MLM Training- 25 Secrets to Maximizing the Recruiting Power of Your Business Card

MLM Recruiting Power of Your Business card.

Do you use business cards for your mlm home business?

What does your card say about your direct sales network marketing business?

How would you like 25 tips on how to Maximize the Recruiting Power of your business cards?

There are many new ways that you can use your business cards in your home based business and I wanted to share these 25 ways to maximize the Recruiting Power of your business power.

Your prospect in networking situations will want a business card.


Give them one that will SET YOU APART and PULL THEM towards you for recruiting purposes.

Here are 25 MLM Home Business Cards Ideas for Maximizing their Recruiting Power:

1. Add urls for social profiles to business cards and make them lead to a page that will talk about your product or business.

2. Purchase a unique domain for Facebook Fanpages etc. (i.e.,, or

3. Add QR code to your business cards that jumps the prospect to a video that will play telling them about the benefits of owning your own business in today’s economy.

4. Don’t clutter your business card with useless info and ensure to keep brand consistent with all other platforms. Think BRANDING when setting your card up.

5. Add bio from Twitter account and then ask them for their twitter account so you can follow them.

6. Add tweet style bubble with a favorite Success Quote, Wealth Quote, Leadership Quote  tagline or customer benefit of your products.

7. Add a photo of yourself that is consistent with social network profiles and yotube videos.

8. Create a card that is a different shape, color & size that looks similar to a tweet, conversation bubble or other and put a pithy quote in the bubble as well.

9. Ask a question to the prospect that makes them think about their future.

10. Print on the back of the business card “Good for One Free Lunch.”

11. Print in one isde of th4 card, “My Card.” Then your info on the other side of the business card.

12. Get a card printed up that looks likes a 100 dollar bill with your info on the other side.

13. Laminate your business cards and give them out. They will not be thrown away.

14. Put a youtube video url on the back, and record a brief introduction about your network marketing business and invite them to a webinr.

15. Give them a blank business card for your home business and write on it what you want the prospect to have.

16. Get yourself a Mobile Business card and use that with your home based business prospects.

17. Put a picture of your family on your business card having fun with you being at home and say that this is MY LIFE.

18. Put a voice mail number to call that has some great Success quotes, your story, and then invitation to a webinar that you are doing.

19. Get raised letters on your card toset yourself apart. Put a magnet cover on the back of your card as well for the fridge.

20. Put some of your cards in a carboard business card holder and give that out so they will ot throiw your card away. Tell them that you are “holding a place for them.”

21. Put a % off of your products if they order-  on the back of your business card.

22. Put a hilarious quote on the back that makes everyone smile or laugh.

23. Give them a bigger than normal business card and say that your card has been “Success Maximized.”

24. Tape a penny on the back of your card and tell the mlm prospect that the penny is a seed into their destiny.

25. Ask a question that makes the mlm prospect think, and then tell them the answer is on your website.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can Maximize  Recruiting Power of your busines card for your mlm network marketing home business.

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blessings…doug firebaugh

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  1. Ryan Biddulph says

    Hi Doug,

    Focus on offline marketing too. Some online guys and gals forget the personal touch that handing over a business card adds to your presentation. Power tips here.

    Reduce clutter. Include some contact information, how you benefit individuals and a link to your squeeze page. A nice, clear, simple design seems to work best.

    And yep, hand ’em out at any chance to put your business cards to work for you 😉

    Thanks Doug!



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