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MLM Twitter- 5 Tips on How to Use Twitter for Recruiting

mlm home business twitter

mlm network marketing twitter

MLM Twitter Recruiting.

Do you use twitter for your recruiting for your home business?

Do you know HOW to maximize twitter for your network marketing efforts?

Are there  twitter followers that you are wasting on your mlm business?

Twitter is an often misunderstood social site, and it really does matter in the social sphere when building a business. It has over 250 million users, and that is almost as big as the US. True, it is smaller then facebook, but twitter carries a powerful punch when it comes to marketing.

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I read a LOT and I recently ran across on Social Media University a cool post on Twitter Tips- from Zoober Training – for business and wanted to share it with you as thought it to be useful. It has some GREAT tips for building a home business for twitter which are very applicable to direct sales, network marketing or party plan.

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Twitter Tips for Businesses

Tip #1 – Make the most of lists

Organise who you follow into lists so you can easily see what the current
trends and topics are in the different segments that you target. For example,
you can create lists for:

  1. Existing customers
  2. Prospects
  3. Competitors
  4. Industry analysts/commentators
  5. Press.

You can keep up to 500 people/organisations in each list, making it easier to
filter the important tweets from the not so important and respond accordingly.
You can also then just send your tweets to those individual groups so your
social media marketing is targeted and personalised, just like marketing should

Tip #2 – Use the branding options

Regularly update the visual branding on your page so that it reflects your
company but also promotes the things about it that you want it to. Insert
campaign artwork, use graphics to highlight important company news and
coordinate the link colours used in the tweets with your brand colours. Regular
updates like this will make you stand out as a company that’s got a lot going on
and one to watch.

Tip #3 – Create Twitter landing pages

Don’t just link back to your home page or product/service pages all the time.
This will be really boring for everyone. Create value-adding landing pages that
make those followers glad they clicked. You can even have a permanent Twitter
landing page to link out to from your bio rather than just the company website,
where you can introduce the visitor to your company in a way that matches with
Twitter’s more relaxed and informal tone.

Tip #4 – Put your followers to work

Create a special offer for your followers to attract more attention for your
business along the lines of a loyalty programme. For followers that re-tweet
regularly, provide a free consultation, a free ticket to an event or a free
sample of your product. This way you’ll reach more Tweeters, with the added
bonus of the re-tweeter endorsing your brand.

Tip #5 – Think creatively

Social media offers businesses ways to interact with their customers in ways
never dreamed of before. Make the most of the new channels to do new and
creative things with your marketing – create games, videos and communities for
them to interact with. Don’t just bombard them with hard sell messages.

For more info:  Zoober Training

These are 5 Powerful Twitter tips for Recruiting for your mlm network marketing home business.

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Social Media MLM- Do YOU have Social Prospects on The Large List?

mlm social home business

mlm home business social media

MLM Training Social Media.

Are you keeping a list of prospects in your home business?

What do you include on that network marketing list?

Are you making a list to follow up on for your mlm home based business?

There are realities that must be talked about. Sometimes they are, and sometimes they are not. That is the reason for this blog and this post. Our goal is to simply tell you the truth, and for you to understand the real truths of this business.

That is why that I want to give you some info that a buddy of mine and I put together, and it will help you understand one of the biggest realities of success in this profession:

Not Everyone You Talk to will be Who You Are Looking For- put those “In

 “In Development” is simply meaning you are in the process of developing that relationship and connecting with the prospect.

We all have heard the quote “This is a numbers game.”

Let me give you what is said in corporate recruiting:

 “This is a High Quality Talent search that is ruled by the Large List.”

 “The Large List.”

That is what you need to develop and maintain on an ongoing basis.

This is the list that all candidates are put on.

And if they are on this list, they are considered to be what we call “In Play.” A REAL possibility of recruiting them eventually.

The larger the list, the bigger the odds of placement for your client there is, and the bigger the possible income for you.

Most do not have The Large List. They have the Wish List and wish they could find the stars and the High Quality talent,  versus locating them and recruiting them.

But the Large List does not guarantee that everyone is High Quality or even who you are
looking for. That is why the Large List contains what I call “No Goes” and they must be identified and then put into what I call “In Development.”

This is where you are developing the relationship further to see if you can find those
hidden pieces of information you may have missed and also to develop the relationship.

 You should NEVER let a candidate go totally. Always keep a connection to them as they could prove to be very valuable to you in the future.


Potential future career placement.



More referrals.

Not everyone you are talking to is who you are looking for NOW. But keep them In Development and maybe you will find that they either KNOW who you are looking for, or they may turn out to be that.

Sometimes you just never know.

This is a REALITY of our profession, the mlm network marketing home busienss profession.

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MLM Training- How To Maintain Magnetic CONTROL when Recruiting

mlm recruiting home business

mlm recruiting home based business

MLM Training on Recruiting Control.

Are you too controlling in your recruiting for your home based business?

Are you too weak and not controlling enough in your network marketing recruiting?

What do you do to have control in your mlm recruiting?

Control is important in recruiting as it is part of Leading the prospect.


You can also be making a HUGE mistake made when recruiting for your home based business.

What IS a HUGE mistake made in recruiting for your network marketing business?


The Recruiter being TOO CONTROLLING and TOO DOMINATING in the initial connection and conversation.

Some Corporate Recruiters think they are in the marines. They seem to have an overbearing focus and attitude. They don’t hold a conversation with the candidate. They hold a presentation with the home business candidate. They tell the candidate what is going to happen and they come across like a total control freak.

“You must be IN CONTROL, but not controlled by control.”


This sometimes happens when a home business Recruiter wants to establish their power or authority from the very beginning.

And they blow the initial connection and conversation with the candidate right out of
the water.

A candidate wants to feel you are a controlled Leader, but not a controlling leader. There is a HUGE difference. Don’t come across strong armed or as if you are their marine commander.

In Social Recruiting, the mlm candidate is your PARTNER in the PROCESS of Finding a MATCH that WORKS. That goes for BOTH corporate recruiting as well as home
business recruiting.

NOTE:  In a home business, your goal is to find a potential “partner” that will explore some possibilities with you. Then you both decide in this pseudo “partnership” if your business is a MATCH for where they see themselves going in life. And you must decide if they are a match for who you are looking for in your business.

That is as bottom line as I can make it.

Here is what I said to every network mar candidate: “I am your partner in this connection process. I will recommend nothing without your best interest at heart and the company’s best interest as well. That is how a partnership works. Wouldn’t you agree?”

 Connect with a magnetic approach.

Be warm, but not cozy.

Be a Leader but not a commander.

Be a friend in the making but make them FEEL that is happening.

Be energetic but not anxious.

Be an encourager and an elevator to the potential candidate. Notice their skills that others have ignored. Make them feel glad they connected with you.

Be a connector but wait on the natural connection. You will know when that happens as you will feel it.

And be a spotlight for the candidate, not stand in the spotlight.

It is ALL about how you can serve them and help them find a MATCH that will be a destiny shaper in many ways.

This is a post that will help you balance control when recruiting foe your mlm network marketuing home business.

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MLM Social Media- Leadership is the Secret to Recruiting in Social Media

mlm social media recruiting

mlm home business social media

Social Media Recruiting for MLM.

What is Leadership to you in a home business? Do you really know?

How do you engage Leadership in your mlm business or do you?

What is the real secret to network marketing leadership regarding building a business ot team?

All these questions are often ignored as many people in the home business profession do to understand that leadership for the most part s the Nuclear Core of the process of doing this business. It is critical.

The Power of leading someone is a power that is Magnetic and PULLS people towards you as you move along. It is much like a train with cars attached to the back of it, and the cars willingly and silently follow the engine wherever it goes.

That is a picture of Leadership in the home based business profession. And it can be an amazing site to see a good leader in network marketing.

Leadership is often described as “Influence” and “Persuasion” and being a “catalyst.” All f those are great images of a Leader and play well into building a business that will grow and then eventually duplicate.

Leadership is the power behind duplication,.

But also, Leadership is the Power behind another critical element of this business:

The Secret of Recruiting Leadership.

It is called “Recruiting Leadership.”

Social Recruiting is a lot about helping to lead people to where they want to
go in life,
but cannot get there WITHOUT YOU.

It is ALL about them feeling you can LEAD THEM to the employment they seek, or the future they are dreaming of.

And that is why in Social Recruiting you must display some serious “Recruiting Leadership” and lead them to the success promised land.

We call it the “RIAFOL Principle” of Recruiting.

“Recruiting is A Form Of Leadership.”

Whether in social media, or offline, you are ASKING people to FOLLOW YOU and your
THAT Requires and DEMANDS Leadership – no matter the
platform of conversation.

Are you coming across too anxious? Too reaching?

Chill out bubba. (Or “bubbette”)

Let the initial conversation unfold naturally and EXPOSE your potential employment, or home business a little at a time.

There is an exception: If they are jumping up and down and say that they want to talk NOW about your offer of employment or what you can do for them- TALK to them NOW. This would include being interested in your home business as well.

That is when you take it to the next level and  “start exploring some possibilities” with the candidate.

This is the Secret to Leadership in Recruiting and how it can impact your mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Social Media- The 3 Biggest Mistakes Made in Social Recruiting- # 2

mlm network marketing social recruiting

mlm home business social recruiting

MLM Social Media Recruiting.

Are you coming across like you are way to anxious during recruiting for your home business?

Are you thinking and acting in ways that show you are needy for your network marketing business?

Are you coming across as powerful or weak in your mlm?

Often we are unaware that we are sending out “desperation” signals to the prospect and they can FEEL them and SENSE them. And that is a killer to any business. Are YOU sending out desperate signals to the prospect unknowingly? I did, for the first couple of years.


Someone called me out and told me what I needed to do, and I changed my approach, and BAAAM!  it made all the difference in the world.

This is part 3 of a series about social recruiting which I did with a # 1 Corporate Recruiter nationwide for a recruiting firm. We did this as a way to serve the profession and get the message out about you CAN do this.

But sometimes mistakes are made, and there is one that is HUGE and I hope that you can move past it and get into a powerful groove with it.

What is the big mistake?

The Recruiter being TOO ANXIOUS, TOO WANTING, and TOO NEEDY.

A sure sign of a Corporate Recruiter or Home Business Professional that lacks control as well as Leadership is when they are too anxious as they HAVE to make a sale or fill a position this week.

They come across like they are UNDER PRESSURE.

Let me give you how the candidate or home business prospect sees that scenario:

They see you down on your knees, hands clasped, saying, “Please, Please, Please.”

Folks, you need to practice what I call “Distantly Close.”

Never let them know you NEED THEM or the company does. You can come across like that simply with your energy and excitement.

Always tell them you BELIEVE this MIGHT be a fit.  NEVER seem as if they are your only OPTION.

Let them know you are working with some other good candidates and they are one of the
best on that list.

A candidate needs to feel there is some POWERwith you and what you do. They need to be REASSURED that you are the one they need to follow and hook their destiny up with. They
need to KNOW that YOU KNOW what you are doing and are in control and KNOW where you are taking them and how to get them there.

Never be needy for your mlm network marketing home business!

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MLM Social Media- The One CRITICAL Thing in Social Recruiting- Control Factor

network marketing social media recruiting

mlm social recruiting home business

MLM Social Media Recruiting.

How much social media recruiting do you do for your home based business?

Are you on social networks a lot for your network marketing business?

What your mlm? Do you use social media?

Social Recruiting is one of the most powerful but misunderstood strategies you can use for your business. It works and there are a billion people just on facebook alone.

What are YOU doing to get out in the social media space when recruiting?

There is ONE  factor that is  MUST to understand when recruiting in social media and most do not.

What is it?

According to a # 1 Corporate Recruiter in the nation with a recruiting firm, it is:

The CONTROL Factor. 

Lets explore that subejct with him…

NOTE: You must be in control of the initial connection, not the potential candidate (PROSPECT). That includes a home business candidate as well.

Remember- YOU must know who YOU are looking for – and THEY must know YOU WILL ACCEPT NO LESS.

Either they are who you are looking for, or you can help develop them to be that person.

Let me give you an example of the 6 Actions:

You have LOCATED a possible prospect on LinkedIn or Fast Pitch Networking. They seem to be sharp and who you are looking for and you have connected with them on some posts and updates.

You CONNECT with them via a conversation, post, tweet, or a video that says something to get their attention. It can be a simple request for a friend on a social site. DO NOT be pushy, too friendly, too complimentary, too willing to connect, or even semi desperate. Come across as smooth and in control.

 You EXPLORE possibilities. Are they looking? Are they open? Are they dissatisfied in their employment or status in life? You create the dialogue that will reveal to you where they are and if they really are a TRUE candidate.

You MATCH their skill set and education with the potential employment that may be a fit. In the home business profession this would be simply educating them on what you do, and then seeing it is a match to what they see as possible for their life and future.

You DECIDE with them, if this is a fit or not. If it is a fit, you then let the client and the candidate decide together as to what they are going to do -or not do.

In the home business profession this would be simply asking if this is something that makes sense to them, and if they can see themselves helping others succeed with their own business.

 Then they either EMPLOY the candidate or you CONTINUE Searching. If they employ the candidate, all is well for the most part. If they do not offer employment, or the candidate rejects the offer, then you Continue Searching for a better fit for both. It is the same with the home business recruiter.

If your candidate decides your business is not for them, you Continue Searching looking for someone that would be a better fit for you and your business. But still attempt to get the one who got away – as a customer!

It is not rocket science. It is all about finding what is best for both the client and the candidate and them connecting them. But your initial connection should be a warm but not cozy communication.

Find out about them, ask a LOT of questions, edify their accomplishments, and make it ALL about them.

In Social Recruiting, that is what I call the “Golden Magnet.”  Draw them in by making  them the star of EVERY conversation.

This is a critical element to becoming a powerful recruiter in the Social Media Recruiting space for your mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Social Media- The 3 Biggest Mistakes Made in Social Recruiting- Mistake # 1

mlm network marketing home business

mlm social recruiting home business

MLM Social Media Recruiting.

Do you use social media for recruiting for your home based business?

What is your favorite social site for your network marketing business?

Does social media play well in your mlm business?

Social Recruiting is something that I have been teaching with a buddy of mine, who happens to be the # 1 Corporate Recruiter in the nation for a national company. He and I came up wit three BIG mistakes of social media recruiting and applied them to the home business profession.

There are 3 mistakes that I see other recruiters making at the initial connection that
truly should be avoided and I want to share them with you. They are applicable to home business recruiting as well, and you should avoid them like the plague.

I am going to cove the first one this post, and the next 2 posts I will cover # 2 and # 3.

1. The Recruiter being TOO AGGRESSIVE and coming across WAY TOO FRIENDLY – WAY TOO SOON.

 You must BUILD TRUST. And Trust is something that usually takes a couple of  conversations to start building for the most part. Yes there are those candidates that there was an immediate “connection” from the first conversation. But it still took a couple of conversations to start building trust. Do NOT make the mistake of being too pushy or

Give your candidate time to breathe. Give YOURSELF time to breathe.

I have seen recruiters totally go into “sell mode” right off the bat, versus “lets’ explore
some possibilities”
mode which works so much better. It is so much more professional as well. Many corporate recruiters can come across like sharks or a piranha, or even worse, self focused and “it’s all about me.”

Being too aggressive is simply unacceptable as it pushes the candidate back and keeps
them there. Social Recruiting is a process, a step by step path that you walk them down. We have developed a magnetic 5 step Social Recruiting process, and it contains 6 simple little focuses.

Social Recruiting should have these 6 basic action focuses:

  • Locating.
  • Connecting.
  • Exploring.
  • Matching.
  • Deciding.
  • Employing or Continuing the Search.

It truly is that simple recruiting with social media.

And because of these 6 simple things, you really should not be aggressive at the first. You should consider it much like “dating” and getting to know the person, even if the person is extremely interested.

Your FIRST CONNECTION GOAL should be to get the candidate RELAXED, COMFORTABLE, as well as CURIOUS.

The MORE COMFORTABLE and RELAXED the candidate is, the more powerful
the initial conversations.
Talk about THEM and ONLY THEM. Ask questions
about their photos and posts. Ask them about their family. Comment and Complement.

The fastest way and the easiest way to get your potential candidate Comfortable and
Relaxed- BE NATURAL and focus on nothing else but what they have displayed on their profile page. Ask what they do where they work and how they enjoy it.

Tell them this: You are a National Recruiter for a corporate firm and looking for some High Quality Talent. Ask if they might know someone who would like a more powerful income. (That phrase is a MILLION DOLLAR PHRASE.)

If you own a home business, tell them you are a business owner and you are looking to
build a business where they are located.

 You get the candidate CURIOUS with your initial videos and presentation about the offer and requirements you are looking for. It is the same with a home business candidate. Curiosity is one of the most powerful emotions you can use in Social Recruiting.

This is part ONE of a three part series on the 3 Biggest Mistakes Made in Social Media Recruiting in your mlm  network marketing home business.

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MLM Recruiting- The 5 Parts to a Magnetic Recruiting System

mlm home business recruiting

mlm recruiting network marketing systems

MLM Recruiting Systems.

Do you have a recruiting system for your home business?

What kind of system do you have for your network marketing business?

Is it EFFECTIVE in mlm?

Systems are critical and a MUST the have in network marketing.

What is YOUR SYSTEM that you are going to use to move the candidates  through to define their interests?

You need some kind of a Social Recruiting SYSTEM.

 “SYSTEM” stands for:

 Save Your Self Time Energy (&) Money.

That is what an effective SYSTEM can do for you in Social Recruiting.

It can accelerate  your activity, productivity and results.

It can save you a LOT of time, a LOT of wasted energy, and a LOT of money.

A System also is what educates the candidate about your message and business or employment possibilities.

And a System can help you discover if the candidate is who YOU are looking for, and if they are what the company is looking for.

You need to have an online system as well as a personal system that really helps identify the strengths as well as weakness of a candidate. It also helps identify what culture they enjoyed working in and where they fit the best.

If you have a home business, you should consider some form of an online exposure system to
educate and to help identify the true prospects you should be talking to about
your business.

Some home business leaders have online systems that include a video, web page, follow up emails, webinars, as well as live meetings to move the prospect through. I would suggest that since you are locating talent online, you may want an online focused system.

A good recruiting system for a home business should contain certain parts or steps;

  1. Initial “first look” very brief video presentation.
  2. A “second look” filter video, pdf, or audio presentation.
  3. Some form of a brief phone or online  interview with questions.
  4. An extended webinar presentation- 20-30 minutes.
  5. A Decision to Enroll, Extend the Search, or Eject.

The # 1 Corporate Recruiter in the nation for a recruiting firm says:,
“Our corporate system was similar. We had a video that we used to tell the candidate what the client was looking for as well as who we were and had to offer. We also had an extensive questionnaire we went through once they proved serious. We also had online presentations about the corporation to give the candidate a feel for the culture and job.  And of course we had the big “3 E’s” – Employ, Extend the Search, or Eject.

 What kind of system are YOU planning on using?


This is imperative. Systems are what make the gas flow in network marketing mlm home business.

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Top 15 Words to use on Landing Pages and Ad copy

MLM Training- Top 15 Words to Use on Landing Pages or Ads

mlm home business

mlml home network marketing

MLM Top 15 Words for Landing Page ad Copy.

Do you ever try and think of words you can use for your copy on what you advertise or what you purt on your landing pages for your home based business?

How do you communicate with your classified ads for your network marketing business?

Are you aware of the top 10 words that you should use for hour ad copy for your mlm business?

Words are important, and that is a fact. Someone sent me this recently and I wanted to share it with you. Do not know who the author is as there was not author stated, but there really is some goo stuff in this article.

Mark Twain once said, “The difference between using the right word and almost the right word is the difference between a lightning bug and lightning.” In advertising, the idea is very similar. Imagine if you could use words in your advertising that could change your advertising from good to great!

There have been numerous studies conducted over the years on this subject. Each one was designed to find those words believed to be the most persuasive in advertising. We thought it would be interesting to compare those studies to determine which words consistently made it to the top of the lists. Then we refined the lists to include those words that we have found to be the most persuasive during the past twenty-three years that we have been creating advertising campaigns.

The result is the following list of what we feel may be The 10 Most Powerful Words in Advertising*:

1. NEW—Having something new and knowing something is new has incredible intrinsic value.

2. GUARANTEED—We are all reluctant to try something new because of the risk. Take away that risk by guaranteeing a sure thing.

3. PROVEN—Another no-risk word that assures your target audience that your product has already been tested by others.

4. RESULTS—This is the bottom line, where you tell your prospective customers what they will get, what will happen and why they should care.

5. SAFETY—The idea of safety is very comforting and is a core need.

6. SAVE—Even the wealthiest people shop for value. It’s not just money that entices; people also want to know about saving time.

7. YOU—You’re more likely to get your target audience involved if you address them directly.

8. NOW—This creates a sense of urgency for your future customer.

9. EASY—Most people want a quick and uncomplicated solution.

10. FREE—Who can resist the granddaddy of them all?

Also, I believer there are several more words that you should consider:

11. What IF?  A powerful question for the masses.

12. Struggle. This is a word that catches peoples eyes.

13. Dream. This is a word that gets a lot of positive emotion.

14. YES!  This gets a person’s attention as it goes against the NO focus of the world.

15. HOPE. This is one that truly moves the soul in advertising.

These are 15 words that you can use that have PEOVEN to get readers to look at your copy on your landing page or classified ads that you run for your mlm network marketing home business.

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