MLM Training- 7 MLM Telephone Training Secrets NO ONE Will Tell You


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MLM Telephone Secrets of Success.

How often do you us the telephone in your mlm network marketing business?

What do you SAY to the home business prospect when you chat with them?

Are your words working or are hindering your work at home business?

The telephone can be one of the GREATEST tools you have or can be one of the most FRUSTRATING tools you have-depending on how you see it and use it.

Many home business professionals have used the phone with great success.

Why does it work for SOME and not for others in network marketing?

GREAT question!

They have figured some things out, and that is the reason for this post. After researching telephone mastery and making 100,000 calls myself, we have found 7 MLM Telephone Secrets that we believe will make a huge difference in your business and results on the telephone.

Here are 7 of the most Powerful Telephone Mastery Secrets that exist:

1) “The Million Dollar 15.”

You can get more done in a focused 15 minute time of making phone calls then 2 hours.
Commit to 15 minutes a day to FOCUS and FIND 1 good prospect a day. The power of n intense focus is known, and but it can really stand out in an mlm telephone session.
Get FOCUSED on a 15 minute time slot, and rock the phone.

2) “Focus on Who THEY KNOW.”

Focus your efforts on who the prospect knows initially, and then transition to them.
Sometimes, with mlm prospects, focusing on who they know often can lead to a better response than initially focusing directly on the prospect.

3) “Focus on making them glad that you called and wanting to you to call again.”

Encourage, empower, edify, and exalt.
Often  a little encouragement can be all you need to recruit someone into your business. This is a master tool that works every time..

4) “A short phone call carries Power, a long phone call often – Poison.” 

Make the call short and simple. Respect their and your time. Often the poison of desperation can sneak up on you and you can sound desperate talking to your prospect. This is not cool.

5) “I have REALLY enjoyed this call- it’s been great –thanks.” 

A gracious exit on a phone call can be worth a million dollars. Often, we do not exist a call or finish a call with any kind of grace. Be gracious and let them know you have enjoyed their time, appreciate their  time, and look forward to doing it again. You will be glad you did. 

6) There are what we call “The Four Ns of the Telephone Call” 

A phone call needs to be NORMAL.
A phone call needs to be NATURAL.
A phone call needs to be NON-THREATENING.
A phone call needs to be NICE – NO MATTER WHAT happens!
DO NOT let the prospect steal your Power for Success by making you angry!

NICE= Now In Control (of) Emotions


7) POUR into them, and create a “5 Minute Drill.” 

“I am not sure if anyone has told you—but…you have an amazing personality….an infectious energy….
The GOLD of their Personality.
The GOLD of their Energy.
The GOLD of their Communication skills.
The GOLD of their People skills.
The GOLD of their Sincerity.
Leave with a Million Dollar Touch for your mlm prospects in your network marketing work at home business.
blessings…doug firebaugh
(c) 2012  all rights reserved
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MLM Training- The 4 Steps to a Powerful Telephone Prospecting Call


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MLM Telephone Training for Prospecting.

How often do you use the telephone to contact prospects for your home based business?

Do you know that there is a process that will rock your phone calling for your mlm business?

Would you like to discover how to elevate your calls for your work at home network marketing business?

 There is a 4 Step process for every phone call you  make, and you need to be aware of it:


This step is simply the first 30 seconds to a minute and getting the conversation warmed up. It usually contains:
“How have you been?”
“What’s going on?”
How are the kids?”
“How is work?”
“Just wanted to call you to let you know…”
“I was thinking about you and just wanted to check in…” 


After you have broken the ice, and the conversation has warmed up, then you naturally start the Connection step.
You Connect with friends and family with:
Your last conversation.
Their children.
Their spouse.
Latest news.
Their life happenings.
Their job.
Their hobbies, interests, faith, etc.  


You have broken the ice, connected with them, now comes the Message.
This is the REAL REASON for the phone call.
You are going to deliver a Message to them about something that you want them to know, think about, do, go to, learn about, or just to let them know you were thinking about them.
Your Message is one of Helping you, as well as:
Making Life More Comfortable, bringing a New Hope to people’s lives, Transforming their Destiny, Creating a Totally Secure Future, Enlarging Lifestyle, and Living a Richer Life.
Your Message for Retailing is One of benefits of the product, Value to the consumer, and helping you.
The REAL Message you are bringing is:
You are a great person and deserve the best that life has to offer.
I want to make you FEEL better about yourself, and feel like a Million Dollars after this call.
I want you “POUR OUT” Encouragement, Empowerment, and Belief.
Mastery Secret: Make the person ecstatic that you called.  


Where do we go from here?
Is it that you will call them later in the future?
Do you have a specific target that you want to establish?
Do you have an action you want them to take?
Did you set a time for a future call?
What is the destination of where you want them to go?
What NOW happens?
MLM Telephone Mastery Secret: “I have an idea…let’s do this…”
ALWAYS be Forward Focused and headed to the next agreement.

Breaking the Ice –>  Connection –> Message –>  Direction

These are the 4 steps to a powerful MLM telephone Prospecting call for your mlm network marketing home business

MLM Training- 3 Phases of a Powerful ProspectingTelephone Call

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MLM Telephone Training.

Do you know the 3 phases of a telephone call in network marketing?

When do you make your phone calls in your mlm business?

Are to moving through the 3 phases of a phone call with success?

There is a Process that most people use on the telephone, but are not aware of it. They are taught it, but do not recognize the step by step of a sucessful mlm prospecting telephone call. There are many secrets to Home Business mastery, but n on more important than mastering what words and emotions you articulate over the phone for your home based business.
The secret to mastering the telephone in a direct selling compnay, is NOT mastering results, but mastering the PROCESS which creates the results.
The Power is in the Process, nit the results. The results are a FRUIT of the process in making a successful telephone call.
As in all things we do, there is usually a process that we engage step by step. This is no different. We live in a sequenced world, and work in a sequenced world.
YOU think in sequence and LIVE in sequence.
This is no different.
In MLM Telephone Mastery, process is the focus, and results are the fruit. But first you must understand what we call the “3 Phases of a telephone call.” 

There are 3 Phases to every highly successful telephone call that is made on this planet.
If you understand the 3 phases, the process of making a phone call becomes more powerful. 

1) Phase One is the ‘Pre-Call Phase.”

This is where a Successful phone call is actually made or lost. This is where you program yourself for success.
This is the phase where all the emotions take over, you fret, become anxious, think about what you want to happen and what you are going to say. This phase can be 5 seconds long or 5 weeks long-depends on how much you dread the call or look forward to it, as well as when it is to be made.
The Pre-Call Phase can either carry with it great expectations of Success, or great dread of wrong results.
It contains emotions, anticipation, thoughts, message prep, and decision.

2) The Second Phase is “The Live Call.”

This phase is the actual call itself. This is where the actual step by step process is.
Most people make a call, and do it by habit, not focus.
Successful people focus on creating a telephone call that will bring Impact, Value, Hope, Connection, and Emotion to a call.
The Live call should NOT be a long call- the longest a call should ever be would be 5-7 minutes-any longer and they will be thinking, “I do not have time for anything like this.” 3-5 minutes is the actual best time frame.
If they want to pursue more info, then say, “I told you this would be a short call, If you want to take a couple more minutes, I would love to.”

3) The Third Phase of the call is the “Post Call.”

This is AFTER the call. Most people think about the call — and get emotional.
They ask questions—”What did I do wrong? Why did they respond like that? Why isn’t this working?”
Masters of the telephone ask, “What went right? What did I do and say that was masterful? How can I improve and get better?”
Then find ONE THING that went very well- and DO IT AGAIN on the next call.
If you book an appointment or something positive happens (which IT WILL) – call someone and celebrate with them. You deserve it and the support will mean a lot to your mlm home based business.
blessings…doug firebaugh
(c) 2012  all rights reseved
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MLM Prospecting- The Voice Mail Message To Leave to Get Prospects Calling Back

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MLM Voice Mail Message.

How would you like to know what message to leave on a voice mail for your home based business?

What does gaining influence in your social media recruiting mean for your network marketing recruiting?

Would you like to discover both of these mlm prospecting secrets?

Here they are my friend:

MLM Prospecting Secret # 1:

“Facebook recruiting and Social Prospecting starts with one focus-to gain influence. You do that by understanding the word GIVE.”

 Million Dollar Prospecting is a new generation of prospecting training that elevates your thinking and actions in finding leads. Facebook has helped develop many prospects and leaders the last 5 years in the Home Business Profession and it will for years to come as well as social media.

 All social media sites, whether it is twitter, youtube, LinkedIn, Orkut, Google+ and more are powerful places to find leads.

 But many people struggle with the sites.


They lack the understanding of the Billion Dollar  Prospecting Rule of Influence.

 What is that?

 It is about the word GIVE.

 In social media and social networking, there is a certain culture that exists and if you want to prospect within it, you must follow the rules. This means that social media prospecting goes against a lot of what we learned about traditional prospecting.

 Especially about Influence.

 There is one way in prospecting to gain influence with people easily and it is found in the word GIVE.

 GIVE = Gain Influence Very Easily.

 Give an ebook away. Give a sample of your product away. Give a series of tips and lessons via social mail away. Give a video of little known information that helps solves problems away. Give a conference call away. Give an article of value away.

 Million Dollar Prospecting is today about the GIVE…not the take. Social media culture is about freely giving and freely connecting online to those who you give to.

 GIVE something away and watch your Social Prospecting as well as all your prospecting start to explode your results.

 DARE to REACH further than you ever have before. DARE to DO something beyond what you think you can do. DARE to BECOME someone they said you never could become.

 You CAN become that – you already are. You just have to release and grow that person on the inside.

MLM Prospecting Secret # 2:

 “The words that you use on a voice mail for people who know people you know, must IMPACT them with Connection and Familiarity.

 Ok…you have someone that has been given to you by a possible lead, and you are all excited, as you should be. This could be a Million Dollar Moment in the making. You dial their number, and then you wait…

 And their voice mail comes on.

 What do you DO?

Some people can hang up. Some people can leave an unfamiliar sounding message. Some can simply stumble through the message.

 Or YOU can leave a professional magnetic message that contains the 2 CORE Elements of a powerful voice mail for referrals: 


 CONNECTION is where they KNOW you are Connected to their friend and then they know that because your message has a Comfortable Familiarity to it.

 How does that happen in a voice mail?

 It comes from what they FEEL and what they SENSE about you from the message you leave on their phone.

 It is all about the message you leave and how they feel after listening to it.

“Hi Mary, my name is < Doug Firebaugh > and we have a great mutual friend,    <                     >, who suggested that I give you a call. She said we might want to chat sometime as she indicated that I may be able to be of some help. Please give me a call at 555-5555 or facebook me at”

  We all have words that we carry with us that weight us down. We need to release the negatives that have been spoken over and into our lives and embrace the GOOD, the POWERFUL and the MIGHTY words that we speak about ourselves daily out loud.

 “This is the greatest day of my life!” “I am the ultimate winner no matter what anyone says!” “There is NO ONE who intimidates me and  I can talk to anyone as I am a master mlm prospector!”

 FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Media Recruiting Power-over 50 secrets

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blessing…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all right reserved

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