Social Media MLM- Do YOU have Social Prospects on The Large List?

mlm social home business

mlm home business social media

MLM Training Social Media.

Are you keeping a list of prospects in your home business?

What do you include on that network marketing list?

Are you making a list to follow up on for your mlm home based business?

There are realities that must be talked about. Sometimes they are, and sometimes they are not. That is the reason for this blog and this post. Our goal is to simply tell you the truth, and for you to understand the real truths of this business.

That is why that I want to give you some info that a buddy of mine and I put together, and it will help you understand one of the biggest realities of success in this profession:

Not Everyone You Talk to will be Who You Are Looking For- put those “In

 “In Development” is simply meaning you are in the process of developing that relationship and connecting with the prospect.

We all have heard the quote “This is a numbers game.”

Let me give you what is said in corporate recruiting:

 “This is a High Quality Talent search that is ruled by the Large List.”

 “The Large List.”

That is what you need to develop and maintain on an ongoing basis.

This is the list that all candidates are put on.

And if they are on this list, they are considered to be what we call “In Play.” A REAL possibility of recruiting them eventually.

The larger the list, the bigger the odds of placement for your client there is, and the bigger the possible income for you.

Most do not have The Large List. They have the Wish List and wish they could find the stars and the High Quality talent,  versus locating them and recruiting them.

But the Large List does not guarantee that everyone is High Quality or even who you are
looking for. That is why the Large List contains what I call “No Goes” and they must be identified and then put into what I call “In Development.”

This is where you are developing the relationship further to see if you can find those
hidden pieces of information you may have missed and also to develop the relationship.

 You should NEVER let a candidate go totally. Always keep a connection to them as they could prove to be very valuable to you in the future.


Potential future career placement.



More referrals.

Not everyone you are talking to is who you are looking for NOW. But keep them In Development and maybe you will find that they either KNOW who you are looking for, or they may turn out to be that.

Sometimes you just never know.

This is a REALITY of our profession, the mlm network marketing home busienss profession.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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