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MLM Business Building Tools.

Do you use network marketing training tools daily?

Do you KNOW how to use them?

Do you know how to get your new distributor started with Home Business building tools?

Whether you are an online marketer or a more traditional network marketing person, tools are a part of the success process in mlm network marketing.


There is a saying that I just dearly LOVE:

 “It’s the START that STOPS most people!”

 Those new NETWORK MARKETING Resellers that START are the ones who have the chance of becoming STARS!    

But many new people never get started because they don’t know what to do…

You MUST Get Started in NETWORK MARKETING. Understand that the people you share your business with WILL MIRROR what you do. 

 It’s called:

 The Rule Of DATP!

 “Duplication Always Takes Place!” 

What will they be duplicating? 

Will it be a Rapid Pace for Success? 

Or will it be a Turtle Pace for Building? 

Either is ok, as each will build your NETWORK MARKETING business.  Whatever you do, odds are, your people will take that as a clue, and do the same thing.      

The MLM Pace of Success.                           

“It is easier to Work this business FAST… than Slow!”  Slow Pace can increase frustration, and procrastination.  Think FAST PACE, to get your business going.

OK, now you are ready to get your business going! What is the first thing that has to happen concerning the company tools? Go over them as well as the paperwork. 

1) The first thing that we need to address is your application.

How does enrollment in NETWORK MARKETING work?  What is the enrollment process from start to completion?  Make sure you understand this process, and are able to teach it simply and thoroughly. If you have any questions, ask your sponsor or NETWORK MARKETING corporate office. 

2) Next, let’s cover the Order Form, and what decisions need to be made before you or someone you enroll orders. 

 Understand that wherever you started with your initial investment of Membership or products to get your business started will become a “Silent Standard” for your group.  What standard do you want to set?  

We recommend that the best place for a new Reseller to start is somewhere between ‘Scared and Nervous.’ That could be $195.00 to one person, could be $495.00+ to another, but either way, it’s got to be an amount that’ll motivate you to get out the door in the morning or at night and share the business and incredible product line. 

3) Go over any other forms and necessary documents (online as well) with your sponsor, and learn how to properly complete them.

Make sure you review them ALL! Necessary Forms include your “Contact List” which should include everyone you know well and others you know by association. 

4) Review the company literature, brochures, catalogues, and any marketing tools that are available to you in your Reseller Training System.

Become familiar with EACH NETWORK MARKETING brochure and catalogues and its purpose. Then you will know with whom it will be appropriate to share it. Don’t memorize it, but understand its POWER to communicate the NETWORK MARKETING message! 

5) Next, go over any and all CDs, audios, DVDs, conference calls/web casts and other website tools that are available.

Learn the NETWORK MARKETING message of each tool, so you’ll be familiar with which ones to use when you retail the product and when you recruit. You need to order adequate supplies of each so you have them in your “Success Tool Kit.”

Find out the time and conference call number of the next company Recruiting call, and have a guest on it! 

Time / Date of call-webinar__________________________________________


Number ________________________________________________________

 This will help you increase your business building in your mlm home based business.

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