MLM Social Media- Leadership is the Secret to Recruiting in Social Media

mlm social media recruiting

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Social Media Recruiting for MLM.

What is Leadership to you in a home business? Do you really know?

How do you engage Leadership in your mlm business or do you?

What is the real secret to network marketing leadership regarding building a business ot team?

All these questions are often ignored as many people in the home business profession do to understand that leadership for the most part s the Nuclear Core of the process of doing this business. It is critical.

The Power of leading someone is a power that is Magnetic and PULLS people towards you as you move along. It is much like a train with cars attached to the back of it, and the cars willingly and silently follow the engine wherever it goes.

That is a picture of Leadership in the home based business profession. And it can be an amazing site to see a good leader in network marketing.

Leadership is often described as “Influence” and “Persuasion” and being a “catalyst.” All f those are great images of a Leader and play well into building a business that will grow and then eventually duplicate.

Leadership is the power behind duplication,.

But also, Leadership is the Power behind another critical element of this business:

The Secret of Recruiting Leadership.

It is called “Recruiting Leadership.”

Social Recruiting is a lot about helping to lead people to where they want to
go in life,
but cannot get there WITHOUT YOU.

It is ALL about them feeling you can LEAD THEM to the employment they seek, or the future they are dreaming of.

And that is why in Social Recruiting you must display some serious “Recruiting Leadership” and lead them to the success promised land.

We call it the “RIAFOL Principle” of Recruiting.

“Recruiting is A Form Of Leadership.”

Whether in social media, or offline, you are ASKING people to FOLLOW YOU and your
THAT Requires and DEMANDS Leadership – no matter the
platform of conversation.

Are you coming across too anxious? Too reaching?

Chill out bubba. (Or “bubbette”)

Let the initial conversation unfold naturally and EXPOSE your potential employment, or home business a little at a time.

There is an exception: If they are jumping up and down and say that they want to talk NOW about your offer of employment or what you can do for them- TALK to them NOW. This would include being interested in your home business as well.

That is when you take it to the next level and  “start exploring some possibilities” with the candidate.

This is the Secret to Leadership in Recruiting and how it can impact your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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