MLM Social Media- The 3 Biggest Mistakes Made in Social Recruiting- # 2

mlm network marketing social recruiting

mlm home business social recruiting

MLM Social Media Recruiting.

Are you coming across like you are way to anxious during recruiting for your home business?

Are you thinking and acting in ways that show you are needy for your network marketing business?

Are you coming across as powerful or weak in your mlm?

Often we are unaware that we are sending out “desperation” signals to the prospect and they can FEEL them and SENSE them. And that is a killer to any business. Are YOU sending out desperate signals to the prospect unknowingly? I did, for the first couple of years.


Someone called me out and told me what I needed to do, and I changed my approach, and BAAAM!  it made all the difference in the world.

This is part 3 of a series about social recruiting which I did with a # 1 Corporate Recruiter nationwide for a recruiting firm. We did this as a way to serve the profession and get the message out about you CAN do this.

But sometimes mistakes are made, and there is one that is HUGE and I hope that you can move past it and get into a powerful groove with it.

What is the big mistake?

The Recruiter being TOO ANXIOUS, TOO WANTING, and TOO NEEDY.

A sure sign of a Corporate Recruiter or Home Business Professional that lacks control as well as Leadership is when they are too anxious as they HAVE to make a sale or fill a position this week.

They come across like they are UNDER PRESSURE.

Let me give you how the candidate or home business prospect sees that scenario:

They see you down on your knees, hands clasped, saying, “Please, Please, Please.”

Folks, you need to practice what I call “Distantly Close.”

Never let them know you NEED THEM or the company does. You can come across like that simply with your energy and excitement.

Always tell them you BELIEVE this MIGHT be a fit.  NEVER seem as if they are your only OPTION.

Let them know you are working with some other good candidates and they are one of the
best on that list.

A candidate needs to feel there is some POWERwith you and what you do. They need to be REASSURED that you are the one they need to follow and hook their destiny up with. They
need to KNOW that YOU KNOW what you are doing and are in control and KNOW where you are taking them and how to get them there.

Never be needy for your mlm network marketing home business!

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