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MLM Prospecting Secrets.

Do you have trouble finding leads for your home based business?

What are the mlm prospecting methods that you use that work- or do you have any?

Would you like to learn a 4 Step MLM daily prospecting blueprint that has proven to WORK?

Here is a Million Dollar Prospecting Gold Nugget:

“You need a PLAN for your Prospecting. If you do NOT have one, you are planning to fail.”

 What is your PLAN for Prospecting DAILY?

 We call it your Daily Prospecting Blueprint.

 You would not build a house without a blueprint.

You should not build a business without a prospecting blueprint.

 Imagine the house that would be built if it was built just on a whim and no blueprint.

 Here is a simple but powerful 4 task prospecting blueprint that you can use daily if you choose. I used it for years, and it worked amazingly.

It is not complicated nor does it take any special software, although those things are great as well. But this will focus you on 4 things that PULL prospects into your radar.

 It goes with the word PLAN.

1.  P stands for Phone Calls.

 I always made at least 10 calls a day to NEW LEADS. Out of those calls I usually talked to  4-5 people and usually got  2 people willing to take a look.  I left a lot of voice mail message as well, and we will go over that in another post.

 2. L stands for Looking.

 I went out everyday and LOOKED for 5 new names or possible people to hold conversations with. You do this in social media, networking, daily conversations, walk arounds, and anywhere you are at the moment. KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN while you are online and offline for anyone who may BE who you are looking for, or KNOWS who you are looking for.

 3. A stands for Ask.

 I asked 2 people everyday if they would help me find someone who would benefit from my products. I asked people I knew and people I did not know, I would simply strike up a conversation and then ask them if:  “They might be able to assist me in locating someone they knew I might be able to help.”

 4. N stands for Network.

 My goal was to add ONE NEW NAME to my referral network DAILY. In social media today, that is so easy to do getting people to follow you or you friend them. From a traditional standpoint, networking is simply meeting someone new and getting a card and asking if they want to grab a tea sometime. That is so simple but yet powerful. It is the same thing with social media…but online.

 Develop a PLAN and then everyday DO IT- no exceptions.

 There is such GREATNESS inside of you that you need to unleash on the world.

 It starts TODAY. 

“Most people silently walk past a gold mine everyday- people who KNOW who you are looking for.”

 I was on facebook recently coaching someone on prospecting and I connected with someone in the town where my client I was working with lived. I wanted to show my client  how easy it was to create a NEW conversation with someone in social media (or offline) and get that person interested in talking about your business – in less than 15 seconds.

 They found that hard to believe as most people do. But it really is not that hard.

 I started a conversation and asked them if they might do me a favor.

 They said they would try and asked what they could do.

 I simply said, “I have helped people in all 50 states create what they could not create in their own life- a powerful lifestyle that most never live. These folks today have new homes, new cars, and most travel to places they once only dreamed of. I am looking for someone in your hometown to help me locate some people I can help. Would you help me find that person?”

 They answered back:

 “You just found them. Tell me more.”

 There is amazing power inside of you. YOU can DO what I just taught. RELEASE that power in your business and SOAR with your network marketing mlm home business.

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Blessings…doug Firebaugh

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About Doug Firebaugh

Doug Firebaugh is the CEO of PassionFire International, a success and leadership development company for the Home Business industry. Doug is one of the most sought after speakers / trainers / authors and consultants in the Home Business / MLM profession. With over 25 years of Success and experience, plus a Billion Dollar Success story, his trainings and coaching have helped CEOs and Presidents of Home Business corporations to experience unprecedented growth. He has coached numerous organizations and downlines worldwide beyond their barriers and limitations, to a level of success they only once dreamed of. What can Doug Firebaugh DO FOR YOU?


  1. Andrew Magee says


    • Chantaine Bulluck says

      Wow, who knew powerful could be so simple! Thanks Doug!

    • Tim Johnson says

      Progress. Leadership. Action. Now.

      I always made at least 10 calls a day to NEW LEADS

      I went out everyday and LOOKED for 5 new names or possible people to hold conversations with…

      I asked 2 people everyday if they would help me find someone who would benefit from my products…

      My goal was to add ONE NEW NAME to my referral network DAILY.

  2. Thank you for sharing this information. I have been a fan of yours for years and purchased several of your products. You have always approached NWM in an ethical way.

  3. Tim Johnson says

    Doug, The PLAN you have posted I can see how you used the 15 Second Social Media question would draw people in like a big dog magnet!!

  4. Tim Johnson says

    Doug, your talk on What’s the True Prospect LOOKING For?

    Home Stinkin’ Run !!

    LEADERSHIP. Lead. Don’t just ask.

    Lead. Authority, not in rude way, rather lead with the CONVICTION YOU RADIATE.

    I’m going to the top and taking a ton of people with me. If this is not for you, that’s okay. I’m still going to the top with you or without you.

    I will succeed. End of discussion.

    BAM !!!

    • Andrew Magee says

      *** Absolutely Tim! Believe in yourself & in your Business and you will take the right kind of people with you! Andy Magee ***

  5. This is fantastic. Doug, you have some of the best insight into this business and we appreciate your giving us the benefit of your expertise.



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