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MLM Closing the Prospects.

Do you have an issue with closing your prospect when it comes time to do that for your home business?

What is YOUR biggest struggle with closing your mlm prospect?

Do you have a knowledge of closing that works EVERY TIME with your network marketing prospect?

Why NOT?

Closing is simply a FOCUS or a MIND SET that most people never develop. But it is also tactics and strategies. And there are many different tactics out there.

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There are many things I have written about “closing” in the past, and today wanted to share some ideas I penned several years ago that is totally applicable to online as well as offline, and even social media.

But one of my favorite posts is one below. It truly takes to heart the secrets of being an effective and powerful “Closing Master.”

Then comes…

Decision TIME in MLM.


No Decision. No paycheck.

The last thing you want to hear at this point is a “Maybe.”


Maybes in this business will KILL YOU. You MUST get Prospects Off the

The Decision is where the Involvement is either crystallized or told goodbye.
You cannot make money in this Network Marketing business without bringing them
to a Decision.


On the Fence = Off the Pay Plan.

In Network Marketing- NEVER Close.

So you want to try to bring them to a decision. And the most common way to do
that is through “CLOSING”…

NEVER CLOSE! You will lose out in the long run…

The last word in Close is Lose…and if you or your distributors don’t close
your Prospect, you will think that you have LOST.

But in reality you have SUCCEEDED!

You got a Decision. And you lead your prospect to the decision that was right
for them.


This business is NOT for everyone. Your job is not to Close people, but to help navigate them to a decision that is right for them…

By using what we call “Navigators”…

What are they?

Phrases to help LEAD people to the decision that is right for them.

Think about it…you don’t want people to sign up who will be a headache down
the road. So sell them a product, get referrals, and Move Forward…

The Master MLM Navigator Questions.

Here are what we call the “Master Navigator Questions”…

Start with…

You know, all I want is what is best for you…and is right for you. This was
for me, but you’re not me. I am not here to convince you of anything…only to
see if this is right for you…

Then ask…

Does this make sense? (answer)
What is the one thing that really got your  attention? Yeah…a lot of folks like that part…

I’ve got an idea…let’s do this…let’s get the paperwork out of the way so
we can get you on your way…

What you have done is create an environment TO  HELP THEM MAKE A DECISION that will lead them to your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings..doug firebaugh

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