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Home based business decision
Home based decision


What it REALLY Takes…

There are only 2 types of distributors in the home business profession:

1. Those that are Succeeding.

2. Those that are NOT.

I am not sure which one you are in, but regardless, you are one of the two.

Recently on a radio show, Iwas asked what it REALLY took to succeed in a home business. Fair question. I thought for a minute and I said that there was all of the expected answers:





Skill Set.


But I said that wile all those are crtical, I fel that what is really the most important determining factor was rarely taught or even discussed. After 25 years in a profession, you observe, and learn, and then determine the facts as they are. We all do it. You do it. But we still have a tendency to keep to the more traditional answers as they are more accepted.

I believe that what it REALLY takes to succeed in Network Marketing is one thing:


 Plain And simple.

Most people choose to TRY this business, NOT Decide to Succeed in it. Most people join a company, but not decide to become a PART OF THE VISION.

A Decision is unalterable and is unstoppable. A choice can be changed like your clothes. A Decision is from the heart. A choice is from the mind and is fleeting like most thoughts.

DECIDE and then let the POWER UNLEASHED  by your Decision carry your business to higher levels of success.

A person will respond to a person that has made a Decision to succeed much more positive than someone who has chosen to “see what happens” with there business. It is what they are FEELING from your Decision- a Power that will not be DENIED. There is little power in choice- only selection.

Choice determines direction… Decision determines DESTINY.

Decide. Plain and simple. Those that choose… generally lose. Those that Decide… get the prize.

How simple.

That is what it REALLY TAKES to succeed in an MLM and Network Marketing Home business.


Doug Firebaugh http://www.passionfire.com

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