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MLM Training – 5 MORE Powerful Phone Recruiting Scripts

home business phone scripts

network marketing phone scripts

MLM Recruiting Phone Scripts.

Do you use the telephone for your network marketing?

How often do you use the phone for your mlm home business?

Would 5 powerful mlm telephone recruiting scripts help?

There are what we call “Talking Points” in training. I personally think that totally scripted inflexible phone scripts can work more against you, then work for you.


Many times, it seems that the distributor is READING it and sounds like it. I believe that maybe having some flexibility in what you say is a whole lot more professional and a whole lot more effective.

I have taught “Phone Script Points” for years and have found that they are not only effective but also powerful.

Here are 5 MORE Powerful Telephone Recruiting Scripts

1)  I ran across a new idea that I want you to know about.

“Kim, this past week has been an amazing week. I ran across an incredible idea and want to run an idea past you for possibly some friends that you know. Do you have some time tomorrow?”

“Barb, I need your help. I ran across an idea recently and would love to run it past you, as I believe it can help some people you know. When do you have 10 minutes this week?”

2) I want to ask you an off the wall question.

“Sue, if you don’t mind, I would like to ask you an off the wall question: Are you happy with what you are doing for a living or do you want more out of life?”

“Sally, I want to ask an off the wall question: have you ever thought about having enough money that you did not have to work? So have I and have been thinking about it a lot. Let me tell you my thoughts…”

3.)  Have you ever thought about owning your own business?

“Lane, I have a question that has been on my mind a lot lately, and was wondering if it has crossed your mind. Have you ever thought about owning your own business or even a part time business out of your home? What have you been thinking?”

“Nan, I have been thinking lately of the future and where my life is headed, and was wondering if you have ever thought about owning your own business like I have been. Tell me what you have been thinking.

4)  That is really interesting…Tell me more…

“Wow- that is horrible about your job! Tell me more…”
“That is interesting. I did not know you felt that way. Tell me more…”
“Lisa, that is where I am –I am looking for more money too-tell me more about what you are looking for….”

5.  Hey- do you have a second?

“Do you have a second? I have discovered something that I believe will help some people we both know.”

“Do you have a second? I need to run soemthing past you and see if it would help anyone you know.”

These are 5 powerful phione recruiting scripts that will WORK for your network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- 7 Powerful MLM Telephone Prospecting Scripts for Recruiting

mlm prospecting telephone

mlm telephone home business

MLM Telephone Prospecting Scripts.

Do you have a question or phrase that you use in your home business?

Are you asking the RIGHT questions in your network marketing business?

Would you like to learn 7 powerful mlm telephone scripts?

The single greatest tool you can still use today in your mlm prospecting and recruiting in your netwok marketing business is the TELEPHONE.

Yes, I am a huge fan of online recruiting, and teach it. But you STILL must use the telephone in your reaching out, training, and opening up the relationship to the next level.

Even cold market calling on the telephone. I did that for years and used numerous talking point scripts that worked.

I have done several posts on mlm telephone prospecting scripts as well as mlm recruiting scripts, but these 7 scripts ROCK and will help you in your mlm telephone prospecting.

Here are 7 powerful MLM Telephone Prospecting Scripts for Recruiting:

 1) “I wanted to make you aware of it.”

“And Robin, when I ran across this, I though this would be something you could use, and I wanted to make you aware of it.”
“Larry, there are a lot of great things I have seen lately, but one I have found stands out, and I wanted to make you aware of it.”
“Tisa, I need to talk to you, because I have stumbled across something that I know you will want to be made aware of, if you are not already. Have you ever heard of_________?”

2) “If the right thing came along…?”

“By the way, let me ask you a question. You said last week that you needed more money. If the right thing came along and you knew it was right for you, and you could make great money without changing a thing you are doing-would you want to know about it?
“And I have an off the wall question I want to ask you- if the right thing came along and you knew it was right for you and you could make really good money with it, would you want to explore it?”

3)  “Have you heard about this yet?”

“Just curious… Have you been head about this—it is about an amazing advancement in (Technology, Skin care, Nutrition, Internet, Travel, Insurance, etc)? Here… take a look at this… it’s amazing!”
“Don, have you heard about this yet? Someone showed it to me and I was blown away by it. Let me show you….”
“Lois, have you heard about this yet-a new way to ___________.”

4) The Power Practice Approach 1 – “Live Presentation.”

Tom, are you busy? I need some help. I have recently partnered with a company that has asked me to do 5 presentations this week, and I need someone to practice on before I go live. If I am going to mess up, I would rather it be in front of you, then someone else. When do you have ten minutes this week I can run by?”

5 ) The Power Practice Approach 3 – “Nervous.”

“Terri, I need your help on something. I recently joined up with a company, and to be honest, they have asked me to do some presentations this week, I am really nervous about doing them without practicing first, and was wondering if I could practice on you first. I really need your help. When would be a good time?”

6) The Power Practice Approach 4 – “Keep your checkbook.”

“Terry, I could use your help this week. I have recently joined up with a company and they have asked me to do several presentations this month. I need to practice on someone before I do the presentations. Keep your checkbook in the drawer, as I am not going to try and sell you anything- I just need to practice on someone. When are you going to be home?”

7)  From the Heart Approach.

“Karen, I need your help on something. I have done something I have always wanted and dreamed of doing- I have started my own business. I wanted more control over my future and life. Now before you start rolling your eyes, I want you to know I am very aware of the risks, but it is also a risk if I never did it.
 How you can help me is simple- I would like for you to look at possibly becoming a customer, and even pointing me in the right direction of someone you might know that this business would be right for and needs some extra income. And the worst case scenario I need you at least as a cheerleader cheering me on as your support would mean the world to me. When can we get together?”

These are 7 mlm telephone prospecting scripts that will help enhance your mlm prospecting for your home based business.

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MLM Training- The Power of “Breaking the Success Barrier” Script

mlm network marketing success

mlm home business thinking

MLM Success Scripts.

Do you ever struggle with your home business?

Have you ever felt like quitting your network marketing profession?

Does direct selling have it’s moments that you just feel like giving up?

About 4 years ago, we came up with a Success Declaration Script as part of the “Re-Scripting the Mind” Program. We believe that what goes into your mind- good or bad- will come out in your life. I have been a big believer in putting the Good, the Powerful, the Mighty into your mind. And this declaration I believe can help anyone.

Re-Scripting the Mind is a simple thing, but a profound thing. In Network marketing, or direct selling, you must be on your game and focused. But many times…

Our thoughts become our greatest enemy.

This Re-Scripting Declaration will help you start to battle those negative thoughts and input what needs to be inputted and jettison what needs to be removed.

As Earl Nightingale once said, “We become what we think about.”

This Success Declaration I believe will help you put into your mind what you MUST in order to get out of life what you want.

Read this daily, and read it at least 3 times a day.

In Private Coaching, I have suggested the first week to read it once an hour.4

This will help you focus and get your game on with your mlm home based business.


Breaking the Success Barrier

(c) 2012 all rights reserved  Doug Firebaugh

My Personal Success Breakthrough is at hand!

Today, I draw a line in the sand. It is my day of total transformation. I have made THE Decision. I will no longer settle for a life of less. My family will no longer settle for a life of less. I no longer will expect less. Our Creator did not put us on this earth to live a life of struggle.

My family deserves the best that life has to offer. So do I. I now know that I have been misled in what I can do with my life. I now know that I have been living a life that I did not have to live. I have decided today that Success and Wealth belong to me.

I now know that struggle is optional. I will struggle no longer. I am worthy of Success and Wealth. Today, the worry and fear STOP. I forgive the people who taught me this life philosophy for they did not know any better. I forgive myself for not believing in me like I should have. Today I see the Truth.

 There is a Millionaire Inside of me, and today, I release that Millionaire from my heart.

 Today- everything changes. God is smiling. I finally get it. It’s my turn, it’s my time, and it’s my life. Today the TRUE me – the one that is UNSTOPPABLE and totally UNDENIABLE- just showed up.

I would suggest that you read this daily for your network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training-The Psychology of the MLM Telephone Prospect

MLM Telephone Psychology of the Prospects.

Do you understand the Psychology of the Telephone for your Home Based Business?

How do you view the mlm prospect you are talking on the telephone?

Would having an understanding of the psychology of the mlm telephone prospect help?

Understanding your prospect, no matter if they came from online or offline, is critical. One of the most powerful ways you can understand is from a psychological aspect. This will help you in a lot of ways to better your telephone success.

The Psychology of the PROSPECT.

You prospects are looking for certain things. They are looking for the things we all are. You need to embrace what they are looking for, and then engage that in your future phone calls.
MLM Telephone Prospects appreciate many things. If you understand that, your calls will become more powerful.

What things are they looking for?

1. Genuine Conversation.
2. Genuine Interest in THEIR Interests.
3. Genuine Helping and Transforming Focus.

DO NOT have the focus of “I want something FROM you —  Have the focus of “I have something FOR YOU.”

It is called “The Birthday Gift” state of emotion.

Turn the Telephone into a “Transform-a-phone!”

The Psychology of the PROSPECT on the telephone.

1. Do NOT Pressure.
2. Do NOT talk about anything but them and their dreams and wants.
3. Do NOT make them uncomfortable.
4. DO make them laugh.
5. DO make them totally RELAXED.
6. DO “pour into” them with golden words of encouragement.

Every phone conversation is a “Vial of Gold” that you pour the Gold into the person’s heart

GOLD= Gift Of (a) Larger Destiny.

Your Success Language.

Understand that there is a “Success Language” that you must speak.

We call it “PowerTALK”

It is NOT just the language of your words.
It is NOT just the language of your thoughts/ mind.
It is the Language of the HEART and what they feel.  

“Heart Set- not just mind set.”

Jere is a golden rule for communication:  First people FEEL- THEN they hear.

PowerTALK combines the Mind Language and the Heart language to form — Success Language.

That is a powerful tool for your mlm network marketing home  business for your telephone success!

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MLM Training- 6 Powerful Telephone Opening Phrases for Recruiting

mlm telephone training

mlm home business

MLM Telephone Training Opening Lines.

What do you usually say to your mlm prospects over the phone?

How do you come across on the telephone in your network marketing business?

Would you like 6 powerful tips on how to open up a conversation about your home business?

Here are 6 mlm telephone training opening lines that WORK and I have used them for years successfully:



1) The 4 Power Words in approaching anyone-warm or cold market.


“Mary, do you have a second? I need your help.”
“Mary, are you busy? I need your help on something.”
“Mary, I need your help with something- do you have a second?”

2) “Maybe you can help me.”

“John, maybe you can help me—do you have a second?”
“Tom, I need to chat with you, maybe you can help me.”
“Mary, if you are not busy, maybe you can help me with something.”

3) “I need a favor.”

“John, I need a favor- do you have a second?”
“Larry, are you busy? I need a favor from ya.”
“Tom, I need a favor –I know you can help me.”

4) “Could you give me hand on something I am working on?”

“John, could you give me a hand with something? I could really use some help with finding the right people.”
“Mary, could you please give me a hand on something? I need your input on a product.”
“Terry- do you have a second?  I need a hand with a something new I am doing. Here is how you can help…”

5) “Do you have a second?”

“Mary, do you have a second? I could use some help with a new thing I have run across.”
“Luke, do you have a second? I need a hand with something that you may be able to help me with.”
“Teresa, do you have a second? I need to get your honest opinion on a product that I have run across that I feel you need to know about.”

6) “I have run across the most amazing thing.”

“Lisa, I have run across the most amazing thing, and wanted to know if you are aware of it. Have you heard of_________?”
“And speaking on something different, I have run across the most amazing thing.”
“And by the way, before I go, I wanted to share an idea with you. I have run across the most amazing thing.”

You have heard that it is a NUMBERS GAME.

That is only partly true.


You MUST work the numbers- but effectively and powerfully.
You MUST sift and sort- but do it effectively with effective focus, expectations, and words.

5 out of 10 calls will be PRACTICE.

Understand the “Looking for You” Rule:

Quit looking for who you are looking for.

START looking for those who are looking for you and watch how you explode your mlm telephone success in your home based business.

FREE Social Media Recruiting ebook- Social Recruiting Power-over 50 secrets

FREE mp3 download- The 7 Biggest Mistakes Made in Network Marketing NO ONE will Tell You


blessings….doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- 5 Reasons Why People Struggle Making Calls

mlm telephone training

mlm telephone training

MLM Telephone Training.

Would learning the reasons people struggle with telephone calls in mlm help you?

Would you like to know how to overcome that in your network marketing business?

I know…you probably have thought this when thinking of making calls:


 Just thinking about making telephone calls makes some people sick. I made them for years, and still do. 

Lots of them. 

How about you?

Do you struggle to pick up the phone or do you do it with a smile on your face knowing you are going to get a great response from your calls? 

Well- maybe you fall in the struggle group and are looking for reasons why that this is happening. You start making phone calls, and then after a couple of NOs, you start getting that lump in your throat and soon- you cannot talk. The emotion you are feeling has taken over and you simply cannot pick up the phone.

But yet- you WANT to make more phone calls, but just cannot seem to get it done.

Why is this happening?                

Let’s take a look at 5 Psychological reasons that may be in play here, and what you can do about it in this mlm telephone training.

1)  The Fear of Feeling Inadequate.

Many people feel that after they get a couple of Nos, they are becoming inadequate. They feel that they simply do not have what it takes to create success in their mlm business. The Nos have made them feel that they lack something. Well- here is what you need to understand.

You are NOT inadequate.

You MUST got through a certain number of Nos. That is just the way it is. I had to get a certain number of Nos and everyone else must as well. Just know that you have EVERYTHING you need to succeed in this business.

Nos are just a part of the business that we all went through. It is natural to get more Nos in the beginning then later. You will get better. You become stronger and more confident.

So hang in there . You will start to see great results soon enough.

2)  Being Influenced by Other People’s Emotions.

Many people that make calls are hanging on to other people’s emotions that they carry and believe are true. Many people dislike making phone calls. And they very innocently influence you into believing it is hard, they are a waste of time, and all you are doing is bothering people.

That is simply not true.

With every phone call, you carry with you a possible solution with you that can help people and make a difference in their life. Every phone call can be a transforming moment for folks. You are NOT bothering them. You are simply seeing if they are someone you can help or not.

3)  Not Knowing what to Say – Paralyzes you.

There is nothing more paralyzing then knowing that you don’t know what to do– but yet you are expected to perform. This can create a feeling of massive fear and massive doubt.

Why does this happen?

Most of the time, you can get more telephone training on a Verizon commercial than you do with the average company. Most do not train on what to say or do on the phone. You need to ROLE PLAY to build your knowledge and confidence. You need PRACTICE and more practice. This will help you get past being paralyzed. And knowing what to say is something that you MUST learn, and we have many trainings to teach you.

4) The Feeling of Disappointing Yourself.

Many times, people will hesitate making phone calls because they do not want to disappoint themselves. They many times berate themselves and ask they cannot do this business.

Why do they feel disappointed?

Because they compare themselves to others that are having different results.

That is a good way to push yourself out of business. What you need to do is simple. Quit comparing yourself to anyone as you walk your own path in this business. And do NOT feel disappointed you made a phone call and it did not go so well.

YOU are NOT in charge of results. You are only in charge at getting better at making phone calls. The results will come quicker than you think.

5) You are Not Really Serious about this Business.

Most people that get into this business are NOT that serious. They are what I call “tire kickers.” Most people get into their own business to “Try it out,” and to ‘See what happens.” And because of that- people FEEL that from you and react accordingly.

Would YOU let a dentist that is not really serious about what he does to work on your teeth? Would you let a mechanic that is not serious at what he does work on the car that carries your children? How about letting a doctor recommend medical advice when you are sick and really is not at all serious about what she is recommending?


So you are not going to be taken serious as well as a professional with that kind of focus. If you are just “trying” this business as most are that are IN  business, people will feel it, and treat you accordingly. People want to talk to someone that is serious, not someone that is just kicking tires.

Get serious and you  results will change as well as your telephone calls.

These are the 5 Biggest Reasons that people do not make phone calls and what to do about them in your MLM and Network Marketing business.

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