MLM Training- 3 HUGE Press Release Mistakes Made with Home Businesses

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MLM Press Release Secrets.

Have you ever sent out a press release for your home based business?

Did you know that most of the sites that do that for you are FREE?

Have you ever thought about what a press release could do for your home business mlm?

Press releases, especially today where most of them are sent online, are powerful information and marketing tools that are used to promote something you are doing. And that means that you must be DOING something in order to send out a press release.

Many press releases have mistakes that for whatever reason, hinder and hurt the visibility of the release, as well as the recruiting power of it. There are many mistakes that have been made over the years, but we have found that that are three huge mistakes many releases contain when featuring home businesses.

There is a lady out in Portland, Oregon that recently sent out a press releases and paid one of the top press release sites a good sum of money to do it- It is a great tool and site for paid for press release distribution. She spent good money for her release, and well…

Got nothing.

What was her challenge and why did she get hardly any “play” off of it online as well as offline?

She made the 3 HUGE mistakes that many people do, and it hurt her on the search engines as well as with the press.

what were those three things she unfortunately did?

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1. She was in the SELLING mode, not the TELLING mode.

Press releases are for information, not trying to sell something. She actually made it sound like a landing page, and filled it with bullets, and even the template she used was for selling, not a press release.

It not only hurt her with the media picking up her release, but the media saw she was trying to hype a skin care product, not inform the press of a great event or idea. It was  sales piece not a press release.

Press releases must inform and make a statement about an event or something that is happening in the marketplace. yes, this can include a new product introduction but make it about the facts and details of the product, not selling and hyping  the product.

2. She lacked the CONTENT that the media needs to feature it as a story or note of interest.

The new media has really gotten picky over the last 4 years dealing with press releeases as there has been a lot of “spam” out there with people sending out sales pitches disguised as press releases. There ws no real content in the release, and no real story behind the release.

Content is what the media is looking for. Content that makes a good story. Content that helps people. Content that Google loves. And content that will get read by the public.

Content must be interesting and help the public as a whole. It should be about something that people will want to know about, or at least your industry would.

Make sure that your press release content has VALUE to the reader, as well as the media and makes it worthy of being read and distributed.

3. Her press release was way too long.

Press releases for the most part are SHORT and they are BRIEF. They are not a sales page that goes on and on. It is a document that usually is a couple of paragraphs with great information telling about something that is of interest to the public.

Press releases that are very long, never get read, and rarely are picked up.


Think “sound bits” as in TV or radio.

That is what a press release really is. it is an online “sound bite” of what is going on with a company, product, marketing campaign, or any other type of story. That is why they are short. press releases are ‘scanned” a lot of time by the reader and they want to know quickly about what it says and if it is a log press release, you Will find many release site will not pick it up.

This will cost you  back links and also visibility.

These re 3 HUGE mistakes made with press releases in  lot of the network marketing mlm businesses today.

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blessings….doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- 3 Reasons Why You Need to Submit Press Releases

mlm press release training

mlm network marketing training


MLM Press Release Training

Are you aware of the amazing power of the press release for your network marketing business?

Are you willing to tap into that power?

Would you like to know 3 reasons why you MUST submit press releases for your business in mlm?

What IS a press release?

It is an information document that you send out to the traditional and non-traditional media outlets. From this submission you can get a LOT of publicity, and a LOT of visibility that can help your business.

Press releases are a fact of today’s business. They are a communication tool that will help multiply your name out there and I call press releases, “Personal Branding Steroids.”

Press releases can be one of the most powerful Personal Branding Tools you can imagine as it will not only create an intense “branding focus” but also to literally thousands of people ALL AT ONCE. What would THAT do for your network marketing home based business?

Here are three powerful reasons you MUST send out press releases for your home business:

1. Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Press releases can get onto Google, Bing, and Yahoo within 24- 48 hours in front of millions of eyes. Bing has a special section for press releases as Yahoo does.

Google LOVES press releases IF they are relevant, informational, written well, SEOed, and a part of an over all marketing campaign. I have sent out press releases for a campaign or focused marketing strategy, and ended up on the front page of Google within an hour.

You read that right.

Within an hour.

What would THAT do for your business?

Would you like to know HOW to do that?

Before I go over the other 2- check out this webinar I am doing that will teach you how to use Press releases for massive recruiting-of people that are LOOKING FOR YOU.

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Press Release Recruiting

Here is the second reason you MUST submit press releases:

2.) Instant Credibility.

Press releases can give you credibility if you are lacking. I was coaching a young leader 3 year ago, and she felt she was lacking credibility. She was only 24. I told her to send out a series of press releases a certain way, and do it for 6 weeks.

She did it, and in actually 4 weeks, she had all the credibility she needed to make a big leap in her business results. She not only changed her self image after seeing herself on Google, but she used those press releases to recruit as well.

Are YOU lacking credibility?

Send out a press release.

3. Professionalism.

Sending out press releases, IF DONE RIGHT, can build your professional image into something special.

Most Fortune 500 companies send out press releases regularly. There is a reason. They know that they are building a professional image in the media as well as online. This helps keep their image up to par and IN FRONT OF PEOPLE.

What would happen if YOU did that?

These are 3 reasons why you MUST submit press releases for your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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