Network Marketing – What is the ONE SECRET to Hitting the Two Types of Goals?

home business goals

home business goals

Home business

goals are critical in any success endeavor that you may engage.

Goals are where you are headed on a day by day hour by hour  basis.

Network Marketingis a very GOAL DRIVEN Success vehicle, and that is why many people struggle-they do not set the Goals that will DRIVE your business.

For example, in Galaxy Marketing company, you will find there are POSITIONS or RANKS that you must obtain. These are goals for you to focus on, work towards, capture and to obtain. Your company probably has these levels of achievement and you may already have been promoted- Congrats!

But yet- positions and levels actually — NOTE–are the FRUIT of Goals- and not really the goals themselves if you REALLY want to get technical.

You set goals on a daily basis for your home business and those goals you must engage and obtain to drive your business forward and also to get closer to the rank you are shooting for. Your daily goals actually are the DAILY DRIVERS in your MLM success, but your Rank or Title you are aiming for is the FOLLOW THROUGH FRUIT that occurs and happens when you Follow Through and obtain your daily goals.

Ok…then why don’t most people HIT their goals instead of missing them?

There is a secret that we have learned that you MUST grasp in your network marketing business and if you do, you will be amazed at what happens to your business.

There are 2 types of Goals:

1. Goals that YOU SET.

2. Goals that SET YOU.

Most people set goals and then ignore the goals that SET YOU.

Goals that YOU SET are targets and tasks and accomplishments that will drive you forward as well as your home based business. Those goals are what you plan on and aim for and then engage towards.

Goals that SET YOU are different types of goals that most do not set as they probably do not know about them and you may not as well.

Goals that SET YOU are the goals and rewards that YOU give yourself for accomplishing a task, succeeding at a phone call, doing a great presentation, or getting some powerful new friends or followers on social media.

These are the Goals that SET YOU in Motion.

Goals that SET YOU on TRACK!

Goals that SET YOU on FIRE with a focus of achieving so you can be receiving- what you have set as your reward.

NOTE: If you have goals that SET YOU- you will see so much more accomplished than you could ever believe.

Here is an example:

‘if I make 10 calls today and get 2 appointments, I will go to starbucks and reward myself with a gree tea and quiet time.”

“If I do 1 blog post, 10 comments, get 5 new twitter followers, and jump in on 5 facebook conversations, I will reward myelf that book I have been wanting to buy about Leadership.”

SET Goals that SET YOU in Motion, On track- and onFIRE for EXPLODING your Daily Accomplishments and  your network marketing home business!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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About Doug Firebaugh

Doug Firebaugh is the CEO of PassionFire International, a success and leadership development company for the Home Business industry. Doug is one of the most sought after speakers / trainers / authors and consultants in the Home Business / MLM profession. With over 25 years of Success and experience, plus a Billion Dollar Success story, his trainings and coaching have helped CEOs and Presidents of Home Business corporations to experience unprecedented growth. He has coached numerous organizations and downlines worldwide beyond their barriers and limitations, to a level of success they only once dreamed of. What can Doug Firebaugh DO FOR YOU?


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