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MLM Press Release Reasons to Send Out.

Have you ever heard of PR web?

Have you ever sent out a press release for your team in network marketing?

Do you think that having potentially thousands of NEW eyeballs on your press release would be worth considering one?

I thought so.

Many folks do not submit press releases for their business as they do not know the power nor the stickiness of a press release on the web. We have submitted press releases and 3 years later, are still showing up on Google.

THAT is great exposure.

What if YOU could learn how to do that?

(You WILL Learn that if you are there for the Press Release Recruiting webinar!

This is a webinar that will teach you step by step how to tap into 50 million targeted leads and these leads cost you NOTHING-and they are already qualified. Might want to check this out)

Stickiness of a press release can keep your message out on the net not only for years- but we have had press releases picked up a year later by people who have communicated with us about it and they just found it.

How and what did WE DO?

What made them call and why after a year are people STILL calling?

The press release can be a very valuable tool not only for recruiting, but for exposure for what you are doing in your home based business. It has proven to be a powerful message delivery mechanism, and also a great way to get your name out there quick.

5 Powerful Reasons.

Here are 5 reasons why you should send out a press release that will help accelerate your business. (You will learn 52 reasons on the webinar-one for each week.)

1. A New Team Member.

If you have a new team member, and are excited about this person..


Send out a press release about this person and interview them and get their name up in lights. Feature them as a new super star in the making and they will be MOTIVATED to become it.

2. A Special Event.

One of the least used but most powerful reasons to send out a press release is if you are attending an event- especially a regional or national conference! Make it sound special and like this is a HUGE deal for you to be there, and make the press release personal and fun.

This will get you out there and give you a tool to recruit with as well when you are there.

3. A Promotion in Rank.

If you are promoted to the next pin level, then you should let the world know. Send out a brief press release about it and tell why it means so much to you as well as how you feel.

And if one of your team members gets promoted….yes, send a press release out as well!

4. A Special Incentive Award.

If you have won a car, like a BMW, or have been included on an exclusive trip, then let the world know and again, make it personal and fun. Let the world know how you feel, how hard you worked, and what this can mean to anyone that works hard and refuses to give up.

Make it INSPIRING- and touching.

5. If you have a new blog, or updated your blog, or a new fan page.

Let the world know of you have a new blog, or website, or video, or fanpage. This is imperative as any business today lets the world know about their blog upgrades and their fanpage activity.

Keep the world informed.

Let them know WHO YOU ARE and why they should get to know you.

These are 5 reasons why you should submit press releases for your network marketing home based business in mlm.

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