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MLM Telephone Training.

Do you know the 3 phases of a telephone call in network marketing?

When do you make your phone calls in your mlm business?

Are to moving through the 3 phases of a phone call with success?

There is a Process that most people use on the telephone, but are not aware of it. They are taught it, but do not recognize the step by step of a sucessful mlm prospecting telephone call. There are many secrets to Home Business mastery, but n on more important than mastering what words and emotions you articulate over the phone for your home based business.
The secret to mastering the telephone in a direct selling compnay, is NOT mastering results, but mastering the PROCESS which creates the results.
The Power is in the Process, nit the results. The results are a FRUIT of the process in making a successful telephone call.
As in all things we do, there is usually a process that we engage step by step. This is no different. We live in a sequenced world, and work in a sequenced world.
YOU think in sequence and LIVE in sequence.
This is no different.
In MLM Telephone Mastery, process is the focus, and results are the fruit. But first you must understand what we call the “3 Phases of a telephone call.” 

There are 3 Phases to every highly successful telephone call that is made on this planet.
If you understand the 3 phases, the process of making a phone call becomes more powerful. 

1) Phase One is the ‘Pre-Call Phase.”

This is where a Successful phone call is actually made or lost. This is where you program yourself for success.
This is the phase where all the emotions take over, you fret, become anxious, think about what you want to happen and what you are going to say. This phase can be 5 seconds long or 5 weeks long-depends on how much you dread the call or look forward to it, as well as when it is to be made.
The Pre-Call Phase can either carry with it great expectations of Success, or great dread of wrong results.
It contains emotions, anticipation, thoughts, message prep, and decision.

2) The Second Phase is “The Live Call.”

This phase is the actual call itself. This is where the actual step by step process is.
Most people make a call, and do it by habit, not focus.
Successful people focus on creating a telephone call that will bring Impact, Value, Hope, Connection, and Emotion to a call.
The Live call should NOT be a long call- the longest a call should ever be would be 5-7 minutes-any longer and they will be thinking, “I do not have time for anything like this.” 3-5 minutes is the actual best time frame.
If they want to pursue more info, then say, “I told you this would be a short call, If you want to take a couple more minutes, I would love to.”

3) The Third Phase of the call is the “Post Call.”

This is AFTER the call. Most people think about the call — and get emotional.
They ask questions—”What did I do wrong? Why did they respond like that? Why isn’t this working?”
Masters of the telephone ask, “What went right? What did I do and say that was masterful? How can I improve and get better?”
Then find ONE THING that went very well- and DO IT AGAIN on the next call.
If you book an appointment or something positive happens (which IT WILL) – call someone and celebrate with them. You deserve it and the support will mean a lot to your mlm home based business.
blessings…doug firebaugh
(c) 2012  all rights reseved
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About Doug Firebaugh

Doug Firebaugh is the CEO of PassionFire International, a success and leadership development company for the Home Business industry. Doug is one of the most sought after speakers / trainers / authors and consultants in the Home Business / MLM profession. With over 25 years of Success and experience, plus a Billion Dollar Success story, his trainings and coaching have helped CEOs and Presidents of Home Business corporations to experience unprecedented growth. He has coached numerous organizations and downlines worldwide beyond their barriers and limitations, to a level of success they only once dreamed of. What can Doug Firebaugh DO FOR YOU?


  1. Don’t lmake this a 4 step process by adding the pre-call-pre call. Follow these steps and get on to the final step of doing business, CLOSING. I have spent way too much time practicing practicing.
    I used to be so bad at this, that if I wasn’t the one making the call, I would have rung up. Just keep doing it, over and over and it gets easier and easier.

  2. Andrew Magee says


  3. Sad but sometimes true…”first step either takes 5 seconds or 5 months.” I do like the review process of what went right,but,even more like the reminder that that first call should be approx 5 minutes.Sometimes ,when they seem so engaged,it is scary to let go of the attention and make an appt.for the next step. Gret reminder for me to stay in control and show restraint!

  4. Tim Johnson says

    I love that ATTITUDE Doug…

    “Masters of the telephone ask, “What went right? What did I do and say that was masterful? How can I improve and get better?”

    Then find ONE THING that went very well- and DO IT AGAIN on the next call.

    • Andrew Magee says


  5. Thanks for outlining telephone prospecting so clearly. This is going to come in real handy with all the calls I have coming up! Thanks for another great post Doug!

  6. Dave Warner says

    I’ve never thought of the telephone call as being in phases. But, I can surely relate to the them. I remember that the phone in my hand would get pretty heavy in phase 1. But, as I called more people, it would get a little lighter, especially if i heard the words,”Yes; I’m interested; or Let’s sign up now!” I’ve got to remember that it’s all about the prospect, and focus on bringing value and/or hope to the prospect. Thanks for the great advice, Doug!

  7. Thank you for this AWESOME information!!

  8. Dan McComas says

    “Successful people focus on creating a telephone call that will bring Impact, Value, Hope, Connection, and Emotion to a call.” Love this inspiring thought, Doug. Thanks!

  9. Vanessa Crosson says

    A phone call in three phases? Never thought of it that way – but makes TOTAL sense. I would imagine the Pre-Call Phase is the “hang-up” for most – let it last for 5 seconds rather than 5 weeks!!!

  10. Tim Johnson says

    Doug, this # Phases of the call are no different than racing motocross.

    When I roll up to the starting gate, I visualize timing the gate drop perfectly, shifting my weight forward, letting the clutch out smoothly, shifting up through the gears precisely, turning into the first turn with maximum momentum on the knife edge of losing traction, being the first racer into and through the first turn, etc.

    After the race, go through in my mind, where I was awesome, where I needed to improve…

    It JUST HIT ME, this 3 Phases of calling are NO DIFFERENT that what I already know how to do!

    This applies to any competitive activity.

    We all already know how to do this and have done this before, at something, sometime and somewhere.

    I suspect we just never thought in the context of building our business, is the same as succeeding in a competitive activity!!

  11. I needed to read this to get some different perspective. Last week, I wrote out eight things to help get my mindset established before making a call. With training, practice, and effort, our weaknesses will become our strengths.


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