MLM Training- Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business will Explode During the Holidays- or Won’t

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home business mlm recruiting

MLM Holidays Recruiting.

Are you looking forward to the holidays for your home business?

Is your calendar full of appointments for your network marketing business?

Do you have a PLAN for the holidays and how you are going to work them for your work at home business mlm?

Many people say that the holidays is “Throttle Back” time and take it easy as NO ONE really will want to talk to you.


I have had over a dozen coaching clients recruit someone on Christmas eve, and 2 on Christmas DAY.  Yes  you read that right. How did they do that?


And they understood the Top 10 reasons why your business will explode during the holidays.


You can either embrace these, or not-up to you. But I can tell you that the most powerful thing that you can do is just take ONE of them and DRIVE IT INTO YOUR BUSINESS over the holidays.

NOTE to Self:  Business DOES NOT slow down during the holidays- DISTRIBUTORS DO-and  Leaders Do NOT.


That is a Golden law of the Holidays Business Building and if you are ready to ACCELERATE your home business during the holidays and Christmas- ROCKING!

What ARE the Top 10 reasons?


The most powerful part of the holidays is the Emotion that is brought forth at ONLY this time of year. It does nor occur any other time like the holidays. And your goal is to tap into that emotion and get them talking about what they love about this season and why. Find out what they love- and then find out what they would love to change during this time to make their life better. I can only tell you that Emotions make someone much more willing to talk about change as they are in a “safe place” in their mind and you are connected to that space. Find out what they want to change NOW- and help them.


People gather more during the holiday season more than any other time of the year. That equals CONVERSATIONS. But do not “attack” the family-online or offline. Do NOT bring your business up. let them ask about it as you use your products in front of them. Talk to them about 2013. Find out their new years resolution. Ask people what 2013 looks like to them. FIND THE PAIN. Then  talk to them after Christmas about it. “Were you serious when you said you really wanted to change….”


What part of this don’t we all understand? The economy is one of the greatest Conversation Openers that exists today. Ask them about what they see happening. Ask them about their Personal Economy. Is it working for them or do they want more from it? Ask or write them how would you describe today’s economy? How is it impacting you?”

Ask them what they would like to change about their lifestyle- and LISTEN. They are telling you how to recruit them. If on facebook-same thing. LinkedIn-same thing. Mobile – same thing.


During this time of the year, most are “Forward Focused” and “Fired Up for CHANGE.” Stoke their fire. Ask them what they are planning on changing in 2103. Why?

That is a recruiting bulls eye. Whether on skype or face to face- show them how their Forward Focus can transform into a Force of Fortune. “If you describe your 2012 in ONE word- what would it be?” LISTEN. There is your opening and recruiting magnet.


Today with the mobile devices, social media, and even pinterest and instagram, you can create a connection unlike anything that has existed before. And because of that, you can truly leverage technology beyond your imagination. Send a youtube greeting to friends over the holiday- via mobile media. SMS folks and let them know you are thinking of them and miss them. Get on social media and every one that has put up holiday pictures or videos- COMMENT. Get to know them. And get Connected to them if you are not.

Technology = The Accelerator. Period.


That what happens when the holidays arrive. People, by habit, start seeking some kind of change for the better. And they seek-and they seek- and they seek. Many people today in social media and in conversation, will let you know they are not happy where they are in life.

Great. Get them HAPPY. Show them how a little change of tactics with their time can bring a flood of profits into their world. “So what is your PLAN for changing? Would you like one that WORKS?”



Most people have time off for the holidays. Here is a MILLION Dollar question: What better time is there to bring up working from  home, when they ARE at home, and really want to STAY at home and not go back to work away for  their kids?

“You looking forward to going back to work? No? Why Not? Have you ever thought of being proactive about staying at home and making more money then you are now?”



People during the Holiday Season seem to be in a more talkative mood then most any other time of the year. Ok….TALK to them ABOUT THEM. Talk about 2013 and what they MUST change. Talk to them about paying off their credit cards early. Talk to them about the holidays and people they KNOW. Talk to them about what the Holidays bring to their life – and what they WISH they would bring to their life.

TALK- about THEM. Period. End of discussion.


In any gathering, ask this one question: “I could really use your help on something. Won’t take much. But now is not a good time. After the first, can we hold a private conversation for a couple of minutes?”

This is a KILLER question for online and social media as well.

10. FAR.   Frustration. Anger. Resentment.

I have never seen folks so frustrated about life, in my life time here on earth. And because of it, they are Angry about it, and often carry Resentment of their job, paycheck, boss, and other things into conversations. Listen to their language and emotions. They are actually OPEN to some help simply by talking openly about their struggles from income to outgo.

OK…help them. “What is your PLAN to get through this?” “Are you going to remain frustrated or would  you like to get out of that?” “Let me share with you an idea that has changed my life and could easily yours…”

Social Up and Mobile UP and let people know you are a Solution Specialist and can help them in a multitude of ways.

These are 10 reasons why your business is going to explode in your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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