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MLM Recruiting Right Person.

Are you working too hard to recruit the RIGHT people in your home business?

Are you asking the WRONG questions for your network marketing efforts?

Do you want to know how to connect with prospects online as well as offline in mlm?

There are many ways to connect to your home based business prospect, but finding the RIGHT person often is a challenge.

Today, people are more worried about finding the right person, then ever becoming
the right person
. We are taught that you must go out and find that “special person’ and they will make you wealthy.

That is why most people struggle in this business. They are engaging the wrong action with
the wrong focus and the wrong intentions. This business is about Finding- there is not doubt. But we make it so much harder than it really is.

Understand my friend…the people that you are looking for, are NOT looking for the next best
product or the next best big opportunity. Far from it. They are NOT looking for the next great recruiter or “hypester” to come along.

They are looking for something that they can powerfully connect their heart and
destiny to
in order to help empower and enlarge how they feel about themselves, their
lifestyle, and their future.

You want to find people that have a heart to do something more in their life, to become
more, to help others more, and make it the best that their life can be than just the average person.

A New prospect’s words often are listened to -and believed–when they say that they are going to enroll and work your business-and they never get going. They never get started.

They “Stay on Stop.”

And you wait. And you wait. And you wait. And you wait some more.

It happens everyday.

How can you get past that frustration?

Simple. I have taught this for over 40 years.

It is called “The 5 Connection Questions.”

These are questions that will show you IF they truly are CONNECTED to the idea and
dream they say they have with THEIR HEART and it is REAL— or if is just a lot of talk — as much of it is.

In a conversation, ask them these questions…

1) “Tell me, what is your heart truly set on when you think about what you want to do with your life?’

They may tell you that it is too late, or they have a family now, or they think that
there is too much going on to think about an extraordinary life.  Many will say that there are too many things stopping it.

Ask them, ‘What would your heart be set on if that (or those things) was not a factor?”

Or….. they may tell you exactly what they want to do.

 2) “How would your life change if you accomplished that?”

LISTEN CLOSELY to what they are saying.

Get them back into the emotion of wanting that dream in their life. This will help them
to reconnect to the power and emotion of their dream.

Ask, “What would that change look like?”

 3) “How far are you from (starting or accomplishing) that in your life?”

This gets them thinking again about a starting point. If you can get them thinking about
a starting point to possibly pursue their dream again—they can become very

Most people still have their heart connected to a dream although most though have buried it
and moved on.

4 “I want to ask you a very serious question, and would like a serious answer. If there was an option that could help build that extraordinary life or dream-
without really changing what you are doing-would it be worth exploring and
knowing about—with absolutely no strings attached?”

If they say, “No,” simply ask or say, “That is interesting. Help me understand why you
would feel that way.” Listen and see why they feel that way and see if they truly feel that way or if they have been taught to think that way.

5)  Then…you go one of 2 directions depending on
their answer:

a) YES — “Great- here is what we need to do first…”


b)  NO —“That is fine- I understand. But let me ask you this-what honestly are your options you have right now to change?”

The 5 Connection questions will help you FIND or REVEAL the right heart that is
willing to truly go the distance in network Marketing.

Now do NOT get me wrong. If they are simply too scared or programmed to move towards your business, then do NOT push them. That is just where their heart
is. Accept that and move in a different direction for now.


 People can change — and so can their circumstances.

Now it is time for YOU to show the right heart. Simply say,

 “Thank you for being honest with me as I only want what is right for you. Tell you what- why don’t we take a look at the product and see who you know that it might be a good fit for. Who do you know that has a ___________ challenge in your family?”

And that has worked to the tune of nearly 9 Billion Dollars worth of heart.

Understand— it is NOT the right talent that will make you wealthy in network marketing. There are many broke VERY talented people in network marketing.

It is NOT the right thinking that will make you wealthy. Sure it helps, but there are
a lot of broke positive thinkers in network marketing.

It is NOT the right actions that will make you wealthy. They help in the long run, but there are a lot of VERY busy, highly trained people going broke in network marketing.

It is NOT the right beliefs that will make you wealthy. I know people who truly believed they would succeed, but could not perform at all as needed in the marketplace. They were not trained properly.

And it is NOT becoming a “professional student” who learns all there is to know about MLM and looking for THE ONE SECRET that will make you wealthy. I know some people who probably know this industry better than I do- and are totally broke and have been for years.

People want to CONNECT- to the Idea you are sharing, the Product you are introducing, and
the Hope you are Giving- with their heart.

Yeah, yeah, I can hear you now talking about this being “hairy fairy” and that is just not
who you are. THAT is why you have been struggling in network marketing if you have been.

 It is ALL about the prospects heart being connected to YOU, the PRODUCTS, the VISION of
the Company, and mostly the HOPE of this business working for them and their
family to increase their LIFESTYLE.  TALK LIFESTYLE and connect their heart to that picture you paint with your words.

It ALL Starts there and Ends there, whether you want to believe it or not.

They want to FEEL GOOD- about their life and future. You can help them do that.


Quit looking for the right person. You will not find them. Start looking to connect to the right heart and somehow—someway–the right person will end up right in front of you.

 Use this information in your mlm network marketing home based business!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all right reserved

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  1. Doug, This was powerful. I’m going to come back here again. I’m going to remember these questions and how to ask them like you presented it from the heart. I found you via TribePro.


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