MLM Training- 8 Powerful EYEBALL PULLING Landing Page Headlines

mlm network marketing landing pages

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MLM Landing Pages Tips.

Do you use landing pages in your efforts for your home business?

How do you use funnel marketing for your mlm business?

What should a landing page say to get your prospect’s attention for your network marketing business?

What IS a landing page in your home business online efforts?

A landing page is an online “greeting page” that GETS YOUR ATTENTION and motivates you to take action like opting in to get a FREE report or watching a video. A Landing page is to GET A MESSAGE ACROSS and to catalyze ACTION by the prospect.

There are many ways to create a good landing page- but it ALL starts with a MAGNETIC headline that PULLS THE EYEBALLS into reading it and then- MOVING the prospect to take action.

There ae three things that can move the prospect to take action:

1. Fear of Loss.

This is a powerful emotion that MOVES the prospect to take action as they do not want to lose out.

2. Hope of Revelation.

This is the hope that something will be revealed that you have been looking for-a solution or answer or little known fact.

3.  Triggers a Desire for INCREASE.

This is where a person hits your landing page, and the message triggers something on the inside to GET MORE, DO MORE, and INCREASE a part of their business or life.

What does a GREAT landing page STARY with?

A HOT and EYEBALL PULLING headline that draws the prospect into reading MORE. I have done more than 500 landing pages and all the copy is focused on one thing:


Here are some killer….

Landing Page Headlines.

Marketing online in the Cold Market with landing and squeeze pages is popular and powerful. They are the “doorway” to getting the prospect to move into your message and funnel.

But you MUST get their attention FIRST.

If you do NOT, you will not build a Cold Market list.

Here are some Eyeball Pulling headlines that have proven to WORK.

 1. “There is a Reason why Most People will Not <lose weight/have great skin/spend too much on travel/etc.> And most do NOT know this reason. Click here for a FREE Report/Video/ebook.”

 2. “”Isn’t It Time that you learned how to actually SUCCEED in your home business beyond all the hype and promises? Get the TRUTH and discover HOW to Accelerate your Success NOW.”

 3. “Lose 10 Lbs in 10 Days? If you READ THIS you WILL.”

 4. “10 Ways to Beautiful skin that NO ONE will Tell You- Guaranteed.”

 5.Why have over 10,000 people DOWNLOADED this Video? The Home business/skin care/weight loss/travel/energy/work out –Secrets in the Video WORK Amazingly. Download NOW!

 6. ‘Which Recruiting field is for YOU? Online or offline? How would you like to work BOTH and CRUSH IT? Free Mastery Guide on HOW!”

 7. “FREE 15 Minute Success Consultation for your Home business! We will look at it and give you business transforming tips that will help you Accelerate your Success. Just fill out this form!”

8 “Forget ALL You have learned in Sponsoring! This closely held Video will be a GAME CHANGER and will help ACCELERATE your Success NOW!  And it
is FREE! Fill out the form for access.”

These are some powerful landing page headlines that have proven to work for mlm network marketing home business professionals.

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MLM Recruiting- The 5 Parts to a Magnetic Recruiting System

mlm home business recruiting

mlm recruiting network marketing systems

MLM Recruiting Systems.

Do you have a recruiting system for your home business?

What kind of system do you have for your network marketing business?

Is it EFFECTIVE in mlm?

Systems are critical and a MUST the have in network marketing.

What is YOUR SYSTEM that you are going to use to move the candidates  through to define their interests?

You need some kind of a Social Recruiting SYSTEM.

 “SYSTEM” stands for:

 Save Your Self Time Energy (&) Money.

That is what an effective SYSTEM can do for you in Social Recruiting.

It can accelerate  your activity, productivity and results.

It can save you a LOT of time, a LOT of wasted energy, and a LOT of money.

A System also is what educates the candidate about your message and business or employment possibilities.

And a System can help you discover if the candidate is who YOU are looking for, and if they are what the company is looking for.

You need to have an online system as well as a personal system that really helps identify the strengths as well as weakness of a candidate. It also helps identify what culture they enjoyed working in and where they fit the best.

If you have a home business, you should consider some form of an online exposure system to
educate and to help identify the true prospects you should be talking to about
your business.

Some home business leaders have online systems that include a video, web page, follow up emails, webinars, as well as live meetings to move the prospect through. I would suggest that since you are locating talent online, you may want an online focused system.

A good recruiting system for a home business should contain certain parts or steps;

  1. Initial “first look” very brief video presentation.
  2. A “second look” filter video, pdf, or audio presentation.
  3. Some form of a brief phone or online  interview with questions.
  4. An extended webinar presentation- 20-30 minutes.
  5. A Decision to Enroll, Extend the Search, or Eject.

The # 1 Corporate Recruiter in the nation for a recruiting firm says:,
“Our corporate system was similar. We had a video that we used to tell the candidate what the client was looking for as well as who we were and had to offer. We also had an extensive questionnaire we went through once they proved serious. We also had online presentations about the corporation to give the candidate a feel for the culture and job.  And of course we had the big “3 E’s” – Employ, Extend the Search, or Eject.

 What kind of system are YOU planning on using?


This is imperative. Systems are what make the gas flow in network marketing mlm home business.

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MLM Training- 7 Powerful MLM Landing Page Secrets that are a MUST


mlm landing pages

mlm landing pages for home business


MLM Landing and Squeeze Pages

In this online world of marketing and recruiting for your network marketing home business, would one simple success tip help?

Would you like to learn 7 secrets that can explode your mlm success in landing pages?

What IS a landing page?

An MLM Landing page is a single page that people “land on” from search engines or clicking on a link and it tells them about your product or business in a VERY compelling way. There are many different ways to construct a landing page, but there are some simple foundational secrets that it will help you to know.

Many people NEVER have any success with their landing pages.


Because they lack many things within the page, and they do not give a reason for the prospect to go any further, like clicking a video link that plays your video. 

What are 7 MLM landing page Secrets that WORK and you MUST KNOW?

MLM Landing Page Secret 1:

Make Sure that your “Message matched.”

Your landing page copy should mirror the promises and content used in your ad. Make sure what the visitor landed on is mirrored EXTREMELY clear when they land on your MLM landing page. This is called ‘Yellow Brick Road’ and it helps reduce visitors leaving by guiding the visitor to the right place.

 MLM Landing Page Secret 2:

Make Sure that You Valuable.

Is there a clear value proposi-tion in your offer? The role of the landing page isn’t to inform, it’s to market, move the prospect, and sell. So don’t be afraid to take the time and present your message. Tell people why it’s in their best interest in every way to TAKE ACTION NOW.

 MLM Landing Page Secret 3:

Make Sure that your Copy and Words are Relevant.

Your ad & page copy may  match but that doesn’t necessarily mean your page or message is relevant to your offer or message. Make sure everything on your page RELATES to what you offered in your copy, and RELATES to your strong call to action. Everything needs to be flowing, connected, and fluid—your copy, your offer, your images.

 MLM Landing Page Secret 4:

 Is Your Content a “Quick read” or Scannable?

One of the biggest mistakes made on landing pages?  Long sentences, overkill on bullet points, too many  paragraphs—it’s hard for a visitor to take all that in! On the mlm page you have only a few seconds to get their attention and get their interest. Make sure that it’s easy to scan the page and understand and connect to the overall message. Vary the length of your phrases, your questions, and your points, use bullets (and keep ‘em short), and make sure paragraphs aren’t too long.

 MLM Landing Page Secret 5:

You Must Have the Golden Content Above the fold. Make sure your most important questions, words, phrases, images and  content is above the fold. That means calls to action as well. You can have rocking hot stuff below the fold, but THE BEST  stuff needs to be visible, well positioned, and high on the page.

 MLM Landing Page Secret 6:

Make Sure that there are Little if ANY Distractions.

Get rid of any AND ALL unnecessary copy, graphics and any links.. Every word, image, question, and any other element on your page should be increasing the odds of getting a sale or more. Get rid  of unrelated calls to action, uneeded graphics and anything else questionable.

 MLM Landing Page Secret 7:

A Strong Call to Action that is Highly Visual.

 At a quick glance it should be very clear what the THE MOST IMPORTANT ACTION to take is on the page. What EXACTLY does the landing page want the visitor to do EXACTLY? Pick up the phone and make a call? Fill out a form online and send it to you? Click a button to take them somewhere?  It does not matter what it is, just make sure your page is very ACTION FOCUSED. It should visually compel  and encourage the visitor forward into the desired place, action, or results you are looking for.

There are many mlm landing page secrets out there, but these are 7 powerful landing page basics for your network marketing business that will help explode your home based business.

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