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MLM Training- 4 MORE Powerful Cold Market Phone Scripts

MLM Cold Market Telephone Scripts.

Have you ever gotten a cold market home business prospect and did not know how to talk with them?

What words or questions do you ask your cold market network marketing prospect?

What difference would that make if YOU knew exactly what to say and said it with confidence and power?

Lets take a look at this COLD Market Script:

Hi (Prospects First Name), how’s it going?  This is (My First Name); I’m calling you back with more info you requested about making money from home.
Ok…What can I do for you?  
Do you have a pen and paper handy? ……… To save us both some time, I need to ask you a few questions to figure out what info to direct you to.

Ask questions that relate to them:

Are you married? Are you employed? What are you looking for in a home business? Etc.

Here is another MLM COLD Market Script:

Hi (Prospects First Name), how’s it going?  This is (My First Name); I’m calling you back with more info you requested about making money from home.
What can I do for you?

Here is another COLD Market script if married:

(If married) (How does your spouse feel about you looking for a home based business? (And – Are they going to be involved in the decision or are you going to make it on your own?) Do you have kids?  Have you ever been self employed or owned a home based business before?  Now what level of income are you accustomed to?  What kind of income are you looking to generate in the next 12 months?  Do you have some capital set aside to start your business?
Do you have a pen and paper handy? ……… To save us both some time, I need to ask you a few questions to figure out what info to direct you to.

Here is a Power COLD Market script:

You know (Prospects First Name); our company has quite a standard for the people we are looking for.  There’s a lot of work on our part in setting someone up in a home based business successfully.  So we are looking for people who are absolutely serious about building a business and making money from home.  So (Prospects First Name), on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being extremely serious and 1 just kicking tires, how serious are you about starting a home based business?  Tell me why

These are powerful Cold Market Phone scripts that you can use to recruit or for your mlm network marketing home business prospecting.

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MLM Training- 2 Powerful MLM Cold Calling Phone Scripts

mlm network marketing cold calling

mlm home business cold calling scripts network marketing cold calling scripts

MLM Phone Cold Calling Scripts.

Have you ever wondered what to say to an mlm cold market prospect when you get their VOICE MAIL when calling for your home business?

What did you say or do- or did you just say something and hoped that it was something your network marketing prospect would like?

Would learning two powerful scripts help your home based business cold market calling efforts?

I made a TON of cold calls when I was running and gunning, and it took some time to learn what worked and what did not- for EVERYONE. There were some scripts I used that did not translate to Success for others as it was for my personality, not others. That was a mistake that I had to deal with and come up with some scripts that ANYONE can use when making cold calls.

Here are 2 powerful MLM telephone cold calling scripts that have proven to work for a lot of home business professionals:

1. Cold Market Voice Mail Message 1 – “You requested me to call.”

“My name is Lisa, and you requested me to call you–as I understand it, you had requested some information from our company –ABC, and I want to make sure that we get you get the information you need. We are now holding initial conversations with some potential Leaders. I am not sure that this would be something right for you –or you for us, but would love to chat for a minute. The possible income potential for the person we work with is significant. You can call 1.800.555.1212 for some preliminary information. Looking forward to it. My number is 1.555.1212.”

This mlm cold market telephone script is powerful and it bottom line. If you use this, you will find that your prospects are more often open to talking then with using other scripts.

2. Cold Market Conversation PowerTalk- What happens if they answer?

“Hi Lisa, my name is Doug, and you had requested that I give you a call –I am with ABC company. As I understand it, and please correct me if I am wrong–you have been checking out home businesses for yourself- correct? Great- I am calling you simply for one reason- to take a second to learn a little bit about you, tell you a little bit about us, and after that we will both know if we need to talk any further-does that sound fair? We both are busy, so this will not take long as you know what you are looking for — and we know who we are looking for…so let’s see if there are some possibilities here.”

Here are the Talking Points that you can use, and they follow the flow of the script when the prospect answers the telephone. Put it in your own words if you desire:

“Someone requested I call.”
“As I understand it.”
“Checking out home businesses.”
“Learn a little bit about you.”
“Learn a little bit about us.”
“See if there is any reason to pursue it any further.”
“You know what you are looking for- who we are looking for.”
“Lets’ see if there is a match.”

These are 2 powerful cold market mlm telephone scripts that will allow you to be able to leave powerful recruiting messages for your mlm network marketing home business prospects.

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MLM Prospecting- 2 Powerful Ways to RELATE to Your Cold Market Prospect


home business mlm

MLM Cold Calling Prospecting.

Do you find RELATING and CONNECTING to your mlm prospects difficult in your network marketing home business?

Are you often wondering why they simply say, “Not for Me?”

Are you open to discovering some secrets to relating to your home business prospect that have prove to work on tens of thousands of prospects?

I made about 100,000 dials in a 14 year period and that is not only a lot of dials, but also talking to a lot of people that answered.

Out of the 100,000 dials, I believe I must have talked to about 20,000 cold market leads.  THAT is a lot of conversation and a lot of folks that you must relate to. Sometimes it went better than others times, but usually when I would connect to the prospect, it went pretty good.

We put together a couple of Cold Market Relating systems and tactics that made calling cold market prospects so much easier.


Here is a Cold Calling MLM Prospecting secret:

It is easier to recruit a friend then a stranger.

And that is what we focused on. Our goal was not to recruit the prospect, but PULL THEM towards us, and then we would talk to them about the details of our business.

It worked and worked amazing.

What did we do?

Here are 2 powerful strategies we used on Connecting and Relating to our Cold market mlm prospects:

Cold Market Conversation PowerTalk-  The F.L.O.S.S. Secret.

We used this relentlessly, as it focuses on what a home business network marketer needs in order to know where the “Connection Points” are to connect to the mlm cold market prospect.

Ask about them in this order:

“Tell me about your…”

F = Family.  (Ask about their family if they have one-this can show commitment.)
L = Live.  (Find out where they live and if they are a homeowner, as this can show long -term debt and financial responsibility. “Where do you live?” or “I see you live in…”)
O = Occupation.  (What they do for a living and how long-this can show stability. “Just curious- are you employed?”)
S = Sales and Marketing.  (Find out if they have been in sales before-this can show experience. “Have you ever been in sales and marketing before?”)
S = See yourself in 6 months. (Find out where they want to be financially in 6 months-this can show ambition. “Where would you like to see yourself say 6 months or a year from now financially?”)

This tactic has been amazingly powerful for the cold calling coaching students I have done as well.

2.   The PowerTalk ™  — “Connection Phrases”

Here are some phrases that will help you relate to the prospect, as you want them to think, ‘They are like me!”

“I can relate to that!” – This shows that you can relate and connect to what they just said, and you have something in common.

“I was looking for the same thing.” – This shows that you have been where they are.

“I understand.” – There is no more powerful way to connect than to understand someone and what they are saying and endorsing it.

“I totally agree.”  Agreeing with someone is a powerful psychological connector and is soo easy to do.

“I have a friend that does that for a living.” This is a Powerful connector.

“You and I seem to be a lot alike.”  This one always seems to work without fail.

“You and I share a lot in common.”  This is a great way to say, “I am like you.” 

Those are 2 powerful MLM Cold Calling prospecting tactics for your network marketing home business.

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