MLM Social Media- The One CRITICAL Thing in Social Recruiting- Control Factor

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MLM Social Media Recruiting.

How much social media recruiting do you do for your home based business?

Are you on social networks a lot for your network marketing business?

What your mlm? Do you use social media?

Social Recruiting is one of the most powerful but misunderstood strategies you can use for your business. It works and there are a billion people just on facebook alone.

What are YOU doing to get out in the social media space when recruiting?

There is ONE  factor that is  MUST to understand when recruiting in social media and most do not.

What is it?

According to a # 1 Corporate Recruiter in the nation with a recruiting firm, it is:

The CONTROL Factor. 

Lets explore that subejct with him…

NOTE: You must be in control of the initial connection, not the potential candidate (PROSPECT). That includes a home business candidate as well.

Remember- YOU must know who YOU are looking for – and THEY must know YOU WILL ACCEPT NO LESS.

Either they are who you are looking for, or you can help develop them to be that person.

Let me give you an example of the 6 Actions:

You have LOCATED a possible prospect on LinkedIn or Fast Pitch Networking. They seem to be sharp and who you are looking for and you have connected with them on some posts and updates.

You CONNECT with them via a conversation, post, tweet, or a video that says something to get their attention. It can be a simple request for a friend on a social site. DO NOT be pushy, too friendly, too complimentary, too willing to connect, or even semi desperate. Come across as smooth and in control.

 You EXPLORE possibilities. Are they looking? Are they open? Are they dissatisfied in their employment or status in life? You create the dialogue that will reveal to you where they are and if they really are a TRUE candidate.

You MATCH their skill set and education with the potential employment that may be a fit. In the home business profession this would be simply educating them on what you do, and then seeing it is a match to what they see as possible for their life and future.

You DECIDE with them, if this is a fit or not. If it is a fit, you then let the client and the candidate decide together as to what they are going to do -or not do.

In the home business profession this would be simply asking if this is something that makes sense to them, and if they can see themselves helping others succeed with their own business.

 Then they either EMPLOY the candidate or you CONTINUE Searching. If they employ the candidate, all is well for the most part. If they do not offer employment, or the candidate rejects the offer, then you Continue Searching for a better fit for both. It is the same with the home business recruiter.

If your candidate decides your business is not for them, you Continue Searching looking for someone that would be a better fit for you and your business. But still attempt to get the one who got away – as a customer!

It is not rocket science. It is all about finding what is best for both the client and the candidate and them connecting them. But your initial connection should be a warm but not cozy communication.

Find out about them, ask a LOT of questions, edify their accomplishments, and make it ALL about them.

In Social Recruiting, that is what I call the “Golden Magnet.”  Draw them in by making  them the star of EVERY conversation.

This is a critical element to becoming a powerful recruiter in the Social Media Recruiting space for your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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