MLM Training- Were YOU Trained To FAIL in MLM- Unknowingly?

mlm training

mlm training

MLM Training Realities.

Do you train for your home business?

Are you using systems for training or systems for recruiting in your mlm business?

What would it mean to know the TRUTH about training in network marketing?

There is a TRUTH about training in a home business network marketing and if someone would ask me about the realities of training in mlm…

I would tell them that they had ONE choice and ONE CHOICE only:

To either learn how to successfully fail in network Marketing or learn how to
successfully succeed—it was their choice.

This Revelation is so true. After over 25 years, I have seen it all. And I have taken a look at hundreds of other trainings from other companies just out of curiosity. And most all make the same mistake.

They do not know the three levels of teaching in this business. It determines 90% of your
Success your first couple of years. And you cannot teach what you do not know or understand.

Let me explain.

There are three levels of teaching this business of network marketing.

The first level is guaranteed failure and most train at this level.

 The second level is guaranteed to help you at least stay in this business and earn a paycheck.

 The third level is preparing you for great Success and longevity in this business.

It took me almost a 100 million dollars in volume to figure this one out. I kept losing a lot
of distributors and could not figure out why. But one night- I was thinking about it and this whole idea of three levels of training was formed. I call it a “Divine Download.” And once I figured it out- it really helped explode the Success in my growing team.

Let me ask you a question:

What would happen if you were taught to drive a car and only learned how to drive in first

And you knew no other gear?

Well, it would slow you down and probably burn out the car’s engine as well.

That is what happens a lot in MLM. People are going and moving so slow in this business, their desire to do this business burns out and not too soon after that- they are out-of the business.

Here is a Billion Dollar Revelation: Learn the three levels of teaching this business and
then MOVE UP to the top level.

Ok…what are the three levels? The lowest level of teaching this business is:


I am going to make a statement that you may or may not agree with- but it is what I have
observed over the last 30 years. About 70% of the “training” in Network Marketing is entertainment and motivation oriented. Most “training” is about stories, testimonials, “feel good” talk, encouragement, edification, and making the person believe that they can succeed. It is about building belief and relationships – and enjoying the journey. Nothing wrong with that, but it takes more for success in Network Marketing.

 This is EMOTIONAL based training.

Simply, this level of “training” is focused on the emotions and feeling good. Entertainment
has it’s place in the “training” arena- but only if it is combined with more focused and action oriented step by step training. It teaches you the “what” of this business for the most part, but not how. It teaches you belief and motivation, and feeling good about what you are doing.


 The second level is Education. This level is beyond just entertainment. It is not just
about feeling good, but about Educating people on what to do and how to do it. It is not just motivational- but educational as well.

This is KNOWLEDGE based training.

Consider this “classroom” teaching or education where people are gathered and taught
this business and educated about it. This is “training” that you get is found on conference calls, webinars, live trainings, national conferences, and even CDs and DVDs. This is where you can be educated enough about the industry and be taught how to earn money and make a living in Network Marketing. This level is about 25% of the training done in the industry today. It teaches you the What as well as the How in this industry. It can include a lot of topics
concerning this industry.


This level is the POWER level. This level is not about just entertainment- don’t get me wrong–there is a place for that.

And it is NOT just about education.

 NOTE: There are a lot of dead broke, going nowhere, totally frustrated, well educated distributors in the industry.

This level is about TRUE TRAINING. This is the LEADERSHIP Training level. This is where
you move past the entertainment and classroom –and jump into the trenches with your people and get them IN ACTIVITY and KEEP them there. You help them engage
ACTION in their business and action that will PRODUCE the right results- TOGETHER.

Most distributors do not train their new enrollees like they need to. They teach
them the WHAT—and sometimes the HOW– but rarely  SHOW them the WAY – to do it successfully.

Engagement training moves beyond the Learning- it steps into the DOING and SHOWING.
Most do not do these 2 important steps in their training – nor are taught to.

These are some of the realitites of training in mlm home business network marketing.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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