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MLM Training- Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business will Explode During the Holidays- or Won’t

mlm home business recruiting

home business mlm recruiting

MLM Holidays Recruiting.

Are you looking forward to the holidays for your home business?

Is your calendar full of appointments for your network marketing business?

Do you have a PLAN for the holidays and how you are going to work them for your work at home business mlm?

Many people say that the holidays is “Throttle Back” time and take it easy as NO ONE really will want to talk to you.


I have had over a dozen coaching clients recruit someone on Christmas eve, and 2 on Christmas DAY.  Yes  you read that right. How did they do that?


And they understood the Top 10 reasons why your business will explode during the holidays.


You can either embrace these, or not-up to you. But I can tell you that the most powerful thing that you can do is just take ONE of them and DRIVE IT INTO YOUR BUSINESS over the holidays.

NOTE to Self:  Business DOES NOT slow down during the holidays- DISTRIBUTORS DO-and  Leaders Do NOT.


That is a Golden law of the Holidays Business Building and if you are ready to ACCELERATE your home business during the holidays and Christmas- ROCKING!

What ARE the Top 10 reasons?


The most powerful part of the holidays is the Emotion that is brought forth at ONLY this time of year. It does nor occur any other time like the holidays. And your goal is to tap into that emotion and get them talking about what they love about this season and why. Find out what they love- and then find out what they would love to change during this time to make their life better. I can only tell you that Emotions make someone much more willing to talk about change as they are in a “safe place” in their mind and you are connected to that space. Find out what they want to change NOW- and help them.


People gather more during the holiday season more than any other time of the year. That equals CONVERSATIONS. But do not “attack” the family-online or offline. Do NOT bring your business up. let them ask about it as you use your products in front of them. Talk to them about 2013. Find out their new years resolution. Ask people what 2013 looks like to them. FIND THE PAIN. Then  talk to them after Christmas about it. “Were you serious when you said you really wanted to change….”


What part of this don’t we all understand? The economy is one of the greatest Conversation Openers that exists today. Ask them about what they see happening. Ask them about their Personal Economy. Is it working for them or do they want more from it? Ask or write them how would you describe today’s economy? How is it impacting you?”

Ask them what they would like to change about their lifestyle- and LISTEN. They are telling you how to recruit them. If on facebook-same thing. LinkedIn-same thing. Mobile – same thing.


During this time of the year, most are “Forward Focused” and “Fired Up for CHANGE.” Stoke their fire. Ask them what they are planning on changing in 2103. Why?

That is a recruiting bulls eye. Whether on skype or face to face- show them how their Forward Focus can transform into a Force of Fortune. “If you describe your 2012 in ONE word- what would it be?” LISTEN. There is your opening and recruiting magnet.


Today with the mobile devices, social media, and even pinterest and instagram, you can create a connection unlike anything that has existed before. And because of that, you can truly leverage technology beyond your imagination. Send a youtube greeting to friends over the holiday- via mobile media. SMS folks and let them know you are thinking of them and miss them. Get on social media and every one that has put up holiday pictures or videos- COMMENT. Get to know them. And get Connected to them if you are not.

Technology = The Accelerator. Period.


That what happens when the holidays arrive. People, by habit, start seeking some kind of change for the better. And they seek-and they seek- and they seek. Many people today in social media and in conversation, will let you know they are not happy where they are in life.

Great. Get them HAPPY. Show them how a little change of tactics with their time can bring a flood of profits into their world. “So what is your PLAN for changing? Would you like one that WORKS?”



Most people have time off for the holidays. Here is a MILLION Dollar question: What better time is there to bring up working from  home, when they ARE at home, and really want to STAY at home and not go back to work away for  their kids?

“You looking forward to going back to work? No? Why Not? Have you ever thought of being proactive about staying at home and making more money then you are now?”



People during the Holiday Season seem to be in a more talkative mood then most any other time of the year. Ok….TALK to them ABOUT THEM. Talk about 2013 and what they MUST change. Talk to them about paying off their credit cards early. Talk to them about the holidays and people they KNOW. Talk to them about what the Holidays bring to their life – and what they WISH they would bring to their life.

TALK- about THEM. Period. End of discussion.


In any gathering, ask this one question: “I could really use your help on something. Won’t take much. But now is not a good time. After the first, can we hold a private conversation for a couple of minutes?”

This is a KILLER question for online and social media as well.

10. FAR.   Frustration. Anger. Resentment.

I have never seen folks so frustrated about life, in my life time here on earth. And because of it, they are Angry about it, and often carry Resentment of their job, paycheck, boss, and other things into conversations. Listen to their language and emotions. They are actually OPEN to some help simply by talking openly about their struggles from income to outgo.

OK…help them. “What is your PLAN to get through this?” “Are you going to remain frustrated or would  you like to get out of that?” “Let me share with you an idea that has changed my life and could easily yours…”

Social Up and Mobile UP and let people know you are a Solution Specialist and can help them in a multitude of ways.

These are 10 reasons why your business is going to explode in your mlm network marketing home business.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power-over 50 secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- How to Engage the 4 Steps of Mobile Recruiting-Part 2

mlm network marketing mobile marketing

mlm home business mobile recruiting

MLM Mobile Marketing and Mobile Recruiting.

Are you aware how fast how fast mobile marketing is growing for home business?

Are you engaging mobile in your network marketing recruiting?

Are you using your mobile for building your mlm business?

Mobile Recruiting and Mobile Marketing are 2 powerful “still in diapers” marketing tactics that will change the face of home business as we know it. It will transform out profession into a much more laser focused and speedy system, with amazing accuracy. I would suggest you get on the ball and start learning about mobile recruiting if you have not.

Here is Part 2 of a 2 a part Mobile Recruiting article series I did with the # 1 Corporate Recruiter in the Nation for a head hunting firm. He has become a legend with social media and now mobile recruiting. You can Read Part One here.

D:  What do you think is the most important element in Mobile Recruiting?

S:  Oh that is easy. STRATEGY. You must have a cohesive marketing and recruiting strategy behind your mobile recruiting. You must have  PLAN that works and works every time. I have a plan with my mobile recruiting and it is a pretty simple plan.

 1. P stands for PUSH.

I want to push a message out daily to the prospects I have that may be a
candidate in the making for a company I represent.

 2. L stands for LOOK.

I want the prospect to LOOK at my message and there is no better way and no
quicker way then mobile recruiting. Of course I want to have something that
will grab their attention as well.

 3. A stands for ACTIVATE.

I want the prospect to TAKE ACTION on something and that is why I offer a free
ebook to the mobile prospect to get their name and email. I want them to be
activated and already moving towards me when I contact them. I want them to
KNOW who I am and start building a relationship IMMEDIATELY. A free gift of
some kind starts that process.

 4. N stands for NAVIGATE.

I want to Navigate the prospect to a  page, webinar or video of some kind. This will introduce the company I am representing and the position. In a home business scenario I would think this would be an introduction to the business.

 These are what I do daily. Mobile recruiting is much like fishing. But you must have a lot of lines in the market and once you get a strike, you will find they are already in the recruiting process with their mobile device.

D:  Do you think that Mobile Recruiting will be as big as recruiting on social media?

 S : Yes, I do. It will take a couple of years to create a solid marketing and highly productive recruiting model, but once it has been solidified and tested for breakage, it could very well take over the social media recruiting frenzy.

D: Ok, here is an obvious question: why do you think that way?

S: Oh that one is so easy to answer. SPEED. The pace of recruiting with a mobile device is so much faster then social networking. On a mobile, you have the prospect entering into the recruiting process within seconds. With social media it could take a week or 2 or longer. There is certainly a LOT of
recruiting going on in social media, but speed can hinder to some degree.

The pace of mobile recruiting as far as getting them in the recruiting process can be as fast as lightening. The mobile user is use to opening up a text quickly, and if they opt in for a free ebook, then you have them in the recruiting process within seconds. THAT is much more appealing to the younger generation as they operate at that pace.

D: One final question about mobile recruiting before we take a break. What do you believe is THE secret to mobile recruiting success?

S: Hmmm…..good question. Hmmmmm….<thinking>    Doug, I would say if there is one thing that really matters- it is IMPACT. Your message and mobile website must create a visual and actional impact that will get the prospect to DO something and not just click away.

It needs to be visually appealing and full of hope. I think it should ask a question and also LEAD them somewhere. That is the real thing that people are looking for. Often, people want to be lead down a path and if you have an impact-ful mobile site, then you will find them engaging that site right off the bat.

D: What are some of the opening questions you ask when you are in “Fully Engaged Recruiting”…as that is what you call that process?

S: Great Question.  I always ask “Are you looking for a job or for a secure high paying future?”  I would suggest that might be something that your people may use. But say it like…hmmm…”Are you looking for a high paying future of more of the same thing you have now?” These are the type of things that pull people into your website.

 I would also suggest that they ask, “Are you looking for a high paying secure business from home or more of the where you are now?” I know. That is a bit blunt, but you must sometimes be blunt to get their attention.

 And one more would be, “ Are you satisfied with where you are career wise or would you be open to a high paying future that you control and manage?” This is what I believe would work, and I have been recruiting for a while as you know. I hope this will help your readers and folks.

These are massive powerful strategies for mobile recruiting for your mlm network marketing home based business.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power-over 50 secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- Mobile Recruiting and WHY It will be a GAME CHANGER-Part 1

mlm mobile recruiting home business

mlm network marketing mobile

MLM Mobile Recruiting and Marketing.

Do you use your mobile device for your home business?

Do you use SMS for texting for your network marketing efforts?

Are you aware how powerful mobile recruiting is for mlm?

I had the great honor of interviewing a # 1 Corporate Recruiter in the nation about recruiting using mobile devices. It can be applied as well with a home business and online marketing.

S stands for Scott, D stands for Doug.

The interview took place at a country club during summer of 2012 This starts in the latter part of the interview and Scott has been talking about social networking.

D  So let’s talk about what you call one of the  most powerful Recruiting phenomenon in Corporate Recruiting- Mobile Recruiting and Mobile Marketing. Think Mobile Marketing has a prayer for success?

S  <laughing> Everything has a prayer. Just some have a bigger return on the prayer and I believe that Mobile Recruiting is changing the face of Corporate
Recruiting as well as your profession-the home business person. I believe that
if done correctly, Mobile Recruiting can accelerate the process of recruiting a tremendous amount. Everywhere I read as well as my industry’s experts, all say that this is the coming wave and they all are saying to get on the band wagon.

It ACCELERATES the Recruiting process and can create a real connection unlike most other paths to recruiting. People look a their mobile at least 15 times a day. How would you like for YOU to be in their phone every time that they look at it? Would that give you an advantage?

D You have been mobile recruiting now for what? 3 years?

S  Yes, 3 years. And it really has made a difference in my ability to stay in touch with my candidates. Connection is so important in recruiting and it helps me stay more connected as it gives me an extra “Power Reach” as I call it.  Let me explain. Mobile recruiting gives me the power to reach my clients in a way that was not available even 4 years ago.

I call it “Mobile Glue” as it really does keep you glued to their mind with a mobile recruiting program. It does what I call “Explodes Your Reach” and that is what I want to happen in my recruiting strategy.

 It allows me to also reach those potential candidates with a channel or technology that they are used to looking at literally up to a hundred times a day.  We use SMS, Mobile Media, and other mobile tactics that allow us to move the prospect forward into the recruiting flow.

 Mobile Recruiting is a more powerful connection power than email or even social networking. It gives me entrance into their daily routine and it is so much more powerful to meet them where they are versus chasing them via the phone.

I have numerous candidates that right now have been doing all of their job searching effort via their mobile devices as it is so much more convenient. Now let’s be real, that is a smaller percentage than those who we have connected with via job boards, monster, hotjobs and those kind of job sites. But we have a growing percentage of those that ask for a text or text them a link or a corporate video  to the company website they might want to consider.

 This once again accelerates the pace and speed of recruiting overall. It really does make an impact as well when you start showing you are in the Mobile
world. Many candidates like that fact as it shows that we are in the up to date
mode and not one of the ol fogey corporate recruitment firms.

 There are many of them out there as well as more traditional home business companies. I am going to make a prediction: If a company within the net 18 months does not embrace mobile recruiting and mobile marketing, they will be left behind in the dust. I promise you that as they will be playing catch up for a long time.

If you want to stay in a more “personal touch” as the prospect carries their mobile on “their person,” and that is much more powerful communication as well as more intimate and personal. It truly is a great way to “get an edge” on your prospect, and set yourself apart.

And all you do is simply say, “Here is my mobile number, please write it down. I would like to lock your mobile number into my phone-what would that be?”

These are wise words of advice from a # 1 Corporate Recruiter in the nation on Mobile Recruiting for your mlm network marketing home business.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power-over 50 secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- 10 Holiday Recruiting Secrets for Local, Social, Mobile

mlm home business holidays

mlm home business Christmas recruiting

MLM Holiday Recruiting.

Have you ever during the Holidays tried to recruit someone for your home based business?

Did you KNOW what to do or how to do it for your network marketing business?

Would you like to know some secrets to Holiday Recruiting in mlm?

By the way- if you are interested in Holiday Recruiting secrets, go to: Holiday Recruiting Secrets.

This has holiday tips from Myself, Diane Hochman, and over 30 super stars in our profession that have given some HOT holiday Recruiting tips. CHECK IT OUT as it has over 4 hours of tips!

The holidays are a great time to network and recruit. I know. Some folks say the opposite. But I recruited for 4 years in a row someone – ON CHRISTMAS EVE! It is not hard to do. And these 10 Holiday Recruiting Tips I believe will help you in your holiday business building for your home business.

Here are 10 “Holiday Recruiting  Secrets” for the Holiday Season and beyond!

1.  Always seek out the Host and thank them for putting this on.

This is critical in ANY meeting or event during the holidays. ALWAYS make sure they know that you are there and hold a conversation with them as they may be an influencer and know the person you are looking for. And if you are the host, seek out the Influencers and spend some time with them.  Get to know them. Ask them if you can take them to lunch after the holidays to chat.

If you are on an online event, make sure you contact the host/ trainer of the event and thank them and get to know them. “Social Up” with them and connect with them to form a “Social Web” and eventually take it offline if possible.

2.  Always be the first to break the ice.

Whether you are on a social site, or offline, approach people with a simple, “Hey! I have not met you. My name is <   >  what is yours?”

Or….”Hey!  I have not had the honor of meeting you and would love to connect online. Are you on facebook or Google+? I love your photos you have been sharing. Here s my twitter / facebook name….”

3.   Always use the “W5” Networking template in Holiday Live Networking environments that you do not know people.

Always ask “Who – What – When – Where – Why.”

Who do you WORK for or With?

What do you do?

When did you start <or start your company>?”

Where is it located?

Why do you work there?   <Why did you start your company?>” if they own the company. Get their contact information.

4.  Always ask for a “Contact Number” or a “Mobile Number” NEVER a telephone number.

“I have really enjoyed this conversation. Just curious would love to chat again. Do you have a contact/mobile number/card?”

Here is a MILLION DOLLAR SECRET for LIVE Offline Holiday Recruiting:

Get your mobile phone out, ask them “Do you have a contact number? I would like to lock it in my phone.”

5. Always set a Goal for Holiday Contact Acquisition.

Contact Acquisition is THE ENGINE for your LIVE Networking Success. This alone will keep you FOCUSED on WHY you are there and not to spend all your time with one person. Set a goal for at least 3 contacts and hour. This will provide you ample time to hold a good conversation with folks and move on to the next one.

If online, set a goal to connect with at least 5 new people every session.

6. Always “Boomerang Your Network” before you leave the Holiday Networking event.

Find the people you connected with, and thank them again for their time. Make sure you do this, as it “reconnects” the conversation to the prospect. This is a boomerang for connections.

This  says three things:

You are truly a professional, you care about them and their success, and you look forward to connecting  again after the first of the year. That sets you apart as well as 95% of people do NOT do this.

7. Always get their Social Media and Mobile info and  connect with them the next day.

You  are starting to build a “Credibility Net” and you will be remembered for being so  prompt in the social world. Thank them again for their time and send them a classic  Success audio mp3- “The Strangest Secret” by Earl Nightingale.

8. Ask some “Drill Down Questions” during the Holiday Recruiting conversations.

“That  is interesting. Tell me more…”

“What  happened after that?”

“What  were you thinking at that point?”

“Where  do you see yourself with your company 3 years from now?”

If online, same thing- keep it focused on THEM and what they are holding a conversation about.

9. Always Listen First when approaching an  Influencer’s “circle” and then introduce yourself to them when and opening  occurs.

In  the Holiday Recruiting LIVE Networking world, there are “Conversation Circles” that happen when an Influencer  is speaking.

FOCUS on who the Influencers are, and then become a “passionate listener.”  Approve of their conversation by smiling, and nodding your head. Yes this is  elementary, but you would be shocked at the number of folks that do NOT do  that.

And if you are on social media, let them know- “I agree!” ‘You are so right!” “Totally on target.” You get the drift.

10. Send them a text to their mobile 48 hours  after the event saying you enjoyed the event, suggesting a lunch and you BUY.

“I  really enjoyed the event and great talking to you and connecting. Let’s connect at lunch soon- I am  buying.”

This  will show them you are serious about your building a relationship, and will show  you are a true professional as well in mlm network marketing home business.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power-over 50 secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- How to Operate in FULL Engagement Power

mlm home business power

mlm network marketing power

MLM Success POWER.

How would you describe you in your home business?

Would you consider yourself “ALL IN” in your mlm business?

Is your network marketing business rocking or rotting?

One of the common issues in home based business is lack of POWER in the actions and results. This is a big problem for a lot of people. Most are not ALL IN or even PART IN. They are just showing up at their business and hoping someone will do something.

Same with the prospect. Most of the prospect jsut show up and lack any connection or POWER in their interest.

THAT is NOT how you build a 7 figure business in a home business.

There is a phrase that we taught for years in our group that we used to describe someone In Activity that will be totally Unstoppable:


This is the level of action that Engagement training teaches- to be FULLY ENGAGED in the activity of prospecting, contacting, doing presentations, closing people, doing meetings, or whatever else you choose to take action doing with your new

How does that work?

Whether prospecting, contacting, doing a presentation, building your team, or any other action, you are Fully Engaged with your MIND as well as HEART.

You are engaged in action that is FELT not just heard- engaged in action that is EXPERIENCED– not just seen- and engaged in action FULLY WITH THE PROSPECT- as well as your new distributor- being a PART of the action– not just witnessing it.

When YOU and THE PROSPECT are engaged together in the action, you get them involved, and they feel a PART of what you are doing from the very beginning, you are Fully Engaged.

Give them something to look at. Ask a lot of questions. Get their opinion and input. Give them the product. Get them smiling. Get them INVOLVED and Fully Engaged WITH YOU.

Full Engagement is about getting the prospect to be WITH YOU not just listen TO YOU. I do not have the time in this e-book to give you all those secrets for that- but here is one:

Keep them tuned to KIA- AM radio.

 “Keep It All About Me.”

If you make the presentation ABOUT THEM- and NOT just about the product or business- you will have them Fully Engaged and
moving towards you easily. Talk Value, Benefits, and Rewards-and put them there in their mind. Take them on a fantasy island trip in their mind of the future they could have. Show them the TRUTH of the possibilities you offer in income
and security and taking back control of their life.

Then ask, Wouldn’t it be incredible… you and I doing all this together…what kind of business could you and I build as a powerful team?

Again, yes, there is a place for entertainment and education, but a small place. Engagement is where the True training is done and the Leadership building is catalyzed and engaged. Even with social media and internet marketing. Anything less than that
is training for total mediocrity and failure.

That is why I developed “Un-Learning University™” for helping people to UNLEARN much of what they have been taught in life and in this business for Success. Much of it does not work. Then to help them learn THE TRUTH and help get a revelation of what it really takes to succeed massively in this business. This is a powerful part of the 7 Billion Dollar Networker program. Most network marketing distributors are trained for utter failure. Unlearning University™ helps to move them past that and into the Success Zone.

Train your new distributors for SUCCESS- not failure in their mlm network marketing home based business.

FREE Social Media Recruiting- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- How to MAXIMIZE Duplication in your Home Business Team

mlm home business duplication

mlm network marketing duplication

MLM Duplication of Success.

How do you maximize the 4 step Leadership formula for Duplication and Multiplication for your home based business?

What does it take to empower your business and network marketing efforts?

How does the 4 step Duplication and Multiplication process work and what are the ACTIONS that need to be taken for mlm?

Knowing and DOING are  2 totally different things as many people seem to know what to do, but then do not do it. Some seem to grasp the process but yet, ignores the power actions that it takes to make the duplication happen on their home business team.


Are you aware of what it takes to MAXIMIZE the 4 Step Duplication formula? That is the reason for this post. We want to get it into you this information so you can apply these actions to your home business.

They are simple but powerful actions that product powerful results.

There is a 4 step formula I have been teaching for over 20 years to move up the Training
Levels quickly. Last POST we went over the WHAT of the 4 steps, and now we are going to go over how to MAXIMIZE these steps and take action with them.

Lets start with:

 1) TELL.

TELL the person what they are supposed to know and do, and make sure that they learn it, and got it done. This is called education. Here is also where you want to ROLE PLAY ROLE PLAY ROLE PLAY!  Practice what you have told them to do. And practice, drill, and rehearse even more. Let them get a feel for what they are going to be doing.

2) SHOW.

SHOW the person then how to do it LIVE and do it RIGHT. Take them on an appointment. Get them on some calls or webinar with you so they can listen. Let them hear you prospect. Let them see you do a presentation online and offline. Let them hear you close someone. Let them SEE what you do and how to do it.

3) TRY.

Now, let them TRY what they have learned, seen and heard. After they have tried what they saw you do and heard you do, then you need to COACH them. Discuss what was great- and what needs to be improved. And then let them try it again, until they have it down successfully.

4) DO.

And then they eventually will be DOING it by themselves– and ready to teach and EQUIP others with this simple philosophy of training.

You may be asking, “How long does this take?”

Simple. No more than a week or 2 of effort. People are smarter than you think if you do
training RIGHT.

Even in social media- if people are not engaged in talking with people, connecting,
doing events, going local, and all there is to do, they will be wasting their time.

YOU have to get them on the computer and SHOW them how to set up a facebook profile or twitter account. This is SHOWING- not just learning. There are many educated people with a home business that never get started.

Do NOT beone of them. Use this post to help you accelerate your success in your mlm network marketing home business.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power-over 50 secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- Social Media is NOT a Replacement for Sales Strategies?

mlm social selling

mlm social media selling

MLM Social Media Realities.

Are you using social media in a marketing and sales driven home business?

Do you know the difference between the two for network marketing?

Why do you think that social media is THE way to develop leads for your home based mlm business?

Here is a GREAT article from SalesBriefs Training Letter on why social media will never replace the foundation of home buiness sales and home business marketing and sales strategies.

Hope this helps your home business!


Home Business Sellers, like any other group, are a target for marketers who pitch them “things” to help them get better results. What makes salespeople good targets is their natural propensity to seek out “silver bullets” to deal with processes they don’t like, and their deserved reputation as “early adopters.”

Just the right combination for the advent of “social selling.”

We have seen the impact the Social Web and Web 2.0 have had on the way people interact, but it doesn’t follow that social selling is driving the same changes in sales. Technology has always been an enabler, but from a business-to-business (B2B) sales standpoint, it has not changed the underlying nature or function of buying and selling, it has merely enhanced or enabled the way sales are executed.

Success is still very much about strategy and execution, driven by your market and your specific customers. You need to evaluate how you use social the same way you would with any other tools.

Does it bring you closer to the buyer?

Does it allow you to deliver your message and value in a way that helps buyers decide you are the provider to trust, partner with and have a relationship with?

 If so, then it needs to be part of the overall approach. If not, then as the saying goes: “A fool with a tool is still a fool.”

Social selling impacts people pitching in the business-to-consumer (B2C) sales space differently than B2B, which is my focus. Despite the hype, the B2C social selling successes have not been realized in the B2B space – in the process, this distracts people and resources from things they could be doing to make social pay.

The suggestion that traditional B2B sales strategies and tactics no longer work, and the notion that we need to abandon them for social selling or perish, is false, dangerous and a risky proposition for business owners.

What many people call social selling is, in reality, social marketing, which is why it’s more effective in the mass B2C market than B2B. While it has a role in B2B, it is a role, not the entire sales process, as some might suggest. There are definitely times when social helps a sale, just as there are times when social has no positive impact, or even hurts your efforts.

For example, social tools can enhance awareness – generating leads or casting a more targeted net, the early steps of engaging with a potential buyer. Coincidentally, the part of a sale many sellers neither like nor are good at is prospecting.

The perfect pitch for the wave of social-selling merchants is to offer a way to eliminate prospecting, but there are traditional steps you still need to take to initiate direct relationships.

The operative words in social media are “connect,” “follow,” “like,” or “friend.” In B2B selling, the focus is on direct contact: relationships, personal interaction, and occasionally intimate interaction between two people is crucial to success.

Many social sellers advocate “being found” rather than taking an active approach to prospecting and initiating first contact with potential buyers. Social media may enhance direct interaction and relationships required in B2B sales, but it cannot replace them.

Social-selling pundits who create the illusion that a seller’s role is to be “found” through the buyer’s use of social media, give them all the excuse they need not to perform a key part of their job: prospecting.

A simple question to start with is “how many of my customers are using social media to source the products or services I sell?” If few of your buyers are using social, very few will find you, no matter how well you do social.

Besides, being “found” works with buyers who decide to act on a need by going to the web. If they use search, they are less likely to be impacted by social selling. Even if they turn to their social sphere for peer input, traditional selling will play a major role in converting a connection to a direct interaction.

By the time that buyer is on the web it’s too late, you are competing with the pack. Use social media to identify, target and leverage trends, then execute a direct sale, and you will be there long before the social crowd.

A sound strategy to segmenting and targeting your market, then executing your plan with a combination of traditional marketing and social marketing, will take you further and faster than going strictly social. As with most trends, it’s not a question of one versus the other, but how to leverage the best of both.

Tibor Shanto ofRenbor Sales Solutions Inc

This is a grreat strategy for your network marketing mlm home business.

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MLM Training- The 4 Types of Home Business Training

home business training mlm

home business training network marketing

MLM Home Business Training.

What exactly IS Home Business Training?

How does Home Business Training work in network marketing?

Do you teach home business training or your mlm business?

Home business training is simply teaching the new direct seller or network marketing distributor or consultant how to work and market their business. This should include recruiting as well as team building and Leadership. A good home business training should teach all aspects of success and leadership when owning a home business.

But HOW do you TRAIN when you want to multiply your home business? It starts with the 4 major parts to the home based business training.

There is what I call the “4 Training Focuses” in Home Business Training:

 1) TheWHAT” Home Business Training.

This is the Entertainment and lowest level for the most part. It teaches you WHAT you need
to do. It trains you on the NAME of the training- but not the how.

“You need to do this and this is WHAT it is…”

 2) TheHOW” Home Business Training.

This is the Education level. It teaches you also the HOW-but it is all education and
learning based. It lacks the actual action for example to the new distributor.

“You need to do this and this is how you do it…”

3)The “SHOW” Home Business Training.

This is the Engagement level. This is where you visually SHOW them WHAT and HOW to do this business by YOU doing it with them and they watch you and learn in the

“Watch me as I do this…”

 4) TheDO” Home Business Training.

This is where you have moved the new distributor in ACTION and they are rocking the
business with their actions in the field.

“Let’s do this together…watch me first and then you try.” This
is THE most effective and powerful impact home business training that exists.

YOU and your new distributor are ENGAGED together in the actions of you being an
EXAMPLE — and SHOWING how it is done. This engages the new distributor immediately DOING the right actions –not just learning–that will start his/her business rolling with your knowledge and experience at the helm.

This is EXPERIENCE based training.

This is where you take the distributor under your wings, and truly train them as they
need to be trained. Yes, you need the webinars, and the live trainings, conference calls, and the training manuals. Absolutely. But this level does not stop there.

This level introduces REAL EXPERIENCE into the mix of training.


 a) Take the new distributor on some appointments with you and let them listen to some home business presentations.

 b) Let them listen in on phone calls that you are making. Three way them on a conference line and let them hear you LIVE.

 c) SHOW them with an “over the shoulder look” at a recorded video of how you do this business with funnel marketing, landing pages, recording videos, webinars, and other online marketing strategies.

These are the 4 HOME BUSINESS TRAINING modules, and   can help you in your mlm network marketing home business training efforts.

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MLM Training- The Most Powerful Success Magnet: FAILURE

mlm home business success

mlm network marketing success

MLM Success.

Are you struggling with the challenges of failure in your home business?

Are you wishing you had never wished you had started your network marketing business?

How do you FEEL about accepting sometime failure as part of Success?

Here is a great article from SmartBrief leadership letter that really NAILS it!


The  Success Magnet:  Faulure in MLM. 

By S. Anthony Iannarino
In an acting class I am taking, we were given an exercise to ruin the scene we were assigned. The object was to get out of your head and to stop playing the character or the scene the way you think it goes, but to do something completely different—and wrong.
 I am a natural for this exercise, since I already possess the ability to ruin every scene due to my serious lack of acting skills (unless the scene calls for angry, and then I am, for some reason, gifted).

This exercise reminds me of my aikido practice. Aikido is a difficult martial art, and there isn’t any way to learn it without feeling it.  In aikido, I was taught to purposely do techniques wrong four times so I could feel what it felt like to fail.

In both acting and aikido, the freedom to fail improves your skills and abilities. When you aren’t free to fail, you aren’t free to take the actions you might otherwise take. You stay in up in your head, and you are restrained in your actions.

Are you giving yourself the freedom to fail and to learn from your failed attempts?

Learning to Make Distinctions

You are going to fail  from time to time. You are sometimes going to do your very best work, and your very best work isn’t going to be good enough. If the little judge inside of you decides that you are a failure for having failed, then you won’t have gained anything from the experience.

Failure is merely an event. The most successful people you have seen have a huge wake of failure trailing off behind their successes.

Instead of judging yourself for having failed, your job is to have learned something from that failure.

Being free to fail works because it allows you to make distinctions. You get to feel things. You learn to notice differences, like “this is too much,” or “this is too little.” You get test your assumptions: “I believed that this is what would work and it didn’t. Was it poorly executed, or was my strategy wrong?”

No Excuses Offered, None Taken

It’s normal to make excuses when you fail. We don’t want to be responsible when something goes wrong or when we don’t get the outcome we really needed. But if you make excuses why the failure wasn’t your fault, you eliminate the possibility of learning from that mistake.

Special Note to the Marketing Leader: If you punish failure, you will ensure that you get excuses instead of a sales organization that can learn from its mistakes.

There’s no reason to try to fail; you’ll get that experience without trying. But being free to fail means being free to try. It means being free to stretch. And, it’s a necessary part of learning and gaining situational experience.


How willing are you to fail?

How do you ensure you learn from your failures?

What distinctions have you made from recent failures?

If you lead a team, how do you embrace failure instead of punishing it?

These are some secrets to massive success for your mlm network marketing business!

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MLM Training- Were YOU Trained To FAIL in MLM- Unknowingly?

mlm training

mlm training

MLM Training Realities.

Do you train for your home business?

Are you using systems for training or systems for recruiting in your mlm business?

What would it mean to know the TRUTH about training in network marketing?

There is a TRUTH about training in a home business network marketing and if someone would ask me about the realities of training in mlm…

I would tell them that they had ONE choice and ONE CHOICE only:

To either learn how to successfully fail in network Marketing or learn how to
successfully succeed—it was their choice.

This Revelation is so true. After over 25 years, I have seen it all. And I have taken a look at hundreds of other trainings from other companies just out of curiosity. And most all make the same mistake.

They do not know the three levels of teaching in this business. It determines 90% of your
Success your first couple of years. And you cannot teach what you do not know or understand.

Let me explain.

There are three levels of teaching this business of network marketing.

The first level is guaranteed failure and most train at this level.

 The second level is guaranteed to help you at least stay in this business and earn a paycheck.

 The third level is preparing you for great Success and longevity in this business.

It took me almost a 100 million dollars in volume to figure this one out. I kept losing a lot
of distributors and could not figure out why. But one night- I was thinking about it and this whole idea of three levels of training was formed. I call it a “Divine Download.” And once I figured it out- it really helped explode the Success in my growing team.

Let me ask you a question:

What would happen if you were taught to drive a car and only learned how to drive in first

And you knew no other gear?

Well, it would slow you down and probably burn out the car’s engine as well.

That is what happens a lot in MLM. People are going and moving so slow in this business, their desire to do this business burns out and not too soon after that- they are out-of the business.

Here is a Billion Dollar Revelation: Learn the three levels of teaching this business and
then MOVE UP to the top level.

Ok…what are the three levels? The lowest level of teaching this business is:


I am going to make a statement that you may or may not agree with- but it is what I have
observed over the last 30 years. About 70% of the “training” in Network Marketing is entertainment and motivation oriented. Most “training” is about stories, testimonials, “feel good” talk, encouragement, edification, and making the person believe that they can succeed. It is about building belief and relationships – and enjoying the journey. Nothing wrong with that, but it takes more for success in Network Marketing.

 This is EMOTIONAL based training.

Simply, this level of “training” is focused on the emotions and feeling good. Entertainment
has it’s place in the “training” arena- but only if it is combined with more focused and action oriented step by step training. It teaches you the “what” of this business for the most part, but not how. It teaches you belief and motivation, and feeling good about what you are doing.


 The second level is Education. This level is beyond just entertainment. It is not just
about feeling good, but about Educating people on what to do and how to do it. It is not just motivational- but educational as well.

This is KNOWLEDGE based training.

Consider this “classroom” teaching or education where people are gathered and taught
this business and educated about it. This is “training” that you get is found on conference calls, webinars, live trainings, national conferences, and even CDs and DVDs. This is where you can be educated enough about the industry and be taught how to earn money and make a living in Network Marketing. This level is about 25% of the training done in the industry today. It teaches you the What as well as the How in this industry. It can include a lot of topics
concerning this industry.


This level is the POWER level. This level is not about just entertainment- don’t get me wrong–there is a place for that.

And it is NOT just about education.

 NOTE: There are a lot of dead broke, going nowhere, totally frustrated, well educated distributors in the industry.

This level is about TRUE TRAINING. This is the LEADERSHIP Training level. This is where
you move past the entertainment and classroom –and jump into the trenches with your people and get them IN ACTIVITY and KEEP them there. You help them engage
ACTION in their business and action that will PRODUCE the right results- TOGETHER.

Most distributors do not train their new enrollees like they need to. They teach
them the WHAT—and sometimes the HOW– but rarely  SHOW them the WAY – to do it successfully.

Engagement training moves beyond the Learning- it steps into the DOING and SHOWING.
Most do not do these 2 important steps in their training – nor are taught to.

These are some of the realitites of training in mlm home business network marketing.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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