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MLM Recruiting – 16 Quick MLM Recruiting Tips for Network Marketing

mlm recruiting tips

mlm recruiting

MLM Recruiting Tips.

Have you ever wondered what the REAL secrets to recruiting for your home business are?

Do you KNOW what to do when recruiting for your network marketing business?

How do YOU recruit in your mlm business?

Recruiting in a home business is critical and often done wrong. There are certain “Recruiting Basics” that are overlooked and even ignored. If you own a home business, then you really need to read thi post. It will help you in your mlm recruiting and prospecting as well.

There are many articles I have written the last 10 years, but this post is one that I wrote a couple of years ago and wanted to share it with you as it will open your eyes to some secrets of recruiting that I know will help you.

I would suggest learning theses mlm recruiting secrets and PRACTICE what you can, and engage them in your recruiting efforts. They will accelerate your business and success.

Ok…what are they?

1. ) “Never CHASE a prospect. You are not a dog. You MUST develop the leadership mindset in network marketing recruiting. People do not follow companies, products, or compensation

People follow PEOPLE with STRENGTH. If you are chasing the prospect, you are displaying weakness. MLM Leaders give the prospect enough time to start moving towards them– usually 10-14 days- and after that, they keep in touch regularly, but move on.

2 ) “When using the telephone, make sure that you are more animated than normal. It will display energy, and magnetism.”

The telephone is a great communication tool, but it will never replace face to face interaction. Let people FEEL your words, and make sure that you come across as confident and someone that is going places, and taking people with you.

3) “The prospect is thinking one thing: How will this ENLARGE my Lifestyle?”

Most people in life, are looking to Enlarge their income. ALL people are looking to Enlarge thewir lifestyle. Find out what kind they want. “Tell me about the kind of lifestyle you have often dreamed of…”

4) “Make sure that there are NO distractions when you are talking to the prospect about your Network Marketing Home Business.”

Remember this: If the prospect is distracted, they are not focused on your message. “Would you like to wait a couple of minutes before I go on?” If the distractions continue, make
another appointment.

5 ) “Use several testimonials during your MLM Recruiting talk. They bring life to your message.”

If you do not yet have a testimonial, borrow your sponsor’s. Find out three really HOT testimonials as far as the business, and share them with your prospect to emotionally connect to your message.

6) “Use the phrase ‘If this is right for you’ during your talk. It will draw them towards you psychologically.”

“And this company has such a great track record to set a new person as well as you at ease when they come into the business…of course, only if this is right for you.”

7 ) “Trash the word OPPORTUNITY. It is a Red Flag word today.”

Use the word Vehicle, or Business. Our society looks at the word “opportunity'” today as “Uh oh…not another one of those”.

8) “The first thing you MUST do is get the prospect COMFORTABLE. Talk about THEM.”

If the prospect is not comfortable with you, they will NOT be comfortable with your message. Talk ONLY about them the first 5 minutes.

9) “Find out what is the MOST valuable thing in a person’s life, then wrap the presentation around it.”

Family usually is. “How this will impact your family is…..How this will increase the time you have with your family is… This business will help you bring that dream into reality in your

10 ) “Always be FORWARD FOCUSED in your MLM Recruiting. That is where most people are interested in…moving forward in a more powerful life.”

People want to KNOW there is a real chance in life, to live the life they dream of. Don’t dwell on how things are in a person’s life. Focus on how things SHOULD be, and WILL be. Be the Knight in Shining Armor.

11) ALWAYS set the Next Move while you are talking to them. LEAD them, give them the next step in the process, be the pied piper.”

“At this point, what a lot of folks like to do is….get on a three way…attend a conference call….look at some tools…I have an idea…let’s do THIS….” Then explain the Next Move.

12) “It’s NOT what you say, but what people are FEELING when you say it.”

Words are important in MLM Recruiting, but emotions are more important. How can anyone get excited over something you are not? How can anyone believe in something that you don’t? How can anybody follow you, if you are not strong enough in faith to follow? How can anyone be touched by your message, if you are not?

13) “MLM Recruiting is a Follow Me game.”

You are asking someone to follow your lead about an unknown product, an unknown company, and into an unknown future. That requires some SERIOUS Leadership. Be serious about YOUR Leadership in Recruiting.

14) “People don’t follow what you say, or what you do, but WHO YOU ARE.”

MLM Recruiting is about WHO YOU ARE, and who the prospect wants to be. Be REAL, and be Yourself. Don’t morph into your upline. Your warm market will be turned off by that. Yes, you should be BECOMING who you are planning on being…but still be REAL.

15) “Remember the Golden Rule of the Presentation. It is NOT about the Presentation, but about Transformation- how your business will transform the prospect’s life!”

MLM Recruiting is about being a Walking, Talking Transformer. You are a CHANGE Agent, just like people who sell houses are Real Estate agents.

16) “ALWAYS thank the prospect for their time. no matter what. This is just professionalism.”

Gratitude can play a long way into creating Success in your life. “I want to truly thank you for your time…. I have enjoyed talking to you so much.”

BONUS FireStarter TIP: The Last word they should hear as you finish the conversation, is THEIR NAME.

“I have enjoyed this, and I will talk to you next thursday. Bye Shirley.” “This has been wonderful. I look forward to talking again with you Mary.” “You truly are a great
person to chat with. I have enoyed this. I look forward to chatting again Tim.” Their name is the sweetest sound to them. make sure it is the last thing they hear in your MLM Network Marketing Recruiting.

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blessings…doug friebaugh

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MLM Training- 10 Reasons Why You MUST Own Your Own Home Business

mlm network marketing

mlm home based busines

Ten Reasons for a Home Business.

Have you ever wondered REALLY WHY you should own your own home business?

Do you ever look for reasons WHY that a network marketing business is so critical?

What are YOUR reasons for an mlm business?

There are 10 main reasons why you should own your own business and work for yourself. And if you get these in your heart, you will find your business accelerating.

Here are 10 reasons why you should work for yourself:

Reason # 10:

You’ll spend 90,000 hours of your life working for someone else so you’ll get a gold watch and a really cool part-time job at Wal-Mart as a greeter.


Reason # 9:

Working about 40 hours a week, you’ll spend 2,000 hours a year working for your employer. In exchange you’ll get 80 hours of vacation time absolutely FREE!


Reason # 8:

It’s been a rough day. You’re home relaxing, watching “America’s Most Wanted” on TV and, to your horror, you realize the babysitter you leave your precious children with every day is on the FBI Top Ten Most Wanted list!

Uh oh.

Reason #7:

You get up when you don’t want to, drive someplace you don’t want to go, and make a living working with people you really don’t like.


Reason # 6:

Would you be wearing something different if they didn’t tell you how to dress?


Reason # 5:

Your company may think it’s really cool to let you go. “Newsweek” Magazine says firing people has gotten to be trendy in corporate America in 2012.


Reason # 4:

Asking for time off is too much like asking your parents for permission.

Double ugh.

Reason # 3:

Good News. You’ve survived the downsizing. The bad news is that you have to go home and tell the family you’re being transferred to Bangladesh.

Like Rice?

Reason # 2:

Elephants work for peanuts – why should you? Shouldn’t you be paid what you’re really worth?

Adjust your trunk.

Reason # 1:

Yes, the Number 1 reason why working for someone else is just plain dumb: this is America and you don’t have to!


Yes, America is still the land of great opportunity but it’s just not in the same place you’re used to looking.

You know, people who work half as hard as you do, and are earning great part-time incomes, taking dream vacations and even making fistfuls of money. What’s your excuse for not  building your own successful business?

What have you got to lose except a BOSS?

The best homebased business allows you to utilize the principles of duplication so that you can leverage your time and residual income so that you work once and get paid month after month.

We want to help as many families as possible know what it’s like to experience true security and freedom with an mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Recruiting- What is YOUR MLM Recruiting Plan?

mlm recruiting

mlm network marketeing

In your MLM Recruiting Plan…

Do you have a recrruiting plan for your MLM business?

Do you have ANY kind of Plan for your recruiting for your home business?

What would BE a good plan when recruiting in network marketing?

Darren Hardy, CEO of Success Magazine, suggests to approach  recruiting like dating.

He stated that you need to figure out what your ideal match or business partner would be like, what exact qualities do you want in your new business partner and seek out  prospects with those attributes.

Secondly Darren suggest to list in your  MLM Recruiting plan the key initiatives your new prospect will  have to  accomplish when they join your team and know this before you go out and look for them.

Next, and I Love this suggestion…..write down in a  detailed job description what kind of person would be best in your organization.  This is a great exercise because  it will get you really clear about what specifically you need and what success in your business looks like.  It will give you a roadmap for what needs to be done once they join your MLM business .  He goes on to say to write a Mission Statement and what it is going to take to
achieve thisMission.

Some of the advantages about creating An MLM Recruiting Plan

…are  that it will help you clearly identify who you are looking for. If you don’t know who you are looking  for you will not know it when you run into them.  It is more efficient to find someone who already has the key attributes you are looking for then to try to train someone to learn these qualities.

Another great idea for your MLM  Recruiting Plan

…is to list all the attributes, attitudes and mindsets one needs to work to be successful in your business.

Know that you are looking for, a sharp individual who is  a friendly outgoing person and who has the desire to  help others achieve success, then you can ask other people if they know anyone who has these qualities and that you would appreciate if you can send them your way.  This will enable you to  get free referrals to recruit into your business.

Here are some suggestions for  attributes you can seek in individuals for your MLM Business


Self start

Professionally polished

Love to be of service to others

A leader

Someone who is a good presenter or public speaker

When you talk to these referral,  you can start out the conversation by saying –  “I was told that you are a self starter, very sharp and assertive individual who is always looking to make more money or what every attributes you are seeking and start your conversation from there.”

People would love to share how they have these great characteristic and it opens the door to find out if they have a need or desire for change in their lives and to be a part of your business.
Some people do suggest using use the “FORM Technique” to really get to know this person and uncover what their needs and desires are.

Having  an MLM Recruiting Plan in place as another tools for find success in this

Well as always I hope that this helps and I look forward to getting to know more about you in the future. Please share your thoughts on this idea below and if you think this
will be helpful for other  please pass it on to your mlm network marketing home business professionals.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012  all rights reserved

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MLM Training- The Single Most Powerful Tool for Your Success

mlm home business

mlm network marketing

MLM Success Tips.

Do you know what the MOST powerful tool you have for your mlm business?

What would that be for your home business?

Would knowing that secret HELP YOU in your network marketing business?

I wrote an article several years ago and I wanted to share with you today. It is SO TRUE and I know it will help you in your home based business.

Here is is….

A home business  is built many ways and with many tools.

One of the 2 tools that a network marketing business is built with is YES and NO.

Many MLM distributors do not realize that their home based business is being built by someone else.



Many a home business is being built by someone else the distributor knows through powerful Influence,and they are using the NO tool to do it.

Many a work at home distributor in a home based business has left the profession because someone else was building their business-with negative words and actions that influence the
distributor over time to give up and simply walk away.

I almost walked away my first 4 years -5 times- due to negative comments and people’s influence over my life.

Thank God I was able to GROW BIGGER than their negatives.

Isn’t it TIME that you moved  you and your work at home business into the YES ZONE?

Isn’t it time that you simply took CONTROL of your MLM destiny and quit letting someone else “build” -or in this case destroy- your business.

I do a lot of private one on one consultation and I am amazed at how many people let others dictate and build their business with their negative and poisonous “notgoing to happen” focus. And eventually the distributor gives in to the verbal and emotional assault of others -and quits.

And they could have gone on to build a dream business that would have given them an amazing life. But yet they built their business on the foundation of someone else’s NO.

Here is a quote I wrote:

  “It is those that say a resounding YES to Home Business Success as well as Life that live a Larger then normal life, have a Larger than normal business, and have a more Powerful than normal income. Say YES- and QUIT LISTENING to the NOs that are trying to STOP YOU. “

The word YES.


It is a FOCUS.

It is an ACTON.

It is a BELIEF.

It is a MIND SET.




Yes is one of the most powerful words in all language and MLM. It simply says “I will move forward with that.”

But a DECIDED YES also includes a silent- “And I will NOT BE STOPPED.”

Many people build a home business as well as live a life of NO because they were taught that and grew up in that NO culture. But you can change that in a heartbeat.

Change your DECIDED DESTINY from NO to YES.

Yes I am succeeding with my Home Business.

Yes I am the top earner for my Company.

Yes I am the most powerful Leader on my Home Business Team.

Yes I am building a team of 50,000 people in my Home Business.

Yes I am living a lifestyle that most only dream of with my Home

YES I am doing it NOW and No Thing, No Lie, No Person, No Result, No Insult, No Lack of Understanding, No or No Crisis will STOP ME and my Home business..


THAT is a mind set well abovethe norm in the crowd of mediocrity, and you will RISE above everyone and everything that tries to stop you.

Say “YES” to being Invincible and Unstoppable!

Say YES to the Greatness inside of you and the great destiny that lies before you.

If you do that, people will RESPOND MORE POSITIVELY to you, and are drawn more powerfully towards you.

God put a YES LIFE there and does NOT want it wasted.

Neither DO YOU!

Today…Say “YES!” to a Million Dollar Home Business!

blessings…doug firebaugh

(c) 2012 all rights reserved

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MLM Training- How to Answer “What are You Selling” and “What Is It?”

mlm home business

mlm home business

MLM “What Are You Selling” Question.

Do you ever get the question of “what is It” when you are talking to someone about your home based business?

Are you taken back when they ask “What are you selling” when working your network marketing business?

Do you ever hesitate when asked questions that you do not know how to answer effectively?

There are only two types of groups:  People who effectively answer the questions they get, and people who do not.

Which group do you want to be in?

That is the reason I wanted to address these questions. Someone emailed me recently and asked how do you answer these questions without sounding like an amateur, and i wanted to give you my opinion as I have gotten them myself thousands of times.

There is NO “magic answer” but I believe that you can answer these 2 questions powerfully if you know how. I struggled with these myself when I first got in and and I can tell you it was very uncomfortable for me not knowing what to say.

Do how do you answer these 2 questions?

Suggested Responses to the question “What Is It?”

 “That is a great question!  It would take me about ten minutes to tell you about it.  All I can tell you is that it’s a business that has changed my life. I would like for you to listen to a brief conference call/CD/DVD / watch an online video/ featuring one of our top people who is crushing it in our company. She’s an expert and says it better than I ever could! (Give them the online video url, website, CD, DVD, landing page infor, etc)


 “You know, that is a great question… but I would rather you see it through your own eyes than mine.  That is what I am looking for… an honest, unbiased opinion.  We’ll talk after the conference call, Luncheon, appointment, etc). Is that fair?”


 “It is the most amazing thing- It is a product that <  benefits >   that I can actually market out of my home. Have you ever run across a company called < name of your company >


 “I’ll let you decide that… here… listen to/look at this CD/DVD.”

Suggested Response to “What are you selling?”

 “I actually am not looking to sell you anything, as this may not be for you.  I only would like to get your input on something in the < industry >  that I think is amazing and has helped me and many other people.  You will definitely learn something and you might know someone who could benefit from something like this as truly the products are amazing.”

These are ways that you can answer these questions and move ahead in your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training- 10 Powerful Phrases to Say to become a “Follow Up MAGNET”

mlm follow up

mlm network marketing

MLM The Follow Up Training.

Do you hesitate when you follow up for your home business?

How do you follow up for your network marketing business?

Are you powerful with the follow up or weak when it comes to the follow up?

Would you like to know some secrets that have proven to WORK and help build a billion dollar story?

Then read on!

The Follow Up- or what I call the “Reconnection” is one of the most powerful phases of the sponsoring and recruiting process. It is literally THE determining factor of your Success.

No Follow Up Power- No Deposit in the Bank Power!

The Follow Up actually is a MIND SET and a Set of Words, Questions, and Phrases that you can use. If you do the Follow Up correctly, you will find that this business of Direct Selling and Work at Home becomes a lot easier.

The biggest mistake made in the Follow Up is this:


It may be something that does not seem like an issue but it is with the prospect. YOU are asking the prospect to FOLLOW YOU into a company and anything you say to the prospect MUST be Leading, not just asking.

It is NOT what you say, but HOW you say it and the prospect perceives it. Say it with POWER and CONVICTION and watch the results start to change in your favor!

Here are  things you can say

The Follow UP: 

(After you have given them a CD / DVD or asked them to view an online Video, or a Sales or Landing page, download an ebook, listen to an mp3, watch ot on a mobile, or any other communication —this is what you ask:

 “I am just curious Jim, what did you like the best about what you heard on the CD I gave you?”

 “I am just curious Jim, what did you like the best about what you heard on your mobile with the audio I sent you?”

 “I am just curious Jim, what did you like the best about what you heard on the audio I sent you on Facebook/ Google+/Twitter, etc.?

 “Just curious Mary, what was your favorite part of the DVD that I gave you yesterday?”

 “Just curious Mary, what was your favorite part of the video I sent to your mobile yesterday? Did you like the family in it?”

 Hey Mark, I am curious. After listening to the CD, what was the one thing on the CD that really got your attention?”

Hey Mark, I am curious. After watching the Video I sent you yesterday, just curious….what was the one thing on the video that really got your attention?”

 “Hey Larry, I have a question. What was the one thing that really impacted you from the DVD that you watched?”

“Hey Larry, I have a question. What was the one thing that really impacted you from that video that we discussed yesterday? Wasn’t it incredible?”

 “Martha, this is Joey.  I am just curious.  Remember the audio that I recently gave you/ video I sent you? What was the single most powerful thing that you heard / saw on that?”

These are 10 Powerful phrases and questions you can say and ask when you follow up in your home business network marketing mlm business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Fall Focus – Happy Labor Day

MLM Home business training on moving into the fall after the labor day holiday.

Are YOU aware that it is “GO TIME” in your mlm business? The next 3 months are THE MONTHS of the home business marketing cycle and you MUST move into GO MODE!

Watch this network marketing video and rock your home business!



MLM Training- 7 MORE Ways to Open Up a Recruiting Conversation

mlm opening lines for recruiting

mlm network marketing

MLM Opening Lines for Prospecting.

Do you have a standard opening line for your network marketing home business?

What do you say to your mlm prospect to start a conversation?

Are you open to some powerful opening lines for your home based business?

Here are 7 of the Most Powerful Quick Magnetic Opening Lines for MLM Recruiting  that exist:

1. “I NEED YOUR HELP”—the Four most powerful words in Approaching people.

 “Maybe you can help me. I have run across the most amazing thing. Have you heard of Network Marketing?”

“I need your help, as a friend.  I have run across something amazing that has
really helped me.  I would like to find some folks to share it with see how it can help them.  Can you help me?”

 “I need your help. Do you know anyone who < uses the benefit of your product> ? How would you like to possibly make some money by helping people you know?”

 “I need your help. Do you know anyone who is into <benefit of your product>?”

 2. “If the right thing came along…?”

“Let me ask you a question. If the right opportunity came along, and you knew it was right for you, and you could make some good money, would you want to know about it.”

 3. “Do you know anyone…?”

 “I need some help. Do you know anyone who would like to (have more freedom, more time with their kids, earn more money)? I have run across something amazing that has made such a difference in my life and how I feel about myself… and I want others to be helped by it too.”

 4. “I thought of you…”

“I have run across a program that I am so excited about… because it helped me to (name benefit), and I thought of you.  I want to share it with you,
because I believe it could help you the way it has helped me! 

Could you listen/watch this tape/DVD for me and give me your honest input?  (Or “Do you have a few minutes this week when we can get together?”  Or “Can you join me on a call tonight at 9:15 to learn a little about it?”)

 5. “Have you heard about this yet?”

“Just curious… I have heard about some amazing advancements in the <  industry>  and a business model called Network Marketing . Have you heard about them? Take a look at this… it’s amazing!”

 6. “Do you have 5 minutes…?”

“I need your help.  I need you to listen to this CD, then let me know who you know would benefit from this opportunity.”

 7. “Just curious… Are you keeping your income options open?”

“I have run across a secondary revenue source that truly is amazing.  Do you know anyone who would like to earn an extra $1000.00 a month?  Do you have a second?”

Warning–Don’t Talk Too Much!

One of the most common mistakes new Resellers make is to say “too much too soon.” 

When you approach with the tools, your goal is to arouse curiosity, not satisfy it.  The less you say the more effective you willbe.  The voice on the tool/conference /DVD call/website is the expert; so let him or her do the talking.  Just let them know you have just heard/seen the most incredible tape/DVD, and you are excited for them.

These are 7 of the Most powerful ways to Open Up a Recruiting Conversation for your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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MLM Training – 18 Ways to Open Up A Recruiting Conversation

mlm network marketing

mlm home business

MLM Opening Up Conversations.

Do you ever talk to people about your home business?

Do you have a set script or do you “wing it” in your mlm business?

Would you like to know more ways to open up a conversation about your network marketing business to your prospects?

Opening up conversations are critical, but many people do not know how to do that- online or offline. These 18 “conversation openers” can work online as well as offline.

But here is a million dollar question:

How is the best way to start a Conversation?


Make them the SUPERSTARS of your conversation.

And there are many ways that you can do that:

1)    Notice something about them.

This is the easiest way to Start a conversation.  It could be as simple as noticing what they are wearing, or what they are carrying. Notice something about which you can comment.

2)    Compliment them.

Find something on which to compliment them. Make them feel good about seeing you or meeting you.

  3)  Ask a Question about them.

Asking questions psychologically draws people towards you. Ask a question about their families, jobs, hobbies, athletics, or any thing else of interest to them.

     4)   Notice the children.

Simply make a fuss over the kids. That should be a natural thing to do for anyone. Compliment them, talk to them, and encourage them.

Once you have started the-initial Conversation, then you must get them to agree to listen to the CD or watch a DVD or an online video.  The video, or CD or DVD is for simply opening up their minds to something new and exciting and pouring the kerosene of Hope on their dreams.

You will find that there will be two types of people with whom you talk:

There are people who are OPEN to new ideas, and then there will be people who are CLOSED to new ideas.

You can get referrals from those who are closed to new ideas, and follow up with a contact about your company at a later date.

Here are some other  Opening Up Phrases and Questions:

 5. “Do you have a CD player in your car? Please listen to this. I could use your help on something.”

 6. “How important do you believe that it is for families to be brought together? I have run across something that does just that –do you have a second?”

 7. “How important do you believe it is for parents to see and talk to their children and grandchildren? What if they lived far apart but yet could see them everyday—would that be something special?”

 8. “How critical is communication to businesses? What if businesses could talk to their clients and salespeople and have them together in one place with no travel expenses? How large of a market do you think there is for that?”

 9. “Do you have a DVD player or computer? Here, please watch this. I am looking for someone and you probably know who I am looking for and you could possibly help me find them…”

 10. “How many people do you know who Talks on the phone? I would like to share something with them that is amazing to see when using the phone.”

 11. “What do you think of the idea of being able to help your friends and family with their telephone calls and actually making money with it?”

 12. “You and I have got to talk. There is a new video technology company called Network Marketing that has just opened itself to the home business arena. You and I can be one of the very first ones to connect to it.  When are you going to
be home?”

13.  “I was just curious…have you ever thought about working out of your home?”

 14. “Let me ask you a question…do you have people that you care about that need some additional income?”

 15. “Do you know any people who would love to get their lives back and live life on their terms—not someone else’s?”

  16. “I am not sure whether this would be something for you or not but I have run across something that I have found to be amazing. I am one of the first to connect to a new <            >    company with a home business attached…


 17. “I am not sure if this would be a fit for you but I need your input on something I have run across..…”


18. “I am not sure if this would be right for you… but I want to share something that has made such a difference in my life…”

These are 18 ways to open up a conversation about your mlm network marketing home based business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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