MLM – The Hidden Power of An MLM Home Business?


mlm home business

mlm home business

Home business

in MLM has a hidden power that most are unaware of to help people.

It can be a Change Agent for your life if you let it. Many people think that the MLM or Home Business or Network Marketing profession are for those people that cannot find jobs.


That is such a myth.

 Many professionals from other professions are coming into network marketing because of this hidden power that many home based business professionals use but use unknowingly.

Gravity is such a power. You are influenced by Gravity everyday, but yet you never really are that much aware of it. You really do not spend that much time thinking about it.

It just happens and keeps you from floating away.

It is the same with the Hidden Power of an MLM Home Business.

The other day I was on a three way coaching call and saw this in action and it was really rocking hot to see. I quietly listened taking notes and then when the hidden power was unleashed- wow. It was a game changer.

There are many different “powers” to owning a home business but this one is the one that really helps you along to recruit and to sponsor a lot of folks.

Ok…enough of the babble. What hidden power am I talking about that influences people to enroll in your business?


Many people are disgusted with what is going on in their life. They are disgusted with their income. They are disgusted with their job. They are disgusted with their recent raise or lack of one. They are disgusted with who they work with. They are disgusted with the lack of power and options they have to change it.

They are disgusted because they think they are POWERLESS to do anything.

That is where you come in.

You are the knight (or princess) in shining armor that is going to do 3 things:

1. Expose the pain.

2. Enlarge the pain.

3. Relieve the pain,


Create a conversation that finds out and Exposes what they are really not happy about in their life.

“What is the one thing you would give anything to change in your life?”

Then Enlarge the pain by observing that the way their life is going, it probably will only get worse.

“Wow. I am so sorry. Do you see much change happening there or maybe it getting worse?”

Then Relieve the pain by offering them a solution to their disgust with options with your business and products.

“I have an idea that I am not sure that it would be for you, but would like to run it past you. It has helped a lot of people move out of  the position you seem to be in. Let me explain…”

You have with a Home Business the hidden power of what I call “Disgust Busters!”You can help people get past the disgust with where they are in life with simply a little conversation and bringing in that DB power in 3 simple steps.

If you do that, you will help a lot of people with your MLM Home Business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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