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MLM Social Media Secrets.

Have you ever thought of combining social media in your home based business?

If you have not you are BEHIND THE TIMES in your mlm business.

What if you could learn the basics of social media for a home business mlm that will start you on the right track?

You need a traditional as well as a non—traditional track of Success that leads you to the enrollment of distributors/consultants in your business.

 You have the traditional track of:




Follow up.


 But then you also need a non-traditional track of success as well.  This would include what we teach as a part of Network Marketing 4.4™ — the NEW Social School of Home Business Success. It is a 4 point / 4 tier Platform that you can integrate powerfully in your home business that works.

 We call it “Co-Traditional” Network marketing.

 It is an integration of tradition with non-tradition. Old school meets theSocialSchool. And it is what is being taught in The Coming Success Storm program.

 What are the 4 points and 4 tiers?

 The 4 Points is a track that you use to keep on track. The points are:

 1)   Exposure — on Social sites.

2)   Connection – with people you have drawn towards you.

3)   Value added – giving to the new friendship with Value.

4)   TIO.  Take It Offline. You need to create a more powerful relationship with influence and persuasion- offline- via phone or even face to face.

 This 4 point system can create an enormous exposure vehicle as well as connection system for Recruiting MagneTechs.

 The 4 Tiers are:

 1)   Social Networking Sites.

2)   Blogging.

3)   Broadcasting. (Videos, podcasting, livecasting, mobilecasting)

4)   Pictures.

 These are the 4 tiers that you can build a tremendous prospecting and recruiting track with.

 1)   Social sites are a MUST to create the exposure you need online.  You need to be visible on social sites like these:

Google Plus



 2)   Blogging and micro blogging will help brand you and get your message across of your product as well as business in writing. Here are a few sites.


3)   Broadcasting will position you as an expert, and will give you the way of getting your voice and message out that is broadcast over the internet, its downloadable, and can be virally marketed. Here are a few sites to start with:

Meta Cafe 

Podcast411  (Podcasting tutorial) 

Ustream TV


4)   Pictures will give you an opportunity to PERSONALIZE your message and efforts with your face and as well as images that are uploaded to social sites. Here are a few sites to start with:


 These 4 points and 4 Tiers will help you move in a more powerful way in your business, 

 If you are SERIOUS about your Network Marketing business, this will help you create a massive amount of leads that you can follow up on and help solve the prospecting puzzle so many Home Business Professionals  struggle with in network marketing.

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