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MLM Training- How You SEE Yourself Catalyzes Call Reluctance?

home business call reluctance

mlm home business call reluctance

MLM Call Reluctance Secrets.

Do you suffer from Call Reluctance when working your home business?

Does your network marketing business stall sometimes because of fear of the phone?

Doe the fear of making calls ever happen to you in your mlm business?



Call Reluctance is one of the biggest forces of destruction in the home business profession. Many people suffer from it and it hurts their self image and income. I have done several posts already on this subject, but there is so much struggle with it in home business network marketing that i wanted to go over a different “slant” with it.

Many people struggle with call reluctance because of lack of skills, lack of paradigm, wrong expectations, and many other reasons.

But there is one reason that runs rampant in call reluctance, and that often is a “hidden reason” that many folks freeze up or get paralyzed when looking at calling people.

Here is a secret:  YOU do NOT have to suffer with that fear or phobia. it does NOT have to happen. You jabe a choice and that is for it to NOT happen or to happen.

I hope you choose the first

The reason many people have call reluctance is because they SEE THEMSLVES in a way that well, brings on and catalyzes call reluctance. I have been studying this for years and it is the same every year- many people see themselves a certain way and because of that, develop a phobia for the phone. It foes not make any sense, but that is often the case with people who suffer with it.

If YOU do, then listen up! Someone sent me an email with an article, and there was no author, but the email had how people see themselves that catalyze call reluctance. I have added my own thinking about each one.

Secret: How people SEE themselves is 80% of call reluctance.

Call reluctance is an INTERNAL thing.

1. The Professional – worried about image.

Many professionals are worried about their image, and think that calling people about a home business will damage their image.

2. The Intruder- does not want to intrude.

Some folks see themselves as actually intruding with people’s lives to share a message of Success. That is so wrong and it is not intruding at all.

3. The Ashamed- ashamed of being in MLM.

Some folks will not make calls because they have heard from their friends that MLM is a scam or worse. It is Not.

4. The Overwhelmed- overwhelmed by preparation, and worry.

Some folks suffer from just geting ready to make calls. It is called “getting ready to get ready.”

5. The Approver- fears not being approved of.

This is one of the big ones, and many people suffer from this and thus doi not make phone calls.

6. The Uneducated- lack of knowledge

MAny people think they have to STUDY and STUDY to make phone calls and never feel they know enough. Practice Drill Rehearse. The make the calls.

7.The Doubter- doubts that they could ever succeed at anything.

This again often is such an issue as many people cannot see themselves succeeding. This is where you must build their belief.

These are 7 ways how we see ourselves that catalyze call reluctance in the mlm network marketing home business.

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MLM Training- 11 Questions You MUST Ask to Help Form Your Personal Brand

mlm home business brand

home business mlm brand

MLM Personal Branding Tips.

Do you know what Personal Branding is and how it would work for your home business?

What does your network marketing home business say when people think about it?

Do you have a logo or a meme for your home business when you are operating your mlm business?

Personal Branding is CRITICAL when you have a home based business or any other kind of business, as it tells WHO and WHAT you are in a very ‘catchy” logo or slogan or both.

We at PassionFire have had a brand wrapped around the word and image of “FIRE” for years, and it is a part of our business culture now.

I have worked with home business companies to help build a brand that accelerates their presence out into the marketplace.

What about YOU?

Lets talk about PERSONAL Branding and what it means to you and to your network marketing home business. I want to also ask you some questions that can help develop or form your Personal Branding Blueprint and it is important that you ask these questions as it will help you FOCUS on what your brand should really FEEL like and LOOK like.

When you think of “branding”- think “branding cattle.”

Ranchers use a hot brand that they brand the cattle as their own, with the ranchers identifying mark, and when the cattle is out in the marketplace, everyone knows whose cattle it is. The brand is “seared’ into the cattle’s hide, and then it stays there.

You must “SEAR a Mark” into the public’s mind and senses with who you are with your home business company, and that mark must be different and people can remember in a very positive light.

Let’s ask a couple of questions:

 1)   What do you want to be known for as far as when people think of you?

This is a critical question as it truly DEFINES the “top of mind” thought for  you in a person’s mind.

2)   What picture do you want people to see when they think of you?

The image a person has for you and your business must be a powerful and memorable one.

 Forming Your Brand —  Your UBM:

 “Unique Branding Factor™

 Branding is making a decision of who you are and what you are known for in the marketplace.

You need to get away by yourself and really think about who you are and why people should listen to anything you have to say. Forming your brand is being honest, and yet prophetic of who you are becoming in the marketplace and the factors that will determine that.

Here are 11 Questions to ask yourself to start forming what your UBM will look and sound like for your mlm home business:

 1. What makes you unique?

 2. What makes you special?

 3. What makes you magnetic?

 4. What makes you memorable?

 5, What do you do that sets you apart?

 6, What do you say that people seem to like?

 7. If you could describe you in one word- what would that be?

8. What do people FEEL IN THEIR GUT when they think of you?

 9, What do people talk about when they talks about you?

 10. What do people do when they talk to you?

 11. And what ONE THING makes you stand out in a crowded marketplace that you have to offer the world?

These questions will help you start designing a personal brand that will be YOU as well as craft the MESSAGE that you want your PERSONAL BRAND to have for your mlm network marketing home business.

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Social Media MLM- 7 Biggest Mistakes Made while Recruiting on Facebook

mlm home business facebook

mlm home business facebook

Facebook MLM Recruiting Social Media.

Are you marketing and recruiting on facebook for your home business?

How much time do you spend a week on facebook prospecting for your network marketing business?

Are you looking to improve your success on facebook concerning prospecting or recruiting in mlm?

Facebook is now the size of a country with more than 900 million people. THAT is a LOT of potential prospects for your home based business. Facebook is still the top dog in social media, although Pinterest, Google+, and twitter and LinkedIn are rocking the social space as well.

The power of facebook is awesome when it comes to connecting to new people. There are a lot of GROUPS on facebook as well that you can belong to that can lead to many new connections.

And Connections RULE on facebook!


The RIGHT Connections REIGN.

It is better to get the RIGHT connections- people that are looking for you when recruiting as that makes your job a whole lot easier. With so many people on facebook, you can afford to be somewhat “picky” in your choice of who to connect to.

Are YOU making mistakes with facebook? After being on facebook for nearly 7 years and have done hundreds of trainings on facebook, we have found that there are 7 HUGE mistakes that can kill your facebook recruiting.

I know…you may be unaware that you are making them. But that is ok. That is the reason for this post. We researched this and found there actually are 7 biggest mistakes.

What are the 7 Biggest Mistakes made on facebook?

1) Being TOO Aggressive in getting your message out to people.

Aggression is good in business, but not on facebook. The less aggressive you are, the better in many cases. Yes, you need to be PROACTIVE, but not aggressive. It works against you when re recruiting as well as marketing.

2) Not giving the relationship time to grow before you start the recruiting process.

Pulling the trigger before it is time, is a killer of business. Give your relationships time to grow. You cannot ask someone out for a date, if you have never met them- and get it. 99% of who you ask out would say “I don’t know you.” Same on facebook. Give your new connections time to “bake” in the relationship oven.

3) Inconsistent Visibility.

Being on facebook on occasion will NOT work. You must be visible DAILY for at least 5 minutes. Visibility is part of the “Visible, Viable, Valuable” social media triad. Be visible for credibility sake, as well as marketing sake.

4) Not enough friends being made.

Yep gotta have friends on facebook. What is your Friend Plan? How many friends are you getting DAILY? This blueprint will help you get more and more connected to people on facebook. I always have taught that you send out 10 friend requests a day- at least until you have at least 2000 friends. That is a good start for marketing on facebook and recruiting.

 5) Not establishing yourself as THE EXPERT.

I actually would change that now- and say to position you as THE AUTHORITY. Authority is what activates the experts credentials. Be the “go to person” in your niche and rock people’s worlds with your expertise and AUTHORITY.

6) Not promoting what your friends do. (Like, share, comment)

Be a HUGE Promoter! re-post and like A LOT of things on facebook. Make someone the superstar and feel special by putting the facebook SPOTLIGHT on what they do and create. be a massive “LIKER” and bee seen as someone who PAYS ATTENTION.

7) Not hooking up facebook to LinkedIn, twitter, slideshare, wordpress, youtube,,  and all the other social sites that will send your efforts to facebook.

Simply – AUTOMATE the process and watch your social media following EXPLODE with your mlm network marketing home business.

These are 7 of the biggest mistakes made in recruiting and marketing on facebook. Learn them for your mlm network marketing home business!

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MLM Training- 5 Secrets to Building a Prospect Recruiting List

mlm home business

mlm list building

MLM List Building Tips.

Are you marketing and prospecting online to build a business for your home business?

Do you compile a list daily and ad to it for your home based business?

What are YOUR secrets to your list building or do you even have any for our mlm network marketing business?

List building is critical if you are going to recruit and prospect online. No matter WHERE online.

But what about EMAIL? Have you considered building a list for your home business from your EMAIL contacts?

Yes…email contacts. And there is no better way to do this for your mlm business then actually putting together an email newsletter or brief. We have one which we mail out several times a week and we have built a large list.

YOU can too- and we wanted to give you 5 ways to do this. I ran across this article and LOVED it.

This was written by Diana Hough.

Here are 5 ways to build a list with email:

Finding new ways to grow an email newsletter list is always a hot topic for email marketers. After all, the bigger your list, the higher the impact on your business.

Chances are, you are already using most of the basic list building techniques, but how about a few “out of the box” tactics from Dianna Huff, marketing communications expert and author of the e-book, 25 Ways to Grow Your E-Newsletter Subscriber List. Here, Dianna shares five techniques, but you can find dozens more in the e- book.

The number one priority of any newsletter publisher is growing the subscriber list.


The more people who subscribe, the more people you have who are potential customers. However, quality is equally as important as quantity. By “high-quality,” I mean a list of readers who will remain with you for years, people who will eagerly look forward to your newsletter. Below are five tips for growing such a list:

5 Tips for Building a High-quality List That Leads to Sales

  1. When you network, ask people you meet if you can sign them up for your newsletter. The number one cardinal sin in networking is trying to close the sale right after meeting someone new. Rather than push your services, push your newsletter. It’s a great way to have people get to know you on a “trial-basis.”
  2. Contact your professional trade organization for their member list. A few trade organizations provide their chapter lists to members for free while others charge a modest fee for the national list. Once you get the list, send your colleagues a direct mail letter, with your free newsletter being the offer.
  3. Recommend other good newsletters in your newsletter. I’m a firm believer in “sharing the wealth.” If you think your readers would enjoy another newsletter, by all means, recommend it. Usually people are so surprised at being positively noticed, they’ll give you a reciprocal recommendation, resulting in many new subscribers.
  4. For presentations, include your newsletter info on the last PowerPoint slide. That last slide on PowerPoint presentations is valuable real estate. Don’t use it to list only your name and company name. Put your newsletter URL there instead.
  5. Develop a no-cost guide people can download at your site. Offering high-value content on your site is always a good thing. Write a press release about your no-cost guide or report and send it to trade publications. Give people the option of subscribing to your newsletter at the same time they download the guide.

These are 5 powerful ways to build a great prospect list with email for your mlm network marketing home business.

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