is going to be better?”

2. Education.

Most people quit learning after their schooling and their personal development has stopped or slowed down dramatically. Home business owners in MLM are on an education path that trains and teaches them to STRETCH themselves. It teaches them newskill sets. It teaches them new ideas. It teaches them new paradigms. And it teaches them new possibilities and hope. Those are very magnetic things for recruiting in network marketing.

What I have learned since I have started my home business is beyond words. I am not the same person and am so much more confident about life.”

3. Restoration.

Many home business owners have had their DREAMS RESTORED. They started dreaming again, and looking forward to life. Home business owners have had their FOCUS restored. They have had their BELIEF restored. They have had their CONFIDENCE restored. And they have had their GREATNESS restored to full power. These are powerful magnets to recruiting in MLM.

“I have got my dreams back and am more excited about helping people then I have ever been. Wow. It feels so good to be excited again.”

4.  Inspiration.

Home business owners have their inspiration restored as they are inspired again to go out and conquer the world. Many people talk motivation motivation motivation. But True Success comes from Inspiration and not just motivation. Motivation can fade. Inspiration is in it for the long haul.

“I am so inspired by the people I have met and really has helped me to see what life really is and can be!”

5. Termination.

Home business owners seems to terminate in their life what is not working. They terminate negative beliefs. They terminate negative thinking. They terminate negative actions. They terminate small focus. They terminate limiting opinions. They terminate restrictive input. And ….they terminate lack and less in their life. Truly a home business can be a terminating experience – in a powerful and profound way.

“I just don’t think the same anymore. I think so much bigger and more powerful and it keeps life exciting and imagine thinking that way all the time! How would that change your life?”

These are the 5 “parts” to a Home business and Success in MLM. Study them and include them in conversations that you hold with people for reasons to engage an MLM network marketing home business!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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Home Business -WHAT IT REALLY TAKES to Succeed in Network Marketing

Home based business decision
Home based decision


What it REALLY Takes…

There are only 2 types of distributors in the home business profession:

1. Those that are Succeeding.

2. Those that are NOT.

I am not sure which one you are in, but regardless, you are one of the two.

Recently on a radio show, Iwas asked what it REALLY took to succeed in a home business. Fair question. I thought for a minute and I said that there was all of the expected answers:





Skill Set.


But I said that wile all those are crtical, I fel that what is really the most important determining factor was rarely taught or even discussed. After 25 years in a profession, you observe, and learn, and then determine the facts as they are. We all do it. You do it. But we still have a tendency to keep to the more traditional answers as they are more accepted.

I believe that what it REALLY takes to succeed in Network Marketing is one thing:


 Plain And simple.

Most people choose to TRY this business, NOT Decide to Succeed in it. Most people join a company, but not decide to become a PART OF THE VISION.

A Decision is unalterable and is unstoppable. A choice can be changed like your clothes. A Decision is from the heart. A choice is from the mind and is fleeting like most thoughts.

DECIDE and then let the POWER UNLEASHED  by your Decision carry your business to higher levels of success.

A person will respond to a person that has made a Decision to succeed much more positive than someone who has chosen to “see what happens” with there business. It is what they are FEELING from your Decision- a Power that will not be DENIED. There is little power in choice- only selection.

Choice determines direction… Decision determines DESTINY.

Decide. Plain and simple. Those that choose… generally lose. Those that Decide… get the prize.

How simple.

That is what it REALLY TAKES to succeed in an MLM and Network Marketing Home business.


Doug Firebaugh

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