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MLM Training- A Powerful MLM Prospecting Daily Blueprint that WORKS!

mlm prospecting training

mlm network marketing prospecting


MLM Prospecting Secrets.

Do you have trouble finding leads for your home based business?

What are the mlm prospecting methods that you use that work- or do you have any?

Would you like to learn a 4 Step MLM daily prospecting blueprint that has proven to WORK?

Here is a Million Dollar Prospecting Gold Nugget:

“You need a PLAN for your Prospecting. If you do NOT have one, you are planning to fail.”

 What is your PLAN for Prospecting DAILY?

 We call it your Daily Prospecting Blueprint.

 You would not build a house without a blueprint.

You should not build a business without a prospecting blueprint.

 Imagine the house that would be built if it was built just on a whim and no blueprint.

 Here is a simple but powerful 4 task prospecting blueprint that you can use daily if you choose. I used it for years, and it worked amazingly.

It is not complicated nor does it take any special software, although those things are great as well. But this will focus you on 4 things that PULL prospects into your radar.

 It goes with the word PLAN.

1.  P stands for Phone Calls.

 I always made at least 10 calls a day to NEW LEADS. Out of those calls I usually talked to  4-5 people and usually got  2 people willing to take a look.  I left a lot of voice mail message as well, and we will go over that in another post.

 2. L stands for Looking.

 I went out everyday and LOOKED for 5 new names or possible people to hold conversations with. You do this in social media, networking, daily conversations, walk arounds, and anywhere you are at the moment. KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN while you are online and offline for anyone who may BE who you are looking for, or KNOWS who you are looking for.

 3. A stands for Ask.

 I asked 2 people everyday if they would help me find someone who would benefit from my products. I asked people I knew and people I did not know, I would simply strike up a conversation and then ask them if:  “They might be able to assist me in locating someone they knew I might be able to help.”

 4. N stands for Network.

 My goal was to add ONE NEW NAME to my referral network DAILY. In social media today, that is so easy to do getting people to follow you or you friend them. From a traditional standpoint, networking is simply meeting someone new and getting a card and asking if they want to grab a tea sometime. That is so simple but yet powerful. It is the same thing with social media…but online.

 Develop a PLAN and then everyday DO IT- no exceptions.

 There is such GREATNESS inside of you that you need to unleash on the world.

 It starts TODAY. 

“Most people silently walk past a gold mine everyday- people who KNOW who you are looking for.”

 I was on facebook recently coaching someone on prospecting and I connected with someone in the town where my client I was working with lived. I wanted to show my client  how easy it was to create a NEW conversation with someone in social media (or offline) and get that person interested in talking about your business – in less than 15 seconds.

 They found that hard to believe as most people do. But it really is not that hard.

 I started a conversation and asked them if they might do me a favor.

 They said they would try and asked what they could do.

 I simply said, “I have helped people in all 50 states create what they could not create in their own life- a powerful lifestyle that most never live. These folks today have new homes, new cars, and most travel to places they once only dreamed of. I am looking for someone in your hometown to help me locate some people I can help. Would you help me find that person?”

 They answered back:

 “You just found them. Tell me more.”

 There is amazing power inside of you. YOU can DO what I just taught. RELEASE that power in your business and SOAR with your network marketing mlm home business.

FREE mp3 download – The 7 Biggest Mistakes Made in Network Marketing No One will Tell You

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 secrets!

Blessings…doug Firebaugh

© 2012 all rights reserved 

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MLM Training- The 4 Points and 4 Tiers of Social Media MLM

mlm social media

social media network marketing


MLM Social Media Secrets.

Have you ever thought of combining social media in your home based business?

If you have not you are BEHIND THE TIMES in your mlm business.

What if you could learn the basics of social media for a home business mlm that will start you on the right track?

You need a traditional as well as a non—traditional track of Success that leads you to the enrollment of distributors/consultants in your business.

 You have the traditional track of:




Follow up.


 But then you also need a non-traditional track of success as well.  This would include what we teach as a part of Network Marketing 4.4™ — the NEW Social School of Home Business Success. It is a 4 point / 4 tier Platform that you can integrate powerfully in your home business that works.

 We call it “Co-Traditional” Network marketing.

 It is an integration of tradition with non-tradition. Old school meets theSocialSchool. And it is what is being taught in The Coming Success Storm program.

 What are the 4 points and 4 tiers?

 The 4 Points is a track that you use to keep on track. The points are:

 1)   Exposure — on Social sites.

2)   Connection – with people you have drawn towards you.

3)   Value added – giving to the new friendship with Value.

4)   TIO.  Take It Offline. You need to create a more powerful relationship with influence and persuasion- offline- via phone or even face to face.

 This 4 point system can create an enormous exposure vehicle as well as connection system for Recruiting MagneTechs.

 The 4 Tiers are:

 1)   Social Networking Sites.

2)   Blogging.

3)   Broadcasting. (Videos, podcasting, livecasting, mobilecasting)

4)   Pictures.

 These are the 4 tiers that you can build a tremendous prospecting and recruiting track with.

 1)   Social sites are a MUST to create the exposure you need online.  You need to be visible on social sites like these:

Google Plus



 2)   Blogging and micro blogging will help brand you and get your message across of your product as well as business in writing. Here are a few sites.


3)   Broadcasting will position you as an expert, and will give you the way of getting your voice and message out that is broadcast over the internet, its downloadable, and can be virally marketed. Here are a few sites to start with:

Meta Cafe 

Podcast411  (Podcasting tutorial) 

Ustream TV


4)   Pictures will give you an opportunity to PERSONALIZE your message and efforts with your face and as well as images that are uploaded to social sites. Here are a few sites to start with:


 These 4 points and 4 Tiers will help you move in a more powerful way in your business, 

 If you are SERIOUS about your Network Marketing business, this will help you create a massive amount of leads that you can follow up on and help solve the prospecting puzzle so many Home Business Professionals  struggle with in network marketing.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 secrets

FREE mp3 download- The 7 Biggest Mistakes Made in Network Marketing NO ONE will Tell You

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- 7 MLM Telephone Training Secrets NO ONE Will Tell You


mlm home business telephone

mlm network marketing telephone success


MLM Telephone Secrets of Success.

How often do you us the telephone in your mlm network marketing business?

What do you SAY to the home business prospect when you chat with them?

Are your words working or are hindering your work at home business?

The telephone can be one of the GREATEST tools you have or can be one of the most FRUSTRATING tools you have-depending on how you see it and use it.

Many home business professionals have used the phone with great success.

Why does it work for SOME and not for others in network marketing?

GREAT question!

They have figured some things out, and that is the reason for this post. After researching telephone mastery and making 100,000 calls myself, we have found 7 MLM Telephone Secrets that we believe will make a huge difference in your business and results on the telephone.

Here are 7 of the most Powerful Telephone Mastery Secrets that exist:

1) “The Million Dollar 15.”

You can get more done in a focused 15 minute time of making phone calls then 2 hours.
Commit to 15 minutes a day to FOCUS and FIND 1 good prospect a day. The power of n intense focus is known, and but it can really stand out in an mlm telephone session.
Get FOCUSED on a 15 minute time slot, and rock the phone.

2) “Focus on Who THEY KNOW.”

Focus your efforts on who the prospect knows initially, and then transition to them.
Sometimes, with mlm prospects, focusing on who they know often can lead to a better response than initially focusing directly on the prospect.

3) “Focus on making them glad that you called and wanting to you to call again.”

Encourage, empower, edify, and exalt.
Often  a little encouragement can be all you need to recruit someone into your business. This is a master tool that works every time..

4) “A short phone call carries Power, a long phone call often – Poison.” 

Make the call short and simple. Respect their and your time. Often the poison of desperation can sneak up on you and you can sound desperate talking to your prospect. This is not cool.

5) “I have REALLY enjoyed this call- it’s been great –thanks.” 

A gracious exit on a phone call can be worth a million dollars. Often, we do not exist a call or finish a call with any kind of grace. Be gracious and let them know you have enjoyed their time, appreciate their  time, and look forward to doing it again. You will be glad you did. 

6) There are what we call “The Four Ns of the Telephone Call” 

A phone call needs to be NORMAL.
A phone call needs to be NATURAL.
A phone call needs to be NON-THREATENING.
A phone call needs to be NICE – NO MATTER WHAT happens!
DO NOT let the prospect steal your Power for Success by making you angry!

NICE= Now In Control (of) Emotions


7) POUR into them, and create a “5 Minute Drill.” 

“I am not sure if anyone has told you—but…you have an amazing personality….an infectious energy….
The GOLD of their Personality.
The GOLD of their Energy.
The GOLD of their Communication skills.
The GOLD of their People skills.
The GOLD of their Sincerity.
Leave with a Million Dollar Touch for your mlm prospects in your network marketing work at home business.
blessings…doug firebaugh
(c) 2012  all rights reserved
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MLM Training- 5 Reasons to Submit Press Releases for Your MLM Business

mlm training network marketing

mlm training on press releases


MLM Press Release Reasons to Send Out.

Have you ever heard of PR web?

Have you ever sent out a press release for your team in network marketing?

Do you think that having potentially thousands of NEW eyeballs on your press release would be worth considering one?

I thought so.

Many folks do not submit press releases for their business as they do not know the power nor the stickiness of a press release on the web. We have submitted press releases and 3 years later, are still showing up on Google.

THAT is great exposure.

What if YOU could learn how to do that?

(You WILL Learn that if you are there for the Press Release Recruiting webinar!

This is a webinar that will teach you step by step how to tap into 50 million targeted leads and these leads cost you NOTHING-and they are already qualified. Might want to check this out)

Stickiness of a press release can keep your message out on the net not only for years- but we have had press releases picked up a year later by people who have communicated with us about it and they just found it.

How and what did WE DO?

What made them call and why after a year are people STILL calling?

The press release can be a very valuable tool not only for recruiting, but for exposure for what you are doing in your home based business. It has proven to be a powerful message delivery mechanism, and also a great way to get your name out there quick.

5 Powerful Reasons.

Here are 5 reasons why you should send out a press release that will help accelerate your business. (You will learn 52 reasons on the webinar-one for each week.)

1. A New Team Member.

If you have a new team member, and are excited about this person..


Send out a press release about this person and interview them and get their name up in lights. Feature them as a new super star in the making and they will be MOTIVATED to become it.

2. A Special Event.

One of the least used but most powerful reasons to send out a press release is if you are attending an event- especially a regional or national conference! Make it sound special and like this is a HUGE deal for you to be there, and make the press release personal and fun.

This will get you out there and give you a tool to recruit with as well when you are there.

3. A Promotion in Rank.

If you are promoted to the next pin level, then you should let the world know. Send out a brief press release about it and tell why it means so much to you as well as how you feel.

And if one of your team members gets promoted….yes, send a press release out as well!

4. A Special Incentive Award.

If you have won a car, like a BMW, or have been included on an exclusive trip, then let the world know and again, make it personal and fun. Let the world know how you feel, how hard you worked, and what this can mean to anyone that works hard and refuses to give up.

Make it INSPIRING- and touching.

5. If you have a new blog, or updated your blog, or a new fan page.

Let the world know of you have a new blog, or website, or video, or fanpage. This is imperative as any business today lets the world know about their blog upgrades and their fanpage activity.

Keep the world informed.

Let them know WHO YOU ARE and why they should get to know you.

These are 5 reasons why you should submit press releases for your network marketing home based business in mlm.

FREE mp3 download- The 7 Biggest Mistakes Made in Network marketing NO ONE will tell you.”

FREE Social Media Recruitng ebook- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 recruiting secrets!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- The 4 Steps to a Powerful Telephone Prospecting Call


network marketing telephone training

mlm home business training for telephone


MLM Telephone Training for Prospecting.

How often do you use the telephone to contact prospects for your home based business?

Do you know that there is a process that will rock your phone calling for your mlm business?

Would you like to discover how to elevate your calls for your work at home network marketing business?

 There is a 4 Step process for every phone call you  make, and you need to be aware of it:


This step is simply the first 30 seconds to a minute and getting the conversation warmed up. It usually contains:
“How have you been?”
“What’s going on?”
How are the kids?”
“How is work?”
“Just wanted to call you to let you know…”
“I was thinking about you and just wanted to check in…” 


After you have broken the ice, and the conversation has warmed up, then you naturally start the Connection step.
You Connect with friends and family with:
Your last conversation.
Their children.
Their spouse.
Latest news.
Their life happenings.
Their job.
Their hobbies, interests, faith, etc.  


You have broken the ice, connected with them, now comes the Message.
This is the REAL REASON for the phone call.
You are going to deliver a Message to them about something that you want them to know, think about, do, go to, learn about, or just to let them know you were thinking about them.
Your Message is one of Helping you, as well as:
Making Life More Comfortable, bringing a New Hope to people’s lives, Transforming their Destiny, Creating a Totally Secure Future, Enlarging Lifestyle, and Living a Richer Life.
Your Message for Retailing is One of benefits of the product, Value to the consumer, and helping you.
The REAL Message you are bringing is:
You are a great person and deserve the best that life has to offer.
I want to make you FEEL better about yourself, and feel like a Million Dollars after this call.
I want you “POUR OUT” Encouragement, Empowerment, and Belief.
Mastery Secret: Make the person ecstatic that you called.  


Where do we go from here?
Is it that you will call them later in the future?
Do you have a specific target that you want to establish?
Do you have an action you want them to take?
Did you set a time for a future call?
What is the destination of where you want them to go?
What NOW happens?
MLM Telephone Mastery Secret: “I have an idea…let’s do this…”
ALWAYS be Forward Focused and headed to the next agreement.

Breaking the Ice –>  Connection –> Message –>  Direction

These are the 4 steps to a powerful MLM telephone Prospecting call for your mlm network marketing home business

MLM Training- 3 HUGE Press Release Mistakes Made with Home Businesses

mlm press releases secrrets

mlm press release training for home business


MLM Press Release Secrets.

Have you ever sent out a press release for your home based business?

Did you know that most of the sites that do that for you are FREE?

Have you ever thought about what a press release could do for your home business mlm?

Press releases, especially today where most of them are sent online, are powerful information and marketing tools that are used to promote something you are doing. And that means that you must be DOING something in order to send out a press release.

Many press releases have mistakes that for whatever reason, hinder and hurt the visibility of the release, as well as the recruiting power of it. There are many mistakes that have been made over the years, but we have found that that are three huge mistakes many releases contain when featuring home businesses.

There is a lady out in Portland, Oregon that recently sent out a press releases and paid one of the top press release sites a good sum of money to do it- It is a great tool and site for paid for press release distribution. She spent good money for her release, and well…

Got nothing.

What was her challenge and why did she get hardly any “play” off of it online as well as offline?

She made the 3 HUGE mistakes that many people do, and it hurt her on the search engines as well as with the press.

what were those three things she unfortunately did?

BY the way!

You need to check out Press Release Recruiting webinar as it will teach you the art of recruiting with press releases, how to tap into a 50 million prospect pool no one has touched, and also how to get thousands of back links for your blog over night!

Check this out:  Press Release Recruiting

1. She was in the SELLING mode, not the TELLING mode.

Press releases are for information, not trying to sell something. She actually made it sound like a landing page, and filled it with bullets, and even the template she used was for selling, not a press release.

It not only hurt her with the media picking up her release, but the media saw she was trying to hype a skin care product, not inform the press of a great event or idea. It was  sales piece not a press release.

Press releases must inform and make a statement about an event or something that is happening in the marketplace. yes, this can include a new product introduction but make it about the facts and details of the product, not selling and hyping  the product.

2. She lacked the CONTENT that the media needs to feature it as a story or note of interest.

The new media has really gotten picky over the last 4 years dealing with press releeases as there has been a lot of “spam” out there with people sending out sales pitches disguised as press releases. There ws no real content in the release, and no real story behind the release.

Content is what the media is looking for. Content that makes a good story. Content that helps people. Content that Google loves. And content that will get read by the public.

Content must be interesting and help the public as a whole. It should be about something that people will want to know about, or at least your industry would.

Make sure that your press release content has VALUE to the reader, as well as the media and makes it worthy of being read and distributed.

3. Her press release was way too long.

Press releases for the most part are SHORT and they are BRIEF. They are not a sales page that goes on and on. It is a document that usually is a couple of paragraphs with great information telling about something that is of interest to the public.

Press releases that are very long, never get read, and rarely are picked up.


Think “sound bits” as in TV or radio.

That is what a press release really is. it is an online “sound bite” of what is going on with a company, product, marketing campaign, or any other type of story. That is why they are short. press releases are ‘scanned” a lot of time by the reader and they want to know quickly about what it says and if it is a log press release, you Will find many release site will not pick it up.

This will cost you  back links and also visibility.

These re 3 HUGE mistakes made with press releases in  lot of the network marketing mlm businesses today.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook-Social Recruiting Power- over 50 secrets!

FREE mp3 download- The 7 Biggest Mistakes Made in Network Marketing NO ONE will tell you!

blessings….doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training – How to Master MLM Business Building Tools

home business mlm network marketing

mlm business building tools


MLM Business Building Tools.

Do you use network marketing training tools daily?

Do you KNOW how to use them?

Do you know how to get your new distributor started with Home Business building tools?

Whether you are an online marketer or a more traditional network marketing person, tools are a part of the success process in mlm network marketing.


There is a saying that I just dearly LOVE:

 “It’s the START that STOPS most people!”

 Those new NETWORK MARKETING Resellers that START are the ones who have the chance of becoming STARS!    

But many new people never get started because they don’t know what to do…

You MUST Get Started in NETWORK MARKETING. Understand that the people you share your business with WILL MIRROR what you do. 

 It’s called:

 The Rule Of DATP!

 “Duplication Always Takes Place!” 

What will they be duplicating? 

Will it be a Rapid Pace for Success? 

Or will it be a Turtle Pace for Building? 

Either is ok, as each will build your NETWORK MARKETING business.  Whatever you do, odds are, your people will take that as a clue, and do the same thing.      

The MLM Pace of Success.                           

“It is easier to Work this business FAST… than Slow!”  Slow Pace can increase frustration, and procrastination.  Think FAST PACE, to get your business going.

OK, now you are ready to get your business going! What is the first thing that has to happen concerning the company tools? Go over them as well as the paperwork. 

1) The first thing that we need to address is your application.

How does enrollment in NETWORK MARKETING work?  What is the enrollment process from start to completion?  Make sure you understand this process, and are able to teach it simply and thoroughly. If you have any questions, ask your sponsor or NETWORK MARKETING corporate office. 

2) Next, let’s cover the Order Form, and what decisions need to be made before you or someone you enroll orders. 

 Understand that wherever you started with your initial investment of Membership or products to get your business started will become a “Silent Standard” for your group.  What standard do you want to set?  

We recommend that the best place for a new Reseller to start is somewhere between ‘Scared and Nervous.’ That could be $195.00 to one person, could be $495.00+ to another, but either way, it’s got to be an amount that’ll motivate you to get out the door in the morning or at night and share the business and incredible product line. 

3) Go over any other forms and necessary documents (online as well) with your sponsor, and learn how to properly complete them.

Make sure you review them ALL! Necessary Forms include your “Contact List” which should include everyone you know well and others you know by association. 

4) Review the company literature, brochures, catalogues, and any marketing tools that are available to you in your Reseller Training System.

Become familiar with EACH NETWORK MARKETING brochure and catalogues and its purpose. Then you will know with whom it will be appropriate to share it. Don’t memorize it, but understand its POWER to communicate the NETWORK MARKETING message! 

5) Next, go over any and all CDs, audios, DVDs, conference calls/web casts and other website tools that are available.

Learn the NETWORK MARKETING message of each tool, so you’ll be familiar with which ones to use when you retail the product and when you recruit. You need to order adequate supplies of each so you have them in your “Success Tool Kit.”

Find out the time and conference call number of the next company Recruiting call, and have a guest on it! 

Time / Date of call-webinar__________________________________________


Number ________________________________________________________

 This will help you increase your business building in your mlm home based business.

FREE Social Media Recruiting- Social Recruiting Power- over 50 secrets!

FREE mp3 download- “The 7 Biggest Mistakes Made in Network Marketing NO ONE will Tell You”

 blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- 3 Reasons Why You Need to Submit Press Releases

mlm press release training

mlm network marketing training


MLM Press Release Training

Are you aware of the amazing power of the press release for your network marketing business?

Are you willing to tap into that power?

Would you like to know 3 reasons why you MUST submit press releases for your business in mlm?

What IS a press release?

It is an information document that you send out to the traditional and non-traditional media outlets. From this submission you can get a LOT of publicity, and a LOT of visibility that can help your business.

Press releases are a fact of today’s business. They are a communication tool that will help multiply your name out there and I call press releases, “Personal Branding Steroids.”

Press releases can be one of the most powerful Personal Branding Tools you can imagine as it will not only create an intense “branding focus” but also to literally thousands of people ALL AT ONCE. What would THAT do for your network marketing home based business?

Here are three powerful reasons you MUST send out press releases for your home business:

1. Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Press releases can get onto Google, Bing, and Yahoo within 24- 48 hours in front of millions of eyes. Bing has a special section for press releases as Yahoo does.

Google LOVES press releases IF they are relevant, informational, written well, SEOed, and a part of an over all marketing campaign. I have sent out press releases for a campaign or focused marketing strategy, and ended up on the front page of Google within an hour.

You read that right.

Within an hour.

What would THAT do for your business?

Would you like to know HOW to do that?

Before I go over the other 2- check out this webinar I am doing that will teach you how to use Press releases for massive recruiting-of people that are LOOKING FOR YOU.

Would you like to tap into a 50 million prospect pool- FIRST? Check this out:

Press Release Recruiting

Here is the second reason you MUST submit press releases:

2.) Instant Credibility.

Press releases can give you credibility if you are lacking. I was coaching a young leader 3 year ago, and she felt she was lacking credibility. She was only 24. I told her to send out a series of press releases a certain way, and do it for 6 weeks.

She did it, and in actually 4 weeks, she had all the credibility she needed to make a big leap in her business results. She not only changed her self image after seeing herself on Google, but she used those press releases to recruit as well.

Are YOU lacking credibility?

Send out a press release.

3. Professionalism.

Sending out press releases, IF DONE RIGHT, can build your professional image into something special.

Most Fortune 500 companies send out press releases regularly. There is a reason. They know that they are building a professional image in the media as well as online. This helps keep their image up to par and IN FRONT OF PEOPLE.

What would happen if YOU did that?

These are 3 reasons why you MUST submit press releases for your mlm network marketing home business.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- “Social Recruiting Power” –over 50 secrets!

FREE mp3 download- The 7 Biggest Mistakes Made in Network Marketing NO ONE will Tell You

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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Press Release Recruiting

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MLM Training- 3 Phases of a Powerful ProspectingTelephone Call

mlm telephone success

home business telephone success


MLM Telephone Training.

Do you know the 3 phases of a telephone call in network marketing?

When do you make your phone calls in your mlm business?

Are to moving through the 3 phases of a phone call with success?

There is a Process that most people use on the telephone, but are not aware of it. They are taught it, but do not recognize the step by step of a sucessful mlm prospecting telephone call. There are many secrets to Home Business mastery, but n on more important than mastering what words and emotions you articulate over the phone for your home based business.
The secret to mastering the telephone in a direct selling compnay, is NOT mastering results, but mastering the PROCESS which creates the results.
The Power is in the Process, nit the results. The results are a FRUIT of the process in making a successful telephone call.
As in all things we do, there is usually a process that we engage step by step. This is no different. We live in a sequenced world, and work in a sequenced world.
YOU think in sequence and LIVE in sequence.
This is no different.
In MLM Telephone Mastery, process is the focus, and results are the fruit. But first you must understand what we call the “3 Phases of a telephone call.” 

There are 3 Phases to every highly successful telephone call that is made on this planet.
If you understand the 3 phases, the process of making a phone call becomes more powerful. 

1) Phase One is the ‘Pre-Call Phase.”

This is where a Successful phone call is actually made or lost. This is where you program yourself for success.
This is the phase where all the emotions take over, you fret, become anxious, think about what you want to happen and what you are going to say. This phase can be 5 seconds long or 5 weeks long-depends on how much you dread the call or look forward to it, as well as when it is to be made.
The Pre-Call Phase can either carry with it great expectations of Success, or great dread of wrong results.
It contains emotions, anticipation, thoughts, message prep, and decision.

2) The Second Phase is “The Live Call.”

This phase is the actual call itself. This is where the actual step by step process is.
Most people make a call, and do it by habit, not focus.
Successful people focus on creating a telephone call that will bring Impact, Value, Hope, Connection, and Emotion to a call.
The Live call should NOT be a long call- the longest a call should ever be would be 5-7 minutes-any longer and they will be thinking, “I do not have time for anything like this.” 3-5 minutes is the actual best time frame.
If they want to pursue more info, then say, “I told you this would be a short call, If you want to take a couple more minutes, I would love to.”

3) The Third Phase of the call is the “Post Call.”

This is AFTER the call. Most people think about the call — and get emotional.
They ask questions—”What did I do wrong? Why did they respond like that? Why isn’t this working?”
Masters of the telephone ask, “What went right? What did I do and say that was masterful? How can I improve and get better?”
Then find ONE THING that went very well- and DO IT AGAIN on the next call.
If you book an appointment or something positive happens (which IT WILL) – call someone and celebrate with them. You deserve it and the support will mean a lot to your mlm home based business.
blessings…doug firebaugh
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