MLM Training- THE 4 Things a MAGNETIC Closing Strategy MUST HAVE


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MLM Closing your Prospects Training.

Do you have trouble getting the prospect to sign the application in your mlm home business?

Are you wanting to know more secrets to closing in your network marketing business?

How would you like to know the most powerful closing phrase you can say in mlm?

In any home based business, you are going to have to ask for the order or the prospect to make a decision about your business, and you must be good at it.

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Many people have different ways to close the prospect and there are many techniques that work. Some work better then others, but most are pretty good in closing the mlm prospect.

There are different components to a good “Closing Strategy” for your home based business. The “Closing Strategy” you must have must be EFFECTIVE and powerful. Many prospects try and close their prospect for ALL the wrong reasons. And that alone can create frustration for the distributor in network marketing.

What is YOUR strategy for asking the prospect to TAKE ACTION on your mlm offer? Do you have one or depend on someone else’s you have learned?

An effective closing ratio is a MUST if you are going to build a business, and if your strategy is NOT effective you will struggle throughout your mlm career.

Many great prospects get away because of an ineffective closing strategy.

That is the purpose of this post. To help you start crafting an effective and magnetic closing strategy that will work for you, not against. Many closing strategies do not work at all.

It is time you started the journey to closing jsut about everyone you talk to about your business.

WHAT?  That is POSSIBLE?  

Yes. Very. If you know how.

Ok…then let’s start.

A good “Closing Strategy” must have 4 things:

1. It MUST feel NATURAL to the prospect.

If your closing strategy doe not feel NATURAL to the prospect, they will be resistant. You will struggle with the process.

2. It MUST feel NORMAL to the home business prospect.

How the strategy works MUST feel NOrmal and something they woulf hear in a normal conversation.

3. It MUST feel NON- AGENDA to the mlm prospect.

The issue with many distributors is their closing strategy feels like it has an AGENDA.  You WANT something.

4. It MUST contain MAGNETIC VALUE and PULL the prospect towards you.

There must be VALUE for the prospect and so much VALUE that it PULLS the prospect towards you.

If you learn these 4 closing MUSTS, you will find it easier to close your prospects in your mlm network marketing home business.

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  2. […] The 4 Things a Magnetic Closing Strategy MUST have […]

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